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Casablanca, Do Right and The X-Men!

Good morrow to thee and thine. ‘Tis another chilly-willy day in Chi-Beria as we continue to deal with lower-than-normal temps with a 15-degree reading on the thermo-meters, which just so happens to be the same as Bahst’n but 2-degrees warmer than N’Yawk, while down Atlanta way it’s 39; on the left-coast, it’s 55 in Frisco with showers in the vicinity; 56 in LalaLand and raining and dry as a bone in Vegas and 56. Fear not Chi-Berians! We have a forecast high in the low-20s and the snow-forecast has been trimmed to a 50% chance, which beats-the-crapoutta anything higher.

Here’s the FEEL-GOOD…today is the last day of meteorological-winter!

It’s the last day of Feberwary and a Feel-Good Friday. Chiberians who are fans of The Who…Who’s on first? I don’t know. 3rd base”…they are ‘XRT’s featured artists of the day. Some have said they thought The Stones “Let It Bleed” may be the best album they ever heard. While I am a YUGE Stones fan and own “Let It Bleed” and think it IS excellent, Pete, Roger, John and Keith’s “Tommy” and “Who’s Next” ain’t chopped liver, neither.



OK, speakin’ of Jay Ward & Co., let’s see what The Wayback Machine tells us happened on this day via and, in…

202 BC, Liu Bang was crowned as Emperor Gaouzu of Han, in China. Long ago and far, far away, another “Han”, Solo that is, joined forces with The Rebellion.

1574,   Two Brits and an Irishman were burned at the stake on orders of the Holy Inquisition for heresy. Now THAT’s hard-core…..

1646,   The Commonwealth of Massatoosits tried Roger Scott for sleeping in Church. Man, guess they never had to sit through one of Fr. Ed’s half-hour sermons on a hot, summer Sunday morning. If that didn’t put the old snoozeroo on, don’t know what would.

1692,   Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the residents of Salem began the first of their eenfahmoos, witch hunts.

1749,   Henry Fielding’s ribald-novel is published, leading to the 1963-film which contains what may have had the most-double-meaningest-dinner scene, ever.

1778,   In what may have been done as an attempt at “inclusiveness”, Rhode Island authorized the enlistment of Slaves into its, wait for it, “Black Regiment”. How nice of them.

1854,   The Republican Party, aka, “The Party of Lincoln”, which atrophied awhile ago, was formally organized in Ripon, Wi.

1861,   The territories of Colorado and Nevada were established.

1933,   German President Von Hindenburg abolishes free expression of opinion, while his Chancellor, Adolph Hitler, disallowed the German Communist Party. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Keep moving. Keep moving.

1946,   The U.S. Army announced it would use Nazi V-2 rockets to test radar.

1954,   The U.S. sets off an Atom Bomb over the No-Bikini-Atoll.

1969,   Robert Kennedy-assassin, Sirhan Sirhan’s request to be executed was refused. Let the F-er rot. I remember that June night in ’68. I’d been out; came home and turned on the TV. Being that I…as were many others my age…was el primo with my local draft board, my interest in national-politics was at a keen edge. As the picture faded in, I watched as the pandemonium just after the shooting was unfolding.

1994,  Nearly 13-years after the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, where along with his press secretary, James Brady was shot,  while Brady wound up paralyzed, the law named after him, which imposed a mandatory-wait period to purchase a handgun went into effect. That these two men were seriously wounded and it still took 13-years to enact that law is the poser. Though we should not be surprised as it was vigorously fought by the NRA.

As it’s out-of-synch with today, let’s all wish Who frontman, Roger Daltrey an early Happy 70th birthday, tomorrow.

HEADLINES… -”Chicago not bidding on 2016 conventions”… How’s THAT one? It’d be one thing with DaGOPers, as the Midwest’s most-heavily-concentrated-bastion of Democrats, ChiTown has about as much of a chance of getting theirs as the Cubs will of winning the World Series. (Odds on that in Sports, BTW.)

BUT…the guy who Barry intro’d the other day as, “…the guy responsible for trimming my trees and fixin’ potholes in front of my house…”, (High-praise, indeed!), who if it were NOT enough that he was an advisor to SlickWilly and Barry’s White House Chief-of-Staff…AND…that Barry’s from ChiTown…AND…the prohibitive-fave-2016-nominee, Hillary’s from Park Ridge, which is — literally — across the street from ChiTown, one has to ask why he would not welcome DaDEMS, 35,000-delegates with their money to spend to ChiTown with open arms/

Wait! I got it! Bike Lanes! We don’t have enough of them…nor enough time…to get enough built. That’s gotta be it.

-”Brewer vetoes religious bill”… This, of course, refers to yesterday’s news that the AZ-Guber decided it was NOT in her state’s best interest to allow the discriminatory bill presented to her by her legislature to be enacted into law. One of the orgs which put considerable pressure on her was, ahem, The Socialist Football Collective, which has Super Bowl XLIX scheduled to be played in the University of Phoenix Stadium next Feberwary. Hmm, does “Queen” still tour? Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot?

-”Couple walking dog finds buried treasure”… A couple in Northern California found somewhere’s around $10,000,000.00-worth of old, gold coins buried on their property. This is quite the opposite from what I find left behind by dog-walkers who think our garbage cans are their “convenient drop-off” spots for their plastic bags of their pooches, ahem, not-so-golden, “treasures”.

-”Some strip clubs may get green light to sell alcohol”. It’s not the headline but the poll behind it that’s something as noted in t’day’s S-T. ChiTown’s most-influential Alderman is quoted as saying: “Chicago is a world-class city”, and that it should allow, “realistic kinds of adult entertainment venues”, as long as they don’t create a problem in the neighborhoods. This in the town where ya still can’t buy any kind of alcohol on a Sunday before 11:00 AM.

-”3 GOP gov hopefuls: Assault weapons a right”. Recall the other day when I’d said that GOPers keep shooting themselves in their feet, after they’ve put them in their mouths? Here’s another. GOPer GuberHopefuls, Rauner, Brady and Rutheford all espoused this position in one manner, shape or form, yesterday. The lone “non” was ChiTown-born, Kirk Dillard. Funny, I liked him before I knew this. I have said this over and over and over again. No one NEEDS an assault-style rifle for anything much more than to satisfy a need to over-compensate for other “short”comings.

-”ADM picks Chicago offices”. They’re bringing, “…about 60 employees…”, to ChiTown. We won their “sweepstakes” as the new location of their corporate offices, with little-to-no incentives offered my Rahmbo. Busted-clock time on this one. Why? Read this: “The company lobbies for agricultural subsidies and price supports including sugar and ethanol. According to a 1995 report by the libertarian think tank Cato Institute, “ADM has cost the American economy billions of dollars since 1980 and has indirectly cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in higher prices and higher taxes over that same period. At least 43 percent of ADM’s annual profits are from products heavily subsidized or protected by the American government. Moreover, every $1 of profits earned by ADM’s corn sweetener operation costs consumers $10, and every $1 of profits earned by its bioethanol operation costs taxpayers $30″


‘XRT’S Saturday Morning Flashback will feature 1969 from 8 till Noon, tomorrow. Recall my mention of The Stones’ “Let It Bleed” album? It was released in ’69. The disgruntled, disaffected discontent which burst forth in ’68, with the Democratic Convention in ChiTown continued to fester throughout ’69 and the early-’70s. As I may have mentioned before, my Dad was “Class of 43, while I was “Class of ’66″. He was a  WWII vet and the unrest and outright rejection of just about everything which permeated almost every permutation of social-thinking of the times was anathema to him. That is until the summer of ’68 and the DemCon. As many of you may remember, the scenes of the protestors…yes, some were deserving of being charged with mob-action, however, not all were…being told to disperse by Chicago police. I knew some folks who were on both sides in Grant Park. The thing was, there was a shot of a kid sitting on a bench and a cop who came up to him and billy-clubbed him upside his head. Now, it is true that we did not know if the kid told the cop to go F-himself, or not. But when my Dad saw that, he said something  like, “That kid wasn’t doin’ a damned thing. That cop shouldn’t have hit him” “That’s wrong”. It was at that point that he realized that “kid” coulda been me. He never quite had any  real metamorphosis of thought but he did have a much more open-mind from then on.

1969 was some kind of year, too.

SPEAKIN’ OF MUSIC…   -Ravinia announced its schedule for ’14 which includes ZZ Top with Jeff Back. MBH ‘n’ me are contemplating making our inaugural trip to ChiTownLand’s outdoor concert mecca, especially with a chance to see/hear Billy Gibbons and Jeff Beck just rip on their git-fiddles. That said, this seems to be a bit of a “non” for the “wine and cheese” crowd which normally gather there. “Pass the Chardo…Hey! Are they playing “Sharp Dressed Man?!”…nay, please.


As The Oscars are Sunday night, not much in the way of newbie stuff’s being released this weekend. There is the Liam Neeson, action-pic, “Non-Stop”, where he plays an Air Marshall on a plane with a crazed killer on board. As we do fly quite a bit, we’re not in much of a hurry to see this.

Then we have, “Son of God”, which was given a half-star for a rating. It’s based on the Roma Downey/Mark Burnett TV-series, “The Bible”, which I stopped watching after I heard Noah speaking with an Irish brogue you could cut with a chain saw. According to Richerd Roeper, it’s not the subject matter; it’s its presentation. In other words, as a movie, it’s bad; not a rip on JC.

-TUBULARLY SPEAKING… “Revolution”. Was that weird or what? Though it does seem they’re beginning to get a bit out over their skis with — seeming –”last-minute” rescues and crazy plot-twists just about every week. What I’m getting at is this. In the beginning, not every “good guy” lived. Some were killed. Now, it seems if Bass, Miles, Charlie, Rachel, Aaron or anyone on their side gets in a pickle, don’t worry; nuthin’s gonna happen to them. AND, this week’s “twist” has Joey Dee and Chubby Checker looking like ramrods.

“The Big Bang Theory”. As this thought was passin’ thru my mind, MBH looked over and said, “This one’s not that good”. I concurred.

“Modern Family”. On the other hand, we had LOL after LOL in this week’s episode. One in particular had another mom making an observation that Gloria was hiding from her. Her reasoning is the LOL.

“Elementary” was pretty good. Am liking “Joan Watson”.

If “True Detective”, (Sunday at 8 Central) don’t satisfy yer jonesin’ for a good old-fashioned creep-out, “Hannibal” returns tonight at 9 Central. We’re gonna give it another look. Don’t know how long we’ll stay with it, though. We’ll hafta see.

TCM has “Casablanca” at 7 Central, tonight.

ME-TOO has “Rocky and Bullwinkle” at 10:00 Central.

FX has “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. This was a good one but FX’ll F-it up with commercial breaks.


GETTING IT OUT OF THE WAY… -Rangers beat DaHawks, 2-1. It wasn’t “that” close as DaHawks’ goal came with 11-seconds left; after pulling their goalie.

DaFlubs -OK, so I watched their game…not each and every pitch but quite a bit of it. It kinda went as I’d thought it would with their winding up on the 2-end of a 5-2 final score.

Ricky Riccardo had a typical Spring Training line-up, which did NOT include any of their phenomenally-phenomenal-phenoms, which disappointed me. Parkay did OK but as it’s been with just about any pre-Theo and the TheoCrats guys, he’ll probably be gone by the trade-deadline. There’s an item in t’day’s S-T about great-field/no-hit, 2nd-sacker, Darwin Barney being eyed by the Yank Mes. It’d just so BOHICA if they trade him and he winds up hitting around.260, wouldn’t it?

One thing I liked was Castro…Starlin, not Fidel or Raul. It was only 2-ABs but what I saw, I liked. What I’m getting at is, it seems Theo and company figured out that they have a kid who has a gift similar to that of the late, great Roberto Clemente. PLEASE, I’m NOT saying he’s another or even “like” Clemente. My comparison is based on the ability Clemente had to  “put the bat on the ball” and driving it while putting it in play. He, too, was criticized for not taking as many pitches as the “book” said he should. I can recall him slashing line drives down the right field line on pitches down and away, then ripping one down the left field line on one in his kitchen. Not that Starlin is THAT  good but he seems to have that talent. It was only 2/ABs, I know but sometimes the pencil-pushers need to understand when they have a hitter who — as T-Tom says — have a, “see the ball; hit the ball” attitude, who can “hit the ball” when they “see” it, to just leave it alone. We’ll see.

Oh yeah. Their new “closer”, Jose Veras, gave up a leadoff walk; a base hit; had a hit batsman with one out; then  a K; then a 2-out-2-run single before retiring the side. The S-T mentioned memories of Laddie MarmolBad.

Had an Epiphany as we’re approaching Ash Woden’s Day, next week. Being a Cubs fan is like spending what seems-to-be-forever in Purgatory. You non-Catolics’ll hafta look that up. Here’s a Cliff’s Notes splanation. After ya die, even though you did in a state of grace but not completely, ya don’t get ta get into heaven until yer sins are scrubbed from yer soul. So, you’re not condemned to Hell, as you’ll get into Heaven…eventually…you just don’t know when.

So, from now on, I will refer to Wrigley Field as “Purgatory”.

DaSOX… Adam Dunn’s goin’ to LalaLand for The Oscars. Good for him.


This one’s not so good for we fans of DaFlubs, White Sox or Mets. Not bad to the Doyers and Red Sox, though:

DaBEARS… They re-signed their Center, Roberto Garza. While much was made of the two rookies, he anchored their O-Line. Yes, he’s 35 but as long as he can contribute, they should keep him.

LNCP Boys Basketball… Too bad for them as they lost a squeaker 59-57 in their Regional. While some were blaming the Zebras, who did make some inconsistent calls, there were 3, easy-peasy, lay-ups missed which would have given them the win. That said, they played their hearts out, and, just barely missed pulling the game out when as the clock wound down, a half-court shot  bounced off the rim.

OK, am going to wrap up as I’m listening to Pete Townshend’s “unplugged” version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” off the “Secret Policeman’s Ball” album which was held by Amnesty International.

Have my monthly, DocFeelGood appointment, Monday, so posting may be later than normal, or not at all, depending on the snow. Also, have a family-thing on Tuesday, so we may not meet again till Woden’s Day…or not. Sorry.

Have a great weekend and remember, any day we can look down at where our rosebush should be instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.




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