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Good day, all.


Have much to do today…well not THAT much, but have an early engagement…so will be short ‘n’ sweet.

tea party

Not too much in the news that begs for comment. It’s about time, no? With that, let’s check the Way Back Machine to see what’s occurred on this date in history, in…


1096,   The Seljuk Turks slaughtered thousands of German Crusaders at Chivitot. Hmmm. Looks like Jesus may not have been watching over those German folks, huh?


1529,   The Pope named Henry VIII Defender of the Faith for defending the seven sacraments against Martin Luther. Not too long afterwards, Henry decided the Pope was full of it and started his own Church.


1772,   Samuel Taylor Coleridge, author of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, best known for the lines: “Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”, was born.


1879,   After much testing, Thomas Edison demonstrated his electric lamp. This, of course, led to the naming of a far northwestern section of Chicahgah as “Edison Park”.


1956,   Carrie Fisher, awe-inspiring for young boys and nerds of all ages in her metal-bikini in “The Return of the Jedi”, was born.


1961,   Bob Dylan recorded his first album. Why this is significant is beyond comprehension, right?






Thought of this over the weekend and decided to intro it today, as, well, I’m sure I’ll be using it in the future.


Had a nice visit with several Twackers last Saturday, where we discussed the stoopidity of these folks. It’s a shame, actually, as they have hijacked some sound, conservative-issues, and ,made them theirs, i.e., fiscal responsibility; strong defense, etc. Trouble is, they do not have the ability…nor desire…to compromise.


Whoops. Almost forgot, they also have a religious fervor which rivals fundamentalist-Muslims. Oh well.




“…Parks official helps lover win contract…”.


“McConnell: Won’t be another shutdown”. Sure as hell hope not.


“Neighbor pleads guilty in shooting of golfer”. As QT would say, there has to be an interesting story behind that.






As we were otherwise occupied this past weekend, not too much for this segment.


Did watch “Boardwalk Empire”, which for once wasn’t all that murderous. Actually, it was a tad romantic, though it did have

“Kill that Irish son-of-a-bitch” as a tag line.





It’s the RedTurds against the awesome hahd-coah, Bosox.


If this isn’t impetus enough for the Theocrats, what is? I mean, his old team is playing the Turds…the second most hated team in ChiTown after my Packehs. It doesn’t matter which team wins. That should be enough to start the fans to be asking, “Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!. Why are these teams always winning while all we do is suck eggs? Oh well.


Oh yeah…they STILL don’t have a manager and if they don’t by Wednesday, won’t till after the Series. How’s THAT for planning? Yes, I know. No mater what, they’re STILL the Cubs.



Let us begin with one, of the two, Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! games, namely, T-Joe’s Yets! beating the Pats, in Joisey; in Overtime; on a second-chance field goal; on a penalty which had never been called before! For a team which was supposed to have been an also-ran, playing out its coach’s last season, they are 4-3, 1-game behind the Pats. That win, by the way, cost me 10-points in my Confidence pool.


The other was Miami losing to Buffalo…in Miami?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Then we have Cincy’s BeenGals winning on a last-minute field goal over the Detroyit Lions; in Detroit. Tnhak you, Cincinnati.



A beat-up bunch who should have won; in D.C., yesterday, despite that. Unfortunately, they lost Cutler in the 2nd-quarter to a groin pull. At the time, they were sputtering on offense. Trouble was, they were doing so and continued to do so on defense as well; losing in a shootout, 45-41.


I cannot believe what I am hearing from Bears fans on The SCORE. Some are suggesting, ahem, Tim Tebow. Their offense didn’t lose that game. Their defense did. Yes, it’s bad that Cutler was hurt but he has 2-weeks to, hopefully, heal up.


The ‘Skins had 28-first downs; were 7 for 13 in 3rd-down conversions; had 499, total net yards and held the ball for 33:56.

Folks, that’s butt-ugly defense. Yes, Peppers is hurt, as is Peanut and now, Lance Briggs and they’re missing their two-starting DTs. Still, the ‘Skins? Or, as Doug Buffone said yesterday, “When you score 41-points, you’re supposed to win”.


The good news may be that back-up QB Josh McCown did well. No, he isn’t Cutler but he did well, nonetheless. He did have a passer-rating of 119.6.





Speaking of “beat-up” teams, they lost Jermichael Finley to a neck injury, the severity of which is still unknown. That said, he is still in the hospital. I did hear a report that he’s in Intensive Care, which doesn’t bode well for him playing in Minnehaha. Like the Bears, they are missing key-players on both sides of the ball.


They played a not-too good Cleveland squad and won 31-13. That said, thankfully, their running game is improved as it helped immensely and their defense played well.


The good news…at least for moi…is my Packehs are 4-2, which puts them in 1st place thanks to DaBears and Lions losses.


The bad news…at least for moi…is while DaBears, have their BYE week to nurse their wounds, the Pack’s was two weeks ago and they have to play, “next man up”, for the rest of the season. We’ll see what we will see in Minnehaha, next week and the week after when they host DaBears.


OK, will sign off for today as, like I said, I have some early-in-the-day stuff to do.


Take care and remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots is a god one.





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