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Welcome Home Blackhawks!

Well howdy, folks. Here we are on this last work day of June, which brings the 2nd quarter to a close. (Sorry. It’s gonna take more than 17-months to purge that thinking from moi’s brain. YES! I do have a brain!) Now that it is officially a week into Summer, we are having a bit more moderate temps in that today’s high will be in the low 80s, with not-so-Amazonian humidity levels. Finally, I’ve been able to switch off the A/C. Thank you, oh, Father Zeus! He was a bit active this past week or so, wasn’t he? I mean, thunderbolts were a-flying and a-striking on a – nearly- daily basis. hawkschicago

It is FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, so let’s see what kind of FEELIN’ GROOVY stuff happened yesterday and today, in history.
On June 27th in…
1913, Willie Mosconi, perhaps the best “Straight pool” player, ever, was born. NO! That was not a pool game which was played north and west of Halsted and Belmont.
1924, Democrats offered the Vice-Presidential nomination to Mrs. Leroy Springs. This was the first time said office was offered to a woman. Just think…in 4-years, we could be hearing, “Hail to the Chiefette, Hillary.
1929, Bell Labs unveiled the technology of television, unveiling the medium which would bring us such memorable shows as, “Joanie Loves Chachi”.
On June 28th in…
1491, Henry VIII was born. Nothing to lose your head over, ladies.
1884, Congress declared Labor Day a legal holiday.
1914, Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, setting off WWI.
1919, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles, unintentionally laying the groundwork for WWII.
1926, Mel Brooks was born. “The Producers”; “Blazing Saddles”, etc.
1972, Tricky Dick Nixon announced no new draftees would be sent to Vietnam.
OK, let’s get to today’s FEEL-GOODS.
Gonna be a sports-themed Nest, t’day, as, well, our Blackhawks’ Victory parade’s today. Turned on the tube and at 6:30, there were multi-thousands of ChiTowners at Grant Park…some since 3 AM in the morning! Well, after all, it’s not as if we have these kinds of things going on here that often, right?
Haftasay, if ‘GN wantstabe memorialized in song as “The Girls On Fox News”, they should pair up their ravishing redheads, Amy Rutledge and Erin McElroy as news co-anchors; have Lourdes Duarte do the weather and Micah Matierre (sp?) as a special reporter.
Those of you who have Comcast Sports Channel, their coverage goes from 9AM in the morning till 1PM in the afternoon. They’re sposeta have reporters on the bus; along the parade route; hell, all over the place. I’m recording it as have a few things to do this AM in the morning.
The S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer had an interesting column, yesterday, comparing the Hawks building around Taser and Kaner and DaBOHICUBS WITH Rizzo, Castro, currently in the bigs, along with Baez, Soler and Amora in the minors. Man, that’s a lotsa wishin’ an’ hopin’ but what the eff-else do we have to hang onto? Right?
On a NOT SO FEEL-GOOD, Soler fouled a pitch off his leg, which resulted in a stress fracture which may sideline him for the rest of the season. Oh well. BOHICA, right?
DaSux host the Tribe in a double-dip, t’day. If they can sweep, they can regain their lead, which they lost to DaBOHICUBS, yesterday, in the race to avoid oblivion. Currently, DaBOHICUBS are ahead of DaSux by virtue of their 33-44 record, which gives them a .429 W/L%, to DaSux, 32-43, and their .427 W/L%. Da CheeseTurds are 32-45 for a .416 W/L %.
Hey, we gotsta take what we can get, right?
T’day’s S-T lists the MLB’s League Leaders in the following categories: Slugging %; On-Base %; Bases on Balls; Total Bases; ERA; Gams Pitched; Innings Pitched; Complete Games and Shutouts.
This is, again, not-so FEEL-GOOD, as in both leagues…in all of baseball…not one member…of one of ChiTown team’s…name appears in any of these categories.
The NBA draft was last night and our Bulls, ahem, “Got the guy they were looking for”, in New Mexico small forward, Tony Snell. Heard Gar Forman say they’d had their eyes on him since last October. OK. One thing for sure. He’s spostetabe deadly from outside and Zeus knows they need someone who can score from there to take the pressure off The Poodle when he drives the lane and then dishes off. He was the MVP of the 2013 Mountain West tourney, so it seems he has some skills. Let’s hope so.
Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Thibs worked The Poodle out the other day and said he’s ready to play. If only they’d said something as definitive during the season…just the opposite…maybe moi’d have a better feeling about our #1 player.
That said, they still need a big man to spell Noah; take some fouls and inflict some pain on their opponents.
Training camp opens 4-weeks from today, Bears fans. With the sad and sorry states of affairs that we find our baseball teams…and the trading deadline a few days after, AND, both teams appearing to be “sellers”, which means any vets who are playing well will be gone…there will be plenty of hope springing eternal from Camp MarkyMarc and his FunBunch for their fans.
Well, lawdy, lawdy lawdy, Ms. Clawdy! Guess who else begin THEIR training camp on July 26th? Uh-Huh. You guessed it. Moi’s Packehs. They’re “revamping” – both – their offense and defense. Hope is springing eternal up there, too, as they drafted to fill some needs, i.e., pass rush; running game and secondary. Should be interesting, though I’ve heard that before. Still, will be following them.
Let’s face it, folks. If not for the Socialist Football Collective training camps opening when they do, we ChiTowners don’t have much else to interest us, sportswise the rest of the summer. Oh well.
OK, not much more to say, t’day and yes, I know, t’weren’t all FEEL-GOOD but hey, I report; you decide. :-)
Take care. Have a great weekend and remember, any day we can look down at a flower and not up at its roots is a good one.

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