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The US Gov – Gone Fishin’

Good day! It truly is in ChiTownLand, today! Actually, ’tis a great day. Apollo’s chariot is ablaze across an azure blue sky, with light northeasterly breezes wafting over, as we head towards an unseasonably warm day, with a forecast high in the upper 70s. As an old friend used to say to me, “It’s great to be alive!”, on this date, as we have a mere 90 left in this 2013th year of Our Lord, Zeus Almighty…and his henchman from up north, Woden.

 gov shut down

As I am wont to do, let’s amble over  to The Way Back Machine and see what Sherman can find that happened on this date in…


1535,  After having landed in Quebec a month earlier, Jacques Cartier arrived at a town which he called Montreal. He then travelled south to Brooklyn, where he set up a diamond bidniss.


1862,   The man after whom “Curbstone Cleopatras” were named, Gen. Joseph Hooker, brought his men to support Union forces at the Battle of Chattanooga. His girls were brought along later.


1870,   The Vatican was moved from Florence to Rome, where Pope Francis ripped their heinies in 2013.


1890,   Groucho Marx was born.


1900,   Bud Abbott was born. “Who’s on first.” “What’s on second.” “I don’t know” “Third base”


1909,   Orville Wright set an altitude record by flying 1600 feet above the ground, which if that occurred in today’s ChiTown, would bring him a mere 149-feet above the top of the “WhatchooTalkin’BoutWillis Tower.


1937,   “If the gloves don’t fit; you must acquit”, Johnny Cochrane was born.


1950,   The comic strip, “Peanuts” first appeared, eventually making its creator, Charles Schulz a billionaire, belying the Leo Durocherism that “Nice guys finish last”.


1951,   Gordon Sumner, aka, “Sting” was born.


1959,   Rod Serling “Submitted for our approval…”, the premiere episode of “The Twilight Zone”.


1964,   Scientists announced that smoking causes cancer. Yes, Virginia Slim, it took that long.





As T-Joe mentioned, quite a few things are closed. As in many situations as this, there are “Good news/Bad news” occurrences. For example, National Parks are closed…that’d be bad news. However, due to this, I heard on the news this morning that because of that, all permits had to be cancelled among which was that which had been given to the KKK for one of their racist rallies. That’d be the “Good news”.


Speaking of National Parks, had it not been for the shutdown, I doubt I would have heard this from Chris Matthews. Don’t recall the context but he mentioned that we seniors…well we aren’t all seniors but those of us who are…can obtain a free pass to the National Parks for a one-time fee of $10.00. It can be obtained at a National Park by a person 62 or older for a one-time, cash only, fee of $10.00. You must prove citizenship. So, I guess a Social Security Card or passport would be necessary. Here’s a link:


Not a bad deal.



I ask this as I also heard something interesting about Tea Party “MadHatters” of guv. It seems the states with the most Mad Hatters are also the states with the highest percentage of Fed workers…the highest-% of which happens to be in Wyoming.

Recall, please, fed workers…or state worker whose jobs are fed-funded…are in every state and are not safely ensconced in their jobs thanks to gerrymandered, congressional districts. Yes, they’re not all Tea Partiers. Twackers Dave and Jeanette have “Off the Pigs” Bobby Rush as theirs. We extend our condolences, Dave and Jeanatte.



Here’s a link to a video shown on “Jimmy Kimmel” regarding the ACA vs BarryCare. Enjoy. Founf moi’s self LMFAO–jimmy-kimmel-quizzes-americans-on-%e2%80%98obamacare%e2%80%99-vs–%e2%80%9caffordable-care-act%e2%80%99-214544505.html




Saw an item regarding income inequality. It said 400 people own 50% of the income earned in the U.S. of A. I have no problem with that…well maybe a little one…but don’t begrudge them…as long as they earned it honestly. What I do take issue with is the attitude that because they are so wealthy, they are due more favorable treatment than others. Sorry, no. Their wealth and all it brings them should be enough. If it isn’t, f-them! You/we/I, don’t owe them the sweat from our crotches.,0,5704071.story





“Boardwalk Empire”

This makes “The Sopranos” seem like “Casper the Friendly Ghost” by comparison. MBH has become a follower of “Nucky” & Co.



Returned Sunday. Have it DVR’d and will watch soon.


“Person of Interest”

It stretches credulity to the extreme. We just like this show.



Expected much better from this show; especially the way they hyped Ziva’s leaving during CBS broadcasts of NFL games. Really, we did. FYI…I had the bad guy picked out as soon as I saw his name. (I used DaWat’s formula: If a supporting actor is really well known, most likely, he’s the focus of the story.) That’s not a good thing.

I still like Jethro and am OK with the cast. It just seems some storylines are beginning to do more “reaching” than necessary.



Recorded this one as MBH was out but did watch some of it. Sorry, Anna and Allison, you’re a tad too dysfunctional. Really.

Again, this bias of moi’s is probably from my seeing young women…read that teenagers…who become pregnant with all the attendant problems that engenders.


It really is too bad as Faris and Janney are two, gifted actresses, each of whom I really like.


“Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. There souped-up C-17 has has crashed and burned. Yes, I know. It IS based on a comic book. Yes, I know with that source material, I need to keep that in mind. Here’s the problem, despite the Keira Knightly-Brit clone and the winner of the Jessica Biel look-alike contest, AND Clark Gregg, this show raises comic books to high-art by comparison.


These disappointments are fine, as they provide us with time to view our DVR’d cable shows.




Hopefully, it’s harder edge will continue tonight and throughout the season. If it does, it could…repeat, c-o-u-l-d…actually enter what very-good-to-excellent science fiction is…riveting entertainment. Or, in street terms, “Revolution” eats “Mom” and craps “Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”.




“Gravity”, the George Clooney/ Sandra Bullock space thriller opens Friday. We are abso-effin’-lutely seeing this one in 3-D and on IMAX.


“Thor: The Dark World” opens November 8th. Yes. It’s a Marvel/Disney film. They seem to do better on the big screen. 3D-IMAX viewing.


“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. The second entry in the trilogy, takes us back to yet another series of “Hunger Games” with Katniss, Peeta and company on November 22nd. 3D-IMAX, again.


“The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug” opens December 13th. Another 3D-IMAXer.



Don’t know how many of you get this on your cable/dish system but it’s like candy for a grizzled old collector. Never did any “repo-ing” but did make personal collection calls. Can’t describe to you the rush I’d get when I’d walk into a debtor’s place of business; present my ID and ask him where the money was, which was generally met with a Ralph Kramdenesque, “Hummina-hummina-hummina”. It was even better when I’D walk out with it…the money.





1 down; 81 to go. No, I don’t think they’ll win ‘em all! It’s just nice to have their first game entered under the “W”-column.


Couldn’t find the listing right away. Then had a couple glasses of wine…don’t ask me why…I don’t know; then didn’t care; then forgot.


Still, sure is nice to have a championship team in ChiTown.



So, the YankMes have announced they have begun negotiations with their manager, Joe Girardi, who is under contract until the end of this month. Funny how that also happens to fall on Halloween, in that it’s the snake-bit BOHICUBS; hoping for a “Treat”

with his saying, “Thanks. No thanks” to them as opposed to getting “Tricked” with his saying, “Sure! I’d love to stay in Gotham”.


The S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer thinks they’ll have their answer within 24-hours. I think it’ll take longer.


Again, they are so much more interesting once the season is over or hasn’t begun.


By the way…here’s something you may find interesting…,0,4743330,post.poll



The Pirates eliminated DustBin’s boys from the playoffs, last night. Yet another, not-quite-a-notch-on-the-belt for the former ne’er do well manager of DaBOHICUBS. T-Tom like him; I don’t and I know T-Bill from the Bay Area didn’t think much of him whilst he ran the show at The Stick. The Bucs travel to St. Lousy, hopefully to eliminate them, too. As far as the Senior Circuit is concerned, I’m fine with the Braves, Bucs or Doyers representing it. Really don’t care about the AL, except it’d be nice to see the Bosox win it, thereby, possibly, putting pressure on Theo and his Crats to succeed while his former team does.


It’s Tampa @ Cleveland for the AL Wild Card, tonight. I’ll go for Cleveland inasmuch as, well, it’s a Great Lakes area team and I have some friends there…more than in Tampa.



Bringing a sense of ease to fans of the ’72 Miami DollFins by losing in Detroyit, Sunday, they return home to host the N.O.SaintOfMe-Saints with Drew Brees and crew. As T-Buck emailed moi afterwards, weak points missed by many due to the euphoria of starting 3-0 and actually displaying a modern-day SFC offense, were exposed in Detroyit. This is going to be one, tough, mutha of a game and I am taking Nawlins. Sorry, guys. I’m not super-confident they will but confident enough that I did take them as road-dogs to win.


Was it Jay’s fault? Yes and no. He did throw 3-INTs and fumbled when sacked which was recovered and run into the end zone for a TD. Still, the defense got shredded in the first half and as noted yesterday, CB Tim Jennings is STILL looking for his jock and shoes, each of which he was faked out of by Reggie Bush. Peanut Tillman’s hurt. That was more than obvious. With the FedShutdown, Coast Guard Search & Rescue won’t be available to help find Julius Peppers, so DaBears better or Brees and Company will have shredded-bear-sammiches, on rye for lunch, Sunday.



Hard to say, as they’re coming off their BYE week. That should…repeat, s-ho-u-l-d…be a good thing for them. That and that they are home, which should also help them while hosting Detroyit, who are 3-1…see above.


The BYE, hopefully, helped them with the injuries they’ve experienced. They’ve been without Morgan Burnett calling DB signals at Safety; Clay Matthews, Jr. missed the 2nd-half in Cincy. Eddie Lacy’s back from his concussion-issues, which should help. Not sure about James Starks’ knee but haftasay, McCarthy’s gotten them running the ball with gusto. Also not sure about Jermichael Finley who left the game with concussion-issues. is absence showed why he’s a starter and his replacements don’t. The “D’ has to do its thing and do it well. These things happen and their #1 weapon, #12 will have more time to do what he does best…hit his receivers. Yes, I took them this weekend , with a high-point assignment. Besides, it’s a must win. They can’t afford to lose and be down 3-games in their division.


OK, it’s after 11 and have stuff to do, so will bid y’all a TTFN with this reminder. Any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots, is a good one.





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