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Urlacher retired… and so is #89! (and I just ship my pants!)

Good morning on this chilly, FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY of Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a balmy 44-degrees at O’Hare, with forecast highs in the 60s all weekend. Let’s go fishin’, eh?

That said, it IS Memorial Day Weekend and we do need to remember what that means. No, it’s not a great weekend to buy a new grill, nor just to have a picnic…though that’ll be tough with this weather. It’s been set aside to remember those who have given their lives in order for we to enjoy our lives as free-citizens of the U.S. of A. Let’s not forget that.

You Did What!?

You Did What!?

There are quite a few things going on meriting comment but it IS FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, right? OK, so I’ll do a précis.
-BARRY ‘SPLAINS DRONE USAGE. Again, it’s about time. Also, any so-called American citizen who decides to take arms against the U.S. of A. in another country doesn’t get to have it both ways. Declaring war on one’s country abrogates one’s “rights” from said country. In other words, you wanna try and kill me or mine but die trying by a drone strike, tough.
-WHAT’S $80,000,000.00 AMONG BILIONAIRES? It was learned that some $80,000,000.00 was overlooked in Penny Pritzker’s mad-money-purse due to a “glitch”. Hey! You never left some extra cash in your pants pockets?
-NATIONAL EMERGENCIES & OFFSETS. It’s only been the past few years or so that we’ve been subjected to the DeficitHawks and their insistence that any Fed-Bucks used to assist ravaged areas be “offset” by budget cuts elsewhere. Makes some kind of sense. Your fridge blows out, you may have to give up that vacation you had planned. However, that’s a false comparison as there is none due to the differences in magnitude. Still, those DeficitHawks, many of whom voted blank check after blank check to the Dubsters for their War of Choice in Iraq, now seem to have seen the errors of their ways as they now see how much $$$ was wasted…not to mention lives. So, they decide to “offset” the costs of helping Americans in need. BUT, it somehow seems they cut programs they don’t like. Convenient, eh? So, here’s FatRats’ idea. The first member from either Chamber of Congress, who says offsets must be made, a minimum of one-half of whatever the costs are shall be deducted from Fed-Bucks earmarked for their state.
Silly? Most assuredly. But how much sillier than some member of Congress taking $$$ away from something he DOESN’T like, which may be harmful to those who need it, just to make political points? Effective? You betcherass, which means it’ll never happen.
-TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE. That schoolyard taunt is directed at the bloviated star of “The Apprentice”, who said to the woman who sued him in ChiTown and lost, “She’s a horrible human being”.
OK, enough of that. Let’s try feelin’ groovy.
1543 – Copernicus published proof of a sun-centered solar system.
1844 – Samuel F.B. Morse sent the first telegraph message.
1941 – The German battleship, Bismarck, sunk English battleship, Hood, spawning “Sink the Bismarck!”
1951 – Willie Mays made his debut for the New York Giants. Say, Hey!
Also, not-so-good-looking, musical-genius Bob Dylan; Hubba-hubba, Priscilla Presley and former ChiTown Mayor, Janie Byrne were born.
-SOME INSANELY FUNNY COMMERCIALS. There are two, new K-Mart commercials on the tube. One is the “I can ship my pants”, which is repeated throughout the ad, Louie Louie-ingly slurred to sound more like something else was done in “my pants”.
It’s follow-up shows a young woman at a gas station; filling her car; stating how she hates, “Big Gas prices”. “Big Gas” is repeated, again slurred as in “Ship my pants”, i.e., Big-ass. It’s a goodie.
Speaking of “insane”…that “Insane Bolt” commercial’s pretty good, too. But, I don’t remember what he’s selling.
Zach Fardon’ the guy who’s takin’ over for Pat Fitzgerald. Big shoes to fill but not what struck me. He looks like Aaron Eckart, Batman’s nemesis, Two Face. A connection? We should know soon.
-’XRT’S PLAYING THE STONES! Am listening to “Doom and Gloom”…just heard “Paint It Black”. But wait! There’s more!
Tomorrow’s “Saturday Morning Flashback” features 1967. The radio’s gonna be a-playin’ till Noon, at least.
-MIXED REVIEWS ON HANGOVER III. One says, Nyah…another, gives a B+. Looks like we’ll hafta see for ourselves.
-GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES! One thing that goes hand-in-hand with Memorial Day weekend is the Indy 500. I began my interest in the 500 because of one of the guys in the old neighborhood, we’ll call him “Fox”, whose dad was a bit of a gearhead, who built him a go-cart. Fox and his dad are gone but I think of Fox each Memorial Day weekend…especially when I watch those gentlemen actually, “start” those engines.
For those who doubt the physical demands on those drivers, it’s been said holding on to the steering wheel at those speeds is like holding up an 80# dumbbell, with each hand, for the length of the race.
-WISH I’D SAID THAT…on the Flubs. Short ‘n sweet on them as they’re just bad…really bad. Yesterday, heard Brian Hanley on The SCORE say something like this: “Every time you think they’re not as bad as you thought…”. Folks, they’re just good enough to lose games they should/could win. Oh well.
-DaSOX? Will their real team stand up? Right now, “Cleveland Rocks!” and Detroyit’s lookin’ tough. At least with the Flubs, we know they suck. Good luck, Arnold, Bill and Nick.
-The Hawks appear to be headin’ for their last round up. No, I haven’t watched. Looks like it doesn’t matter what I do.
-URLACHER RETIRED. I may get some flack for this, as I won’t jump on, “He was the best Bears MLB EVER!” bandwagon. That’s OK. Honestly, I’ve always felt Briggs was better. 54 was perfectly suited for Lovie’s D but recall that pre-Lovie, there was much talk about his inability to shed blockers and maybe he should be playing the weakside to make maximum use of his speed. Also, I’m really tired of these 30…even 40-somethings saying how he’s better than Butkus. No way, Jose! Until his knees went, Butkus dropped back into coverages well as any in his era. Speaking of his era, there was also #66 in Green Bay, who was voted the best linebacker of the first 50-years on the NFL.
Brian Urlacher will make the HOF, eventually. But please, let’s keep perspective. Oh yeah…heard a talking head say how many #54 jerseys were sold. So what?
-DaBEARS RETIRE #89. For some crazy reason…probably marketing…the McCaskeys have decided to retire Mike Ditka’s #. (I recall Mikey saying how they were “running out of numbers” when it came time for Butkus and Payton.) I always liked him as a TE. As a coach, he was OK. Sorry but with THAT team, to only make the Super Bowl once doesn’t speak well of him.
Will say there’s a clip of him breaking tackles in a game, (I think it may have been the one played after Kennedy was shot), where he just refuses to go down. THAT’S what I admired about him.
-CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE. Y’all know how I loathe the Cuckin’ Fardinals…well not as much now that LaRussa’s gone. It’s Memorial Day weekend and where are they? Not only leading their division but the NL and MLB, for that matter, with a 30-16 record. This from a team which lost, arguably, the best hitter in baseball; a reputed genius of a manager which replaced the genius with a guy who’d never managed before. Gotsta give them the respect.
-A CUBBIE FEEL-GOOD. Rizzo’s rounds out the tops in the NL with 10-homers. Feldman and Wood do the same in ERA, posting 2.19 and 2.24, respectively.
OK, have a wholebunchastuff to do, t’day. Take care and enjoy your holiday weekend.
Any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.

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