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Wienie-Waggler Anthony Weiner

Good morning…and it truly is! Phoebus’ chariot is rising ever so high in an azure blue-sky, whilst Boreas sends us soft, comfy breezes from the north, making today “one of those days” we enjoy and for which we endure Chicago’s winters.


We have a “target-rich” environment, today, most of which is centered in ChiTown and its Meester Beeg, Rahmbo. More on that later. Before we get to him, let’s take a walk over to the Wayback Machine to see what we can see happened on this date in history in…


1505, a group of Portuguese explorers sacked the city of Kilwa on their way to India. No wonder “exploring” was so popular. They got to rob cities they passed through on their journeys. Sure beats the crap outta havin’ to pay like we us.


1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac established Fort Ponchartrain at the site of what became Detroit. This led to two allusions. On the sublime, the comparison a high-quality product as the “Cadillac” of its class, while on the ridiculous, we have the City of Detroit.


1802, Alexander Dumas was born. This led to one of my fave-lines from “The Shawshank Rdemption”, “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumass”.


1847, the first Mormons arrived in Utah, settling in Salt Lake City, which eventually led to the Presidential Candidacy of one, Willard, “Don’t Call Me ‘Mittsy”, Romney.


1974, The Supremes ruled that Trick M. Nixon had to turn over the eenfahmoos, “Watergate Tapes”.





-Read an item the other day that the fallout from Rahmbo’s recent bloodbath of firings at CPS would affect him in his next election run, inasmuch as, just about everyone in ChiTown knows someone who’s been screwed over by his machinations with CPS, the CTU; CFD; CPD; Streets and San.; CTA, etc., etc.

STIPULATION. No, not every thing the CTU did was right.

That said, as we are now seeing, they were fighting against what was inevitable…thousands of its members being let go for no other reasons than CPS-fiscal incompetence. Folks, they knew this was coming. Their belly-aching about the pension increase was well-known to them before Rahmbi even ran. He’s bragging that he was “warning” everyone this was coming. OK, I’ll give him that. Then, how can he expect anyone to accept CPS’ whining about it? They KNEW it was coming! Would then, practical-minded persons with this prescience, then sit down with the unions and try to reach an amicable accord? Or, would they run down to Springfield; ramrod through a new strike-authorization %; come back and because of a loophole cut out a contractually guaranteed pay raise; then announce a longer workday, with no guidelines other than, “just do it” as if this were a shoe store; then act surprised when there was a strike.


In other words, instead of sitting down with DaGuvster to see how to resolve this problem with the least amount of pain, he went the other way. Then, when the CTU voted overwhelmingly to strike, he vilified them. Oh yeah. This is the kind of guy we want running things.


Say what you will about Richie, he had nowhere near the level of assholishness this man has brandished, with pride, even.


What brought this on from me, you ask? Well, I heard from a Twacker that his son, a 1st-year P.E.-teacher “got the call”, last Friday.


But wait! There’s more!


Our neighbor, one of MBH’s friends; mom to friends of our kids; a person to whom I would give a ride to school during inclement weather; also “got the call”.


But wait! There’s morer!

CPS and the principals who did the firing are trying to cover their heinies by saying the recipients of “the calls”, have the opportunity to re-apply for other positions. At MBH’s school, they have “SECA” positions available. SECA stands for Special-Ed Childcare Assistant. Now with no animus to the kids, some of these folks get to change diapers on 9-10 and 11-year olds; others get to actually lift the kid up and on to a toilet seat, and, yes, do the wiping.


Oh yeah, the folks let go at MBH’s school all were members of the CTU. SECAs are not CTU-members.


Oh yeah…almost forgot. CPS STILL provides bus service for parents who want to send their kids out of their neighborhood school to another. I believe our school runs twelve buses, daily. This is no longer race-based as that “consent agreement” lapsed years ago. So, besides having $$$ for a DePaul basketball arena; bike lanes, a $43-million right-of-way for VIPs at McCormick Place; they also have $$$ to pay for buses instead of telling the parents to drive their kids to schools out of their neighborhoods.


Wait minute! I forgot! So sorry! That might cost Rahmbi votes. Never mind.



-So, Wienie-Waggler Anthony Weiner continued to waggle his wienie, sextingly, even AFTER he resigned his Congressional seat over this very thing. This guy must really HAVE one…or thinks he does.


By the way, I heard he used the alias of “Carlos Danger” as his doppelganger.


No pun intended but, what a dickhead!



-From Long Guy Land, N.Y., to Batavia, Ella Noise, a giant, 50-foot magnet is going to be installed at FermiLab. Not sure what it’s for or why but am sure Sheldon would elucidate it for us. Wonder if Wienie-waggler Weiner was from Long Guy Land?



-The continuing north/northeast winds we’ve had are causing waves as high as 12-feet to break on ChiTown’s beaches and breakwalls…including along LSD.


HEADLINE IN TODAY’S S-T: “Gang designing U. of C. hall”. At first I was wondering if it was The Blackstone Rangers or The Latin Kings, until I read the item and found they were referring to architect, Jeanne Gang.





-Always liked him. He died form a blood clot in his lung…kinda makes one think, no?

Funny but I was acquainted with an old partner of his when he was a ChiTown copper; also other guys from high school who got involved in acting when films were shot here. They used the contacts they made when on duty while films were shot to get involved in some of them, though none anywhere near as successful as Farina.


He had one of my fave lines in the film version of Elmore Leonard’s “Get Shorty”. In an early scene in the film, Farina’s Ray Barboni confronts John Travolta’s Chili Palmer as his new “boss” saying, “…e.g., you work for me”. Which causes a brief discussion amongst the characters as to the meaning of “e.g.” as opposed to “i.e.”, that e.g. means, “for example”, while I.e., means, “that is”, to which Ray says, “E.g.! I.e.! Fuck you! You work for me!” I’m laughing as I type this.


Also really enjoyed him in the HBO-short-lived series, “Luck”, in which he played Dustin Hoffman’s “muscle”.


At least we still have his films and TV shows, though those are little to fill the void his family feels.



-Watched “The Newsroom”, which we DVR’d. It has the over-chattiness of an Aaron Sorkin-vehicle, to the point of soliloquies, yes. But it also does a very good job in utilizing real occurrences as backdrops for its plots.


I do wish they’d back off on the “soapiness” of it, though.


-”Deadliest Catch”

Watched the season’ penultimate episode, last night. Of all the so-called “reality-shows”, this is one I really like. Even their “pre-game” show, “The Bait”, offers insights into why they do some of what they do, e.g., why they fish for crab in the dead of winter instead of the summer.


-”Fast ‘N’ Loud”.

Even MBH is getting into this one with me. I like this more than Orange County Choppers as, well, it’s fun. These guys disagree but it’s not the operatic-ridiculous-over-the-top, BS we saw from the Teutels. It’s more fun…and, I really like watching them work on those late ’50s and mid- 60s muscle cars.


One of DaWatettes really likes “Duck Dynasty”. I’ve watched it. It’s OK but other than Uncle Si and Phil, the rest really seems too put-on for me. Sorry.





-DaFlubs should get their final approval from the City Council for their green light to begin their $500,000,000.00 renovation of Wrigley Field and some of the surrounding area. They are still looking to the Rooftop Lampreys for a covenant not to sue over their “views” of the field, i.e., the Lampreys get to keep sucking off someone else’s work and profiting rather nicely.


The Alderman still is against the pedestrian overpass, which remains a mystery to me. That he got the Cubs to have the entrance to their hotel at Clark & Addison moved from Patterson Street to Clark or Addison, makes sense. Most of the rest of his arguments seem to be nothing more than sops to his donors…the Lampreys…that he “tried”. This is so stupid.


So, why should we Flubs Fans “save the date”? Remember what Tom Terrific Ricketts said? That once he got this, the Cubs would win a World Series! So, they say this’ll take 5-years. Let’s give him a break and not use this year but next, 2014. Using that, by the ends of ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18…



THE CUBS WIN THE  PENNANT!..AND…I should STILL be alive and facile enough to enjoy it!


Oh, Frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!


-How bad is it?

I’m a-tellin’ ya. I’m a-tellin’ ya.


It’s so bad that reporters are comparing Junior Lake, a recent minor-league call-up, who’s 9 for 17 for a .529 B/A, to L.A. Doyer, Yasiel Puig. Swami-Sveum corrected them; pointing out that Puig did his thing for a month, while Lake’s only been in 9-games.


They got bombed last night in The Land of Enchantment, 10-4.


-Still on the block.

Soriano, Gregg, WoodCutter could all go. Brewski’s fave, “The-Stiff-In-Left” may return to the YankMes as they’re in need of a right-handed bat. Recall, a year ago, he said he wasn’t going anywhere. This year, he expresses preferring to stay here but is more open to a change. Who wouldn’t be? Yes, he gets paid millions upon millions of dineros to play…but he’ll continue to receive them no matter where he plays. So, why not play for a winner?


I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, ChiTowner with two exceptions; its SFC entrant and the occupant of the 5th floor of City Hall. Yet, as much as I like going to games at the old dump, to play for a team which wins way more than it loses…not just as often…well, hey, the season’s over in a tad more than two-months, which is about what I spent in boot camp…not 5-star hotels.



-Remember after last year when the Sox offered Robin an extension, which he turned down?


Could it have been that he saw what they’d given him and that he wasn’t getting much more to help him, so he decided to ride out this year and see what it’d bring? Let’s face it, unlike his North Side counterpart, a baseball-lifer, at best, Robin’s fairly well off,

thanks to his days as a multi-million-dollar/year ballplayer. So, he doesn’t really NEED the job and fairly well isn’t beholden to



-Another of those 19-games against the Tiggers was played last night withy the Tiggs taking it, 6-2.



-Now here’s one that defies anything we can come up with. After 97-games for the Sox and 98 for DaFlubs, other than an “It’s Gonna Happen” sign owner, proudly displaying it in their living room picture window, who the puck would have bet that at this point, the Cubs, the bottom-feeding-carp of the NL they are, would have a better record, 44-54, over the lofty Sox, who for the lack of being able to finish the season well and win their division, last year, would be 39-58?



-Just heard that A-Fraud may be looking at a lifetime ban from baseball. Not only would that be righteous, it would be balm to the souls of we who competed without the need to cheat.


Hmmm, would that then set a precedent for his contract to be voided? Would it also bar his entry into the HOF a la Pete Rose?



-MarkyMarc’s Fun Bunch begin practicing Friday, as do my guys, up North. In some respects, I find the Bears to be the Cubs of the SFC. Think about it, when they hired Luvee, HE was the guy. Then they canned O/C Ron Turner for Mike Martz, The Guy,who they canned for Mike Tice, The Guy; who they canned for MarkyMarc…H/C-O/C, who’s “The Guy”, this year.


We’ll see.


Our teams don’t face each other till November 4th, in Green Bay, on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Thank, GAWD, for WTMJ’s signal being strong enough to get here. Well, Bill’s Niners host my Packehs on opening Sunday. Should be a good one…at least I hope so.



-Excepting their apparent fascination with or seeming need to be the Jets’ SIO, once the pre-season games begin, NFL Network

shows them all. However, you may need a DVR as they replay them at all hours. What they’d done in the past…not always…was to have one of the teams’ announcers do the 1st-half, with the other’s the 2nd. It can be interesting.


No, I am not a big fan of pre-season football. However, as DaBears and Packehs each have enough new guys…hell, the Bears have a whole ‘nuther coaching staff, besides players…to warrant watching. That and the fact that our baseball teams out-Charybdis, Charybdis, well, you know.


Here’s a link to a fairly, in-depth look at DaBears from the S-T’s Mark Potash:


And for those who’d like to know what their arch-rivals are doing, here’s a link for that:


OK, it’s getting later and I need to go do my 3-miles, which I hadn’t during the “hot ‘n’ sticky” weather we’ve been experiencing.


Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy is better than looking up at its roots.




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