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Good day! And it is. I’m a bit later than normal as I was working outside DaNest; getting it ready for those April showers to bring our May flowers. tgif

But wait! There’s more! Our overnight-low is forecast at 53, followed by a high of 73, tomorrow! That said, as we left the parking lot from our local AMC Movieplex where we viewed Captain America, yesterday, there still were mounds of dirt-encrusted ice, left over from this past winter of our discontent. By Sunday, they should be gone.

But wait! There’s more! There is a slight chance of snow in the forecast for next week. Forget that. We’ll just concentrate on t’day and t’morra, as Sunday, those April showers are sposeta  make a visit.


Before we get going, how about some “Tom Slick and his Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper”?


OK, here goes. Not much that pissed me off, lately, so may be short ‘n’ sweet, t’day.



We begin, as usual, with a look back at what’s happened on this date courtesy of and, in…


1512,   At the Battle of Ravenna, the forces of The Holy League were defeated. Guess God wasn’t on the Holy League’s side, huh?


1775,   Much to the relief of witches in Der Fatherland, forwarding thinking Germans decided after their latest execution for witchcraft, they would do so no more.


1890,   Much to the chagrin of Lou Dobbs and Tom Tancredo 120-odd years later, Ellis Island was designated as an immigration station.


1898,   President McKinley asked for a declaration of war against Spain.


1899,   The Treaty of Paris then ended said war with Spain ceding Puerto Rico to the U.S., setting the stage for the Tony and Oscar-winning musical, “Westside Story”, some 60-odd years later.


1906,   Albert Einstein introduced his Theory of Relativity. Not much came of that.


1921,   Future Tea-Party stronghold, Iowa, introduced the first tax on cigarettes.


1924,   Named after the, then, “World’s Largest Store”, Sears, WLS radio began broadcasting in ChiTown. Interestingly, in the 1960s it was a hot-bed of “protest” music, as well as Top-40 hits; then morphed into a right-wing radio outlet. Some metamorphosis, huh?


1941,   A Jewish weekly newspaper was taken over by the Nazis, in Germany. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.


1947,   Jackie Robinson became the first black MLB-player in modern baseball. Three months later, Larry Doby debuted as the first black AL player. Six-and-a-half years later, Ernie Banks did the same as a Chicago Cub.


1951,   As Commander-In-Chief, Harry S. Truman fired Gen Douglas Mac Arthur as the head of UN forces in Korea. It took several years, though, for his ego to vacate the peninshula. (That’s a Dubism.)


1961,   In Israel, the trial of Adolph Eichmann, who had only been following Der Fuhrer’s orders, began.


1961,   Ironically, Bob Dylan opened for John Lee Hooker in Greenwich Village, New York City.


1962,   T-Joe’s Mets made their debut. If I’m wrong, I’m sure he’ll correct me but if I recall correctly, the colors of the trim of their uniforms, orange and blue were to commemorate N’Yawk’s former NL teams, the Giants (orange) and the Dodgers, (blue).


1963,   One of T-Bill’s all-time faves, Warren Spahn beat T-Joe’s Mets for his 328th win…the most by a lefty.


1965,   Jack Nicklaus won the 29th Masters.


1966,   Jack Nicklaus won the 30th Masters. Not bad, huh?


1968,   LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act…which has been targeted by Southern Whites since.


1981,   President Reagan returned to office after an assassination attempt.  Seeking to stem the tide of gun-violence, the Brady Bill was signed into law a mere 12+-years later in February 1994. Apparently, the NRA figured had their been more “good guys with guns” surrounding the President, this never would have happened. You know, cuz like our Presidents don’t get much protection from the Secret Service.




“‘Star wars’ creator eyes Chicago for museum”. Which would be cool and all but really, anyone think we have a chance? Yes, George Lucas’ wife’s a ChiTowner and they live here, part-time, AND, it’d be a fanboys’ delight. But I’m betting on the West Coast.


“Congress: Keep Iran’s U.N ambassador pick out”. Though I have less than any respect for the 535, I do agree with this…and diplomacy be damned. No way does that camel-humpin’ basterd set foot on US soil unless we get to take him into custody, have Cheney’s guys water-board the plucker everyday for 444-days; and then throw him into the deepest hole in the superest-SuperMax prison we have, only allowing him some “people time” with guys like Ted Kasczynski or Charlie Manson.


“Google to sell Glass to bigger pool of customers” Oh, goody-goody-gum drops! Now we can watch nobodies who like to walk around with their blue-tooth earpieces, ahem, accessorize with Google Glass!



Many of you know Da Wat’s Nest is directly across the street from a small, private high school. Day before yesterday, just before dismissal, I espied a U.S. Marine leaving the school. No doubt from a “recruiting” visit. As I continued looking outside as it was such a nice day, I noticed he was heading for his car which was parked right by DaNest. I did a double-take, as while it did have the requisite U.S. Government license plates; said plates were firmly affixed to, ahem, a Hyundai. Not a Ford or a Chevy. Uh-uh. A Hyundai. Please nothing about how they’re manufactured here. The profits STILL go back to Mother Korea. Oh well.







“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. 3-1/2-stars. Yep, you read that right. Even if one isn’t a fanboy nor does not readily suspend one’s disbelief, this action-adventure-filled rendition of the title comic book hero, has plenty to hold just about anyone’s attention. Though my guess is, fanboys may have some issues, as well, hey, they’re fanboys.


The film gets the eye-candy off to a quick start what with the Captain lapping co-star, Anthony Mackie, several times whilst they are out doing their morning runs; then being picked up by The Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson. The action begins almost instantaneously as the Captain’s old nemesis, Hydra, rears its ugly head(s)…”cut off one, two replace it”…and we are off and running. Chris Evans is very good as the iconoclastic, 1940′s radio-type-hero who at times seems – dare I say it — corny. That said, it’s action-packed with the plotline keeping us in the dark, well-enough along, as to keep the story fresh. I won’t say there aren’t some of the usual “tells” of comic book-sourced films, as there are. Anyone who’s read them knows they can be a bit operatic but isn’t that part of the fun?


Speaking of “tells”, anyone who’s seen the first film, should be able to put 1 + 1 together and figure out who “The Winter Soldier” is; nor some others which I will avoid in that too much time would be involved in “SPOILER ALERTING” you.


Evans, as mentioned is Aces as the Captain. Johansson I excellent as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, what with her open-not so-open, maybe secretive, personality. Anthony Mackie is very effective as “The Falcon”/ Sam Wilson. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury was, well, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. We also are treated to Robert Redford as Fury’s boss, Alexander Pierce. Much like Tommy Lee Jones in the first film, Redford plays it close to the vest; not over-the-top; nor did either treat their parts as if they were mailing in their performances.

There’s a fine line actors much tread when involved in operatic endeavors, such as this, while keeping them believable. These folks do it well. Actually, they all do.


FX…The CGI are excellent. So much so that if you are able, skip the 3-D up-charge as it isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, at our theater, all shows were in 3-D. That said, we did also pay for the IMAX up-charge, which was more than worthwhile.


It is a bit long, running 2 hours, 16-minutes. There are some draggy-scenes; a few where you may scratch your head, comic book-sourced or not. Still, it was worth it. Despite pretty much figuring what the outcomes of certain situations would be, the excitement is still compelling enough hold and keep your attention.


There are some subtleties, too, e.g., we meet Iron Man’s mom, though only by inference.


Stingers. Yes, plural. There are two, each of which have their own importance relevant to this and future stories. MAKE SURE TO SIT THROUGH ALL THE CREDITS OR YOU’LL MISS THE 2ND.


It was well worth the investment of the time and the money. Enjoy!


“X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

-This looks like it could be a good one. Not only do we have the original cast of Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hallie Berry, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, et al; we also have the “new”/old, “X-Men: Origins” cast, with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence.


Only saw the previews but the present day X-Men, led by Patrick Stewart’s Prof. X, with Magneto, realize that somehow, they face extinction unless they can send Wolverine back in time…yes, a comic book and a tad operatic…to patch up their differences which separated them as younger men. It looks good. It’s scheduled to open at the end of May.



Steven Colbert has been chosen to replace David Letterman on CBS “Late Show”. Wowzers! Jimmy Fallon on NBC and Colbert on CBS…looks like Jimmy Kimmel may have some problems. Thing is, they’re all really funny.


“Elementary”. Finally got caught up on our DVR’d shows with this one from a week or so ago. Don’t know what the inspiration for this story was…perhaps as plot-filler…but the loss of Sherlock’s friend and mentor, Alistair, was done very well. Jonny Lee Miller handled it very well. I found myself actually identifying with his sense of loss. Doesn’t happen very often with TV shows.


“The Big Bang”. Some, perhaps many, have seen the promos. Still, watch it, as the previews of the new “Godzilla” movie will take on a whole new meaning for you.



*A belated many happy returns of the day to T-Brewski who celebrated his Sir Paul Natal Day, yesterday.







-Could not believe what I heard when I tuned in the game upon returning home from seeing the Captain. I saw that it was 5-4, Pirates in the 8th. Then I heard that the Flubs had been up 4-0; but gave up 5 in he 7th.

But wait! There’s more! DaFlubs’ “left-handed specialist”, James Russell, who’s usually fairly effective, gave up a MONSTER shot, to dead center…over the “batter’s eye”…the Budweiser Bleacher Suite…and then up on the metal roof of it…probably leaving a YUGE dent in it…which left them with a 5-4 deficit.


But wait! There’s more!


In the bottom of the 9th, they loaded the bases only to have Emilio Bonifacio ground out to 1st, ending the inning and game.


As a wise person once said, BOHICA.



-Unfortunately, Sox fans have lost one of their up-and-coming youngsters for the year, Avisail Garcia, with a torn labrum he incurred diving for a line drive in right field the other day. Here’s the thing. I don’t – normally – watch Sox games. But I’d turned on the tube and their game was on and…you guessed it…I saw the play. Too bad.


-On the happier side, as T-DaveK sent me, Jose Abreu, apparently, knocked the cover off the ball the other day. If he can continue this in June, July and August…after the scouts get a book on him…he’ll be a treat for Dave and Sox fans to watch.



-The wind picked up in the afternoon, leaving only 19-players with sub-par rounds, yesterday, and of those 8, were only -1. Bill Haas, an American is leading.


What I like about this tourney is its respect for its history. Saw a shot of Jack, Arnie and Gary Player, probably the three best of their era. Yes, could be considered corny. I’m OK with that.


DaHAWKS…will wind up their season over the weekend. They’re in the playoffs. Seedings TBD.


DaBULLS…their season’s winding down. So happy the “tank the season” crowd’s been shut-up by their play, sans The Poodle and Deng. Looking forward to the playoffs. Too bad we can’t feel the same about our baseball teams.


OK, time’s up. Hope all y’all have a great weekend. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather while you can as by mid-next week, our forecast high’s in the 30s.


Remember, any day we can look down at our rosebushes, instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.


Take care,








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