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You Might As Well Face It, It’s… Happy Hump-Day!

Good day! Well, maybe not. Around here, it’s freakin’ cold, Dude! -30 wind chills in the forecast! But wait! There’s more! tomorrow’s “high” is 4 with an “actual” low-temp of -7. That’s cold, dudes and dudettes. However, we do NOT have what our Nor’eastern Twackers have…SNOW! Nor do we have what Buck and Co., have Sou’east, 31 with a Wind Chill warning of 3, which ain’t zackly “warm” for them. BTW, N’Yawk and Bahsten have 24/FL 17; the Bay Area, 55/55; LalaLand, 60/60 and Vegas, 49/49. But hey, it IS Feberwary, isn’t it? It’s ‘sposetabe cold, so we’ll have to soldier on and deal with it. I’ll leave the particulars to T-Tom, who on his FB page, lists all the grand and wonderfulness as to how close we are to Spring. Hopefully, he’ll post them or maybe WeatherDave, will. :-) Later, though, I will go into the fact that “Pitchers and Catchers Report, TOMORROW, for some teams. More on that later.






Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love


-Have a ever aksed yerself that? I notice it during the winter, particularly, as despite the low-low temps, the sun still affects the snow on the ground. Just the other day, we had a “dusting” of snow, about an inch or so. I didn’t get out soon enough to clear it before folks walked on it on their way to work; packing it down,. My neighbor did. Right now, his are completely clean…mine are 80%, just from good old Apollo. So, why then is Zeus the King of the Gods? Because, “Zeus, Cloud-Gatherer”, can block the sun, hence its power. No? Just ask the dinosaurs.




“National Battery Day”. Well, with the temps being experienced around the country, a low car-battery, can be a liability.




“National Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day”. Hey, I don’t make these up. So just go out and stuff yer flounder with crabmeat and send it to Rocky and Bullwinkle as “Fan Mail”.


Fanmail from some flounder

Also, and say these events occurred on this date in…


3102 BC,    The epoch of the Kali Yuga began. Keep that in mind when playin’ Jeopardy!


1129 AD,    Jerusalem was re-taken by Christian Crusaders via treaty…and ever since, Christians and Moslems have lived happily ever after!


1678,         “Pilgrim’s Progress” was published. Had to read that in – possibly – the worst Lit class I ever took.


1856,         The American Party, aka, “The Know Nothings” came into existence. Think of them as the precursors to the right-wing lunatics now known as The Tea Party. No? OK, how’s this…”I’m no scientist but…”. Sound familiar?


1885,         ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was published. An American classic, which has since been banned in some areas due to its,ahem, “insesitive” language by overzealous do-gooders who’d been offended by some of it when taken out of context. Perhaps if they’d read more than just the “N” word, they would have realized just what Twain was doing…marginalizing those who used it. Mark Twain is one of my fave-writers. He was a master-wordsmith. He used words as a surgeon does his scalpel, or, in certain aspects, as a lumberjack uses his axe…or speakin’ of “axes”, as Clapton uses his guitar.


1927,        The United States and Canada began diplomatic relations. Am I the only one who thinks that seems a bit late?


1944,        The Cincinnati Reds signed the youngest MLB player, ever, Joe Nuxhall.


1953,        “Bwana Devil”, the first 3-D movie, debuted.


1954,        The first “Church” of Scientology was established in LalaLand.


1960,        The LA Doers owner, Walter O’Malley purchased Chavez Ravine…no not THAT Chavez…for $494,000.


1962,        Atty. Gen. Bobby Kennedy announced that US combat troops would remain in Vietnam until Communism was defeated. Yes, Virginia. Back then, the “war-mongers” were DaDems. Didn’t like them any more than I do the NeoCons.


1977,      It was a dark-dark day in Rock ‘N’ Roll, when KISS made its debut. Maybe if they’d just played their music….


2001,      Dale Earnhart, Sr., was killed in a crash during the last lap of the Daytona 500. I was watching on TV. When there was no movement on his part after the crash, it was evident there was something seriously wrong.


2004,      Making up for one of the dumbest-assed moves EVER in the history of the Chicago Cubs…DUMBER-ASSERER than Brock for Broglio…when the Tribbies let Greg Maddux leave via free agency…he re-signed with the Chicago Cubs. Of course, he was well past his prime by then. Still, as a pure “pitcher” he was one of the best Cub-pitchers I’ve seen.



CEO-Tude doesn’t go far. It seems our new-Gube has also pissed off his own party. Dude’s not in office a month and he’s already pissed off just about everyone he’ll need. Look, I don’t care what his party is. This is NOT a boardroom, nor is it an kind of “Cuz I said so, that’s why”, situation. Check this out…


Sneed: Some Republicans griping about Rauner – Chicago

He’s giving his budget address today. He’s already come out with his wage-depressing-idea of “right-to-work-zones”,.


Anyone have a guess as to when the: “Don’t blame me! I didn’t vote for him”, bumper-stickers will appear? Or the Dubya-style billboard with a pic of Pat asking: “Do ya miss me, now?”



In that budget address, he’s sposeta announce ChiTown’ll lose $15,000,000.00 from Ella.


BUT…he’s keeping his “No New Taxes” pledge! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Just like the asshats in Nebraska and Louisiana, he’s gonna…a Brucie-ism…find out it don’t work that way. But hey, he hasta keep his word to his fatcat pals, right? But what about us, you aks? Puck us! And we’ll be pucked for four long years.



-Joe Walsh, the erstwhile asshat Congressman who was redistricted out of his seat, has announced that he is “seriously” looking at running against incumbent  GOPer, Senator, Mark Kirk. Yeah. Like I said. Thought I’d lighten the mood a bit. Though, it’d be fun to see how he defends himself against his reputation of being a deadbeat-dad.



-Full disclosure, we have T’s who have friends and family who could be positively effected if Barry’s Liberry winds up in Washington Park. That said, Rahmbie’s power-move to use Chicago Park District land has been challenged in a lawsuit filed by ChiTown’s “Friends of the Parks”. At least they’re consistent. About 20+ years ago, there was a proposal for a fish-cleaning station near Diversey Harbor, which received a yuge EEEE-YEWWWWW! from the FoP and their yuppie-pals from the area. Forget the fact that thousands upon thousands of ChiTown fishermen would benefit from it. It didn’t get built. Now, Rahmbie wants his buddy to have his PrezLiberry built on park land near the University of Chicago…for the price of $1.00. As I am only generally familiar with the area, when I say this, I expect to be corrected or clarified. Why can’t a world-renowned University..the home of “The Manhattan Project”and numerous Nobel Prize winners…with an endowment in the billions of dollars… just use its own land? After all, won’t they be the most-direct beneficiaries of Barry’s Biblioteca? Just askin’.



-Day after day, we’ve heard from GuberBrucie just how bad Ella is for bidniss. That we keep losing top firms to Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. In some respects, yes. But each day, I open my paper and see these names: Boeing, McDonald’s, AbbVie, Walgreens, Abbott Labs, Mondelez, aka Kraft, Caterpillar,Baxter Int’l., Illinois Tool Works, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, John Deere and Potash. So, are the CEOs from these companies some kind of dummasses? That’s not mentioning  Archer-Daniels, Ace Hardware nor True Value.


Can we improve? Of course we can. I completely accept  the bidniss belief that we should always look to be better; more efficient; just better in any way we can,

BUT, without decreasing the quality of our work. No. That doesn’t mean cutting jobs and making fewer workers do more to make a CEO look better. It means everyone does their best…all the time…for the common benefit of all involved. Go ahead. Call me a Commie. I don’t care. In my world, that’s called teamwork and teamwork makes money…for everybody.



-Much has been made about drones with cameras and how they may make certain efforts much easier. My only “problem” with them is if some El Creepo infringes on another person’s privacy by flying over them and watcing via their “GoPro” camera. Yes, the videos of the snow out east are breathtaking. As long as that’s all they are, fine. However, we constantly hear of cameras being hidden in locker rooms, etc. You get the picture. Pun intended.



-Saw this on “GN’s Morning News Show, t’day about some folks with, ahem, “strange” names. First, there was Marijuana Sawyer. Yes.You read that right. Then, there was Dr. Pornsak. I’ll just leave that one there feryuze to cogitate on.





-Agree with Joe’s comment last week about “Blue Bloods”. We like it in that it not a nighttime soap. It can be a bit corny, yes. But there’s no “Who’s zoomin’ who?” in any of the shows. Besides that, even I’m a fan of Tom Selleck.


-TCM is doing its “Salute To Oscar” this week, what with them being awarded this coming Sunday. Last night, they had “Bullitt” preceding “Ben-Hur”, which was followed by “Psycho”.. And, yes, I was able to flip over to catch BOTH, the car chase in “Bullitt” as well as the chariot race in “Ben-Hur”, just before turning in for the evening. Enjoy these…especially Lalo Schiffrin’s “urban blues score”…


High Speed Chase – Bullitt



Benhur – Chariot race


Tonight, the have “The Greatest Story Ever Told”; “The Apartment” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”.


-Tomorrow night, CBS debuts one of my all-time fave films/TV sitcoms, Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple”, this time starring Matthew Perry as UberSlob, Oscar Madison and Thomas Lennon as the fastidious-fussbudget, Felix.Unger. This could be great…or not. Recall, please, in Perry’s case, he is reprising the role initiated by Walter Mathau on film and continued by Jack Klugman. Lennon has the unenviable task to follow in the steps of Jack Lemmon from film  and Tony Randall.


Here’s a link to two scenes from both the film and TV show. The film’s is one of my fave, all-time, comedy scenes, EVER.


Now it’s Garbage!


Tomorrow they are showing: “Judgement at Nuremberg”, followed by another all-time fave…”Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worring and Love That Bomb!” Here’s a fave from “Dr. S.”…


General “Buck” Turgidson gets excited

After all, we must preserve the integrity of our precious bodily fluids. ;-)






-Yes, the “Combine” is going on. OK. Fine. But I haftasay, even if my guys had made one of those 16-plays that kept them from SB-XLIX and maybe even beating E & W’s Pats, I’d still be ready for BASEBALL! So, without further ado…here we go.



-This holds for the Cubs, Sox, Mets and Doyers, tomorrow; the Braves and Yanks, Friday, with the Giants reporting, t’day.


As I said earlier, I’m leaving all the “more sunshine – warmer weather on the way”, stuff to T-Tom or T-Dave.


Once again, here are the odds of winning the 2015 World Series as posted at the MGM Grand Sports Book, with those from 10/27/14 and then 2/4/15, in alpha-order of the teams in which T’s have a rooting interest that I know of…


Atlanta Braves,               22:1/ 60:1

Chicago Cubs,                30:1/ 6:1

Chicago White Sox,        50:1, 12:1

Doyers,                            5:1/ 6:21

New Yawk Mets,              30:1/12:1

New Yawk Yankees,        12:1/18:1

San Francisco Giants,      8:1/12:1


Here are some others you may find interesting…

Washington Nationals, 7:1/5:1

St. Louis Cards, 8:1/12:1

Bahstehn Red Sawx, 20:1/6:1


Notice anything? Only one team is picked ahead of the Cubs, Washington, while they’re tied with the Doyers and Red Sawx. I do not believe this at all. I even asked the folks at the Sports Book, who said they think it was all that silliness about the scene in one of the “Back to the Future” flicks which said they’d won the Series in ’15, which caused many to book bets when the odds were much higher.


Here’s the “Over/Under” as to the number of wins projected for each team, according to reddit…


MLB over/under wins in 2015 • /r/baseball

MLB over/under wins in 2015 • /r/baseballFound an article with opening lines in parentheses is current as of last night. Any insight on these – love betting season win totals. Arizona…
View on Preview by Yahoo


While I doubt the Cubs will win 89, I do think the will win 82. If they get another starting pitcher, 89 isn’t out of the question.


What is it about baseball and Spring that just seems to make things we don’t like fade into the background?

-Is it the smell of neat’s foot oil as we rubbed it into our mitts?

-That “clack” of bats banging together…not metallic/not wooden sounding…just so distinctive as we’d grab several to swing in the on-deck circle?

-The picking up of dirt; rubbing it on our hands; then spitting into our palms to get a better grip on the bat-handle?

-That “THWACK”, when we made perfect contact along with that unmistakable  “feel”, as we knew that baby was GONE!, yet we only glimpsed at it as we didn’t hot-dog it back then. Oh, we had our “Cadillac” trot around the bases but it wasn’t done to upstage anyone. Just a “knowing” kind of jaunt…all 360-feet of it…while not a strut but just enough swagger letting anyone who saw it understand that we’d just smoked one?

-Taking off after a flyball that seemed out of reach; yet we kept our mitt up and our head down as we ran towards where we thought it’d be and…sometimes…have caught it, while others, not?

-Guessing right on a pitch and as we make contact, seeing the pitcher’s shoulders slump as we exit the batters-box?

-Diving after a grounder and to then feel it in our mitt; getting up and making the throw for the out?

-Or just being on the diamond…make-shift, a la “Sandlot” or one which was actually laid out, it didn’t matter…we were playing the best game ever invented.


I’ll go into more specifics on the teams as S/T rolls along.


I’m leaving particular team comments to their fans. Please, edify us.



-Heard S-T columnist, Adam Jahns say this about what DaBulls should do with the trading deadline, tomorrow. Though simplistic, it is very true. He said if The Poodle would come back as what he was in his pre-Poodle days, that’d be a “trade” no one could make and be fabtastic for them. I agree.


-DaHawks seem to be – hopefully – getting their scheiss together. Sure hope so. That “Shootout” goal move by Kaner, Sunday, was un-effin-believable!


-Good News/Bad News.

As many know, I sub at a local private school. Their basketball teams both made it into their 1-A Playoffs. Yesterday, the Boys won by 12 in their Regional game, while the Girls lost in their Sectionals by 1. OUCH, babe!

This is a school with < 200 kids yet they continue to do this well against larger schools.


OK, time to go. It’s after Noon and my heinie’s gettin’ sore. It’s great to be back and hope all y’all feel the same. Don’t forget, any day we awaken not staring up at daisy roots is a good one.




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