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The Stones share venues with The Hawks!

Some may recall the old adage “When the weather’s hot and sticky; that’s no time for dunkin’ _____. But when the frost is on the punkins; that the time for _____ dunkin’.” Such has been our lot in ChiTown this week. Once again, we are going from The Stones, “She’s So cold”,  to The Eagles “The Heat Is On”, with our furnaces and A/C units. ‘Tain’t funny, McGee.


Just a day or so ago, MBH switched on the furnace as ’twas a tad chilly in the morning…63-degrees in DaNest to be precise. Then, just yesterday, flipped on the A/C, not so much from the heat but the sub-tropical humidity. Today, though, we will get that same humidity along with mid-80′s for temps. Not quite but close to Amazonian…and I don’t mean comely women in metal bustiers, a la Carrie Fisher, boys. I refer to the “Stranded In the Jungle”, strength-sapping type. Hardly Princess Leia-like, huh?

Interrupted By Game 7

Interrupted By Game 7


As I am expecting a call at any time to get some work done on my car, aka, “The Big Fella”, ( a nickname I stole from NesterBill’s  ’57 Olds, from days of future past), I may have to end this a bit abruptly, today.


OK, let’s get started shall we?

On this date in history in….


1453, Constantinople fell to the “Saracen Hordes”, bringing an end to the Byzantine Empire and setting the stage for much of the crappola we are still experiencing in our everyday lives some 560-years later.


1848, Wisconsin became the 30th state, setting the stage for the Green Bay Packers to become a founding-member of the Socialist Football Combine, some 71-years later.


1911, the inaugural running of the IndianaNoPlace 500. Possibly the biggest event in an otherwise non-entity of a city in ChiTown’s megalopolitan area.


1917, Assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born.


1922, the Supremes rule MLB is a “sport”, thus exempting them from anti-trust laws.


1955, attempted assassin of St. Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley, Jr., was born.



Here’s one pols better pay heed to. Over 40% of the “breadwinners” in American households are women. That’s right, while guys are still in the majority, gals are bringing home the bacon in an ever-growing-higher percentage of Amercian households. Moi can attest to that, inasmuch as moi’s been retired for the past 16-months, guess who’s been the “Provider”? Uh-huh…MBH for which moi is mucho gratefullo.


What does this mean politically? Well, any party which disses wimmins; their socio-economic, personal attitudes and political impact on society, has its collective heads well up its hind-end.


In other words, white-fat-cats won’t be calling the tunes as much as they had. Oh, they still will to a degree. Money still and always will talk and bullshit still and always will walk. But when the majority of the population becomes more politically significant as their financial-earning position grows, their votes will go to those who favor positions THEY favor. Well, the writing’s on the wall, isn’t it, Daniel?



So, there’s a film being produced about former SecState, Hillary Clinton. In the pics NesterJohn provided, there was one of she and SlickWill from their college days, in which she looked pretty good. However, the actresses rumored to play her are: Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson and Amanda Seyfried. That’s some heady company, Hill.



CPS CEO, Barbara Byrd-Bennett says, “We are putting the past behind us”, referring to the 2012-2013 school year, which began with the first CTU-strike in 25-years and is ending with the closure of 50-odd schools…both self-made crises of CPS.


If this isn’t hubris at its most hubristic, what is? This, “We’ve turned the page, so the rest of you better get with the program” attitude is so much akin to ”Let them eat cake”, it yanks at one’s gag-reflex.


Does she really think disrupting peoples’ lives to the extent their triggering last fall’s strike is in those who were involved’s rearview mirrors? That anything positive has been done in any CPS schools since is a credit to the faculty, staffs and support personnel; NOT CPS HQ.


But wait! There’s more!


Will BBB be so “forward-looking” when one of those kids who must now attend a different school due to CPS’ school closings

gets hurt…or worse…for no other reason than to satisfy some political “to-do” or worse, “wish” list? Will Rahmses’ nose-picked-board be as righteous? One can only hope not. But the day anything does, it will be interesting to see how quickly the lawsuit(s) get filed and who are named as defendants. Remember, those kids are being forced…f-o-r-c-e-d…to attend different schools; some I areas with high gang activity.



While he was not waving 7-feet of graphite fishing rod over his head; turning himself into a human lightning-rod, he was outside as thunderstorms moved in. My bros and I were/are degenerate fishers. We’ll stay out in wind, cold, heat ‘n’ humidity, rain…and at one time even in the dead of winter. BUT, one thing we always did was head for shelter…and, no, not under trees…if we saw or there were any signs of thunderstorms. The pic on TV and t’day’s paper shows the guy with a beautiful muskie he’d just caught a few minutes before he was struck.



New laws have been enacted in Colorado to govern how “recreational cannabis” is to be grown; sold and taxed, along with limits for out-of-state buyers.


Let me see. One state has OK’d the recreational sale of pot but it’s going to limit the amounts it will allow to be sold to out-of-staters. Looks like those pot-growers needsta get in touch with the NRA, man.



A bit of backstory. While in high school, went to the Arie Crown at McCormick Place with the drummer of our old garage band, Matt, (Literally, we played/practiced in Matt’s garage.), “Dust and Ashes” to see Mick, Keith, Brian, Bill and Charlie. We paid $3.50 for 2nd balcony-seats…could barely see them, which didn’t matter as all we wanted to do was “hear” them. My recollection was total enjoyment but that was many a decade ago. In 1966, went to see them again; same time same place…this time sans tix. Thought we’d get some scalped. We did…but only paid face value, now, $6.50. However, we sat in Row M, 13th, middle aisle for, ahem: The McCoys, “Hang On, Sloopy”; The Standells, “Dirty Water and, of course, The Stones.

Then, for my 50th birthday, which was 15-years ago, this August, DaRatettes got me tix for their “Bridges to Babylon” concert at Soldiers Field. I still remember that…and the others…fondly. Don’t know if it’s their appeal to my nihilistic-side or what but there’s just something about them that’s just, well, The Stones.


I’m 5-years behind Sir Mick and can only hope to have his energy at that time in my life. Hell! I wish I had it now!


Here’s the S-T review for those who may be interested:



‘Twas mighty nice to have seen Da Cubs take a 2-0 lead into the t’ird. But then the game was delayed and ultimately postponed because of rain and thunderstorms. (See Fisherman story)


It’s time like these which punch holes in the statements of turd-brains like Dan Bernstein from The SCORE, when they say “They’re PROS! That’s how they’re SUPPOSED to play every game!”. Honestly, I don’t know how scheisskopfs like that guy get jobs. They seem to think once athletes sign pro-contracts, they become some kind of automotons; devoid of emotion(s) or any other human traits.


Now that I think about it, he was probably the most-pantsed; chronically-wedgied; swirlied kid in his high school. What I mean is, he has no conception of having to answer when his manhood is questioned. Yes, I know, a bit Neanderthal yet true. When a man is challenged he can do one of two things. Take it or return it. My guess is, DannyBoy took it most of his life.


The point I was trying to make before I diverted myself is this. Why the Cubs haven’t taken this attitude onto the field more often is a real source of aggravation. Especially when Len read off how similar the Cubs and Sox are in everything BUT W/L, Monday, with the Sox being .500, while the Cubs were 9-games under!

Monday, I saw concentration; taking advantage of mistakes; timely hitting; unbelievable pitching and solid D. Where’s this been? Busted-clockingly, Bernstein has a point. They are pros and yes, they should do this all the time. But, they ARE human and they have letdowns. Trouble is, with DaFlubs, the latter is more prevalent than the former.


The series shifts to Wrigley Field, weather permitting, at the usual 1:20 start. Thankfully, back to real baseball. By that I mean no DH.



-KuchiFuji’s back on the DL. What is it with these guys?

-Hot Chop Suey couldn’t hit his way out of a platter of egg foo yong.

-Fukindummy looked more like Kristi Yamaguchi doing sit-spins and now HoochieFuji!

-AND, they paid all of these goofs really well!



Causing The Stones to have a night off as the Hawks have their “must-win” Game-7 against the Detroyit Red Wings at the UC, tonight.


No, I won’t watch. I’ll do as I have; flipping over, only as long as they are in the lead. I miss the rush of watching but am sorry, each and every time I have sat down to watch one of their games, they’ve lost. I know, it hasn’t been that often but as Kenny Rodgers said, Ya gotta know when to fold”. AND, I don’t want to be the reason our town is stuck with our baseball teams as the only sports to watch for the next few weeks.


One other thing. We keep hearing about the Hawks/Wings as a battle between two “Original-6″ teams of the NFL. Kinda like Bears/Packehs. OK, then why, oh why, is NBC showing it on their cable NBCSports outlet, instead of NBC? You’re not going to tell me so they can show “Dateline NC”; the Relief Benefit Concert for Oklahoma or a rerun of Chicago Fire, are you? Yes, the benefit concert’s important but they could show it after the Hawks…or tomorrow. After all, they’re the only network showing it.

I know, I’m not going to watch, so? OK, fine.


Alright, my muse has left and gone. HaGooDay and take care till next time. Till ten, remember, any time we can look down at a flower, instead of up at its roots, it’s a good day.



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