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Remember Man That You Are dust…

Good day. Not really. As I sit here at 8:30 AM in the morning in ChiTown it is grabasstically snowing AGAIN! Would SOMEONE please tell Mutha Nature that it’s March 5th and as leoninely as the month of Ares likes to make its entrance, I/we/us are about ready to refer to Mutha Nature as a Mutha of some other kind of nature. But enough on that. It’s Ash Wednesday and I have some thoughts and ideas to lay down about “Yesterday and Today”.


First, yesterday, Won’t go almanacky on you but in an ironically-ironic-irony, we spent ChiTown’s 177th-Birthday in the heart of the Gold Coast as the 4th-Watette had her gall-bladder removed at Northwestern University Hospital. Seems like it’s a sib-thing among them that they have to get gall-stones…like their daddy.

Then, counting back 47-years, a certain guy asked a certain little readhead, a la Bruce Chanel, “Hey baby! I want to know if you’ll be my girl?” To which she replied in the positive and the guy did a Sir Mick and the Lads with a, ”She said, yeah!”


Those of us who were raised in the Catholic faith are well aware of the old, “fast and abstinence” rules as well as “meatless Fridays”. There was a story regarding a Pope granting a request by the fishermen of Italy to make Fridays “meatless”, at least as far as warm-blooded species were concerned. Turns out, ain’t necessarily so and here’s a link:

However, it wasn’t till after Vatican II that Catholics were allowed to eat meat on Fridays. Of course, those of us whom were still around  lamented our dearly-departed who’d died after having a bacon-cheeseburger on a Friday and gone straight to Hell…while we chowed-down on slices of “meat-lovers” pizza; washing them down with cold Old Styles…on a Friday night at Vince’;s pizza on Lincoln Avenue on ChiTown’s Nort’side.


Going back to “meatless-Fridays”, some of us were cursed with moms who just didn’t know how to properly prepare fish. So, if there was a hankerin’ for something besides tuna-salad; grilled-cheese; PB & J; salad, YUCH!; or whatever, tough sleddin’; no snow. That was when it didn’t snow so much in March. Fridays were only enjoyed as the last days of the work week.


It’s also the day where Christians/Catholics attend Services/Mass and receive their “ashes” in what is to be a sign of the cross on the forehead, as an acknowledgment of our mortality. Nowadays, it’s more of a smudge but the idea is still there. Recalling an Ash Wednesday sometime in the early-to-mid ’60s at SGHS, one of the guys once said to one of the nuns, “Sister, your forehead’s dirty”, to which she replied with a slap across his face. She was indignant. We laughed. Our old garage band’s name was “Dust and Ashes”.


Anyway, Lent’s upon us and as such it does not hurt for us to reflect on our lives; what we’ve done; left undone; how we could improve ourselves morally and/or personally. This is not something which exists solely under the purview of organized-religion(s).

Those of us who choose to be “cultural-Catholics”, choose to follow the teachings of Jsus we learned throughThe Church sans its many failings, all of which were caused by humans; whom we know that as humans are by nature,  fallible.



“Brady: Rauner ‘tied to more felons’ than Blago”. Last night was the first GOPerGuber debate. In it, the 4-candidates ripped each other, again. Three are pols; one’s Ella’s version of Mittsy, who in one of his ads says, “We’re gonna run Illinois like a business”. Uh-huh. Funny how these CEO-types think just because they’d run heir businesses as dictatorships, they’ll do the same as Prezzes or Gubers. Two words for Raunie: “Mike Madigan”. If anyone thinks the U.S. House Republicans are something, they need to take a gander at Ella’s state politics. Whether he’s Speaker, as he is now — or — House Minority Leader; nothing happens in this State without his approval.


On Bruce Rauner, the guy who made $1,000,000.00/week last year; the guy who said he’s gonna end “insider-deals”, the guy runs a charter school in ChiTown. Nobody does that without, ahem, “knowin’ somebody” or being in on, ahem, “insider-deals”. Totally agree with his opponents on that.


Oh yeah, the candidates, once again, engaged in breaking St. Ronald’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans”.Once again, the opposition of a weak incumbent seems to be so hell for leather in ripping each other; instead of touting how they will improve/change things…by the way, that has to be within the framework of representative-government, Raunie.


-”Prosecutor: Wright’s daughter in on fraud”. That “Wright’s daughter” would be Barry’s former “spiritual-advisor” Rev. Wright. Seems she gots herself a grant for $1,200,000.00 for a state “job-training” progam but somehow, though, $900,000.00 of that wound up in she and her hubby’s pockets. At least that’s what DaFeds’re alleging.


“Pro-Obama group admits it ‘fell short’ of standards”. Think on that one.


“United strictly enforcing carry-on bag limit”. PUHLEEEEZE, DO! When we travel, we travel “light”. We use standard carry-ons and each carry a “small-personal” bag. If there’s one thing that irks me more than someone who doesn’t get it that babies are going to cry when the pressure in the cabin closes and then pops their ears; it’s the idiots who think a duffel or sea bag-piece of soft luggage are just fine. On our way home from Spain, I noticed some a-hole with a “Wilson” bag about that size…those unfamiliar with a GI duffel or Navy sea bag, thing a tad larger than a golf bag…of course, he was seated about 5-rows behind us but as he was seated before us, he took up all of our carry-o space with his bag. I audibly referred to him as an a-hole but left in the two essess and hoped he’d say something. The gutless rude-dude did not. Anyway, United will now measure bags and if they do not fit the approved-size, will send them to baggage with a $25.00 charge. Thank you, United.


“Land deemed jaguar habitat”.  Federal officials have set aside an area of nearly 1200 square miles along the U.S. –Mexico border. This is for those who’d argued with me that jaguars are only found in South America when I’d said they were Mexico.




Ok, lots and lots to cover…so many things; so little time… so let’s get almanacky as I missed that Monday and get to the Wayback Machine to see what we can see happened according to and in…


363,    In an ironically-ironic-irony, Roman emperor Julian’s began his attack on the Sassanid Empire, which began successfully but wound up causing his death. Or, “…it ain’t how ya start but how ya finish”.


1558,   One Francisco Fernades introduced smoking-tobacco to Europe. Setting the stage for descendants of the tobacco-crowd, when queried by Philip II if nicotine was addictive, he said it was not.


1616,   In yet another ironically-ironic-irony, in that t’day IS Ash Woden’s Day, the Copernican Theory of Astronomy was put on the Catholic Church’s “Forbidden Index”…”And, you dumb-Polack, everyone knows the earth is flat!”


1623,   Not to be outdone, a mere 7-years later, Virginia enacted America’s first temperance law.


1836,   Unwittingly providing the groundwork for a job for Pepe LaPierre and his NRA-cohorts, Samuel Colt manufactured his first pistol. No mention if it came with a complimentary, concealed-carry holster.


1841,   In what was the basis for a great Frank Capra film but has since become a much abused political-tool, a la Ted Cruz, the first continuous filibuster began in the U.S. Senate and ran until March 11th.


1845,   A what may have been thought of as pork-barrel spending gone wild, Congress authorized $30,000.00 to ship camels to the western U.S.


1856,   Georgia became the first state to regulate railroads. Buncha lefty-loosies down there?


1928,   The National Socialists won the majority vote in Bavaria. Oompa-pa-pah! Ooom-pa-pah!


1933,   Again, Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party, then, won the majority of seats in the Reichstag, 43.9%. Keep moving; keep moving. Hey, they won the election, quitcher-bitchin’. And this, Virginia, is why every vote counts and those who are, “…too busy”; “…don’t care as ‘their vote won’t matter’”; whatever, by not voting; lose their right to complain by having abdicated their right of exercising their franchise.


1943,   Desperate for combat-troops, Adolph and company conscripted 15 and 16-year-old boys into the German Army. And Adolph’s hits just keep on comin’. What a guy!




1955,   Elvis made his first TV appearance on “Louisiana Hayride” and our slow, everlasting slide into the Hell and decadence that is rock ‘n’ roll began.


1956,   The first showing of “King Kong” on TV.


1956,   The Supremes affirmed the ban on segregation in public schools.


1960,   Elvis finished his 2-year hitch. He went while at the top of his game. Didn’t say anything like: “No Vietcong ever called me a hillbilly”. Spent his two-years in Germany.


1984,   The Supremes said it was legal for cities to display Nativity scenes as part of Christmas displays


-This is due to the stricter emission-standards which are imposed for certain areas of the country…of whichChiTown is one. The oil companies use this as a reason for their raising gas prices and each year, no matter which party’s in power, it happens. And, the call to whomever is President to, “…do something…”, is raised. Nothing happens as the price is based on the world market, not ours.


However, ever notice how something always seems to happen right about this time of year from a refinery going off-line for “repairs” ,or a fire or something…or…some national or international geo-political events with worldwide implications, i.e., Puto’s takeover of the Crimea, this year?






-Remember that old one about holding on to your clothes as eventually they’ll come back in style? I do and they have. Well, sorta

when it comes to men’s suits. Notice how these new stylish, “fitted” suits all seem to look somewhat small on guys…even guys who are in shape? Well, hey! I got a couple closets and dressers full of clothes that are too small fer me, so look out Hollywood! Here comes DaWat!


-Let’s get Travoltafied!

Some may have seen this; others not. Vinnie Barbarino’s butchering of Idina Menzel’s name has gone viral; perhaps pandemic.


So much so, that has what it calls a “Travolta-fyer”, where you type in your name and it “Travolta-fies it. I’m — either — “Reiss Reezeed” — or– Blair Florzes for BigFatWat.


Here’s the link:


We can have some fun with this. I’d be interested in your “Travoltafied-results” and am sure other Twackers would, too.



“True Detective”. A certain Watette was wight in her deduction as to whom was involved with the deaths Rust and Marty were investigating early on. Not going much beyond that as I don’t want to “spoil” anything and as the last episode is this coming Sunday evening.


Will say this. Storytelling is an art. It truly is. Well-written or “told” stories use every bit of the subject matter from the beginning of the exposition; foreshadowing; allusions, etc., which are woven in and out of the main plot and its sub-plots; most, if not all, coming together for some form of resolution at the end. My most-fave example is George Clooney’s “Michael Clayton”. If I were allowed, I would teach that film to an English-class as an outstanding example of story-telling. Nic Pizzolatto’s screenplay for True Detective is right there.


“The Blacklist”. What many had suspected begins to be confirmed and the show touts that in its “preview” of next week’s show. Again, not going into details as some may yet to have seen it.


“Person of Interest” was out over its skis this week. Hope they pull back some as their getting close to losing credibility, whatever that may be based on its premise.


“Revolution” is back tonight and will be interesting to see how they follow-up last week’s ending with A-Aron awaking in his own bed; with his own wife; with the power on and the world operating as if nothing had ever happened. One can only hope this is not some “dream-sequence” a la “Dallas” and J.R. Ewing.


AMC has the computer-animated version of “Beowulf”, with major stars “animated” for the tale. Anyone wondering what Brad Pitt’s main-squeeze would look like naked and with a tail would have that question answered.


A & E has “Duck Dynasty”.


Comcast SportsNet has DaBulls which will take us to………………………………………………………………………………………………




-DaBULLS. Not unlike my reverse-Midas touch with DaHAWKS, when I write something good; something bad happens. After I’d mentioned they’d gone 9 — outta — 10; they lost and readily-so to Brooklyn.


-DaHAWKS. As neat as it was to see them beat the Penguins and Sid the Kid Saturday, they lost Hossa for two to three weeks with the NHL-esed “upper-body-injury”.



That’s the newest ad to get us to play BOHICA by DaFlubs. Tix go on sale Friday. Get ‘em while ya can! I may mention this, then. Then again, I may not as, well, it’s sposetabe “FEEL-GOOD”, right?



After spending over $500,000,000.00 on the “renovation” of Soldier Field for DaBears and having it wind up looking like some kind of a space-traveler’s toilet-seat designed by Howard Wolowitz; losing its national landmark designation and winding up with the smallest seating capacity in the SFC, DaCity now wantsta add 5000 seats. Of course, they must confer with their main-tenants, DaBears., Interestingly, the response was nary a hair’s breadth above tepid. According to the S-T, their spoksman, Scott Hagel’s quoted as saying, “If it makes sense to add seats, we’d be open to the idea”. Wow! Wasn’t THAT something!


From a fan of the Green Bay Packers; the team which is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin; which as of 2010 has a population of 360,241; which is around 13% of ChiTown’s; their stadium, Lambeau Field, has a capacity of, ahem: 80,750 — 4th highest in the SFC; which was built by the team. Why would DaBears NOT want more seats? More seats = more $$$. Unless they’re afraid of a blackout.


Thing is, even if it’s done, no way will ChiTown get a Super Bowl. 70,000 is the minimum demanded by the Collective and maybe, if they’d have that with a retractable dome, yeah, probably. But even with 66,500, no f’in way.



-The Indians have hired a guy to be their “…major-league replay coordinator”. See? Job-creators are they.


-DaSOX’ $835,000.00-man, Tyler Flowers has been designated the starting-decker. How else could they reconcile that contract after his .195 B/A and 10-homers from last year? Yes, he did have a right-shoulder injury but ya don’t give someone a raise after that. Let him show that he actually can play. Then pay him.


Sox still have a better outlook than DaCubs.


-Ted Lilly’s joined DaFlubs front office. Don’t know what good that’ll do for them on the field but I always liked that guy. He was one tenacious sumbich! Hopefully, he can translate that to their roster and they get that fire in their bellies, heinies, whatever.


-DEBBIE-DOWNER TIME. Local sportscaster Dave Kaplan mentioned that he asked Theo what would happen to Javy Baez if he  hit .500 during Spring Training? Kap said Theo told him Javy’d still go to the minors. Still wanna buy those tix?


OK, time to see about movin’ on. Friday will be the last Twacks until the 14th. I’ll try an’ make it funny and Feel-Goodie feryuz.


Until then, remember…despite the fact that it’s snowin’ AGAIN…and we may not see rosebushes until Mothers Day, maybe…

any day we can look down at them instead of up at their roots is a good one.


And with that; sometime later t’day; if/when the goddam snow stops…it’s 12:15 and it’s still comin’; Bessie ‘n’ me’ll be outside channelin’ and parphrasin’ Hendrix with a “ ’Scuse me while I blow some snow!”




Don’t forget to “Travoltafy” yer names.












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