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So What? So Plenty!

What fair and foul day is this….


I begin with that loose recollection of The Bard’s words as, well, talk about fair and foul sharing a day, as on this date, The Bard of Avon was born. Brought into this world 450-years ago to famously regale anyone who cared to read, listen, enjoy his words in 1564; only to be followed 350-years later with the opening of what has been referred to as a “Cathedral” of baseball, Wrigley Field which much like the medieval Cathedrals of Europe have/has their/its own duality of rapture and pain…in Wrigley’s case, more pain than rapture…though each still populated by “true believers”.


No? As I type these words, I have MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on…I DVR’d it…which has them seated near the visitor’s on-deck circle.

Interestingly, Willie Geist was born in Evanston; his dad worked for the Trib but was transferred to Joisey when he, Willie, was 5. Regular panelist, John Heilemann, went to Northwestern. Now, to those two conflations (?), if you will…a Dad who formerly worked for the former owners of the Flubs and a political writer whose name is one consonant from being the same as the former brewer’s “official beer of the Chicago Cubs”, Old Style, the G. Heileman Brewing Co., merit some mention, which I just did.


So on this date which shares the sublimity of Stratford on Avon with the ridiculousness of 1060 W. Addison St., ChiTown, let’s get to it, shall we?


I’m going to concentrate on the craziness of some of the things I/we experienced at what we called “Cubs Park”, later.


But first, some seriousness, sadly…



-Unfortunately, the priest who was “cleared” by the Archdiocese of sexual abuse charges, referring to them as “unfounded” after the Cook County Sheriff as well as DCFS, apparently is not. The Sheriff’s office has re-opened its investigation based on a second “witness” coming forward. That’s not a good sign, in that a single-person making a charge is one thing and may be dismissed for any number of plausible reasons. However, when a second steps forward, it just is not a good sign, as that tends to lend more credence to the original charge and at the same time lessen any possible “personal” animus of the originator. Here’s a link from the S-T.



-Time for the Wayback machine and what’s happened on this date as reported by in…


1348,   The first order of knighthood was established in England, making them “job-creators” in that they travelled with a retinue

of squires and attendants.


1500,   One Pedro Cabal…how’s THAT for a surname…claimed Brazil for Portugal. Of course, he made equitable offers to all indigenous peoples who’d lived there before having done so. Absolutely, he did!


1564,   The Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, was born. While not being much of a romantic, who isn’t taken by these words: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”


1896,   New Yawk City had its first showing of a motion picture. Now why would THAT be important? Who cares about movies? Right?


1914,   The torture-chamber-con-shrine-cathedral-dump-whatever of baseball, Wrigley Field opened its gates for the first time.


1954,   The Army-McCarthy hearings began. The infamous “Tail-gunner” Joe McCarthy finally met his match when Counsel to the Army uttered these famous words: “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you no sense of decency?” There is a something of a repeat of Tail-gunner Joe-ism going on in our country. We can only hope there is another Joseph Welch out there to stem the tide of extremism in which so many seem to find succor.


1966,   A year-and-half after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was adopted, LBJ found himself asking for more countries to come to the aid of South Vietnam.


1969,   After being convicted of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan was sentenced to death. Thing is, the basterd’s still alive.




“Rahm opens door to Dem convention”. Hmmm. Back in February, he said “No”. The guy who was the Senior Advisor to the President…Clinton, whose wife is the prohibitive-fave as the 2016 nominee and then Chief-of-Staff to Barry…who had to have the inside track for said convention now has done a Mittsy and now is open to it?



“Rahm rips Rauner over calls”. This is a two-fer. The so-called, “outsider” Rauner, who’s a fishin’ buddy of Rahm’s was accused by Rahm of acting like a politician. Pot meets kettle?


“Rahm’s bro may cause Uber-conflict”. Recall a few weeks, maybe a month or so ago, when DaCity, via Rahm, kinda let the “ride-sharing” companies, among them “Uber”, kinda skate on the regs imposed on taxi companies? Full-disclosure…I have no love for cab-drivers. Anyone who’s driven on an interstate near an airport exit, learns to despise them. That said, a taxi-medallion in ChiTown costs around $300K, with a $25K annual fee, I believe. Ride-shares only have to pay something like $25.00, with no testing of drivers nor regulations as to their insurance coverages, etc.


So what?


So plenty.


It turns out that Rahmbi’s bro, Ari, runs the William Morris Endeavor agency in Hollywood; best known from the HBO series, “Entourage” on which Jeremy Piven’s character, Super-Agent-Ari Gold, is patterned after, ta-DAH, Super-Agent-Ari Emanuel.


So what?


So plenty.


Guess who owns or has an ownership stake ride-share company, Uber? The William Morris Endeavor Company. And, how much $$$ has Uber brought in? $410,600,000.00.


But hey…no way is there any kind of conflict of interest in this. No way. Uh-uh. Shame on you for even thinking that.


“GOP leaders rip funding for Obama library”. Uh-huh. Totally agree. Just like there should be no dinero for any other private investment(s), like Taxpayer Park; Soldier Field; DePaul University basketball stadium, etc., etc., etc.

Barry can go find his own contributors. There are publicly-owned properties which are dormant which could be revitalized by this. As an improvement to those areas, fine. But no dough.


“Rahm takes heat over A/C”. Here’s a link:


What is rather interesting about this is, when our local school, Portage Park Elementary had a new, air-conditioned,  addition built

in 1999, parents, teachers and administrators all asked about installing a/c in the old building, which was built in 1915. They were told it was not possible in that the aged-electrical-wiring would not be able to handle it. Parents – literally – had brought window a/c units to the school as the kids in that building…which has a west-facing façade, which gets very-very warm just in late-spring. They were thanked but – again – told they couldn’t use them. They even said they couldn’t install ceiling fans.


So, how is it now that it’s going to happen? And, where is the Wizard of Rahmdom getting that $100,000,000.00 to do that?


Hmmmm. Could it be that he’s runnin for re-election next year? AND the current CTU contract expires in 2015?


Nah. That wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with this or any of the other things we’ve mentioned so far. Not at all.


“Oberweis regets ‘harsh tone’ on immigration”. This is GOPer Senate candidate, Jim Oberweis on his 2004 ad regarding illegal immigrants. Here’s a link.


It hurt him then and just because he says he now regrets it, may not be enough.


“Supreme Court ruling hurts affirmative action”. Can’t say that I disagree. I have always felt the most qualified parties…in any endeavor…deserved the first crack at entrance to a school, a job or a promotion. Men or women.


That said, if that is going to be the case in Michigan, then would it not follow that Michigander women must then be paid the same as men with the same experience and abilities for the same jobs?


“Supreme Court Weighs: Is Aereo Service Legal?” I’m no lawyer, but any business which holds copyrights or trademarks which another business uses, without said businesses’ permission for profit, no less, is breaking the law. A representative of Aereo is quoted as saying, ” the cloud computing industry is freaked out about the case”. Well, yeah. Basically, by streaming copyrighted, TV-network shows, without permission nor paying for that privilege is, uh…stealing.


No? Why do you think I quote, cite and show links?


“McDonald’s “Not afraid of waffle taco”. Would you be afraid of a “waffle-taco”?


ED. Note. For those keeping “score”, it should be noted that DaDems’ve had their scrotes-squeezed far more than their GOPer counterparts today.



As things have been katy-wumpus around here, haven’t had a chance to watch “Game of Thrones” nor “The Blacklist”, yet. Did watch the 2-hour opener for “Deadliest Catch”, which was OK. These first few aren’t very compelling, as the weather isn’t that bad in October. About a third of it was on the government shutdown and the effects it had on the “fleet”. That did put a face or faces on the people who were directly involved in that $24,000,000,000.00-loss to our economy thanks to some real-scheisskopffs in D.C.


They did have a segment which involved a crab boat, which was not part of the show’s fleet, which caught fire and sunk, eventually, with its crew being rescued by the efforts of the Coast Guard and another crabber.


Will have notes on other stuff Tomorrow, in that Friday has other more pressing things for MBH ‘n’ me.






-DaBULLS…How to say this. Hmmm. Ok, will try it onomatopoeically. “Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle! ACCCHHHH! GASP! GASP! GASP! Or, if you heard these in a restaurant, you’d employ the Heimlich maneuver.


Nuff said?


-DaHAWKS…took one back, 2-0. Trail 2-1.


-DaSOX…had some bad news with Chris Sale going on the 15-day DL; then lost to DaTiggers; then got the “good” news, no damage to Sale’s ulnar collateral ligament. I like this guy. He’s fun to watch and has filthy stuff. Wish he were a Cub. Oh well.


-And then there were DaFlubs…winning their…hold on and make sure your seat belts are fastened securely…second game in a row for the first time. Oh, man! I’m goin’ into Foreigner, cuz it, “Feels like the first time! Feels like the very first time!”. Question is, can they sweep and thereby show the ability to look up an internet address by stringing together www?


As the star of today’s “Morning Joe”, Wrigley Field is on display for any and all to see.


The other day, T-Joe opined to me that it seemed like I was getting whiney. Damn. I sure hope not. What bothers me about the current owners is of all their predecessors; no matter how frustratingly, fecklessly, inept in their ineffectiveness, when they made trades, moves, whatever, they made them…for the overwhelming majority of the time…to improve the team. Even the eenfahmoos

“Brock for Broglio”. Lou Brock was a 5-tool player who was so tense, he never reached his potential. According to a quote by pitcher, Larry Jackson, in Baseball Almanac, Brock would: “…break out in a big sweat just putting his uniform on. His desire was so intense that he made things tough on himself”. I recall Brock, fondly, as one day, I was standing in the left-field bleachers during BP and he was walking along the warning track. I called out to him; asking that he throw me the shag-ball he had in his hand, which he did. He just couldn’t relax…or the Cubs were unable to get him to.

Ernie Broglio was a 67-50, starting pitcher with the Cards, who was reputed to have one of the best curveballs in MLB. Thing was, he had a bad shoulder and, guess what…they didn’t get him checked out. His record with the Cubs was, ahem 10-24 over three-years. Brock went on to be a HOFer. That said, no matter how bad that trade worked out, no one could say then GM, John Holland set out to strip the team of talent. He just made a bad deal.


How? A few years later, that same John Holland made the trades which brought them Fergie Jenkins for Larry Jackson and Bob Buhl; Don Landrum and Lindy McDaniel for Bill Hands and Randy Hundley; brought up 4-time All-Star, 2nd-sacker, Glenn Beckert after the untimely death of Kenny Hubbs…and Kenny Holtzman, two-time no-hit-pitcher, against whom, Hank Aaron said the hardest ball he’d ever hit was off Kenny; in Kenny’s no-hitter in August, 1969; with the wind howling in over the left-field wall; Aaron blasted one, which according to Cubs LF-Billy Williams, went out of the park but was blown back into play…which he caught

…up against the vines…preserving the no-no. Here’s a link on it from t’day’s S-T:


Sadly, I can’t say that about the new regime’s moves.


Speaking of those “vines”, we have among us a Wrigley Field celebrity of sorts in T-Buck. Why? His Dad, Uncle Andy, delivered the original vines to Bill Veeck…yes, he used to work for the Cubs…which were then planted and have been there since.


I’ll leave the details to Buck if he wants to share.


-Also the other day, I received an email from T-Brewski, reminding me of our old measuring stick, i.e., where they were on May 1st; Memorial Day; 4th of July and then Labor Day. Usually it’d be decided by Independence Day…a few times, past Labor Day but lately, neither of us were holding much hope for next Thursday…May 1st. As I replied to him, unless things change; really fast…it may be more Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!, than May Day! May Day! May Day!


I’m going to relate another neat experience I had at Wrigley Field and invite any and all of you to share yours.


It was a Reds/Cubs game in the late ’60s I attended with a cousin. I insisted we sit in the right field bleachers as I wanted to ride Pete Rose like a rented mule! We got there early enough for the Reds B/P and sat right above the 368 sign in right center. This was before the “basket” was installed as well as the triangular tiles to keep stuff from being put on top of the wall and falling onto the field. During BP, one of the Reds was to our left, taunting some kids with a baseball. We called to him, to come down by us but he demurred. Hmmm. Wonder why? Anyway, I also had some kid who had ants in his pants with an equally non-attention-paying mom, which will come into play later. Rose caught a flyball right in front of us; turned and tossed it into the stands. As the buzzer went off for the Reds to vacate the filed for the grounds crew to groom it for the game, he ran in front of another Red; grabbed the ball; did a pirouette and again, tossed the ball into the stands. At that time, my cousin turns and asks me, “You still gonna ride him?” My answer was in the affirmative.


As the game went on and the Reds finished their at-bat, Johnny-Antsy-pantsy kept getting closer and closer to me, my beer and open pack of Camels; ultimately knocking the cigs off the wall; which wound up falling into Uncle Andy’s vines; with guess who coming out to right filed? Uh-huh, Pete Rose. So, now what to do? What else would a smoker do? I called to him; asking him if he could get them for me. He came over, picked up the pack; then put the cigs back in the pack…with the Camel name at the top…

reached them up to me, saying, “Not my brand”. I thanked him and no, I did NOT “ride” him ever again.


-I saw the ’63 Bears beat the Packers and the ’68 Packers beat the Bears, there.


I saw Willie, Hank, Frank, Roberto, Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson, Brock as a Turd…ARGGGHHH!, Ernie, Billy, Ronnie…the list goes on.


I’ve seen more losses than wins but in most instances, still had good times as I’d had been there with good friends, all of whom knew how to spend a day at the ballpark, even when we weren’t old enough to drink. Standing on the wall in left field; looking at the iconic scoreboard, proclaiming, “I am a prophet! The Lord hath sent me”, then reading the scores to the rest of the fans.


As Harry usedta say, “Ya can’t beat fun at the ballpark”. How very true and it’s even more so if the home team wins. That said, lately that hasn’t happened very often.


Here’s a couple links to Rick Telander’s column about Wriley Field from t-day’s S-T. This and Morrissey’s, above, should be helpful for all, especially our out-of-town readers.




-Pujols joins the 500-homer club.

Big Albert stroked two, last night, bringing the number of players to have achieved that to 26…which includes juicers, unfortunately. Don’t think he is or was. The guy can just flat, hit.


OK, have stuff to do and – believe it or not – want to watch the festivities at Wrigley Field.


Take care. Have a great day and remember, any day we can look down at our roses instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.






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