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All ChiTowners or ChiTown travelers planning on using Foster Avenue east or west bound…DON’T!


On my way to Doc Feel-Good’s, I decided the hell with the RahmCam at Gompers Park, (more on that later), I was taking Foster anyway! Well, partners, beware! What WAS a short, road construction project of a few blocks from Kimball to the Canal has now metastasized itself all the way west to the end of the Foster “S” curve, just east of Milwaukee, all the way to the Canal. That’s about 3-miles of single-lane…at best…bumper-to-bumper traffic; stretching what is normally a 10 to 15-minute ride…even during rush hour…to 40-minutes.


You have been caveated.


Otherwise, good day, all y’all! It’s more “Hot ‘n’ sticky” t’day and the next few…and into the weekend, as well.  OK, let’s get started with a look at what’s on as to what’s happened yesterday  ‘n’ today in…

357    Julian Caesar defeated the Alamanni.


1765   American colonists sacked and burned the governor’s mansion to protest the stamp tax. Now THAT’s a protest.


1913   Cartoonist Walt Kelly of “Pogo” fame was born. His most famous line having been, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


1948   The House Un-American activities committee held the first ever televised Congressional hearing…leading the way for political bombast from Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy and his anti-Commie Crusade.



And today in…


1017   The Turks defeated the army of Emperor Romanus IV at Manikert.


1429   Joan of Arc made a triumphant entry into Paris only to be burned at the stake not too much later for impersonating a man.


1883   The Indonesian island of Krakatoa blew up causing the largest explosion in history, as it was heard over 2200 miles away in Madagascar. Kind of an appropriate name, huh? Krak-a-toa.


1970   Led by Betty Friedan a nationwide strike for equal pay for women was held…which we all know was so successful.


Also in 1970, Melissa McCarthy of “Mike and Molly” fame was born.







Here’s an interesting link on PharaohRamses. Too bad this was part of the late Friday news-dump, as it should have been Page-1 material TODAY, the first day of school for ChiTown kids. Oh well. You may find it interesting …or not.


BUMMER HEADLINE: ” Rx Pot May Not Be Legal Before 2015″.




“Weiner Unhurt In Crash”.


“Man Snatched By Crocodile.”


“Mayor Passes on 3rd Straight Triathlon”. Why? Is there an LGBT one?


“Pole dancing Competition Features the Best of the Best”. Well, alright!


“Amgen Buys Onyx”.



I use a gaming website occasionally to pass the time and sharpen my card-playing skills. As do most, this one has ads. The one which caught my eye…besides those with scantily-clad models was this: “Click to “Like” WalMart and always be able to find Bieber”.


MAKES YOU WANT TO GO: Hmmmmmmmmmm.

-As many of you know, my boss at my part-time gig is one of Da Watettes, which is germane to this item. As there are transfers and freshies at La Escuela, I always print my name on the board. While I was on “sub-duty, Friday, one freshie timidly asked me if I was Ms. Watette’s, ahem, husband. I tried to be witty in my response, but could only thank her for the “compliment” and tell her I am to she as Darth Vader is to Princess Leah.



-As most ChiTowners know, Rahmses is having traffic-cams installed around the city to catch speeders and write electronic tickets, in order to raise $$$. The one I passed today; whilst doing a brisk 3-MPH…that ain’t no typo…is on the north side of Foster facing west, which means westbound drivers won’t see it until it’s too late. It is just before the last bridge; west of Pulaski.


-An aside on this. All weekend, I heard that this camera was on the “North Side”; at Gompers Park. Gompers Park is bisected by Foster Avenue, (5200 north) and runs from Pulaski, (4000 west) to Kostner, (4400 west). Folks, that is the “Northwest Side” of our fair city.




-Watched this last night. It was OK; seemed more M. Night Shama-Lama-Ding-Dongy than anything else. It was good; worth the time but…if I’d spent the premium dinero for 3-D/IMAX, I’d have been pee-peed. Didn’t see too much more and don’t recall what we watched Saturday.


Don’t know if I’d said anything but MBH DID get asked back by her principal. She took a considerable hit pay-wise but will be able to recoup her accumulated sick days, which will be nice. More on that, perhaps, in the future.


Anyway, as we’ve been back to setting the alarm for 6:15, the old eyebrows begin to droop earlier than before. Accordingly, we missed “Ray Donovan” and “The Newsroom”, which we’ll have to watch tonight. Thank Zeus for a DVR.






-Here’s a link from before Friday’s games but it IS from an unbiased source, which may be interesting.

Don’t know why I’m in this typeface.

Anyway, took a look at moi’s guys, Friday. Am truly hopeful they were working on what McCarthy said he wanted them to…deep-downfield passes…as they didn’t run the ball worth scheeyit. The “D” came around but are still giving up too many big plays.

MarkyMarc’s FunBunch seemed to have their game on in the 1st-half. However, it was against Oakland.

-Here’s a suggestiuon for the Yets. Let Twacker Joe take over for Rex. He couldn’t do any worse. He surely wouldn’t act like such a pompous ass like Ryan, who acts as if he needs to pull down his drawers to count all his S/B rings.


-Less than a month ago, DaBOHICUBS were well-ahead of DaSox, (can’t call them “DaSux” anymore as, well, read on), who were 20-something games under .500. At that time, a certain scribe said they’d probably catch DaFlubs, once they trade everyone away, AND, this morning, DaBOHICUBS are 55-75, while their co-citizens are 54-75, a mere 1-game behind.

But wait! There’s more!

DaFlubs are in LA to face DaDoyers’ Zack Greinke, 12-3; Clayton Kershaw, 13-7 and former Flub, Ricky Nolasco, 10-9. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict they return with a 55-78 record.

Sorry. Yes, I know, not-so-FEEL-GOOD but ’tis for Sox fans.


-Believe it or not, the SFC kicks off its season next week, Thursday. I expect to be receiving something from Yahoo! Sports any day now. When I do, I will send it out to last year’s participants as well as others among you whom I know enjoy SFC Football.

Quickly, there are no fees. It’s just for schitz and giggles. However, there is some ballbusting, so be prepared, but it’s all in good fun.

This is a “Confidence League”, which means once you decide which teams you think will win; you then must assign a point-value

to them. For example, on a 16-game weekend, the pick in which you have the most confidence would get 16-points and down to 15, 14, etc., as your “confidence”  may decrease. On the other end of the spectrum, that pick in which you have the least confidence would get 1-point and whatever in between. Another example would be the Packehs/Ninersgame. I’m not going to pick against my guys but S.F’s gonna be favored. So, I may just give the Packers 8-points…or less…or more. See?

Yes. You could have the best W/L but not the most points. For that reason, as DaCommish, G.H.E.M.R., L.O.R.; K., M.K.O.T.S.,

keeps track of that. Yahoo! Doesn’t recognize this…at least they didn’t used to…so I do.

It only takes a few minutes a week and all are welcome.

OK, gottago.

HaGooDay. Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.


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