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The BarryCare hearings have begun…

Once again, we begin the day with a beautiful, crisp sunrise. Hopefully, it will not follow suit as recently and revert to chilly, slate-grey skies with boreal, chilly winds. I mean, ain’t it enough that we’re doing mid-November already?


That said, it’s ‘sposetabe a bit warmer in the next week or so…but rainy. Oh well. It IS October 25th, isn’t it…which by the Christmas commercials on TV already, reminds us there are only, 60-shopping days left till Christmas. With all that, let’s check the Wayback Machine and see what’s happened yesterday and today on this date. SHERMAN!


…Yesterday in…


1836,   The match was invented, which eventually led to: “Got a match? Not since Superman died.”


1916,   Henry Ford awarded equal pay to his women-workers. Funny thing about ol’ Henry. He had this goofy-assed idea that he should pay his employees enough that they could afford to buy his products…women, even!


1930,   ChickenHawk 1st-class, John Wayne appeared inj his first movie. Yes, I really liked his films and the characters he played. However, there’s no getting around the fact that when his time to really “fight”, he was the world’s biggest “coat-holder”. Contemporaries of his, Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, even Ronald Reagan, all served in  WWII, while he fought the Battle of Celluloid Hills.


1931,   Al Capone was convicted on tax evasion charges.


1980,   The Communist Polish government legalized Solidarity, a trade union led by Lech Walesa, which led to the eventual fall of that government AND eventually, the Soviet Union.


2008,   Stock exchanges around the world suffered the steepest decline in history, the effects of which are STILL being felt.


…and Today in…

1415,   “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers”. On this date, The Battle of Agincourt was fought, pitting Henry V’s 12,000 troops against the French 60,0000. The aforementioned quote is from The Bard’s Henry V.


I had read…or thought I had…that this battle was the catalyst of the worldwide sign of insult, insolence, whatever, The Finger”. I had read that it was a practice of the French to cut off the middle-fingers of longbowmen , so as to prevent them from ever using them in battle again. Then, in researching this, I read that it was both the forefinger and index finger, which were cut off. Who knows? Anyway, supposedly, after defeating the French, the English longbowmen, derisively all held up their “middle-fingers” in mock salute to French that they still had them, yadda-yadda-yadda.


I still like the former, so will use it as I always have, factoidally of course.


1854,   Some 439-years later…but not so successfully…during The Crimean War, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “The Charge of the Light Brigade” took place .


1944,   In the largest naval battle in the history of the world, the U.S. Navy defeated the Japanese in The Battle of Leyte Gulf during WWII.


1984,   For our younger-readers, pop-rock superstar, Katy Perry was born.





-Reeling from the craziness wrought by The Tea Party, not only, in their state but nationally, Iowa Republicans are searching for viable candidates to oust the fringe-zealots who seem to be hell-for-leather to destroy whomever/whatever do/does not agree with their dogmatic fanaticism.


This should be FEEL-GOOD, in that Republican values are, by and large, good. It’s the perversion of them…just as Democrats experienced in the ‘late ’70s and ’80s…which have soured folks to them.


Recall, Charles Krauthammer…what a name, huh?…was quoted as saying he didn’t leave the Democrats; they left him. Well, there’s a judge running for re-election in Tejas who is saying the same thing about the GOP. A ship can list left or right but once it gets past its balance-point, it runs the risk of capsizing. Right now, DaGOP’s listing very hard a-starboard.



-The BarryCare hearings have begun. As most anyone could say, they’re long on bombast and short on substance.

Wouldn’t it be great if just once, any of these clowns actually did something to help improve anything?



Am I the only one who…thinks newbie U.S. Atty for ChiTownLand, Zach Fardon’s channeling Aaron Eckhart’s “Harvey Dent”?


If he’s half as effective as his predecessor, Patrick Fitzgerald, we’ll be in good hands.



-Again, am I the only one who…wonders where these so-called “religious” leaders get these ideas? Don’t know about you but who’s said gay-marriage equality means everyone has to take part in homosexual acts; or does it say even if we don’t, voluntarily, those who do will take dominion over heterosexuals and force them into these acts?


Those who make their objections based on their religious beliefs…note, beliefs are not laws…are conflating them with the law. All the law says is the LGBT folks out there deserve the same rights and privileges under the law as everyone else.

But, the bible-beaters say otherwise. They say, “marriage is between one man and one woman”…pity the poor widows/widowers or divorcees out there who are looking for some oppo-sex-companionship…and/or it is solely for the procreation of mankind. Looks like MBH ‘n’ me are on their scheiss list, too.


What troubles me about this…and so many other things these so-called Christians say and do is this. I attended Catholic grammar school for 9-years; high school for 4 and taught in one for another 3-years. In those 16-years, I never once heard

of any reference(s) to the Jesus these folks follow. Those of you have attended Catholic schools know what I am talking about. The good-sisters never missed a chance to remind us what Jesus would have done, which wasn’t anythinmg like what these folks say. This was well-before someone came up with  “WWJD”. (Good thing it was WJJD, as it woulda caused some real confusion with radio listeners in ChiTown.)


This isn’t necessarily FEEL-GOOD but, I am taking thgis opportunity to ask that they just leave those folks and the rest of us who don’t share their beliefs to our own devices; we’ll get to heaven…maybe hell even…but to let us do it of our own volition, PLEASE! Thanks.






-Many thanks to T-John for them. A few of us had some fun trying to recall the events in them. Sorry for our younger folk who just weren’t old enough…or around, even…to partake in both. Haftasay, the second one was a lot tougher.


Some o’yuze will recall awhile back when someone wrote in stating that moi’s opinion was the only one which counted. Well, yes…but…no. Yes, the words I put down here are mine. However, they are not set in stone nor are the “ex cathedra”, either.


That you take issue, add to or take away from them is exactly what they are designed to do.


That and to have some fun.


-Thanks also to those who send me things to forward to y’all, as well. I have a couple from Buck, John  and Jayne which I’ll be getting to later.



-”The Honeymooners”. Possibly one of the best comedies EVER, is being shown at 10:30 PM, at night, locally on WMEU, aka,

MeToo. I think it’s nationally syndicated. For yuze outta ChiTownLand, I hope so. When I saw that it was on at 12:30AM, I DVR’d all the episodes. Now that it’s on at a more reasonable hour, all the better.


It offers a glimpse back into how life was in the ’50s. Some may find Ralph’s overbearing personality too hard to take, especially some of his “threats” towards Alice, i.e., “You’re goin’ to da MOON, Alice!”.

Still, Ralph, Alice, Norton and Trixie were part and parcel of our lives and, at least to we oldsters, pretty dang funny. Oh yeah, Alice gave it right back to Ralph, too.


“Revolution”. This show is getting better with each episode. This week’s reuniting of Monroe with Miles, was like pairing Superman and Batman. (By the way, I mistakenly referred to “Bass” as “Bash”, inasmuch as his given name is Sebastian.)

I regret the error.

One thing. For those who are just deciding to watch, please note, it’s a made-for-TV-comic book. What’s happening is

part Michael Crichton’s “Prey”; part comic book; part SciFi. One thing for which I give it points is the “fight” between Charlie, (a girl) and Bass, Charlie lost. Had it gone any other way, it would have lost any claim to credulity. Why? Well, it seems Miles and Bass were Special-Ops dudes, pre-blackout. It’d be damn near impossible for another guy to win a fight against a S/O-trained guy.


“The Big Bang”. Last night’s entry had its moments but there have been better.



“All Is Lost”, the newest Robert Redford film gets 4-stars from Richard Roeper. He makes reference to Tom Hanks in “Castaway”, which was not very nice. We’re going to see it and will let you know. It sounds like it’s worth the time and $$$.



It seems Disney may be smart enough to let well enough alone and are bringing in J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan to direct and write the latest in the franchise, scheduled for release in 2015.

We can only hope they will leave the pros to do what they do best and not…repeat, NOT…Disneyfy it.


Anyone who’s seen the previews for the new “Thor” entry knows it’s been D-Fied. We’re still planning on seeing it.



-Yep, we may not be able to see a World Series in the Fall, or good baseball in the Summer but, after MSG in N’Yawk, we sure as hell have the second best Concert venue at 1060 West Addison Street, ChiTown…at least “…according to a poll of singers, bands and other music industry insiders by Rolling Stone magazine.” Maybe The Stones need to play there to make it #1.






-So, am watching the “Bears Blitz”, which is all Bears; all the time and broadcast from no place else but hallowed, Halas Hall on ComcastSports, waiting for the next show, when the hosts, Chris Boden and former-Bear, Dan Jiggets are interviewing Bears CEO, Domer; McCaskey-brothers’ brutha-from another-fatha, Ted Phillips. They were discussing how DaBears need to be able to soldier on through their injuries and succeed. At one point, Phillips begins to talk about other teams and how they’ve done – or are doing - when what to my wondering eyes do appear but replays on moi’s Geen Bay Packehs, so dear. Ted is going on and on as to how the Bears have to do like moi’s Packehs! It was balm to moi’s soul, folks. Balm to moi’s soul.



-Due to Jermichael Finley being sidelined, they brought up TE, Jake Stoneburner. What a name for a tight end, huh?

By the way, he and Barkevius Mingo tangled in last week’s game. That Mingo…he’s just so Barkevius!



-Despite all their injuries, and man they have them, DaBears aren’t completely out of the running. That they have their Bye, this week, helps as they get an extra week to heal. Yes, Cutler and Briggs will be gone longer but if they are able to keep pace with Detroyit and moi’s Packehs, they are still in contention for the playoffs. Yes, it’s a long shot but hey, look what the Giants did few years ago.

Here’s the thing, DaBears need the CowGals to beat Detroyit in Detroyit AND for the ViQueens to beat the Pack. If that happens, there’ll be a three-way tie for 1st place in the SFC North, with DaBears traveling to Green Bay for the Monday Night game on November 4th.

Yes, this scenario is highly unlikely but was it anymore unlikely for Tom Brady and the Patriots to travel to N’Yawk and lose to Joe’s Yets!?


Of the three SFC North contenders, Detroyit’s in the best shape, physically. And because of that, I too am a CowGals fan this weekend.



-Jumpin’ Juniper! What’s going on with these guys? Another shootout loss? Jeepers!



-Going out on a limb but will say if they have Noah healthy, along with The Poodle & Co., they’re going to be fun to watch…and maybe give Miami a run for their money.

No, I’m not comparing #1 to #23 but…and I don’t recall what or when it happened, I think it was an injury, whatever…but there came a time when MJ wasn’t able to drive to the hole with as much vigor he’d had, so he practiced and practiced and practiced his outside shooting and then became – not only – great at driving to the hole, but as an outside shooter as well. It seems the poodle is following that path, in that while rehabbing, he has become deadly shooting from outside. This could be enjoyable to watch. It also doesn’t hurt that Jimmy Butler’s playing a solid, 2. Deng, Noah and Mr. Softee are solidly complementary. I really like Noah. He ain’t pretty but he sure as hell can play the 5. I truly hope Mr. Softee plays the 4 more like a 4 than a 2 or 3. If he does, and the new “Bench Mob” plays well, this team could do some things. Of course, Noah’s groin-injury, which may prevent him playing in their opener, Tuesday, could be problematic. Still, I look forward to their season with the hope that all goes as well as one can expect and we get to watch them contend.



-The Turds tied it up at 1-1, last night.

Must be nice to be fans of baseball teams which play at this time of year, huh?


OK, time to go. Hope y’all have a great weekend and while you do, remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots, is a good one.





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