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WIll Manning make a fool outta Richard Sherman?

richardshermanGood morrow. As I am in the final stages of thawing out from clearing about 5-inches of “lake-effect” from around Da Wat’s Nest,

I thought I’d set down and pen a few thoughts.


But before we do and since later in Sports, our attentions will be turning to baseball, here’s a segment of one my fave, Bugs Bunny cartoons:


I’ve decided to concentrate more on headlines, as they’re more fun and a bit easier to lampoon. I’ll be using the Chicago Sun-Times as my source. So, let’s see…


“Letter ‘wasn’t critical’ of Bernardin”. This is reference to a letter sent by ChiTown’s self-serving current-Cardinal which tries to foist his inadequacies in dealing with sexually-predatory priests on his predecessor, the late Cardinal Bernardin. In other words, he’s doing a Barry/Rahmbi. While this is true, to try to pawn off what happened on his watch on a dead man is just BS.


“Man shot while shoveling snow”. Maybe he wasn’t doing it right?

“Chicago, N.Y. in 5-star tie”. This has to do with the number AAA five-diamond designated restaurants in either city. I have my doubts about one,  Arun’s, located at 4156 N. Kedzie. While that may not mean much to many, it’s across the street from the pool hall where T-Bill, T-Tom and I used to spend many a misspent…not really…hours of our younger lives.


“CVS Caremark completes $2.1 billion deal for Coram”. Hey, they ain’t no $$$ in prescription drugs. See?


“Giordano’s to take over Ann Sather Andersonville site”. That particular location used to be “The Swedish Bakery” on Clark Street. It was across the street from another Swedish bakery, “Mom’s”, owned and operated by the Sebbe family, who had two beautiful Nordic, lasses for daughters, Linda and Sharon. Again, T-Bill and T-Tom will recall this memory, as whiule oung men, they’d have us “pining for the fjords”.

Anyway, they don’t call this ChiTown neighborhood, “Andersonville” because of its pizza, if you get my drift.


“FOIA accepted at Bush library”. Finally, maybe we’ll get to see what Cheney’s “Energy plan” was.


“GOP gov hopefuls make chess moves at forum”. Once again, not bothering to take a lesson from the GOP presidential primary debates, in which 10…count ‘em…10, candidates all shot off all their toes and came crashing face-down and allowed the re-lection of a fairly ineffectual president.  Instead of targeting at DaDems who hold the Governor’s mansion; House and Senate, they continue to snipe at each other. Again, ya don’t unseat an incumbent with rhetoric alone. You have to show that YOU, if elected, will be much, much better. So far? Uh-uh.


By the way, Bruce Rauner’s about as aggravatin’ ass as there is. Would someone tell that arsehole to lose the Carhart jackets, please! Come on, man! You made a million-effin’-dollars a week, last year!





We’re getting caught up with our DVR’d shows and hafta say, some are getting touches of “…the old, ultra-violence, me droogies.”

-”REVOLUTION”. Wowzers! What a merry, little band of killers, these are, eh? We now have Bass’ bastard-son as part of their few…their merry few. A-Aron’s “code” is coming back in to play and the so-called, “Patriots” are, well, less than what or whom we’d like to be leading us, so let’s kill ‘em, right?


-”The Blacklist”. Now, me droogies, I can’t recall the last time I saw as many murders in a broadcast-network show as there were in last week’s episode, which we watched and will do last night’s tonight, probably.


-”Intelligence”. OK, so far. Watched episodes 2 and 3, least night. It’s OK. The jury’s still out.


-A newbie, “True Detective” on HBO, with Woody Harrelson and Mathew McConaughey as two Louisiana-homicide cops who seem to have run into a “Hannibal” type serial-killer they thought they’d “put away” 17-years earlier but, apparently, did not. It’s HBO, so….



-”The Silver Linings Playbook”. Watched this Oscar-nominated film over the weekend. Agree with the review that it was 3+-stars, just don’t know how much the “+” should be. First, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence may be two of the more versatile “stars” I have had the pleasure to watch perform. In this, they both play emotionally-damaged young people, trying to get themselves back to some semblance of normalcy. I enjoyed watching that evolution of their characters. There were some unresolved issues, which I’ll leave for others as I am not certain how many or few have seen it. Suffice to say, Pat’s “episode” which is mentioned – repeatedly – is just that…mentioned. They don’t go into much more detail. I would have liked to have seen more of that. Otherwise, it was fine; uplifting and worth the time. Again, Cooper and Lawrence are two very capable young actors. I look forward to their next films.

Robert DiNiro did extremely well as the Dad who just didn’t know how to cope with his son, “Pat’s”, problems. As an aging father, it was easy to identify with his characterization.




-So, it’s Denver vs Seattle. Yippee! Can’t recall the last time I was more indifferent to a Super Bowl. I hate, the SchitBirds and couldn’t care less about Peyton Manning’s “legacy”. Fercrissakes, it’s an effin’ football game! Generally, some of the kids come over and we watch the game/commercials, whatever. However, this year, we’ll all be together the nighty before, so I may just watch “True Detective” on HBO. Don’t know.

Can’t say, though, that I wouldn’t mind seeing Manning make a fool outta Richard Sherman. Much has been said about his outburst and FOX’ cutting away from it. I’ll say it this way: You can take the punk out of the ass but you can’t take the ass out of the punk.

Or, if Manning can’t, maybe an OL on a screen pass can “cut” him and cause him some serious physical harm. I haven’t had that kind of feeling about a player since I was a kid but this guy’s a total-arsehole.



-Yes, Cubs fans it’s another: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Yes, yes, yes, Theo. We get it. You have a plan and all we need do is just be patient. Why? Because of your plan. However, as  a lifelong Cubs fan, when I think of that, I recall the old saw: “If ya wanna make God laugh, just tell Him your plans”.

No? You’re not a religious kinda guy? OK, how about Danny Murphy, Bobby Hill, Hee Sop Choy, Gary Scott, or Kevin Orie, for a few of your team’s minor-league “can’t-miss-whiz-kids” who came up only to become major-busts? And, the only reason we remember their names as they are forever etched into our memories in infamy.


I’m sure some of you can add to this illustrious list of never-weres.


-Supposedly, they’re, “in the running” for Tanaka. OK, fine. Now ask yourself this. You haven’t thrown a pitch in any kind of MLB game. There are 5 or 6 teams interested in signing you, each with 9-figure, multi-year offers. Among them are the Doyers and YankMes, two of the best known teams in MLB and, possibly, the world. The Cubs are that, too,  but for polar-opposite reasons…  they lose all the time. Which makes my point. If you could go to New York or LA, why would you come to ChiTown’s “lamentable-losers”, The Cubs? It’s also said the Sox are interested. At least they have a shot at winning. Yes, I know, they lost 99-games last year. Still, they have a decent staff which Tanaka would augment. On the Northside, he’d be the only name on the roster worth the price of admission. Trouble is and as was said on CSN Sportstalk Live, he’d probably wind up with a 2.00 ERA and a 6-17 W/L.


Okay! Okay! They DID sign Justin Ruggiano. Sorry. My bad.


Permit me, “Hey! Hey! Holy Mackerel! No Doubt About It! The Cubs are on their way!”



-As if it ’tain’t enough that we have to deal with the annual sorry state of sports at this time of year, our NBA team’s without its #1, guy, Rose. Also and as all y’all know, THIS is the time when our Cubs are usually the most interesting; not during but the season but now. BUT, with Theo’s plan and what some scribes keep saying the Bulls should do…tank the season for a better draft-pick, is just ludicrous. As noted above, there’s no guarantee that even with a lottery pick that DaBulls’d be any better. That they are now .500 because they’ve played their asses off is something I appreciate. I get it. Yes, the odds are that with a lottery pick, the odds for a winner are increased. But what these idjit-scribes seem to forget is this. We may have two of the best coaches in pro-sports in Thibs with the Bulls and “Q” with the Hawks. But the Hawks are in a totally different situation, so we’ll leave them out of this section. What I am getting at is how the Bulls have recovered since losing – not only, Rose to the torn meniscus, but Deng as well. Noah is the only guy in the NBA who’s averaging over 10-points/game; 10-rebounds/game and 3-assists/game. Not even LeBron has that! The guy gives 100% of what he has; 100% of the time, as do most of his teammates. You can’t ask for anything more.

Thibs has these guys playing their hearts out and dammit, we can’t ask them to do anything more for us. Screw Dan Bernstein and anyone else who thinks they should tank the season.



-Not saying much as anytime I do, well, you know. Let’s just say that we’re lucky to have them.



-My condolences to Whitney and Emmanuel. I took the Pats, too. Too bad, though because as little as I care about the Super Bowl, I must become a Denver fan. Yuck! Ach! Icky! Patooey! Barf! Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle! Why? Because I cannot bear to have to deal with the arseholes of the PacNorthwest being the champs.


-The Niners/SchitBirds. Much has been said the past couple years about the up-and-coming-QBs of these teams. Hmmm. Of the two, if I had a pick I’d take Kaepernick but not for his passing…note the two-schitty throws which became picks, Sunday…but his running ability and size. Yes, he’s led their offense to three-straight wins over my guys and while he made some  big plays, it was his defense which put him in such good spots and his legs that did it. Against a premier defense, Sunday, we saw what happened. What I’m getting at is this. On a team with a less than stellar-defense, I wonder just how effective he’d be?


You can double that with Russell Wilson. Watching him, I just don’t see it. Yes, he gets off a pass or two a game but really, is he a guy you’d want leading your team downfield from your own 10-yeardline with the game on the line? He reminds me of a smaller, more agile Trent Dilfer. A guy with nominal skills blessed to be on a team with a devastatingly, tough defense. Just watch his throwing-motion. He looks like a second-baseman turning a double-play with a runner bearing down on him.


-At the risk of sounding like a Peyton Manning fan, which I am not, I doubt Seattle will have as good a day against him. All Denver has to do is play decent defense to check Wilson. Seattle has to be stellar…all game long…on each and every snap, or Manning will prevail. I’m leaning Denver in a close, lower-scoring game.


OK,  time to go.


Hope all y’all are OK; especially our ChiTowners who are enduring yet another bout of snow and sub-0zero temps and/or wind chills.


Remember, any day we can look down at a rosebush we think we can see under the snow; instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.








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