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Tis Woden’s Day…

Good  Mittwoch, meine freunde! Read on for the Deutsch Fairy which struck me.


Anyway, it’s another dreary morn, though we are promised a delightful high of 77-degrees. Feel safe in saying that our left-coasters would like to have some of the 2 – to – 3-inches of rain that we’ve had over the past week or so but for those of us, here, we can take a few days without it. My fear is, that as in the recent past, we’ve had rainy Junes which are then followed by drought-like conditions in July and August. OK, I have an outhouse-full of stuff today…so let’s get to it.

There will be quite a few links, today, as, well, it’s easier to just give you the stuff, without regurgitating it. At least I think so and since I’m writing this…


-In what may have been a true exercise of their franchise or an exorcism…depending on how one views this…Mississippi Dems crossed-over in the Primary runoff to defeat Tea Party fave,  Chris McDaniel, keeping longtime incumbent, Thad Cochrane as the GOPer Senate candidate in November. News reports say Cochrane “reached out” to Dems as the schism between his etsablishment GOPers and the Mad Hatters of the Tea Party, may have led to his political demise.

Saw some clips of blacks in Mississippi, who stated after Katrina, he was very helpful to them.


…OR… it’s been reported that over 45% of Mississippi’s economy is derived from…ta-DA!…DaFEDS! So, faced with that, what would any of us do? Vote in a KKK-backed, guvm’nt hater - whom if he were true to his campaign’s premise and Tea Party promises – would then cut over 46% of your income? Who’d do that? Well, not that much but think of a guy who starts two wars and then cuts the means to fund them.

Here’s the rub. Now that he’s retained the nomination, will Cochrane remember those Dems who kept him there? Will he have an epiphany that maybe…just maybe…compromise isn’t a curse word. That it’s a means to an end; to progress as opposed to the intransigent-nihilism of The Mad Hatters of the GOP. I say this as Mississippi hasn’t had a Dem Senator for like, ever.


The Supremes have just ruled that police MUST obtain a search-warrant before they may check a suspect’s cell-phone.

They also ruled that streaming service, “Aereo” may NOT stream network broadcasts to remote devices without permission nor paying for that privilege. That one was 8-1.


Once again, S-T Op-Ed writer, Roger Simon has a few words of advice for Hill. Interstingly, there is much in here that’s been bandied about by we-Ts involving the wealthy. You may find this interesting. I did. The 9th paragraph, it’s a sentence, actually, pretty much sums up my feelings. Here’s the link…

Enough poor-mouthing, Hillary – Chicago Sun-Times

Enough poor-mouthing, Hillary – Chicago Sun-Times

I am completely in favor of Hillary Clinton’s amassing vast amounts of money. Her desire to do so is very American. Though our early colonists came here in search o…
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-I found this on Facebook yesterday and found it quite interesting and hope you do as well. This is a short video by political reporter, Ezra Klein. He has crystallized what’s been going on for over a decade into 2-understandable minutes. Here’s the link…

A brief history of the crisis in Iraq

A brief history of the crisis in Iraq

Ezra Klein explains in three minutes
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-Not that it will really do anything substantial for ChiTowners, but…my hero, Darth Vader is moving to my town: ChiTown! Star Wars creator, George Lucas has decided to build his “Lucas Museum of Narrative Art” to our Museum Campus, joining the John G. Shedd Aquarium; The Field Museum, aka, “The Home of ‘Sue’: T-Rex nonpareil” and the Adler Planetarium in our town’s beautiful “front yard” on the Lake. OuttaTowners who have yet to see this will be drawn, possibly, to visit Star Wars-ChiTown

AND…it probably wouldn’a happened without Rahmbikins.

What it will do is bring Lucas fans here; who’ll tell 2-friends; who’ll tell 2-friends; who’ll tell 2-friends….

That’ll be good to boost tourism and that’s dinero we need and that’s why Rahbikins gets a tip o’ da cap.

A “T” once related a story to me when we were in the midst of one of our bone-chillingly-misreable winters. His boss, who was an Aussie, came into work one of those winter-days and said something like: “Bloody Hell! How do you blokes stand this weather!” Our T said something like, “You’re from Australia. Why would you come here for a job?” To which his boss replied: “They interviewed me in July!”.

Here’s a link…

Lucas Museum headed to Chicago

Lucas Museum headed to Chicago

Chicago beats out San Francisco for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.
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-Don’t know if this makes the Tea Party-Industrial Complex overjoyed or dismayed. Whichever, she ain’t pullin’ a Hillary.



-Sorry to begin with this but Eli Wallach, “Calvera” the Mexican bandit from “The Magnificent Seven” one of a certain guy typing these words’ all-time-fave films, passed away. Here’s a link…

Actor Eli Wallach Dies

Actor Eli Wallach Dies

Great character actor.
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Though these folks are also deceased, this is a much more pleasant stroll down Memory Lane, which may be one of the reasons we so enjoy staying at The MGM Grand in Vegas, as the old “stills” of their stars of that bygone era are festooned about the property. Until just a few years ago, the center hall of each of the floors had a center-post upon which were fixed 4′ by 6′ photos of Cary Grant; Judy Garland; Fred Astaire; Rita Hayworth…you get the picture.

11 Hottest Classic Actors That Can Never Be Replaced

11 Hottest Classic Actors That Can Never Be Replaced

Sure, the Hollywood of today can boast assets like Ryan Gosling’s unbelievable abs, Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips, Megan Fox’ sultry eyes, and Brad Pitt’s, well, ever…
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The inspiration of the title of this exercise, which is now being criticized. As is the rule here and though I disagree with their conclusion…whatever floats their boats.

Looney Tunes Cartoons Were More Brutal Than You May Remember

Looney Tunes Cartoons Were More Brutal Than You May…

When California tried to ban the sale of violent video games to minors, the Supreme Court mocked its efforts, noting that old Looney Tunes cartoons provoked the sam…
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-Uh-huh. There’s now a dating site which is of, by and for the intelligentsia-elites. In the event any of you have been “…lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…”, here’s a link…Oh yeah. In order to use the service, ya gotta be a MENSA member…again, here’s the link…

Introducing Mensa Match – American Mensa, Ltd.

Introducing Mensa Match – American Mensa, Ltd.

With more than 57,000 members, American Mensa is the largest national Mensa operating under the auspices of Mensa International, Ltd. Members of American M…
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So, what’s next? Are we to expect to be hearing from a group of “DUMMASS D*CKHEADS” with a similar site? Wait, there already is one, they call it The Tea Party. ;-)


-Saw it yesterday. Will provide a review Friday. Hint: 3.625 stars.


We begin with “WHAT’S HAPPENED”, as some interesting events in our history occurred, today. So, let’s see what says they were in…

841,     Charles the Bald and Louis the German, ( get the Deutsch, now?), defeated Lothar at Fontenay.

1868,   The pinko-Commie Congress granted Federal workers an eight-hour work day. How DARE They!

1876,   Those famous last words: “Where the f**k did all those Indians come from?”…and…”What you mena ‘we’, white man?” were uttered by George Armstrong Custer and his Native Indian guide to each other, at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

1946,   Ho Chi Minh traveled to Paris for talks on Vietnamese independence. Nineteen…Forty…Six!

1962,   The Supremes banned “official” prayers in public schools. Atheistic, Commie basterds!

1973,   John Dean, White House Counsel, admitted that Nixon took part in the Watergate cover-up…and the walls came tumblin’ down!

1986,   Congress approved $100,000,000.00 in aid to the Contras in Nicaragua.




-Hawks Defenseman, “No-Teeth Duncan Keith” won his second Norris Trophy as the top defenseman in the NHL. Hawks fans…as any other local fans, generally…felt their guy was, “the guy”. Apparently, so did the NHL writers.

Congrats, to him!

On a less-happy note, by the end of Friday…the NHL Draft day…some hometown faves may be gone…not just from the Hawks but around the League. Two names rumored…note the word: rumored…to be trade bait are Brent Seabrook and Patrick Sharp. Why? The Cap. Oh well.


-They broke their 5-game losing streak with  a 4-2 win in Balto, yesterday. It’s a shame though that they’ve run into these recent problems as just a couple weeks ago, they were “in it”. Granted, the division’s not fraught with ’61-Yankees type teams, that said, it was there for the taking.  Now they find themselves with only 1-less loss than their Northside neighbors, 42 to 43. Perhaps, while not taking the same tack as they, they ARE in a rebuild-mode, after all.

-Their Thumper, Jose Abreu says he will not participate in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby, as he had in Cuba and didn’t really like it. Good for him.


-Last night, Cubs starter, Jake Arrieta, flirted with perfection; setting down the first 18-batters he faced in order. Was “flipping” back and forth and at 9PM, decided to tune it in. Of course, I put the kibosh on him…or maybe Reds starter Homer Bailey did by walking him to lead off the home-6th. As there was a 53-minute rain-delay, one might guess that in that kind of humidity, the best place for a pitcher isn’t on base. (Please, no, “In our day our guys pitched through everything”. I get that.) Anyway, Arrieta scored the first of 3-runs; of which his came after a single; walk and then hit-batsman. Anyway, leading-off the 7th, the Reds Billy Hamilton, whose about as fast as fast can be…I noted that when he ran down a sinking liner in the home 6th, with the sacks stacked…singled sharply up the middle. They wound up scoring 2 but the Cubs prevailed, 7-3.

You may be asking yerselfs why I’m kinda “up” about the Cubs. Well, Arrieta’s a guy they got on one of their “flips” from last summer. He’s just turned 28 and if this is what we have to look forward to, well maybe…m-a-y-b-e…I misjudged some…s-o-m-e…of what they’ve done; are doing and will continue to do.

Look, Smarj is as good as gone. That’s a fact. Ok, let me rephrase…Smarj is about as good as gone. Why? Well, despite his lack of wins, he’s been a stud-and-a-half. So, even though he’s a prime candidate to be traded, the Cubs still own his rights through next year. So, if no teams offer them what they believe he is worth, they can…note that means they have the ability to…keep him through next season. That said, I return to my original premise that he is as good as gone and I that is so…they need to keep Arrieta, Wood and even Hammel, who’s even younger than Jake.

We’ll see.


-Don’t expect to see this guy this year. This is the “Sally Rand” part of the TheoCratic Gospel: “Monetary Control”.

Now, I do not fully understand the ins and outs of the new MLB-CBA but…there’s this thing called “service time”, which affects all teams. Basically, think of it as a clock; like you would at your job. Except, in MLB, once a certain plateau is reached, all sortsa stuff starts happening; Arbitration-eligibility; free agency, etc. AND, since Bryant’s agent is the eenfahmoos Scott Boras, you can bet our bottom dollar, whenever this kid reaches any of those trigger-points; he will exploit them as no one else can. Remember A-Fraud? Remember his exercising the “opt out” clause of his

contract with the Yankees getting him even a more obscene amount of money? His agent? Scott Boras.

Thus Cubs fans, though Bryant who’s hit 5-homers in 6-games since moving to Triple; after having hit 22 in Double A; who may wind up with hitting the most in Double and Triple A, he ain’t gonna be up here until next April.

Do I want him up here? You betcherass I do.

Do I care about Theo’s “years of control” mantra? Not on yer life! The team’s owned by billionaires and it’s nearly doubled in value since they bought it, so, no, I don’t care. I want to see some quality baseball at 1060 W. Addison St., Chcago, Illinois.


That said, in 68-games, and as a 3rd-baseman, apparently he couldn’t catch the clap from a Curbstone-Cleopatra, as he’s made 13-errors. A left-fielder-in-waiting? Probably.


OK, my computer’s crashed 3-times since I started, so I’m skipping “On This Date in Baseball” as it’s time to get on with the day.


Hopefully, that won’t get in the way for FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, as I do have that 3.625-stars review of, “Edge of Tomorrow”.


Take care. Remember that every day we can look down at plants u instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one!



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