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Some new additions to the nest!

Good morning.


As I’d mentioned, will be sort ‘n’ sassy as have some stuff t’do to day. As a matter of fact, I’m busy most every day this week. So, as memorialized in film, twice, this week will be – mostly – a brief encounter.

Coming Next Week!

Coming Next Week!


Speaking of today, on this date in…


585 BC, a battle between the Medes and the Lydians in western Turkey ended in a draw when a solar eclipse occurred. Man, if that’s all it took nowadays, huh?


1908, Ian Fleming was born.


1961, Amnesty International was founded.


1971, yerztruly raised his right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and became a member of the United States Naval Air Reserve.



1.) After watching many of my neighbors struggle to have a neat, green lawn, I’ve decided to incorporate what my “Turf-Professional” brother, Tony, taught me into Da Nest. He may add or correct some from time to time. We’ll call this section, ”The Mow Bros”. However, being that I’m pressed for time this week, we’ll get started next.


2.) Grilling. This will NOT be a Bobby Flay or any Foodie TV stars’ stuff. I believe in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy.


Each/both of these are meant to be interactive. If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so. Also, as we do have some younger Nesters who have not had as much experience with lawn and garden and/or grilling as we older farts, this could be very enlightening.


OK, let’s get started.



No, t’ain’t that I don’t hafta go to work. Well,  yeah, it IS…and here’s why. We ChiTowners Know there are two seasons in ChiTown: Winter and Road Construction. Man, do you wish you were the guy who invented those orange barrels like I do?

Here’s a link with a map lettin’ ya know that the entire area’s getting worked over:


The I-90 roadwork’s well known to NesterDaveK, who makes his commute from Elgin to Elk Grove Village each day. Funny how being “out in the ‘burbs” was sposetabe the cure for traffic congestion, huh? Gimme ChiTown and its alternate streets over that any day.


But it’s all over the place. Northbound 94 at Willow; the Elgin-O’Hare, which connects neither Elgin to O’Hare; 355. 355!?!?!?!?! Didn’t they just build that sucker? Rte 45, LaGrange Road’ll mess things up for Nesters DaveS and Jeanette. Even the I-190 leading into O’Hare off the Kennedy is orange-barrelled!


Oh well. Welcome to summer in ChiTown.



Was thinking about these the other day. You know what I mean…words like “ginormous”, “infotainment”, “glimmer”, “brunch”.

But, why did they “blend” them as they did? It’s kinda obvious with infotainment. I mean, if you said entertainmentinfo, what’s the sense, right? Or ginormous…”engantic” just doesn’t make I, right? “Glimmer” is gleam and shimmer but sheamer?

But my for-real reason is brunch…breakfast/lunch. If it were reversed, how many Dads would be freakin’ out the Saturday before Mothers Day as he hadn’t made reservations for the Mothers Day LeakFast, right?



So, yesterday morning as I was perusing the morning paper, I’m reading an item about a “probe” by DaFeds of the Ford F-150 EcoBoost engines, “…after drivers reported that the engines lost power during acceleration. An estimated 400,000 F-150 pick-ups from 2011 through 2013 model years are involved.”


While I’m reading this, a Ford F-150 commercial is on the tube. It’s the one where the Ford guys are saying how they could feel the Chevy pick-ups struggling; marvelling that the F-150 is only running a 4-cylinder engine, while towing a boat and trailer up a hillside.


You tell me.



So, Parkay took the bump last night and tossed a two-hit 7-zip shutout at The Cell, last night. I watched that over Da Hawks, which I’ll get to, presently.


Smarj was filthy last night. Can’t blame the kid that he wants to see what happens instead of signing a long-term deal a la Rizzo or Castro. He has 98-mph heat AND a splitter. I thought fersher, fersher, that Dunn woulda launched him but he didn’t. He was nasty.


It all started with a brain fart by the Sox infield when they didn’t cover 2nd on a steal attempt by Castro who then scored on an RBI single by TheStiffInLeft.


They played solid D and had something we Cubs fans don’t see very often…timely-hitting. What we did see, which they have had, so far, was solid, starting-pitching.


-SHOULD THEY BACK UP THE TRUCK? Yes and no. No doubt, they need to improve so trades for prospects are necessary. However, to paraphrase Jerry Angelo, there’s no “vineyard of starting-pitchers” out there. And, there are some guys who have and are playing well. In other words, if Garza’s THAT good, why trade him? Same for Feldman and Wood…obviously, Smarj.

Edwin Jackson? Let him go.

Dejesus is solid outfielder and about as close to a bona-fide leadoff man as they’ve had since Bobby Dernier. Barney’s a hair’s-breadth behind Brandon Phillips with the glove. The bat? That’s another story. Castillo seems Ok behind the dish and they have Castro and Rizzo all sewn up. There are plenty of others they can dump. But why weaken the team by getting rid of their stronger players? Well, they’re the Cubs.



Hardly watched a minute of it. I did my “flip-over” and saw they were ahead 1-0 with 14-something left in the 1st. Then it was 1-1; then 2-1, Wings and that’s when I decided “no-lookee”. It wasn’t till “Revolution” ended that I saw they’d won.


Do or die tomorrow at the UC…after The Stones concert, tonight.


OK, just got a call and hafta make tracks.


HaGooDay. Remember, any one when we can look down at a flower instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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