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Fender “Strat” Turns 60! (aint she a beauty?)

Ed. Note. I began this around 7:30; then heard my neighbor’s snow-blower, so took out Bessie and got to it. Now have done that; had some lunch and am back. Hope y’all enjoy.

Hi and good morning to you! Here we are in the winter of our discontent, haplessly, hopelessly, helplessly watching as yet another 5 to 7-inches of snow drops on our little heads. This morning, we bribed the snowplow driver from the school across the street to clear the alley behind our garage to save me ‘n’ Bessie the extra-added attractiveness of having to blow that snow…into the wind…as it’s so high along the sides of the alley that I’m running out of places to put it. Right now, I’m just waiting for the “light snow” to run its course before I go out with my #2-girlfriend and play TheBFWSnowBlowerMan.


One thing…or maybe two things…MBH ‘n’ me are sure glad that this is all we needsta concern ourselves with, being outside and all, as if we were still “on the job”, I might STILL be sitting on I-90 trying to get to work, while she’d be outside, telling the helicopter-mommies or daddies who had to drive their kids two blocks to school that they can’t sit in their cars; in the middle of the street; watching and waiting until their precious little ones walked the 45-feet to get into the school building.

Here’s the pisser. Meteorologically-speaking, this winter began on December 1st and ends March 1st, with the beginning of meteorological Spring. So, how many o’ yuze actually think this is all we’re gonna get of snow by then? Hmmm. Just reminded myself that a week or so into that “Spring”, MBH ‘n’ me’ll be in Vegas, baby! Nothin’ like the desert to cure a winter’s blahs, right?

OK, time to get started.

But first, as it’s getting a bit “Yukon” like outside, here’s some not-so-Jack London, White Fang, feryuz:

“City may make contractors report ‘corrupt activity’ “. The operative word in this would be, “may”, as opposed to “will” or “shall”.

“All that work, and answers still elusive”. This from Mark Brown’s S-T-column in re the 10-years of shenanigans involving the Koschman case.

“CBS 2′s Savini pleads guilty to DUI”. The “Savini” is a local TV “investigative reporter. Wannabet he’s gone soon, if not already?

“Lawyers: Activists drunk discussing terrorism”. Would that then be a TUI…Terrorism Under the Influence?

“Incumbents dominate in congressional races”. Sometime prior to the end of The Evil Empire, when the USSR’s “elections” were more exercises in political theater than actual its citizens exercising their franchise, it was revealed that more incumbents in those races LOST than in the US of A. Just cogitate on that for a bit.

“Report: Radio Shack closing about 500 stores.” Guess their journey “back to the ’80s” commercial meant reducing the # of stores to that level?

“Catholic school teacher fired over pregnancy”. This one may be headed for the courts but this is one guy who agrees with the school. That unmarried-teacher knew the rules and if she didn’t, maybe she needed to. There are rights employers have. This has nothing to do with contraception, though if she’d used it and hadn’t told the school, she’d still have her job.

“Navy investigating senior sailors’ cheating”. Not to be outdone by their USAF-counterparts, certain “instructors” at a school which trains sailors to operate nuclear power reactors, are alleged to have cheated on their qualifying tests to become certified-instructors. Those reactors are what are used to power subs and aircraft carriers.

Now that’s something! Just heard the report on the news. FYI, tobacco sales account for $2.5billion/year in sales. CVS’ CEO said selling tobacco is counter to what their stores are meant to do. OK, I do not disagree but am wondering how long it will take for someone to ask about alcohol. I mention this as it took me about 3.5-seconds.


Just got an email from Fender Guitars with that info emblazoned across the top. Hard to believe the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll guitar is now 60. Well, maybe not so hard to believe, as this coming Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. No, they didn’t play them but once “The British Invasion” began, most lead-guitarists did. More on that on FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY.

Many years ago, I had one. It was a ’68, pre-CBS, (Fenderheads know what that means), in candy-apple red with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Paid $285.00 for it. The guy I bought it from got his draft-notice and hadta get rid of it. That was what he owed on it and his Mom said she wasn’t going to pay it off for him. So, I got it for that. Not bad. I traded it for a nice acoustic but am still kickin’ myself, as it’s worth close to 10x – or more – now. Oh well.

Recently got a Fender Jaguar, as I’d wanted one since ’62. Liked it but it just wasn’t a Strat. It didn’t have that “tone”…again, Fenderheads know what I mean…but a Strat’s “tone” is its own. So, a year ago, Guitar Center had a trade-in sale. I took them the Jag I’d bought and got me a new Strat. Think I’ll go exercise my arthritic-fingers after I finish this.

Just wish I’d taken some lessons back when I was a kid. Oh well.

DROMEDARY SEASON TODAY’S ALMANAC. -As we peer into the past, with assistance of, let’s see what’s happened on this date in…

1556, Henry II of France and Phillip of Spain signed the Treaty of Vaucelles…whatever that was. All’s I can say is, those Spanish Kings Phillip, were the dudes to whom I had previously-referred to as the guys who had it “good to be King”.

1783, Sweden recognized U.S. independence. Not much else ta see but hey.

1846, The Oregon Spectator was the first PacNorthwest newspaper to be published. Later it was used to “roll” some local flora. Far out, man!

1918, The Soviets declared a separation of Church and State. No wonder the right-wingnuts don’t wanna do that!

1934, Hammerin’ Hank Aaron was born. While The Say Hey, Kid!, Willie Mays is my all-time, fave, this guy may have been the best hitter I’d seen. He’s #3 in total hits with 3771, 755 of which were home runs.

1952, New York began using three-colored traffic signals. Red for stop; Green for go and Yellow for keep going before it turns red. At least that’s what they mean in Chiberia.

1974, Patty Hearst is “kidnapped”. The following day, yours truly, along with the rest of the members of Intermediate Maintenance Support Unit, V-1, landed in San Francisco from NAS GlenZoo. Fortunately, none were arrested as we arrived too late to have been accused.

-THE KOSCHMAN INVESTIGATIONS. It’s doubtful much of this will reach the national press as Chris Christie’s “BridgeGate” situation has the newsies all abuzz. But this is a real mess. I’m attaching a link with the editorial-page of today’s Sun-Times, which gives a fairly concise, recitation of why this matter is so bad. Truly, we ChiTowners have to wonder if our police were/are that inept, with their higher-ups all seeming to vie for The Inspector Clouseau Award for foolish incompetence or they’re just corrupt.

Also, DaMayir and his guys knew about this very early on. Seems like a storyline for a “Blue Bloods”, “Law & Order” or “Chicago D”. Here’s the link:

“Blue Bloods”. Watched a DVRd episode where Danny got involved tryng to help a GI who was having serious PTSD-problems. It was one of the better ones they’ve had. There seemed to be some real empathy for this sad situation so many of our GIs are faced with.

“Mike and Molly”. We’ve been kinda thumbs-sideways with them as for some crazy reason, they changed Molly’s character a bit too much. This may be more like her act but it was rather abrupt. This week’s was more like before and pretty danged funny.

“Intelligence”. This one came close to “jumping the shark” in this week’s offering, which isn’t a good sign only a handful of episodes into its run. We’ll see.

Tonight’s offerings are a mixed-group. We have newbies of The Middle”; “Suburgatory” is back; “Modern Family”; “CSI” and “Chicago PD”. There’s also a newbie of “Duck Dynasty” at 9 on A & E.

TCM has our dad’s generation’s version of “Coming Home”, “The Best Years of Our Lives”, which is a heart-rending recounting of what GIs, who at first were regaled as heroes upon returning from WWII, then were left to deal with a short time afterwards.

-OK, get this. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is ticked because he doesn’t play much in the 4th quarter. Really?
Memo to Carlos: You play for a coach who stresses defense. D-e-f-e-n-s-e, involves more than your – almost – nightly imitation of world renowned matador, “El Cordobez”. For those unfamiliar with the metaphor, think of an unhooked gate in the wind.

What’s amazing with this guy is, he plays the #4 to Noah’s #5. Just the other day, I pointed out to MBH how hard he, Noah, runs the length of the floor; in either direction. But when it comes to StayPuft, we usually see him gliding into view well after his teammates have arrived.

It’s nice that he’s a 6’9″ guy who can hit from the outside but that’s not what a 4 does. In that instance, think Dennis Rodman. Oh well. The good thing is this. This guy’s getting “amnestied” off the Bulls roster at season’s end. Book it.

The Fightin’ Illini were sposetabe new and improved in this, Coach John Groce’s 2nd year. Not so fast. They’ve lost their last 8 games. Ouch, Babe! They usedta have a pretty good roundball program. Be nice if they could find it.

Here’s the title aspect. Polar-oppositely speakin’, in Evanston, Northwestern’s won its last 5, three of which were road games!
Thing is, smart guys can play some ball, too. It’s time they start getting recruited to NU, instead of Duke or elsewhere.

-”Competition will be fierce for Cubs job”.

Don’t go gettin’ yer hopes up Cubs fans. Y’see, the boys ‘n’ girls at 1060 W. Addison Street aren’t setting up a competition for slots on the roster. Uh-uh. Nope. This “competition” is for the job of, “Clark”, their new mascot. Here’s an exerpt from the S-T report on applicant Kelly Frank, former mascot for the Tampa Rays and Lightning. She, “…knows she’ll be up against some tough competition”. Why, you ask? “The mascot world is really small and a lot of them will be applying for this.” “The Cubs will have the pick of the litter for this one.”

Well, good-golly, Miss Molly! Where can I sign up for season tickets?

-If that ain’t enough ferya, DaFlubs also announced they have partnered with Giordano’s as their sole-supplier of pizza at the ballpark. What more could Flubs fans ask for?

One of you asked me what B.O.H.I.C.A. means. As there may be others who were unaware, it’s the acronym for:
Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

OK, time to go.

Remember, any day we can recall looking down at a rosebush, instead of up at its roots, is a good one.



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