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Good morning. It really is, isn’t it? That is if you were not one of those caught in last night’s “Chicago Weather Folks Who Cried Derecho That Wasn’t”. All day, just like in the winter, the ominous reports continued to roll in. Warnings about what to do, etc., were nearly unending. Yeah, better to be prepared than not but Jeez, as I sat in my chair I said to MBH, “I think this is one of those much ado about nothings.” Which it turned out to be, which was good. Still, there were a couple of Father Zeus’ Thunderbolts which seemed to have flashed right next to Da Rat’s Nest. AND, there was a – literal – rolling thunder clap…make that “roll”…from Father Zeus, which seemed to have taken almost a minute to complete.
This morning we have the general follow-up to storms, a bluebird sky across which Mighty Apollo rides his chariot through which Boreas sends his comfortable breezes. Great for we puny-humans; lousy for fishing.
OK, let’s get started with some interesting things which occurred on this date in history.
In 1920, The United States Postal Service declared that children may not be sent by Parcel Post. Priority Mail was preferred.
In 1944, the first German V-1 buzz-bomb struck London. This led to the development of the V-2, designed by noted eventual “American” scientist-genius, Werner Von Braun, who is regarded as the Father of the U.S. Space Program.
In 1979, the Sioux Indians were awarded $105,000,000.00 in compensation for our seizure of the Black Hills in 1877. Do the math. Such a deal!
In 1983, Pioneer 10, which had been in space for 11-years, left our solar system. See 1944, above.
I’ve already stated my seeming ambivalence as to the revelations of NSA “spying” by Edward Snowden, as, well, we knew they were doing this stuff under Dub , AND, at least now they have to obtain warrants…although the loopholes in the warrant law were large enough to cruise a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, or, in the Tax code for the Mitts-class. That and the fact that I regularly, voluntarily give up sensitive personal data for no other reason than to be able to buy something by using a magnetically-stripped piece of plastic.
I still don’t like it but as I’ve said, it’s hard for me to get pissed off when I’ve been fairly complicit in it.
I do have a question. How does a high school dropout who only has a GED; who was dropped from the Army not only get a job but one which pays $122,000.00/year but also hold a security clearance which gave him access to these programs?
This, by the way, is not something which is rare. The case of PFC Bradley Manning, he of Wikileaks fame or infamy, is currently
going through his Court Martial for same.
Who? Who gives someone with this low of a classification/experience such access?
Why? Why give someone with such low of a classification/experience such access?
Were there no others capable? If so, shame on them…or us.
How? How do we stop this from happening again? I’m not agreeing with these actions; nor what we were doing. BUT, there needs to be a serious tightening of security around these so-called “secret” programs, as some…probably most…are legit to keeping us
secure. Oh well.
NesterDave mentioned having a Top Secret clearance. I had a Secret. That didn’t mean we were given access to everything under those classifications. It only meant that we had access to what we needed to know in order to complete our jobs. Mine was kind of by default. Before I met Nesters John and Scott, I was in an ASW squadron. Our guys did work on black-boxes in anti-submarine
patrol bombers. I worked in admin at the time, which meant I may see some things which were classified as Secret. And, my C.O. at the time thought it’d be a good idea. Trust me, I didn’t see anything anyone couldn’t see by doing a little digging.
One good thing happened out of this. For the first time in some 4-1/2 years, the Speaker of the House agreed with the President.
ChiTowner, Penny Pritzker’s appointment as U.S. Secretary of Commerce with the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate.
One question. Am I the only one who appreciates the ironically, ironic, irony of our billionaire-Commerce Secretary having the given name of “Penny”. “Knock-knock-knock. Penny!” “Knock-knock-knock. Penny!” “Knock-knock-knock. Penny!”
For years, I have railed against the obstructionist Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate, who have steadfastly refused to even hold debates on items which may show some scintilla of agreement with Barry. No, he’s not been right all the time but these houses exist for debate on pending legislation. My anger is principally focused on the fact that this behavior affects policy matters, not due to a difference of opinion on said policy but on the politics of it.
Which brings us to the Land of Lincoln and its single-party-run Capitol, Springfield.
A single-party-run government can be terrifically effective or terribly ineffective. In our great state, ’tis the latter. AND, the reason for that is nothing but politics playing a more important role over policy…read that, pension reform. See above.
Our state Treasurer, Dan Rutherford seems to be an open-minded guy…a more Land of Lincoln Republican…for whom I could vote
in the next election, Quinn, Madigan or Daley aside.
In the meantime, the pension-fate of any who have any kind of state-funded pension, weigh in the balance of political gamesmanship being played by our elected “leaders” in Springfield. Am I the only one hearing the late Jerry Reed’s “She Got the Gold Mine! I Got the Shaft”?
“The Big Bang Theory”,  that exercise in crazy-zany-erudition, won the broadcast critics award for best TV comedy. I concur. As much as I like Modern Family, I experience more belly-laughs…and withy MY belly, that’s considerable…from Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Wolowitz and the girls.
I don’t know if I’ve seen a TV show thread its way through inappropriateness and nastiness with such ability, generally ending with a big laugh.
Keep it up, nerds.
“Game of Thrones”. Well, this exercise in incest; insane lust for power; murder and mayhem, tied for best drama series. Nice to see those good old, down home, family-values themes winning, eh? No? Wel what’s more “family” oriented than incest?
Can’t wait for the Khalisi to “unleash her dragons” on the Lannisters.
It is said good leadership is based on recognizing when a given course of action is not working and with that in mind, it is time for a change. My dear Nesters, we…I…have reached that time…at least with DaBOHICUBS. No longer shall I continue “The Quest for Mediocrity”, which I announced earlier this season. NO! We now begin “The March to Oblivion”. Why? Simple math. In order for DaBOHICUBS to achieve mediocrity, they need to reverse their current record of 25-38, which has earned them a .397 W/L%. That means over the next 2-1/2 months, they need to go 38-25…OR…play at a .603 clip. Not a big deal you think? Well, at this point of the season, a .603 W/L% would put them ahead of 26 teams! THAT and does anyone really think they are capable of playing that level of baseball?
So, don’t be surprised to see a big sell-off of players come the trade deadline at the end of next month. Which will lead us to yet another March to Oblivion next year…and the year after that and the year after that? By then, I may be looking up at daisy roots.
But wait! There’s more!
While DaBOHICUBS are bringing up the rear of our bi-state-troika of they, the Sox and CheeseTurd, they are hardly in any kind of “Nyah-Nyah Nah Nyah-Nyah”, position. Currently…and due to the non-Derecho-storm we had last night, which forced them to cancel their game against the Blue Jays, the Sox lead with their robust, 28-35 record for a heart-stopping W/L% of .444. The brat in that sandwich is the CheeseTurds from southeast Cheeseland with their 27-38 record for a pulse-racing .415 W/L%.
Let’s face it…our baseball teams suck like a nuked-up Dyson…NAY, they make Charybdis seem like soft ripples along the shore of a country lake.
The Hawks -for better or worse – will be done in a week or two, which begs the question: “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?” But for now….
Did my usual. Flipped it on; decided to watch a bit and while in the kitchen getting a drink, Boston scored, 1-0. Switched it off.
Went back, 2-1 Bruins, 1-minute into the 3rd. Had a headache from drowning my visit to Wrigley Filed the night before with NesterTom, so decided to hit the sack. Woke up this morning to hear they – not only – tied it in the 3rd but wound up winning in not one…nor two…but triple-overtime, 4-3!
Way to make it look easy, boys!
After seeing the replays of Corey Crawford’s goal-keeping and some of his repeated saves; moving around like a marionette being controlled by a speed-freak on acid; stopping shot after shot…I don’t want to hear about how “bad” he is.
Go, Hawks!
The Open’s been held up by the storms which went through ChiTownLand, yesterday. They feel they’ll be able to re-start around 11:10, Central.
Yes, Nesters, this is one of the times I do tune in to ESPN. I will say this. Mike Tirico is as good as there is for a network sports announcer. It’s too bad he’s saddled with being in the employ of the Eastern Seaboard Promotions Network.
OK, gotstago. Have some things to get done. Until tomorrow and FEEL-0GOOD FRIDAY, happy trails.
Remember, any day we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.
P. S. I received some Katrina NASA photos from my bro, Tony which I’ll post tomorrow.

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