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WHO’s a Bear?

God efftermiddag, alla!

Thought I’d do some Swedish to welcome the new Viking to ChiTown. He was the guy I wanted my Packehs to get but Peppers wasn’t too bad, neither. Anyway, more on this later. Though will say it will be a major portion of t’day’s post.

OK, let’s get to it. jarredallenbear

To get everyone “in the mood”, please enjoy some “Wild Cherry”:


It looks like it’s gonna be Guber Rauner. As had been mentioned several times in these spaces, how can a candidate say he’ll cut taxes when the State’s in such shitty-financial-shape? And, how can they say they’ll let the “temporary-income tax” end at year’s end, for the same reason(s)? Well, Pat says it won’t, while trying to sugar over that with a flat $500.00 rebate on property taxes. Here’s a link to the Trib’s story. Rauner’s gonna smash him on this. If he doesn’t, he’s an idiot.,0,6489301.story




-”$5 MILLION FOR OFFICE FURNITURE FOR OFFICIALS AT CASH-STRAPPED CPS”. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! The story goes on to say that the $5-million is in addition to the $4.5 million already allotted for furniture, etc., in their move to their new HQ.

This’d be a pisser anytime but in the face of budget cuts at schools, which have cost several-thousand people their jobs, someone hasta have a tin ear when it comes to PR down there. Though, the folks who run this group are RahmbiFolks and as he cuts money for schools, cops and firefighters but finds it for bike lanes, why the hell not?


-”Quick guilty verdict in huge financial fraud case”. “Eric Bloom was something else: a wealthy felon who pulled off what’s believed to be the largest financial fraud ever prosecuted in Chicago.” This guy better be another Andy DuFresne or his jaws and ass are gonna be a-hurtin.


-”Rahm backs tougher plan to prohibit plastic bags”. Take THAT, N’Yawk! Y’all think yer the onliest ones to have silly bans? Hah!


-”Suits filed in O’Hare crash”. Well, that didn’t take long. This one’s somethin’. We use that train when returning from O’Hare. Trust me. That the train did what it did, is something hard to fathom, as the train is in a well, if you will, which is about 5-feet deep. Not only did it hit the train-stop-block; it jumped out of the well and went about halfway up the escalator. We were just on that thing 2-weeks ago!


-”Taxi-industry, ride-sharing services lock horns at Capitol”. There’s a brou-haha going on around here between the taxi companies and these new-fangled “ride-sharing” services. The latter say they’re nothing like cabs. In fact one of their guys tried to explain it. He said you get their app; send a message and they come to where you are and pick you up”. OK, so maybe a cab company doesn’t have an app; maybe they do…but it sounds about the same to me…except we call the cab on a phone. Here’s the thing, cab companies have to pay $350,000.00 for each shield, besides all their rules and regs. This doesn’t seem fair.


“Mudslide warning given 15 years ago”. This in reference to that horrible mudslide in Washington which has killed 16 so far. Apparently, there had been a study commissioned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The author, Daniel Miller said, “I was not surprised”. The U.S. A.C.E. spokesperson said the report was more of a feasibility study for an ecosystem restoration. When asked if her agency should have done anything with the information, she said: “We don’t do zoning. That’s a local responsibility”. There. That oughtta satisfy everyone.


“BP assessing Whiting spill”. Ah, oil companies. Ain’t they great?


“Walgreens closing 76 stores”. This is nationwide but am I the only one who recalls their stores popping up like wild mushrooms on a hot summer day just a few years ago?


Let’s see what The Wayback Machine and say happened on this date in…


1804,   Congress ordered the removal of all Indians east of the Mississippi. That’s not that many. Besides, resettlement’s not such a bad thing, is it?


1885,   The Eastman Film Co. manufactured the first commercial movie film.


1904,   The author of “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”, Joseph Campbell, was born.


1938,   Hermann Goering warned all Jews to leave Austria. Well, at least he warned them, right?


1942,   Nazis began sending Jews to Auschwitz, Poland. See, resettlement ain’t that bad and besides, Arbeit Macht Frei.


1950,   Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy named former State Department advisor, Owen Lattimore a Soviet spy. What’s wrong with a little patriotism? You mean you don’t think we should protect ourselves against those Commie basterds?


1951,   The official Air Force flag design was approved. “Off we go, into to the wild blue yonder!”


1953,   I-Like-Ike offered to increase aid to the French in Indochina. What could go wrong in the country which came to be known to us as Vietnam?


1979,   The Camp David Accord was signed and we’ve had peace in our time in the Middle East, since.




Don’t have much for this section in that MBH was out last night, so have NCIS to view tonight or tomorrow, though by the looks of the previews, it may be another shoulder-shrug of a show. Sorry but they’re all starting to run together.


-Speaking of which, “Intelligence” had yet another, “THE-SKY-IS-FALLING”, episode from last week.


-Here’s one. All you Porsche-owners will be glad to know that the car involved in actor Paul Walker’s fatal crash, was not the cause. Uh-uh. Excessive speed was. Whew. Now I can buy one without worrying.


-Chris Evans doesn’t want to act anymore. Who’s Chris Evans? Id I had not jusy recently watched a “Captain America” flick, I probably wouldn’t either. Anyway, he thinks he wantsta direct. Porbelm is, how will he studio find a buff-cut-stud who can deliver comic-book dialogue? I dunno. 5-minutes?


-What’s On T’night?

“Duck Dynasty” season finale on A & E. It’ll be interesting to see if the network renews them. That YUGE ratings drop hasta be addressed. That and Phil’s ramblings.


No “Revolution”.



“The Middle and “Modern Family” have newbies on ABC.


“The Big Bang” is on its usual two-hour-rerun-run on TBS.




On his show “Real Time”, Bill Maher gave this solution as to how liberals can get rednecks to interested in solar power. He said they should tell them we’re “…invading the sun and are taking its oil”.


Let’s leave this section with this thought: Now that it’s pretty-well been determined, though not yet proven, that the Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in the South Indian Ocean, what will MSNBC cover?






-Am going to take up most of this section with this and will table MLB-Opening Day stuff for FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, as that’skinda where it belongs, anyway.


OK, back to Allen, Peppers, etc.

Recall a week or so ago when I wrote about how former-baseball GM, Birdie Tebbetts once said, “If all the guys saw what all the other guys’ guys every day, there wouldn’t be any trades?” It seems as if that’s about that as both of these guys’ former cities’

guys are letting anyone know of their shortcomings. We’ve already heard about Peppers, which I must say, I witnessed. This morning, I heard the play-by-play guy from the Vikes say how he was dead-sure Allen was going to Denver as with that offense; they’d be ahead most of the time, so all he’d have to do is pass-rush, which was good as he wasn’t very good against the run, lately. See?


Anyway, both teams used free agency as it should be, i.e., to address an immediate need for the short-term, without overspending, which they did. Though I must admit I scratched my head when they announced Jay had agreed to a cut in his contract to make room for the team under the cap. That said, let’s look at what they’ve done.


How it should not be may…repeat, MAY…be defined by Peyton Manning with Denver. I say “may” as if they do not win the Super Bowl, their “all-in” on him may prove to be a long-standing cap-issue.


-Back to Bears/Packehs…Each team’s pass rush stunk last year. Yes, there were injuries but all teams have injuries; 30 of which  were better than the Bears, while 23 were better’n DaPack. With their offenses, all they need to be is decent.


-Each team picked up solid D-linemen, besides pass-rushers Allen and Peppers, in Guion, Idonije and Houston, among other players.


-Green Bay’s “Draft and Develop”, (D&D), philosophy is a solid way to build a consistent winning team. However, when a team ONLY looks at D&D-ing, then you have a team which resembles that which will be cavorting about 1060 W. Addison Street a week from Friday. Sometimes, you have to be flexible enough to make the moves you need to in order to maintain a solid program. Otherwise, you are doomed for years of “development” after the draft had taken place…with no guarantee the draftee will fully-blossom.


On the D&D-side, this should have a positive effect on both teams, as via free agency, they have answered their most pressing need(s), D-Line. Some may say I am nuts as BOTH need help in the deep-secondary! Yes, my Bears fan friends, you still do. As being one of those “guys who saw the other guys’ guy every day”, in M.D. Jennings, unless Mel Tucker plays a much simpler to understand defense than Dom Capers, I will not be at all surprised to see M.D. running after a ball-carrier; arm-outstretched; frantically-waving; as the ball carrier leaves him in his dust after a blown-coverage. That said, so do my Packers. They did re-sign CB-Sam Shields, which is a good thing. Perhaps Micah Hyde will become the other corner or they’ll put him in M.D.’s old spot. I don’t know. Hyde was the Big 10′s Defensive MVP in ’12. Hopefully, he’ll hold on to the next INT opportunity he has and prevent a loss. Whatever they decide, there are some solids in the draft. We’ll see what happens.


-One thing. Both teams’ D-coordinators are on the hot-seat. Their most-pressing needs have been addressed and the draft’s in a few weeks. If they’re the same as last year, they’ll be gone. If not, there’d better be a reason.


-All in all, it’s been a couple momentous weeks what with these guys; Vick going to Joe’s Yets! and Whitney’s Pats putting a down-payment on their acquisition of “Revis-Island”.



-Remember the other day when a certain guy was wondering about DaFlubs possibly looking to trade Darwin Barney? Well, boy howdy, The Rangers had sent a scout to, well, “scout” him. Could they be looking to move Barney; let Valbuena take over 2nd and once the timing-situation for MLB-service-time for Javy Baez passes, they’re bringing him up; moving Valbuena to 3rd and Baez to 2nd; or vicey-versey? Or, Castro moves somewhere? That’s all I got, guys.


-The Rangers’ Yu Darvish will miss Opening Day due to a “stiff neck”. Boy, they better hope that’s all it is.  Many of us have neck/back/shoulder, problems and we all know how moving one, while not necessarily the problematic-issue, has a deleterious effect on the other.


-Looks like Mike Olt…obtained from the Rangers for Garza…may have resolved his vision-problems and should make the trip up. Hope so. The guy has power and is sposetabe a decent 3rd-sacker. OK, so if he’s that, is Castro going to left?


-DaSox rotation will be: Sale, who else? The guy’s a beast! Paulino, Quintana, Erik Johnson and John Danks.


-Albert Pujols…

As the Angels played DaFlubs, yesterday, had an opportunity to watch this guy with less than my former disdain for him as a RedTurd. Y’all know my fave, all-time guy was the Say-Hey! Kid, Willie Mays. However, I didn’t get to see him as much as I have Pujols. While he won’t be a “fave”, I must admit this guy may be one of the best hitters I’ve seen. Recall, please, he’s a power hitter and by that, his stats are out-of-the-norm. In 13-years, he’s had 492-homers; 524 2Bs; 1498 RBI; 2347 hits for a B/A of .321! Here’s another…he’s only struck out 835 times. That works out to <65/year! For a power hitter. Take THAT!, Adam Dunne.


The guy’s a stud.


-DaHAWKS…didn’t know they were on and tuned in with <1-miunte left, when Hossa scored an empty-netter. Ya gotta see it as it’s about as crazy a goal as you’ll see.


-DaBULLS beat Indy! What da?




OK, time to go. It’s gettin’ late and my heinie’s sore. To my Bears fan-friends, looks like we should have a couple interesting games this year.



Remember, it’s Spring and each day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.





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