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Tuesday’s Child is Full Of…



Take a day to play Capt. Nemo for a few hours and the fed’ral guvm’n't closes down; the Cubs fire SwamiSveum; after DaBears got spanked in Detroyit; not to mention that it’s the first day of October, which is also the first day of the last quarter of the year; the 274th of the year, with a mere 91-days left till year’s end and 30 till T-Bill’s natal day!


So many topics…so little time. I’ll try to be brief; touch on as many as possible but if I miss any, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day”.


Let’s start with the Shutdown.


Two sides to every coin and story so…


Pee-pee poor presentation by both sides have put us where we are.

-First, BarryCare.

Why is it that they did not present this, warts and all, to us, cl;ealy and consisely? Had they done so, perhaps the necessary tweaking that anything this large needs could have begun after serious deliberations in Congress.


Wait! There’s been none as just as badly, his opponents have done nothing but scream for repeal. Forget amending it. They just want to end it.


So, here we are…each party screamin’ over the fence that the other guys are assholes!


Fat lot of good that’s done, huh?


Now, the Feds are shut down…or on the way to completely doing so, if no resolution is achieved, soon. Serious repercussions will occur. This is different from ’95 as only certain parts of the government were. This time…it’s everything. Which is fine for the idiots who got elected to run a government they don’t believe should exist, who if they were lefties, would be called Marxists.


-Some may call moi biased. Go ahead.

DaGOPers have decided to shut things down over BarryCare. Here’s the thing…BarryCare’s NOT funded through the budget, which is what they’re holding as hostage. They say they stand on principles. Fine, which are what? They complained they hadn’t received a budget, then when they got one 5-months ago, they did nothing but screech-owl about BarryCare; openly stating they would do just this.


DaDEMS ain’t much better. I haven’t seen nor heard much other than party talking-points from them. Actually, the only thing I heard which caught moi’s attention was Bill Maher to James Welch on Maher’s show, “Real Time”, when Welch said Barry Care is “one-size fits all”, he responded, “How can you say that when you complain that it’s over 2000-pagers long?” To which Welch replied, “That’s a good question”. Trouble is, this was a panel show on HBO…not the halls of the Capitol.


-Here’s the rub.

The Tea Party’s running things?


OK, here’s that rub…only 49 of the 435 members of the House belong to the Tea Party Caucus. That’s 11.2%. ELEVEN-POINT-TWO-FINKIN’-PERCENT of the House has been causing these dust-ups!


-Here’s the “rub-a-dub”…their so-called, ahem, “leader” is Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann. She of the “Pray the Gay Away”, ilk; the glazed over, true-believer-baby-blue eyes; and just utterly nonsensical stands on just about anything, who loses more brain-matter each time she wipers her heinie.


-Is Barry Right? Haven’t heard enough and only have my own experiences to go on. That’s not enough…at least judging by the lack of clarity in his presentation.


-Here’s the ”rub-a-dub-dub”.

In a recent survey, when folks were asked what they thought of the “Affordable Care Act”, they thought it was a good idea. When asked about BarryCare, they didn’t think so. Same folks. Whose fault is that, Barry?


-Here’s the “rub-a-dub-dub-Barry’s-in-the-tub”.

I have repeatedly said we’d be talking about Prez. Mittsy had he been clearer in his presentation instead of trying to be all things to all people but like a chameleon on a madras shirt, just couldn’t make anything match up.

Barry got re-elected but his presentation of his “signature-legislation” has been as bad as Mittsy’s election-campaign message…muddled, at best.


OK, let’s take a look into the past for this date, in…


331BC,   Alexander the Great defeated Persian King Darius DaTurd’s army at Gaugamela.


1588,   Sultan Mohammed Shah handed power over to his 17year-old son, Abbas, over Abbas’ sibs, Abbo, Abbat, Abbavi, or Abbatus.


1908,   The Ford Model T went on the market, leading Henry’s heirs to field an SFC football team many years later. Though they wore Honolulu Blue as opposed to Henry’s “little black dress” approach to car color.


1924,   Former President Jimmy Carter was born. See below.


1946,   Nazis Hermann Goring, Alfred Jodl, Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Wilhelm Keitel, among a group of 11, were sentenced to death by hanging for their crimes against humanity during WWII. Gather round, folks. Watch ‘em swing in the wind. Ain’t that purty?


1963,   Juicy-juicer, Mark MaGwire was born. No evidence his mommy didn’t mix andro with his formula.


1974,   Kenneth Parkinson, Robert Mardian, Nixon’s Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, and U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell, all top Trick M. Nixon aides, went on trial for conspiring to hinder the Watergate investigation.


1979,   Much to the chagrin of some, which were found to be unfounded, Jimmy Carter ceded control of the Panama Canal to, well, Panama.


1982,   SONY intro’d the compact disc player. Nothing there, huh?




As we have so much going on in ChiTownLand sports…among the rest of the country, will do ”Duck Season”, tomorrow.



So, did some doubt moi?


Will begin this with two links from Gordon Wittenmeyer and Rick Morrissey, respectively, from this morning’s S-T. You may find them interesting:


Here’s moi’s take and it’s a bit of a dichotomy.


-After Theo, repeatedly, said wins and losses wouldn’t factors in their decision, did SwamiSveum deserve to get the axe?


Well, I have not seen a Cubs team play so schitty at the end of a season since DustBin’s guys did in 2004. These guys lost 14 of their last 18 games. That’s not even a 25% W/L %! In those, three teams; in three successive series, each clinched playoff spots against them. AND, the ultimate-sharp-stick-in-the eye, they also set the record for the most home losses, EVER, at Wrigley Field, 50! Wittenmyer’s column says they lose $7,000,000.00 for every 100,000 fans who don’t show up. Having 5:3-odds that you’ll see a loss ain’t zackly fodder to go to the ballpark to watch some “baseball in the sunshine”, moonshine or even for a shoe shine.


During his presser, yesterday, Theo said back in January he never would have thought he would be doing  this. I heard a talking-head say that there’s something going on we don’t know about as he then he said around the All-Star break, they- pretty much – put Swami on notice that things he needed to get his schitt together and they were expecting better.  If it was players bitchin’ and moainin’ or their just not seeing any development going on, I don’t know.


There’s plenty of blame to go around.

-The Theocratic-method of signing mid-level free agents; hope they play well enough to trade away at the Break for prospects; while gutting the team of any decent players…or hope for that matter, maybe, has netted 197-losses in two years. AND, it’s not like we’ve seen some young kids show the spark, glint, flash of that certain-something true, good, solid players have. And at the third highest ticket prices in MLB.


-Dale t’weren’t no developer. On same show, heard talking head say that a Cubs insider who knew Swami said he changed. That he was very surprised at how little he did to develop young buys like Barney, Castro and Rizzo.


I really don’t know about that. However, the aforementioned trio + Castillo and Smarj are their young building blocks.

With his glove, Barney only needs to hit around .240, (yes, I know that’s afar cry from his .208). Still, to have a former “hitting

coach” as your manager, and to see that? OK, .225 would even be an improvement. The RedTurds carried Dal Maxville with his as his glove and arm were exceptional.


Castro is out of position at SS. Perhaps he should become the next, “Stiff-In-Left”. Don’t know but he just does not possess the necessary skills, nor mental-acumen, to play the most important defensive infield position. If he’s going to be a “free-swinger” put him out where he can use his arm and his defensive lapses won’t cost them games.


Rizzo. Hmmm. I like this kid. I heard someone opine that he’s not a 3-hole hitter. Don’t know, as this was his first, full-year in the bigs. His .233 B/A, sure doesn’t scream for him to hit there. However, he did have 40-doubles, along with 23 homers and 80 RBI. On a team which lost 96 games, those #s aren’t that bad. Still, they needed more. Heard another talking head say that with 25 more hits, he’d have hit around .243 and there’d have been much less disappointment. Who knows?


Smarj. This guy’s been like a busted faucet…one day, the water’s scalding; the next, it’s cold as ice. I know. I got “iced” at the park watching him toss B/P to the Angels en route to a 13-2 loss.


-So, what to do? Prevailing wisdom says you can’t change the roster, so it’s the manager who goes. OK. So, who becomes the 53rd manager since 1900? Everyone seems to think it should be Joe Girardi, whose contract with the YankMes ends on Halloween. I’m fine with that. I’ve had enough of the Mike Quade’s (95-104) or Swami’s (127-197) records. I’m retired now. I have the time to sit down and watch some ballgames…or even go to some, if Congress doesn’t screw up my SS$. ;-] So, forgive me if I say I want an even chance to see a win…that’s .500….which would mean 15 more wins, next season. That’s a lot, or is it. 15 wins over 6 months = 2.5 wins/month = .625 wins/week. THAT’S NOT EVEN 1…ONE…O-N-E…WIN MORE PER WEEK! Is moi’s frustration a bit more understandable?


MBH asks me why I watch when they make me so mad? It’s because I’m waiting to see some decent ball being played. I love SFC Football but have always said the best game to watch is MLB…if the teams are playing decent ball. If not, Cubs and Sox fans know, dealing with pus-filed hemorrhoids after eating a spicy meal might be less painful.


So, yes, here’s hoping they get Girardi, as if they do not…who the pluck would they hire? Gardenhire was just re-signed. Mike Maddux? I’ll go all in for Joe.


As I said, year in and year out, DaBOHICUBS are the most interesting from October to April than vicey-versey.



Let’s leave them for tomorrow, save this. PAGING TIM JENNINGS! PAGING, TIM JENNINGS! The Ford Field Grounds crew found your jock at your 30-yard line and your shoes at your 15.



Yep. Our Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks begin their 2013-2014 season at the UC, tonight!


The other day, I tried to ‘splain to MBH that this is what Cubs fans are looking for. A team dedicated to winning; to contending with its main focus on winning their league’s championship.


This is one, tough, mutha of a championship to repeat. Still, I’ll betcha  a dime ChiTowners are looking forward to tonight’s game and season more than Flubs fans will next April.




This is a German word which is defined as one taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others. Locally, this is fairly evident in

the smiles on Bears fans faces, despite losing last Sunday, as no matter, my Packehs are 1-2.


However, I may be wrong but a certain N’Y Jets fan is afloat in his as the Yets! are 2-2, while the GnatBirnBaums are an execrable 0-4.


OK. Time to go.


Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, is a good one.









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