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Was Kristen Stewart high or what?

Not sure what’s what with moi feeling myself. No. Not that way. Just that I could be feeling better. In any event, just a few thoughts….



-Da feds say they made 3100 illegal purchases, totalling $750,000.00 over 8 years. OK, it’s MC HammetTime…let’s break it down.

8-years = 96-months = 2880-days = 1.10 illegal purchases/day for those 2880-days, which works out to $260.41/day….each and every day for those 2880 days of those 8-years. Hardly an anomaly. And, no way near the old Johnny Cash ditty about the guy who worked at the Cadillac Factory who took home, “…one piece at at time; it didn’t seem much of a crime…”, in order to build his own Caddy at home.

"Hi" Kristen!
“Hi” Kristen!


But wait! There’s more!

There’s talk about their getting “staggered” sentences because, well, you know…the children. Whoopsie! Um…er…no. Would any other husband and wife criminal enterprise get that? Doubtful. No, the kids didn’t do anything. But Jesse’s bro said he’d take his place. Well, he can make sure the kids are raised right…away from their recidivist-criminal parents…till they get out.



-Did Barry misjudge the House Republicans again? He may have. It seems he thought the mere idea of the cuts to defense in this sequester would scare them into negotiating, which it seems it did not. No, not – totally – blaming the GOPers but they’re in the middle of this with Barry. His problem is, he just doesn’t get it that people who have no interest in governing got elected and aren’t going to budge…no matter what…just to prove their pint. He just doesn’t seem to get it.


The other problem seems to be that the effects of this will not hit as an avalanche but more like a trickle through a crack in a dam, which might lead to a crippling, cataclysmic, financial inundation. So, like the little boy in Holland, as long as they can keep their fingers in that dike, it won’t be so bad. Uh-huh.




-Heard the Arizona chameleon lamenting that the Prez hasn’t asked them to meet at Camp David or elsewhere. Hmmm. Was I the only one who heard Barry say, “My door is open.” What does this fool want?

I used to like him…McCain…not that much anymore. Have seen some video of him out amongst his constituetns and some of his ads. He’s no different than all the rest of them.


Whoopsie! Almost forgot. He is also responsible for CaribouBarbi.



-I am referring to what seems to be a dying breed; the thoughtful; reflective; fiscally-responsible; strong on defense folks; who actually knew how to meet their counterparts halfway. Those who did got “Primaried” by some firebrands…think of CaribouBarbi…who spout rhetoric but have no freakin’ idea of how to make anything work.


I spent over 38-years in about as cutthroat of a business as there is and was fairly successful in my day-to-day dealings with debtors, their attorneys or ours. One of the things I learned was to keep an open mind to – possible – negotiations; that just because I didn’t agree with everything my opponent propounded, didn’t mean he didn’t have valid points. I once read a book entitled, “You Can Negotiate Anything”, by Herb Cohen. I took his words to heart which helped me keep my sanity and make some dinero for my customers, my employer and, well, me. There is only one problem with his premise which is: In any “negotiation”,  you have to have a willing partner. If you don’t, you don’t. At that time, you do a “Pontius Pilate” and wash your hands of the matter and let it go as it may. Unfortunately, that seems to be where we are; have been and will continue to be…at least until the 2014-elections.



-Many of these characters are lawyers. On the one hand, that’s good as they know the law and can make factual representations to make their

case(s). On the other, though, they face the problem of “winning the argument but losing the sale”. What good is making your point if it gets you nowhere?


The Honda commercials are perfect examples. In their latest, a saleswoman is visited by a couple who’ve just come from the Honda dealership across the street. From that, we can infer that there’s a decent chance that they’re there to hear what she has to offer…in other words, they are prospects who could be made into customers…if she can close the sale. However, when they ask what she can do in comparison to Honda, well, she pulls a shrub out of the ground for one; then says “Pete” a fellow worker, comes as “standard-equipment” on their cars. Yes, it’s silly. Yes, it’s unbelievable. But it makes the point that one cannot just stand and say, “Oh yeah! Well, they suck. We don’t.”, with nothing to show how going with them would be any better.

In other words, though she may have won her argument…they bought a Honda…so, she lost the sale.



-When an actress was asked the ubiquitous, “Who are you wearing?”, was I the only one who wanted to hear “Me.”…or, “Clothes”.


-Never thought that “3.14159265359″ was THAT popular…nor that it had a “Life”. Will wait for it to hit HBO.


-Haven’t seen “Argo” yet. Planning on doing so. Same with “Zero Dark Thirty”. Speaking of which did anyone else see 60 Minutes last night? They did the whole show on former SEAL, “Mark Owen’s” book, “No Easy Day”, which is an account of SEAL Team Six and their dispatching of Osama bin Laden. Very compelling.


-George Clooney is one of the classiest guys. Did y’all see how he accepted his Oscar, then just stood on the side, letting the others involved in “Argo” get their face time? That was nice.

Another good thing about Clooney is, he always…always, always, always…has a beautiful woman as his galpal.


-Hugh Jackman is quite the actor doing effective portrayals of Jean ValJean to Wolverine.


-Must have been pretty chilly in thaeauditorium, eh, Ann Hathaway?


-Django Unchained. OK, I will honestly admit, I don’t “get” Tarrantio. No, I “get” his stories, scripts, etc. I just don’t get his popularity. Sorry.

I’ve seen: “Pulp Fiction”, “Inglorious Basterds”, “From Dusk to Dawn”, Reservoir Dogs”, the “Kill Bills”. To me, they’re nothing but glorified comic books. Sorry.


-”Lincoln” is still on my “must see” list.


-Am I the only one who likes Ben Affleck more since he’s stopped playing “Ben Affleck”?


-And am I the only one who was wondering who decided…more so, convinced…Michelle Obama to pair up with Jack Nicholson? That coulda been something totally surreal. Too bad it wasn’t.


-I liked Seth MacFarlane.


-Who did the sound on Adele’s performance of “Skyfall”? You’d think with all thoise pros in the audience, they’d'a done a better job balancing it. By the way, if I had not read the most recent Bond book, “Carte Blanche”, I wouldn’t have known what Skyfall was or meant to him.


-Jennifer Lawrence is another extremely versatile actor going from “Katness” in “The Hunger Games”, to “Raven/Mystique” in the “X-Men First Class” series to her Oscar winner in “Silver Linings Playbook”.


-I never knew Daniel Day-Lewis was that witty, as he always seems to have played very serious roles.


-Was Kristen Stewart high or what?


-Last one, I promise. I agree with Richard Roeper’s assessment that the Academy’s insistence on giving all of its wings, equal exposure in primetime dosn’t make for an interesting show. Let’s face it, we all want to see the women in their neat dresses….wimmins for their reasons…mens for theirs.


We want to see clips of the films which might get us to go see them; we want to be entertained and we want to see who won…especially if we’d seen nominated films.


Yes, without the “little people” these films wouldn’t get made but, honestly, when’s the last time you said, “Hey! The guys who did the sound for Skyfall did this film’s. I’m gonna see that one.” Sorry, that’s the way it is.

There should be a way to show their accomplishments without taking up that much of the show’s time. Oh well.



-Sans Derrick, they’re ordinary. Decent but ordinary. They beat teams they should but when faced with trough opposition, they get their heinies waxed, losing by 18 to Miami and then 30 to OKC. ‘Nuff said.



-This time it was a shutout by Corey Crawford in his first game back since getting injured. This is becoming habit-forming.

Sadly, I’m only a fan as it is February and as we get closer to baseball, my interest will wane accordingly.



-Y’know, I was beginning to develop some “liking” of them recently. Mainly that Kenny and his know-it-all ‘tude got kicked upstairs but more because of Robin. I’ve seen him on a few sports shows and I like this guy. I really do. He’s down to earth; there’s no pretense about him; no hidden agenda, etc. He’s the anti-Ozzie. Think about bit. If Ozzie’d been in the same situation all we’d be hearing from him would be how great he is as a “manaher”. I just wish I wouldn’t be hearing this stuff as if the Sox are the Yankees…or the Cardinals. ..or even the Giants! That they win pennants and World Series with every other surise and sunset…or their the ’61 Yankees or something. What so many of these guys don’t get about Cubs fans is this. We don’t care. Really. For all we care, they may as well play in Powhatan, Va. We don’t hate them…the team nor their fans…unless that “cock of the walk” bit gets trotted out. They – almost – won their division last year…just like the American Ryder Cup Team – almost – won the Cup after building what was considered an “insurmountable” lead. In other words, nothing to brag about there.

That said, I still like Robin and think he should continue to do well.



-Back page of the S-T has this for a headline: “NEXT BIG THING. Samardzija prepared to take over CUBS’ rotation, on and off the mound”.

I like the kid but he’s no Verlander. Has to be some kind of “equal time” deal they have with the teams.


-Big News for Brewski. Soriano is now saying he hasn’t ruled out anything as far as a trade would be concerned.

That could happen this year as his contract only, (comparitively speaking), runs through next year. That said, don’t expect them to get whole lot in return. He just urned 37 last month. That’s 259 in dog years! If anything, what you’ve read here for a long, long, time seems to be true once again. If it happens, it’ll probably be to an AL club as a DH.


-Only the Flubs Would Do This.

Rob Deer as a hitting coach! Here’s a guy who’d only get a run for his money in SirWhiff-a-Lot competition from Adam Dunn, is their new assistant hitting coach. Jeez!

They’re saying because he had to work so hard NOT striking out, he should be able to help their hitters. Really?

My recollection of him was he made Dave Kingman look like Billy Buckner. Oh well. What else is new in CubbieLand?


-New Kids On the Block.

Jorge Soler. Joan Baez’ love child, Javier, and Dontrelle Willis.


Let’s hope the first two don’t follow the meteoric paths of Corey Patterson or Felix Pie and that Dontrelle is nothing more than a “filler” story from camp. If he’s more then there’s really something wrong with their pitching…or…hopefully, he’s found what he had 10-years ago and could contribute, which is doubtful.


OK, time to go. HaGooDay and remember Lewis Black’s words that no matter how schitty things may be, at least we won’t get smallpox today.



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