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Turkey-Day, Minus Three

                                                                           WABBIT STHEASTHON

thHey kids! What day is it? It’s…

“National Sardines Day”…and that’s not just on the island of Sardinia, neither!

OK, Wat, what’s happened on this date according to in…


1542,   The English defeated the Scots at the Battle of Solway Moss in England. If I EVER get to England, I’m gonna sees me some Solway Moss. You?

1859,   Charles Darwin published his “The Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection”. Has there ever been a better example of a political-dichotomy than this? Think about it. Tea Partiers rail against “Evolution” on religious grounds, yet they practice what sociologists refer to as: “Social Darwinism”, or “every man/woman for themselves”, screw everyone else.

1874,   Joseph Glidden received a patent for barbed wire. In an interesting aside, when barbed-wire went the way of the do-do bird…there’s that “Natural selection” thing again…due to the invention of “Razor-wire”, the technology used to twist the wire into barbs was updated; scale-down and is now used to secure twist-ties on packages.

1888,   Industrialist and author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, Andrew Carnegie, was born.

1925,   Conservative leader and one who was able to “control the crazies”, aka The Tea Party, William F. Buckley, Jr., was born.

1939,   The Gestapo executed 120 Czech students they accused of anti-Nazi activities. Keep moving! Keep moving! Nothing going on here, folks. Keep moving!

1946,   Serial killer, Ted Bundy, was born.

1949,   The inspiration for “That’s What Friends Are For”, Linda Tripp (?), was born.

1963,   Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald after he’d been accused of assassinating JFK. Just yer basic patriotoic response. Nothing going on here, folks! Keep moving! Guy was just pissed-off, is all! Keep moving!

1979,   The US admitted that thousands of GIs had been exposed to Agent Orange, a toxic-defoliant used in Vietnam.  Till this day, there are guys who are STILL trying to get treatment for that. What a shame.

1992,   A mere 11-1/2-years after the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan and the wounding of his PressSec, Jim Brady, The Brady Bill was signed into law. It required a 5-day waiting period to buy a handgun, which by the way, was allowed to lapse, recently.


-As I had stated, I’ve avoided cable-news and politics as, well, Jesus, what a buncha crap!

Last week Barry “Poisoned the well” by taking yet another of his heinous, executive-actions. This morning, the Sun-Times’ editorial’s headline reads as follows: “Simple Remedy For Republicans: Pass Immigration Reform”. Well? Instead of pissin’ and moanin’ how about it? Like Ford Motor Company, they constantly say they have “…better ideas…”. How ’bout some?

OK, as you may recall, I am deeply disappointed in Barry and Company. He/they could have done better. However, when his opposition takes Nancy Reagan’s, “Just Say No” to such an extent that even she’d say, “Enough already”, there isn’t much he could have.

No? OK, just how many bills have had enough bi-partisan support in the House and Senate which have been sent to the President for his signature? Please don’t you start on Knucklehead Smith, aka, Harry Reid. I’m not happy with him either but they are all idiots.

I’m not going to get into the whole “Illegals” issue, as, it’s so complicated, advanced calculus seems like a snap in comparison. No. My issue is, there has been nothing from NoBonerBoehenr’s guys. NOTHING but string after string of bumper-stickerisms, designed to fan the flames of their party’s base but not one scintilla of any kind of sincere movement towards resolution. There are more “illegals” in the country than all of our Armed Forces…including Reserves…combined.

This is just a guess but we may be able to add in law-enforcement personnel, too.

I’ll close with a slmile. This is like a house falling apart and while it is, there’s a fatso lard-butt ensconced in his recliner; remote in his hand; lolling about; flicking from one TV show to another. His fellow-resident(s) see this is a real effin’ problem and repeatedly ask him to help find a way to fix what’s wrong. He sits. They see that something…anything…has to be done. Ultimately, it gets to a point where the fellow residents decide they’ll do what they can with what they have.

Workers show up and tell fatso-lardbutt he has to move. THEN, he says, “Hey! Wait a minute! That’s not what I wanted you to do!” You can’t do that!”.

OK, then get off yer asses and get to work.

Is this easy? NO! Nobody said it was. But ignoring it; and your sole claim to any kind of resolution has been coming up with bumper-stickerisms over however long this matter has been up for discussion falls so short, if this were not so serious, it’d be laughable.


-Generally speaking, we never use a debit card. One, why should we when the cost of credit/debit card processing is built into prices, why give the merchant’s their money, immediately, when you can get 3-days on your credit card? AND, if there’s a bogus charge on your credit card, you won’t have to worry about your checks bouncing. Yes, Target and Home Depot had their security breaches but, again, you can stop things quicker…and if you have a decent credit card…you should get  a call right away. Then there’s this…The owner of a Subway sandwich shop in southern California, hacked into the credit/debit card accounts of his store and about a dozen others cross the country. I avoid using either credit or debit cards in businesses where it is more than obvious that not much of a % of his costs are devoted to securing their networks.


-Anyone seen the crawls on CBS, NBC and TBS asking DISH subscribers to tell DISH they want their channels? Last night, we saw it on Showtime!

How’s THIS for a headline…”Israeli Cabinet moves to define country as Jewish”? Forgive me, but what else would Israel be? Just askin’.

                                                                       DUCK SEASON


-”Homeland”, Showtime. Talk about peaks and valleys! Last week, I though maybe I’d made a mistake getting reacquainted with Saul, Peter, Carrie and company. Last night, I was ticked when I saw there’ll be no newbie next week but two-weeks hence.

-”The Newsroom”. HBO. If I had not invested two-seasons into this show, I’d quit watching. But, as it’s in its final season and an abbreviated one at that, and that I’m interested in seeing how the plot-conflicts are resolved, I’ll watch. BUT, probably not the night they are broadcast. Again, it was another series of bifurcating soliloquies and snappy-retorts, which Aaron Sorkin HAD to know he was writing, which are more distracting and/or boring. The show’s plusses are the episodes are told against the backdrops of recent, real events.

-”Blue Bloods”. CBS. This episode dealt with police body-cameras and what might happen if/when one may malfunction…or not. It also addressed campus-rape and those who are more concerned with preserving the college’s position than the victim’s.  It was a bit preachy but all in all, it handled it well.

-”Ocean’s Thirteen”, our fave of the franchise, is on SPIKE at 10:00, CST, tonight.

                                                                AND NOW…SPORT


-Sometime around Noon, local time, a WasteMangament garbage truck was t-Boned by a City of Chicahgah, Streets ‘n’ San, compatriot. What a crapy gae. Yes, I preach that there are no “style-points” in the NFL but Jeez, this one was ugly. It was like a truckload of ugly got dropped at the door of homely and they decided to see who could be more like their appellation.

I’d taken Luvee’s boys in BFW; assigning them one-whole-Confidence-point. AND, for the first half, I’d thought I was some kinda genius.Then came halftime and some Knute Rockne-isms in Dabears locker room, I guess, and out came The Monsters of the Midway. (Maybe they didn’t want to be referred to as The Mopesters of the Midway, as they left the filed to a chorus of booing fans.)

That said, it was an ugly game…”Bland on Bland” if you will. If a truck carrying vanilla ice cream stopped at Soldier Field, it would be quickly dispatched as it’d be deemed too racy. Uh-uh…not there. No way. Only plain, Greek Yogurt with a side of fat-free/non-dairy cottage cheese, please.

My dear Bears fan-friends, as much as I want them to win this Thursday…more on that later…YOU should hope for a train wreck…a FUBAR’d-SNAFU’d-BOHICA of a season from here on in! Why? Because without that, The McCaskeyWay” will continue and the more it will become inured within their organization…and the more this beat will go on. They will take solace in finishing at or even just close-to .500, as reason to continue with TMW. Ask yourselves this…is that what you want? 8-8 and more of the same or such a stinkeroo of a season that TMW is forced to be relegated their “trophy” case and a new football-minded regime is brought in?


-MyPackehs eked one out up in MinnehahaLand, 24-21, yesterday. However, with Emmanuel’s and Whitney’s Pats beating Detroyit, mn guys’ 8-3 puts them atop the division to Detroyit’s 7-4. So what? So, plenty. Here’s why.

DaBears travel to Detroyit for the first Thanksgiving Day game at 11:30 CDT. Recall my question from last year of Bears fans if they’d pull for the Pack over Detroyit, as they ere tied and both teams were chasing DaLoins? Some Bears fans…none of you…said “Absolutely, no!”. They’d NEVER pull for a Green Bay win! Forget that at the time, it would have helped their team. Yes, it turned out they were right as  Detroyit did their annual implosion, making the game moot and setting up the December 27th showdown between Jay and A-Aron, in their final game of the season, with the division on the line.

This year, though, DaBears travel to Detroyit, whilst my guys await the #1 team in the Collective, E&W’s Pats. I want my guys to win but I’d be lying if I said I’ll have this as my highest-Confidence pick. So, if Detroyit beats DaBears, they’ll be 8-4; if DaBears win, DaLoins are 7-5. Hence, if MyPackehs win, they go to 9-3 but if they lose to the Pats, they’re 8-4. Detroyit still owns the tie-breaker as they beat Green Bay in Week 3. That could set up Week 17 as the Division showdown, again, when Detroyit travels to Green Bay. BUT, a Bears win, Thursday, would help. That said, it’s a win/win for me…at least as far as those “certain Bears fans” I’d mentioned earlier.

-As far as yesterday was concerned, the Vikes played  a decent game. If they had a QB and their Purple-People-Beater, they’d be tough to beat…no pun intended.

This one wasn’t much “prettier” than the “Dueling Blandos” on Lake Michigan in ChiTown but there were some things I liked, for example…

The 2nd Qtr-one-yard-TD-pass from Aaron Rodgers to Richard Rodgers was a thing of beauty. Had it not been for the Gnats’ Odell Beckham’s TD catch, this one’d be all over the tube.

Their 4-minute-offense at game’s end, when against a 9-man front, Eddie Lacy gained first-down-yardage, twice; moving the chains and setting up a kneel down to end the game.


-Bill’s 9-ers eked out a win against the ‘Skins, at home, 17-13. The SeaClucks win over the Cards keeps them in it.

-Rene’s Iggs bounced back from their trip to Green Bay and thwacked Tennessee and Chumley, 43-24.

-As mentioned before, the Rams have to be the toughest 4-7 team I’ve seen in a long time. They are on their 3rd QB; have been outscored 285-209 but that works out to less than 7-points/game. What that says is they haven’t had their heads handed to them. They should be a force next year.

-Joe’s Yets! at the Bills…being played in Detroyit, tonight. I’ve seen that it’s being televised on CBS, however, I can’t confirm that will be nationally or just locally to the Yets! and Bills fans.

-How bad/good are the Falcons/Browns? How does one team get the ball and with 50-odd seconds left, kicks a 53-yard FG; then it’s defense allows the opposition to drive far enough in 44-seconds to kick a 37-yarder to win?

-Am I the only one who noticed that Thursday’s games are all between NFC teams? Not one AFC squad!

OK, am going to wrap things up for today…perhaps the week, don’t know…and wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day but before I go, one of our group suffered a deep loss last week. As we give our thanks this week, let’s all hold a thought for those of us who may be observing Thanksgiving but may not be in much of a mood to be celebrating.

God bless you all. Remember, any day we awaken and aren’t looking up at daisy roots, it’s  a good one.


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