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U.S. bridges have safety issues…



Has Mama Nature misread her calendar? I’m just askin’, as it’s September16th..not OCTOBER 16th! It’s sposetabe “pleasantly” cool and SUNNY! I’m gazing at a USS Missouri Battleship grey day and t’ain’t makin’ me happy, McGhee. We had a decent weekend, despite the crappy-azz weather. Now that I think about it, the 50s we are experiencing t’day are better then the mid-90s we had a week ago, tomorrow.


Ok, let’s check the Way Back Machine to see what says happened ”yesterday and today” in…




1588,   The Spanish Armada was destroyed by the Brits, who were led by Sir Francis Drake. Reading up on this, the purpose of the attack by The Armada was based on a “crusade” authorized by Pope Sixtus V…not VI?…to defeat the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I.


1776,   Not deterred by the Spaniards, the Brits occupied Manhattan 18-years later. Could this have led to Jerome Robbins eventual writing a musical,  “West Side Story”, based on it?


1858,  The Butterfield Overland Mail Company began delivering the U.S. Mail. Not to be outdone, in the mid-1960s, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band began delivering Chicago-Style blues to the masses.

1928,   Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered the mold penicillin was an antibiotic. Years later, his successor, Art(?) ”thanked” his friends and Don Pardo while he hotsed “Jeopardy”!


1935,   The Reich under Adolph Hitler adopted the swastika as its national flag. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Keep moving.


1939,   The Polish submarine “Orzei” docked in Estonia after escaping the German invasion of Poland. Unfortunately, it then sunk after its crew members opened its portholes for some fresh air.


1946,   Great revisionist-historian and filmmaker, Oliver Stone was born.


1966,   LBJ urged Congress to adopt gun-control legislation after Charles Whitman shot and killed 15 people before he was killed in Austin, Tejas. The more things change…the more they remain the same?


2004,   NHL Prez, Gary Bettman announced a lockout of its players. The more things change; the more they remain the same?


2008,   The largest bankruptcy in US history was filed when Lehman Bros., made their filing. We all remember that, right?




1620,   32-years after the destruction of the Armada the Pilgrims left England on The Mayflower, of all things, seeking religious freedom.


1810,   The Mexican Revolution began.


1893,   50,000 “Sooners” claimed land along the “Cherokee Strip” on the first day of the Oklahoma Land Rush. No, nothing said that they  asked the Cherokees what they thought.


1908,   General Motors filed its papers of incorporation.


1920,   30 people were killed in a terrorist bombing in New York’s financial district. The more things change???


1934,   Anti-Nazi Lutherans protested in Munich.


1940,   The Selective Service Act was passed by Congress.


1974,   Limited amnesty was offered to Vietnam-era draft-resisters if they would swear allegiance to the US and perform 2-years

of public service. Didn’t like it then; don’t now.






The following is a link to Neil Steinberg’s column from over the weekend.


In it, he does a good job in explaining how we in modern society have developed such a revulsion for the uses of poison-gasses. He also makes mention of the 100,000 Assad killed up to then.


There is also Rwanda, about which we did nothing, either.




“CTA reminder: Stay off the tracks.”


“Sad saga of Lake County Fielders continues.” This should be of particular interest  to some of my former co-workers as we were fairly familiar withy the shenanigans which went on up Zion, IL-way.


“Thousands of U.S. bridges have safety issues.” Never mind. Congress has been way too busy in its efforts to “de-fund” ObamaCare.





Took this one in over the weekend. It was effective, though I must say, I partially agree with Richard Roeper’s criticism of the “accents” used by Jody Foster and her henchman. Don’t worry; no SPOLIER ALERT(s) necessary today.


The film takes place in late 21st-century, Los Angeles, which is not much more than a sprawling ghetto. In it lives Matt Damon’s “Alex DeCosta”, the – apparently – only white man, other than 1%er, John Carlyle, played by William Fichtner, who has made himself millions (?)…billions (?) on their backs. By the way, 1%ers will NOT like this film.


Back to the film. Jody Foster and her henchman have some kind of Afrikaans accent, while the other two sound Irish. I mention this as it was a tad distracting. Otherwise, it was part standard sci-fi; part “A Tale of Two Cities”. That said, Damon’s Max was convincing enough and we found it worth the price of admission. Jody Foster was fine as the beyatch Minister of Defense.

In fact, MBH said she hated her, which she felt made her performance effective.


One more thing. Though this was in wide-screen, IMAX nor 3-D would not have made it any better. It was fine as it was. That said, the FX were more than fine.



Watched the previews of this and while doing so, a question popped into my mind: Why are these Norse gods, Thor and Loki, speaking with Brit accents? They’re not Greeks, Romans or Nazis.



We’ve begun watching this show. It’s cute and haftasay, Uncle Si’s a stitch. BUT, it’s a one-timer. By that I mean its jokes are

good for a laugh, once. Yes, it isn’t scripted by professional comedy-writers and borders on being hokey but some of it’s pretty funny….especially Si.


-”The Newsroom”

Their season ended last night; somewhat OK/somewhat not. The “not” was the hoked-up proposal by Jeff Daniels’ Will McAvoy to Emily Mortimer. Otherwise, it went well. What I truly enjoyed was Will’s explanation as to why he has trouble with today’s, so-called Republicans, as he is one. He did his soliloquy about how he believed in market solutions for economic-issues; limited government, and a basic litany of established Republican views, etc., etc., etc. He then went on to say that now, he’s supposed to “keep count of how may times he’s gone to church”; has to deny proven science; discount education, etc., etc., all in this, the 21st-century and how that goes against his basic Republican beliefs.


-”Ray Donovan”

Will watch on DVR, tonight, as well as the final episode of “The Dome”.


-”Boardwalk Empire”

We’re getting caught up on this one which I usetawatch; lost interest; re-started. Will hafta IMDB it to see who’s who among characters I don’t recognize, now.



“Blow Their Doors Off”. Anyone see the one which starts with some society-babe looking at the street; where her car door lays; separated from her car? Then another and another? They then show the new Caddie XTS with its 410hp engine, “blowing the doors off” its competition. Neat.



-There’s a local law firm which specializes in personal injury and insurance cases…some of which involve car accidents. To moi, it seems more than an Ironically, Ironic, Irony, in that the law firm’s “celebrity-endorser” happened to be none other than Chicago

Bears Lamborhini-crashing-and-leaving-the-scene-of-an-accident-linebacker, Lance Briggs. Which brings us to……………………





“Something’s happening here. What is ain’t exactly clear….”


Early on during yesterday’s “technical-difficulties-marred” Bears telecast, I wrote, “Good Jay/Bad Jay”, as Cutler still seems to make passes he really shouldn’t. The good news is this. It does seem as if MarkyMarc’s “Q-Whisperer” rep came with him and he’s been able to get through to #6. Especially at game’s end, when the Bears would normally not succeed. There seems to be an honest-to-goodness understanding of offensive plays; few – if any – pre-snap penalties and much better, execution. Of course the fact that Devin Hester rediscovered his return-legs and ability, which provided them with a short field most of the day, didn’t hurt.


That and the defense is playing well. Yes, the Vikes scored 30 but their “D” and Special teams scored 12 of them.


The guy I have my eyes on, Matt Forte, is looking just fine. So are the rooks on the right side of the O-Line.


I’m wondering how Bears fans feel about seeing a team from Chicago at Soldier Field which actually knows how to play offense, as opposed to their opposition.


Memo to NFL teams…if you set your “D” to make Christian Ponder have to beat you, you should do well.



AND…how does a team turn a 1st and goal into a field goal, when a TD would have cinched the win? You’ll need to ask DaQueenies’ Leslie Frazier.


FOX should be embarrassed with their “technical difficulties”. Especially when certain viewers have the sound muted as they are listening to WTMJ’s broadcasting of The Green Bay Packehs, which brings us to…



Everyone’s talking about Rodgers’ 480-yards passing and 4-TD passes, which is no mean feat. However, with Eddie Lacy leaving the game with a concussion after his first carry, all could have been lost. In fact, I thought it may have been. However, James Starks rambled over, through and around the ‘Skins D” for 132-yards and a TD on 20-carries. Hopefully, the O-line heard the crowd “roar it’s approval” each time he “ran to daylight’ and continue to block that effectively in their 38-20 win. Too bad they couldn’t have won last week, as they are now tied with Detroyit at 1-1, behind DaBears, 2-0. For those who were not paying attention, the score does not accurately describe the game as it was 31-0 in the third, which also included James Jones catching an – apparent – TD pass; reaching for the pylon; fumbling the ball, which hit the pylon and resulted in a touchback for the ‘Skins; after they’d marched 90-yeards down the field. Oh well.





How could the “dominator” from last week become the “dominatee”, this? I’m sorry. I can’t stand Sheattle; its team; its coach; its management; its fans, who tried to break a “Guinness Book of World Records” record for the “highest decibels at a sporting event”…to which I ask, who gives a schit?


Sheattle now leads the NFC West, 2-0, to the Niners, 1-1. Yes, they can play “D”. Other than that, you can have them.



Hmmmm. All of a sudden, Chip Kelly…the new genius of the Commune…and his guys couldn’t beat the Chargers!!! At home!!!


Speaking of which, the Bills saved moi’s bacon with a TD as the clock ticked down at game’s end…as did the Texicans in OT.



I know there’s a certain someone out there who has less than no use for either. So, not unlike Peyton and Eli’s parents, who did they want to lose, more?


Like him or no…Peyton @ QB for Denver with their “D”…which will get better when their guys return…will be a force to be reckoned with. They’ve scored 90 while allowing 50. Contrast that to the SheHawks who’ve scored 51 and allowed 10. Yes, 5:1 ratio but really?



Looks like Sean Payton’s return to Nawlins is meaningful.




Bears are at Pittsburgh for the Sunday Night game.


The Packehs visit Cincy for a Noon game which will be carried, locally, on FOX.


The Bills visit the 1-1 Jets.


The Colts travel to San Fran.



-Had DaBOHICUBS lost just one more game for what would be 62-87,  their record would be a palindrome of the Pirates’ and RedTurds’, 87-62…instead of their 63-86…AND…they then would STILL have a shot at the century mark in losses. Instead, the worst they can do is 99. Oh well.


The good news? Only 13-games remain on their schedule.


-DaSux are 58-91, which isn’t anything to dwell on…BUT…that also totals149, which means their season only has 13-games left.


OK, signing off for t’day. Hope all y’all had a great weekend and your week-ahead is even better!


Any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, is a good one.












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