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Good day, one and all. It is a beautiful late-summer morn here at Da Wat’s Nest. Apollo’s chariot is easing up higher in the sky while Boreas sends soft, cool, comforting breezes to compliment Apollo’s rays for a nearly perfect ante-meridian experience. There are some showers expected later but hey, we need them. Yes, despite record setting rainfall through last month, it’s been fairly dry lately and, unlike snow, which will sit around until it melts, rainfall isn’t cumulative, so we need it


EDITOR’S NOTE: I have received so many really cool emails from Twackers Brewski, Buck, Jayne and John. Am also including some links they’ve sent, as well.

Here they are:


OK, there are some ironically, ironic, ironies in the events of yesterday and today throughout history. So, let’s see what has for us in…


1306,   Good King Wenceslas was murdered. Thankfully, his Christmas Carol was written about his “Getting up on Christams morning” and not today’s event.

1844,   Steve Young’s great-whatever, Brigham, was selected to succeed Joseph Smith as the leader of the Mormons.

1876,   Thomas Edison invented the mimeograph, leading to many a teacher’s somehwat-eight-miles-high, blank facial expression after inhaling the printing fluid, whilst making copies.

1899,   The first patent for a fridge was issued, leading to “midnight raids” by folks Jonesin for some chow.

1974,   Tricky Dick Nixon resigned from office. Will never forget the sign I saw at Piper’s Alley in Old Town which read: “Ya can’t change Dicks in the middle of a screw”.

1988,  The Chicago Cubs played their first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field. Though it was rained out, that date spawned the reality that the crotchety-old ballpark had morphed itself into The World’s Largest Beer Garden, with innumerable satellite outlets within its shadow.



480 BC,   Leonidas and his 300 Spartans were defeated by the Persians at the Pass at Thermopylae.

48 BC,    Julius Caesar defeated Pompeii at Pharsalus.

1549,     For the umpteenth time, England declared war on France.

1633,     The author of The Compleat Angler, Sir Isaak Walton was born. A man after moi’s heart.

1930,    Cartoon-hottie, Betty Boop had her debut.

1936,    Much to the chagrin of Der Fuhrer, in a mid-30s version of “In your face, MoFo”, Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the Berlin Olympic games.

1945,    B-29 heavy bomber, Bock’s Car, dropped the second A-bomb on Nagasaki, which led to the eventual surrender by Emperor Hirohito on the USS Missouri. Yes, I checked this and am on my 3rd cup of coffee.

1979,    The seaside resort city of Brighton established the first major nude beach in Great Britain.

1999,   Japan decided its national anthem will be “Kimi Ga Yo”. Catchy, no? Beats the crappoutta “Oh, Canada”.





-It was announced yesterday that Barry will award the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” to #14 on our scorecards but #1 in our hearts: Mr. Cub, Hall of Famer, Ernie Banks.

Younger Twackers and those unfamiliar with the Cubs of the 1960s, may wonder why. Well here it is. When we were kids, the Cubs were worse than they are now…with a difference. Their shortcomings were not purposeful, i.e., a teardown to build back up. Uh-uh. They were bad. And, for the longest time, the only one of them worth the price of admission was, you guessed it, Ernie.

His effervescent, “Let’s play three, today”, attitude was infectious. We’d race home from school to see the 7th inning or so and hope we’d see Ernie “hit one”. It was commonplace to see young, ChiTown-little leaguers holding their bats in the vertical; hands

at their armpits; fingers flexing around the bat-handle ; anticipating the next pitch. And with that, if/when they connected, they’d emulate the late Jack Brickhouse’s “That’s hit! Way back…back…back…back! Hey! Hey!”, home run call.


This was the era of the Cubs as “Lovable Losers”. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. If they hit…which they usually did; they couldn’t pitch or catch the ball and vice-versa.

It wasn’t till the late ’60s/early ’70s that they seemed to put it together but never quite completely…which is the story of our Cubs.


Regardless, Ernie deserves this. That’s hit! Way back…back…back…back! Hey! Hey!, Ernie.



-Guber candidate, Bill Daley…yes, Daley as in THAT Daley…is criticizing the Might Quinn for a patronage-hire. I’ll just leave that there for y’all to appreciate that ironically, ironic, irony.





-Watched “Donny Brasco” last night with MBH, who had not seen it. A very good film, though I questioned their trying to make Al Pacino’s “Lefty”, a stone cold killer, into some kind of sympathetic figure.


-Steve McQueen fans, TCM has his films featured today. Right now, he’s a supporting character along with Frank Sinatra and Gina Lollabrigida, (talk about a head-turner),in “Never So Few”. But wait! There’s more! “The Magnificent Seven” follows, with Bullitt a bit later today; poker’s answer or “The Hustler”, “The Cincinnati Kid”; Papillion and one of my faves of his “small stories”, “Soldier in the Rain” with Jackie Gleason.


Thank, Zeus! for an HD-DVR!


Otherwise the rest of tonight’s fare would come in our next section….





-Yes, I know there’ve been a couple games but none involving teams in which most of us would care a fart’s worth in a hurricane.

Let’s take a gander, shall we?




Along the shores and bays of Lake Michigan; the City by the Bay; Long Guy Land; and HotLanta, questions abound.



-DaBears travel to Carolina to face their former DC, Chico Rivera’s squad. MM’s said Cutler may only take 4-snaps. OK, not enough to see anything but still it should be interesting to see how well the rest of the “O” has caught on to the MM’s version of The West Coast Offense, which by the way, had its origins in Cleveland and Cincinnati under Paul Brown, where one of his assistants happened to be a guy named Bill Walsh. There won’t be much to see but I’ll record it and watch about as much as I can. Also, the “D”, sans #54 will bear scrutiny, too.


-The Packehs host the Cardinals, tonight. As crazy as this may sound, they have a Question Mark & The Mysterions, situation, too.

LT Bryan Bulaga IS out for the season. While this hurts, many ChiTown sports pundits seem to have forgotten he went down early last season, too. Yes, this will hurt them. Jordy Nelson’s out but expected to return by the opener. Much has been said – again, locally – about their not having Gregg Jennings, this year. Well, I believe he was gone for the first 12 games last year.


I am more concerned in watching Eddy Lacy and Jonathan Franklin and how they affect their running game. Also, Dat One, Jones at DE bears scrutinin’, along with he entire “D”. Their division may be the best – overall – in the Commune. Can’t keep bringing a knife to a gunfight.


-The Niners.

Haven’t seen nor heard much on them. Do know one thing. Commune DC’s have studied the “read-option” and moi’s feelings are it will follow the “run ‘n’ shoot”, “The Wildcat”, among other college “O”s, as one-hit wonders. Especially if/when a highly-paid QB gets smashed by a safety or linebacker or both, as he no longer gets the protection of “the slide”, as he’s on a designed run, not a scramble. No? How many times do you think the ‘Skins will run RG3, this year?


-The Yets. As a distant observer, forget Sanchez. He’s the 21st century’s answer to Jim Harbaugh…except Harbaugh, eventually, won. Also, get rid of Ryan. He’s just like his old man…great as a DC; sucks like a black hole as a head coach. All show; no go. Sorry, Joe.


-The FalCoons. Call me when “MattyPuddles’ really becomes “MattyIce”. I’m not one of those guys who bases opinions on how many rings a guy may have, as rings are won by team efforts. However, when the #1-guy can’t get it done when the chips are down, well, that’s a horse from another fire house.



-In his “A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request”, Steve Goodman called them, “…the doormats of the National League”, and they damn near are, again. As I mentioned earlier, they were pretty bad when I was a kid, too. So, I’d usually pull for the Braves as they played in Milwaukee and somewhat for the Pirates, as my Dad always liked them…don’t know why, so don’t ask me.

Anyway, the Braves and Pirates have the best records in MLB. If this continues, I may actually have a team I could watch and pull for in the playoffs. Not much balm to the soul of a Cub fan but hey, it’s all I have.


-”Keep your words short and sweet, as one day you may have to eat them”. Those were my Dad’s mantra, which I try to take to heart. And while Smarj didn’t say anything nasty, his refusal of the Flubs offer earlier this year and his, “Let’s see what happens at the end of the year”, comment may reach up and bite him on his DomerHeinie. As I had mentioned awhile ago, Twacker Tom ‘n’ me got to watch him throw “Home Run Derby” pitches to the Angels a month ago and yesterday, he got teed-up for 9 runs in 3-1/3rd!


Last fall, they offered him $27,000,000.00 for three years, which he refused. Right now, one wonders if his next words will echo

Charles Bronson’s Bernardo Reilly “The Magnificent Seven”, when he says to Chris and Vin, “Right now, that’s a lot”.


-DaMutts are the tallest midget in the circus, currently, with a 52-60 record.


-DaSUX DID sweep the Yank Mes, which was nice for them. Gotstsay, Chris Sale’s going into A-Fraud’s kitchen the other day was SWEET!

They put Rios on waivers and Tejas claimed him. They now have 3-days to work out a trade; let them have him and his contract or pull him back. I’m not a Sox fan but I’d let ‘em have him. That’s how they got him but his contract was $61,000,000.00. He’s been anything but erratic and everything but worth that size of that investment. As the saying goes, they can lose without him as much as they have with. They’re 43-69…26-games under. That dinero they owe him can go a long way towards getting other players in their “rebuild”.


-The RedTurds are in town, this weekend with the first game, tonight! If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is the first regular season, Friday night game at Wrigley Field. AND, they’re all on Channel 9, Cubs fans! Gonna hafta record DaBears as the records don’t matter when they play the Turds, Mutts or Sox.


There once was a Turds/Cubs game attended by Twackers Scott, John ‘n’ moi. I’ll leave them to tell the story as to what befell anyone wearing a Turds cap who got anywhere near us/me. :-)



-The 4th and final “Major” tour championship is going strong at Oak Hill in N’Yawk. Jim Furyk is tied for the lead at -5 with Aussie, Adam Scott. Tiger played more, like Tigger, carding a +1, 71, along with U.S. Open winner, Phil Mickelson. The difference was, Phil started out shaky but got better as the round went on, while Tigger was the opposite, takin a double-bogey on 18.


There are 54 holes to play. The weather can have a profound effect on the outcome. We’ll see.


All y’all (see email which will follow this for a definition), know I want an American to win. That said, whoever can withstand the rigors of a Major golf course’s set-up and prevail against the best golfers in the world, pretty much deserves it.


OK, this is going to be it until the 19th as MBH ‘n’ me’ll be leaving on a jet plane Monday AM in the morning for our annual Hajj to the desert southwest oasis of Las Vegans, to make our contributions to their local economy. Until then, remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.







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