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The Blackhawks Lose TWO in a Row! (and is there a Chinese Conspiracy?)

Sorry for the delay but hadta see the doc for my monthly check up. So far; so good. That’s nice, right?

Anyway don’t have a whole helluva lot on my mind as well, I don’t. I do have a link to Neil Steinberg’s column on Rand Paul’s filibuster and his Tea Party Pals. It’s good as it sums things up on Paul’s fear of DaGuvmnt shooting folks without a trial with drones, while he holds a somewhat contradictory position on guns, i.e., that every one should have them and anyone can shoot anyone…without due process, it seems. Here’s the link:

Whatcha Thinkin?

Whatcha Thinkin?



-It probably seems that I bend over backwards to take gratuitous swipes at some of right-wingers. Well, not that I don’t but…there are more of them in elected office than the PinkoCommieLefties. No? OK, name them. Hah! Thought so. I don’t know how DaDEMS have done it but they seem to have succeeded in consigning the baying of their left-wing hounds to being out of the mainstream, leaving any howling of theirs to be made at the moon. That and the fact that I just heard ANOTHER elected GOPer try to legitimize former Congressman Todd Akin’s comments about how a woman’s body WILL shut down a pregnancy if she is raped. Y’see, it’s this kind of bullschwit that makes it so, so, os, so, so, pluckin’ dificult to give these guys any credence. We don’t see that from the Left. Why? Well, maybe it’s because they don’t have anything like LushWindBag and his FlatulenceInBroadcasting Network or FOX-News, or any of the other, whaddid they call it? Oh yeah, “The ConservativeEntertainmentCommunity”.


Yes, Al-Jazeera Gore had his, “Current” which I nearly forgot,  and there is a lefty radio outlet, AirAmerica, I think. But honestly, I’m not sure what its call numbers are here. I hit upon it once doing a “search” whilst sitting on the Kennedy, waiting to get home one night. It may have been 820. Problem was, there was as much static as anything else.


-In moi’s opinion, the lefty/righty thing is kinda funny in that the far-left…read that as anarchists…aren’t that far from the far right “black helicopter” crowd. The problem is, neither want to give an inch to the other…yet they’re closer together than they think.



Rewatched HBO’s “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God”, with TCLR over the weekend. I am truly sorry to say this as I really don’t think I am a conspiracy-theorist…BUT…after watching it again, with the searing review of his self-contradiction on child abuse by Catholic priests…

throughout the world…I cannot help but wonder if the airing of this documentary and Joey Rats announcing his retirement barely a week later, gives me pause.


Another thing…make that another aggravating thing…Cardinal Dolan from New York is constantly mentioned as a possible successor to Joey Rats. Funny thing…not one newsperson on any network has made any mention of how he tried to fraudulenlty dispose of $50,000,000.00 of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to beat the lawsuits filed against it over pedophile priets abuse of kids,  by transferring the cash into the Catholic Cemeteries fund, causing the Bankruptcy filing. It wasn’t until the victims changed their legal-tack and filed a claim in the Bankruptcy proceedings that this was discovered.

Another and another thing…Dolan is one of the guys who’ve been involved in the birth-control controversy…but again, nothing from the media. Folks, I AM including MSNBC in this. I say this as in the Jerry Sandusky matter, they were on that like stink on schit on a hot July afternoon. Hmmmm.


Last thing on religion. There is a statement in the documantary which goes something loike this: “I haven’t lost my faith but I have lost my faith in The Church Heirarchy”. Pretty much sums up my feelings and turning to Mighty Zeus and the Olympians.



-How or why do our shoelaces become uneven? Really. I mean it. Think about it. You buy a new pair of shoes, which are in the box, unlaced. So, before putting them on, you lace them. NOW, when you do that, do you lace them unevenly? I doubt it. So, do the Chinese have agents here to unevenize them. I mean, really, look what they do when they use a twist-tie. The whole world knows it’s “righty-tighty/lefty-loosey”…except in China…where just about everything is made nowadays. No? OK, think about Christmas and you’re decorating your tree. You open a new box of Christmas lights and begin to undo the twist-tie by turning it to the left, when what to your wondering eyes does appear but a tighter-higher twist, not far but near!

Anyway, I can’t fgure out how my shoelaces wind up uneven. Makes slip-ons not a bad alternative.




-Don’t know about you but I watch this show as often as I can, as I have learned many a “trick of the trade” from the show. This past weekend, they did a bit about “ladder-safety”, like a step-ladder is a step-ladder and is supposed to be fully opened, with braces locked in place; not stood against a wall. Moreover, they gave a really easy guide to knowing how to safely set an extension ladder. At first, they went through the math and the ratio of the length of the ladder and the distance its base should be from the wall, to achieve the correct angle. Then, they showed the easier way. It’s done by standing the ladder against the wall, then putting  your toes so they touch each side rail. Then, extend your arms straight out. You should be able to touch the rung of the ladder while is in line with your shoulders, with your fingertips. If not, adjust accordingly. Granted, this was done by Kevin What’sisname, one of the hosts, who seems to be around 6′ tall. Still, it helped moi as, honestly, I never really knew the real and for true angle.


They also showed how some extenson ladders have articulating feet, one edge of which has teeth, which when extended down, dig into the ground. Obviously, that’s only for dirt. Only use the rubberized cleats on a hard surface.


Those of us who own houses have to use ladders every once in a while. I was acquainted with a guy who died by falling from one. It never hurts to know these things.




-DaHAWKS’ have given up six-goals in their last two games; each of which was a loss.



-So, now we’re hearing that Derrick’s been cleared to play by the team docs BUT he now has burning hammies. I know, Easter’s right aorund the corner so what’s so bad about that?


Honestly, I don’t think he’s coming back. I heard last week that he allowed that during practice, when his man went to his right, he felt pain in his knee. Here’s the thing. He’s “thinking” about the injuury. Athletes cannot “think”. By that, I mean they have to act instinctively…purely. That’s why they practice; boring practice after boring practice, so much so that it becomes second-nature to them. Once they start “thinking”, that split-second is the difference between success and failure. In other words, until he can take the floor with a  clear head as well as a strong body, he shouldn’t.


Oh yeah, they got beat by the Lakers, yesterday. Ho-Hum.



Didja see that a videographer won theFlubs Spring training Bunting contest”? Considering thay can’t hit worth a schwit, this is even badder news.

Sox split their split-squad games yesterday.


-At 3PM, tomorrow, the SFC free agency period begins. Surprisingly, there are quite a few pretty good players avaialable. It will be interesting to see what our teams do. I’ve seen where Bill’s Niners are trying to get CB Darrell Reavis. Neither DaBears’ nor Packehs’ GMs are known to be really BIG on F/A. Still, it’s something to think about. We’ll see. More on this Wednesday.


OK, gottago as have some errands to run. Hope all is well with all of you and as our leader, Lewis Black says, no matter how schwitty things are, at least we won’t get smallpox today.


FatRats…no relation to Joey Rats.


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