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Will we get Mr. Hillary Clinton’s Wife?

Good morrow!


We sure had a ring-dang-doodley-doo of a time when we last met, didn’t we? There’ll be some more in today’s polemic, as that seems to bring out more group-participation than anything else. Weatherwise, we keep being “threatened” with rain but so far, they’re empty threats. I’ve held off on washing the windows and/or car, as well as watering my lawn because of that. Maybe I’ll just start watering and that’ll bring the rain. That’s the way it usually goes. OK, let’s get to today’s exercise in pith and vinegar.


Ok, we begin today with Roger Simon’s Op-Ed on Hillary, titled, “Can Hillary Be Herself and win?”


Can Hillary be herself and win? – Chicago Sun-Times

Can Hillary be herself and win? – Chicago Sun-Times

At some point in a political campaign, a candidate is always advised, “Just be yourself.” It is almost always terrible advice — though the candidate usually finds i…
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While it didn’t appear in a righty-tighty publication, this is NOT a puff-piece.


Interestingly, some of her ’08 supporters have made mention of her doing a Mittsy with her comments that she and Bill were “broke” when they left the White House, (it’s been said they had a $-mill in the bank at the time.), among other tin-eared responses to questions. They also have noted that nothing is done by the Billary-crowd that has not been triangulated/polled and tested. Still, I could…note that word begins with a “c”, NOT a “w”…vote for her…or not.

Unfortunately, the BushWonder Years of GOPers controlling everything have left a stinking-sour-bitterly-acrid taste in my mouth. And, it sure looks like they may take the Senate in November.



-Just saw NoBonerBoehner say that he is,” Looking for the strategy” in what’s been discussed about what we may/can do in Iraq. I’d tell this ass-clown to go f*ck himself but he’d probably enjoy that. This is one of the same guys who stood up and defended the empty-assed; totally-unsupervised-multiple-Bushie screw-ups in Iraq in the first place.

but NOW, he wants details?!?!?!?!? F-him and the horse he rode in on.


This goes for any of the other ass-clowns in Congress on his side of the aisle who marginalized anyone from the other side as being unpatriotic, who asked for some oversight to what was being done: Rove, Wolfowitz; that asshole from  Wyoming; Kristol…all of them. They’re all rewriting history courtesy of FAUX News.


Also, DaGOPers are trying to include DaDEMS…they have a minor point…as they voted for the Iraq War. What they are very conveniently omitting is the fact that the Bushies had a “Pants-On-Fire” presentation of what was going on there. As I said, they do have a minor point, in that because they politicized-policy, DaDEMS had a Hobson’s Choice. Only a handful voted “No”. One is currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Look, Barry’s not the best President we’ve ever had but he’s a far cry from the worst…just look back 6-years. These bastards are trying to put this on him, when they were the ones who f*cked this up in the first place. I saw Wolfowitz on the tube say that if he were the “architect” of the Iraq War, it would have been much better. Yeah. Right.


Any day; any time; every day; every time one of these jerk-offs does this, they’re going to be called out in these spaces.






32,223 wounded.


Untold numbers of those suffering from PTSD.


Untold numbers of families put in position of financial hardship due to loss of civilian-pay when reservists were activated.


And last but not least…estimates of $2,000,000,000,000.00 to $4,000,000,000,000.00 in American taxpayers’ money…on a war we were told would be paid for in Iraqi oil-revenues…as we were going to have been “welcomed as liberators”…and we would then avoid seeing Condi’s “mushroom cloud over a major US city”.

-US, Special Forces have captured an alleged “key leader” of the attack on our Benghazi embassy on 9/11/12.
Unlike the righty-tighty crowd, I have faith that our interrogators from the FBI; CIA; DIA: and any pother of the Governmental-Alphabet-Soup crowd, that they will get as much intel as can possibly be gotten from this slime.
Why? Three reasons come to mind.
1. Ted Kaczynski.
2. Timothy McVeigh.
3. Terry Nichols.
I look forward to this for two reasons, the first of which is the truth, with the second being the – hopeful -shutting down or refutation of the Issanasshole Committee.
Am I the only one who notes nothing having been sent by the self-appointed “seeker-of-truth” who, allegedly bought his way out of felony charges in California? See following from Media Matters:

“Rep. Darrell Issa’s past includes arrests for weapons charges and auto theft, suspicions of arson, and accusations of intimidation with a gun, but you’d hardly know it from the media’s recent coverage of the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. While Issa was substantially mentioned in 15 articles in the nation’s largest newspapers since the last election — including several major profiles — only one of those articles mentioned any of these allegations. Likewise, interviewers did not ask Issa about his alleged criminal past in any of the cable or network interviews he sat for during that period. ”



On today’s schedule, we have: Iraq; Hillary; Rahm…what’re the Twacks without our very own, Tiny-Dancer…Ahmed Abu Khattala; The Supremes, among others. But first, according to, there were some interesting things which occurred “Yesterday and Today”, in…


362,    Christians were banned from teaching in Syria by Emperor Julian. Sectarian? Nah! Sounds like the “oppo” of our current folks, huh?


1579,  Unbeknownst to Bill and Cathie out in the Bay Area, Sir Francis Drake claimed San Francisco Bay for England.


1913,   United States Marines set sail from San Diego to Mexico City to “defend American interests”. Thankfully, that was about IT, with that stuff, huh?


1924,  The Fascists marched on Rome. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.


1926,   Spain threatened to leave the League of Nations if Germany was allowed to join. See above.


1931,   The Brits arrested Ho Chi Minh. Nothing came of that though.


1963,   In a move that would energize the Tea Partiers and their adherents, today, The Supremes banned the required reading of The Lord’s Prayer in public schools. How Dare THEY! Everyone knows that all public school kids are Christians!


1972,   Five men were arrested for burglarizing Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel complex. Hey! It wasn’t anything more than, “…a third-rate burglary”, right?




1812,   The War of 1812 began.


1815,   Napoleon had his bone beat apart at the Battle of Waterloo.


1873,   Susan B. Anthony was fined $100.00 for, ahem, trying to vote for president.


1942,   “The cute Beatle”, Paul McCartney, was born.


1959,   A Federal Court annulled the Arkansas law which allowed for the closings of schools to avoid integration.


1983,   Sally Ride became the first American woman in space


-Am certain ChiTown’s cops, firefighters, teachers and all other city workers are “pleased as punch” that Rahmbi’s been selected by “Vanity Fair” as one of the world’s “best-dressed” mayors.


Now THAT’s something to be proud of, right? After all, Blojobovich was known as quite the natty-pol.


Oh man, am I gettin’ a ChiTown chubbie!



-The Boys in Black have declared that it is illegal to make  “straw-purchases” of guns. While this HAS been illegal in many states, it was not prosecuted very often. In articles I have read, it is now hoped that the Supes have declared it so, local prosecutors will take more actions against “straw-purchases” of guns.


As an FYI, this means if a person with a clean record purchases a gun; signs the necessary form(s) to do so at the gun shop saying it’s for them; then sells it to another party/or purchased it with another’s $, whose record may not exactly be chaste, i.e., a criminal, it is a violation of Federal Law.


Now, the over-compensators are already whining and saying it’s not going to do anything. Maybe. However, with federal statutes now behind them, hopefully, those “straw-purchasors”…in some instances, “girlfriends” of the bad guys, may not want to take a chance on winding up in a Club Fed facility…just for “helping” them by buying a gun.


Incongruously, this case was NOT based on a good guy buying for  bad guy. Rather…and for whatever reason I do not know…a good guy lied on his purchase form, saying the gun was for his use when it was for his uncle’s; who had given him the $400.00 to make the purchase for him.


We can only hope.






-Am going to tread softly for those who are watchers, whom have yet to have watched this episode…or are just beginning to with HBOGO.


Much was tied-together as well as left loose in this episode. I’ll try to do this creatively if for no other reason than to pique your interest.


OK, so we learn that…

-”Truly, a Lannister always pays his debts”.


-”Arya’s” quest continues.


-”Cersei’s” a real…


-”Lady Brienne” is true to her word and is “some-kinda” lady.


-”The Hound” is a dog.


-”Bran” truly IS gifted.


-Take care when taking a scheiss.


-”Tyrion” is, well, “Tyrion”.


-”Jon Snow’s” talents are brought to fruition.


I believe any “Throners” will enjoy this episode. It is done very well. We all know that since “Dallas”, seasons just don’t end, anymore. There have to be some loose threads in order to get us back for the next season.


I was given the book-series “A Song of Fire and Ice” as a Father’s Day gift. Started reading it last night.



-Hmmmm. Two-episodes left. We were just “introduced” to the word, “vampire” by Prof. Van Helsing.


Is Vanessa possessed?


It seems Ethan’s brief tarry with Dorian Grey was just that, as he returned to his TB-stricken lover and to show her how much he loves her; kissed her full on the mouth.


“WOLVERINE”, on HBO, this Saturday…

-Was mistaken. We DID see it. Will watch again. As I didn’t recall having seen it, it may not have been as good as “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.



-There is a fairly good summer show on NBC, “Last Comic Standing”, which is kind of an “American Idol” for comics. As we enjoy going to comedy clubs, we watch this one every so often. Some of these comics are really good. It’s on NBC. Consult your local listings.


-”Deadliest Catch”. Are they about to “jump the crab-pot”? For some reason, they seem to feel the need to play with the reality of the situations faced by these guys…well now guys and gal…and locations. Observing the resourcefulness of these crews is why I watch. That and how they deal with the adversities thrown at them by being on The Bering Sea in January, February, etc.

For some goofy reason, they now have one boat just a few miles from Russian crab grounds and have decided to have one of the captains’ 18-year-old daughter join his crew under those trying circumstances. No, this isn’t any MCP bit. I do have 5 daughters. However, as has been seen over the past 10-seasons, this ain’t no place for a lady. Oh well.







-SFC mini-camps are open and as in baseball’s Spring Training, “hope springs eternal”.


-The Smarj trade reports are intensifying. One bad thing, which we knew anyway, is that Jason Hammel’s also being advertised as being “available” in a trade.


Supposedly and similarly as with Garza last year…probably for cosmetic-reasons…DaFlubs are “in discussions with Smarj’s people about an extension. Ain’y happenin’. Well, if it does, I’ll be surprised.


Query…if starting pitching is the most important part of a baseball team, why do they keep trading it away? They’re going to need starters once their phantasmagorical-farmhands get to the bigs and they just win pennant after pennant; Series after Series, aren’t they?


Another FlubsFenom, Kyle Schhwarber only lasted 12 days before being promoted to the Kane County Cougars, their “A” ball team.


Heard a sports-talking-head last night say something like this about all those “PHENOMS”…”To me, until they show they can do it in the bigs; they’re all Bobby Hill”.


Sox beat the Giants, 8-2, snapping a 4-game losing street.


Turds beat DaMutts, 5-2.


Yankees plucked the Blue Jays, 3-1.


Doyers beat the Rockies, 4-2.




1950,  After winning the opener of a doubleheader against the A’s, 7-0; they scored 14 in the fist inning of the second game.


1953,   Talk about “Bugs Bunny Baseball”! The Red Sawx sent 23-men to the plate in the 7th; scoring 17-runs on 14-hits, they beat the Tiggers, 23-3.


1986,   Don Sutton tossed a 3-hitter en route to winning his 300th game. Not a bad way to do it.


2002,   In what had to have been the “juiciest” game EVER, the Flubs played the Rangers in a game which featured: Sammy Sosa, A-Fraud and Rafael Palmeiro, as well as Fred McGriff and Juan Gonzalez.


OK, am signing off for today. Hope all y’all have a good one.


Seeya on FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY. Just remember any day we can look down at plants instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.




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