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Willie Mays… Most of today’s ballplayers aren’t worthy of smelling his jock.

Good morning! Yes, it’s after Noon, but I did have to make my monthly visit to Dr. Feel-Good, who left moi feelin’ good.

He actually provided some inspiration for this little exercise in exorcising of moi’s demons. More on this later.

It actually seems that we are – finally – enjoying some Springtime weather. Has anybody else out there noticed how we seem to have weather patterns somewhat akin to political issues, in that it’s getting to be an “all or nothing” proposition? For example, a couple weeks ago, we were up to our ankles in partly-cloudy. Since then, no rain. Oh well.


OK, let’s see what we can see, shall we?



In 1937, the Hindenburg crashed, unwittingly becoming one of the most recognizable album covers of the ’60s…Led Zeppelin I.


In 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile barrier.


Don’t know about you guys but once we get moi’s med-items covered, moi’s doc chats a bit. This morning he brought up how our leaders in Springfield just took millions of dollars out of an account; then told MDs they needed to pay double what they had prior to the pilferage for their licenses. He then likened them to “Mushroom Farmers”, at which point I said, “Keeping everyone in the dark while they feed us BS?”, to which he said, “Yes”.


If we stop and think about that, sadly, it is all too true. Think of the prattle which gets accepted by the public. One shining example, (Yes, I know. How can something shine while being kept in the dark? Let’s call it a mixed-metaphor, OK?), are the 2nd amendment rights-spouters. Day after day…and twice on Sunday when the NRA holds its convention…we hear folks like Texas Dummass, Ted Cruz spout his mushroom feed about how he won’t infringe on law abiding citizens’ 2nd amendment rights. He is only one of many of the folks who also describe themselves as “strict-constructionists” when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. Riddle us this, Sen. Dummass. Here’s the 2nd amendment: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. So, what part of “well regulated” is not understood?


Here’s the kicker…those who oppose those views don’t say anything about this. Why not? Why are they not bringing up this matter and its counter-intuitiveness to “strict-constructionist” thinking on the Constitution?


Mushroom farmers…all of ‘em.



In our home-delivery edition this morning’s Sun-Times, there was a “quarto” ad for the online edition of The Chicago Tribune.


MBH noticed it first. Moi’s comment was they’ll sell ad space to whomever will pay. They’re like “…the whores who dance on the tabletops while the juke box plays, ‘Apocalyptic Bebop’.”



Watched “Dark Shadows” with MBH. Yes, not my cup ,of tea…nor pee, for that matter. That said, Johnny Depp did well as Barnabas, and, Eva Green was more than pleasing eye-candy for straight-guys. (No, didn’t watch DaBulls. More on that later.)


Besides really good reviews, Iron Man 3 cleaned up at the box-office. Looks like our idea to wait a week or so wasn’t a bad one.


In June, we have “Man of Steel”, followed in July by, “Wolverine”. Wowzers!



Watched the “Season Finale” of “Red Widow”. If it’s renewed, I’ll be surprised. Wait. Delay that. It’s on ABC, which means it’s Disney, which means it just may. I hattosay this was about as goofy, unbelievable, out of left field of a resolution of a story as I’ve seen in quite some time.


“Game of Thrones” is heating up…and The Khalisi’s hardly been in it, yet.


Tonight’s bill of fare has Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy in “Boom Town”, on TCM. If you’re up late or suffering from insomnia, it’s followed by “That’s Entertainment”.


NBC and ABC have their Monday Night Pap, “The Voice” and “Dancing With the Not-Stars”, while CBS has its stable of off-colored shows, which we avoid until Mike & Molly. Guess that’s because Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell headline a cast of funny, talented people.


Then we have the “Revolution”/ “Hawaii Five-0″ conflict, leaving moi to wait for tomorrow to watch “Revolution”…or not.


Hope you had the chance to catch Bob Newhart on last Thursday’s “The Big Bang”. We watched it with two of the girls, who found him funny, which makes his humor a 4-generation thing inasmuch as my Grampa Wally thought he was really funny; as did my folks; as did I and MBH and now, our kids. Talk about the perfect foil for Shelly-Cooper-The-Smelly-Pooper!


Which leads us to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>






Here’s a link on Cracklin’ Rosie’s recent past and the alleged cheating on his college entrance exam and grade changing at Simeon H.S. It may shed some light on his behavior since being hurt. I don’t want to spend too much time on him.


I believe Rosie’s shown that he just may be another Scottie Pippen…a superstar; a tremendously-talented player, who when the chips are down, puts himself ahead of his teammates. Recall the “migraine” Pip allegedly suffered with 1.8-seconds left in Game 3 of the 1994, Eastern Conference Finals, after Phil Jackson designated then-rookie, Toni Kukoc to take the last shot? Pippen refused to go in; Kukoc made the shot. I know at least one of you were there to see thaty. Yes, Pippen’s in the Basketball HOF. So what? So, is this the fate which Rosie will suffer? Could be.


I can tell you that’s where he is in moi’s view. If he helps them win, fine. But he gets no R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as he needs to find out what it means to we. Yes, he’s a 24-year-old kid. Again, so what? He’s been a pampered poodle since he was 15!


Honestly, I don’t know which group has handled it worse; he or DaBulls. Why they haven’t come out and said, “He’s done. We’re shutting him down. Period. End of sentence; end of story”, is beyond me. OK, enough on our Diva.


No, I didn’t watch the game. I won’t, tonight, either. I may take a “flip-views” but not the whole game Yesterday, I DVR’d the Overtime period of The Hawks game. ‘Nuff said?


So, when I heard they won; in Brooklyn; with Deng and Hinrich, out with for-real injuries; Noah playing on one-leg with the likes of Nazr Mohammed making more significant contributions than their Diva still sitting; I was ecstatic! Yes, their reward for this is a trip to Miami and the best team in the league. They’ll be lucky to win one game. If they do better, I will be surprised…or maybe not. This is a team which does not quit. They fight, scratch and compete as if there is no tomorrow…every

game. DivaBoy should consider it an honor that they allow him to sit on their bench during games or be considered part of their team, as he has done nothing to help them get to the point where they now find themselves.


Go, Bulls!



As mentioned, was busy yesterday afternoon and had forgotten they were on. Tuned in to the game and saw that Keith had scored the game-tyer and they were going into Overtime. I then got a phone call requiring me to leave. I swear, as I set my DVR, I thought to myself, “I shouldn’t do this.  Every time I do something like this, I regret it.” I regretted it. They’re still up 2-1 and still are much better than the Wildings…G.O.T.-ers will get that.



I don’t know what it is. Maybe someone in ChiTown pissed-off the Baseball Gods. What other reason is there? Our two, stellarteams have played 70-games between them. AND, between the two of them, have won, wait for it…hold on…be patient…23 of them! That’s a mucho-gusto W/L % of, ta-DA, .328! Brothers and sisters, that ain’t even piss-poor.


Now, I think I may know why Da BOHICUBS suck so badly. We can blame it on The Rooftoppers. I was thinking, (Yes, I know…a dangerous exercise.), maybe the Rickettses have set out, not unlike Rachel Phelps in Major League, to field the worst team in MLB. Why? To make business so bad for The RoofToppers that they begin to go out of bidniss; as fewer and fewer and fewer people go to games…or visit their RoofTops. They then snatch them up for next-to-nothing, thereby eliminating them as a problem.

True? I doubt it. But, they DO have their MLB $$$ coming in day after day. The S-T’s beat-writer, Gordon Wittenmyer opined the other day that there are 26 other MLB teams who’d switch places with them in a heart beat.

The problem is this. Rachel Phelps was a semi-hottie. So, when Mgr. Lou Brown decided to use a life-sized cut-out of her in a skimpy outfit; from which a piece would be removed after each victory by the Indians, until she was au naturel; they had  some motivation. Tom, nor any of his sibs would not seem to be anyone anybody would want to see in the buff.



On this date in history in 1931, THE Willie Mays…not Willie May Hayes…was born. He was the best, all-round baseball player I ever saw. A true, 5-tool guy, who didn’t leave his toolbox at home; in the parking lot; or the trainers room.

He could beat you with his bat; his legs; his mitt; his guile or his daring…or all in one game. To this day, though, he is modest. Most of today’s ballplayers aren’t worthy of smelling his jock.

I recall watching a game on TV with the shot taken from the center-field camera. The Cubs pitcher “hung” a curveball. As he caught himself, his eyes looking like saucers; he hitched his swing and smacked that pitch so hard and into the seats for a homer, it wasn’t funny.

There is also “The Catch”, from the 1954 World Series. If you decide to look it up on YouTube, please watch the whole play. After he makes the catch; he whirls around a throws a strike to 2nd base from the base of the wall, some 460-odd feet from home plate.

The next time DaBohicubs go to SanFran, take a look out in center field. There’s a gigantic copy of his mitt. Note how it compares to the peach-baskets used by outfielders now. That man could play baseball.

Happy 82nd birthday, Say-Hey! Kid. Thanks for the memories.

OK, time to go. HaGooDay. Go out and enjoy it, remembering any time we can admire a flower is better than looking up at its roots.


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