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Snowy Monday Always Get Me Down…

CRAP! Make that BIRD Crap!, as that’s the color of what’s coming down in ChiTownLand, right now. Here’s our leonine forecast for this late date in March…

Chicago Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for IL 60608

Oh well. Glad I didn’t put Bessie up for the season just yet. We’ll be outside later. The good thing is, well, being a member of EDISA…Every Day Is Saturday Association…I don’t really care. It’s gonna be 60 on Woden’s day, so it’ll be mostly gone by then, anyhow. Still, if this isn’t enough to get anyone who’s “on the fence” about retiring, off, don’t know what will. Travel times measured in hours instead of minutes, then having to come home to anywhere from 2 – to – 5-inches of heavy wet snow which has to be cleared…if you own a house, I know…then being able to sit down and relax; only to have to hit the sack so you can get up and go back to work again, tomorrow.


Last thing on the weather…just looked out the window and, the wind’s from the east; the snowflakes are bigger and fluffier, which means we may be dealing with some “lake effect”, here. Double-crap! Oh well.

                                                                  WABBIT STHEASTHON

We got ourselfs a 3 – outta 4, day, t’day. Read on. You’ll see. It’s…

“National Chip and Dip Day”. Oh, yeah! Just what a corpulent porpoise like me needs! BTW, this would serbeas et another argument against “intelligent design”. :-)


“National Puppy Day”. Well, come on! Who doesn’t like puppies?


“National Melba Toast Da”. Uh-huh…another one of those arguments, as by itself, it’s fine but who the Hecuba eats it without some kind of creamy cheese sauce?


“National ‘Near Miss’ Day”. This is the 1 – outta 4, as it pertains to near misses of de oit by asteroids and meteors.

End of the World 12/21/2012 Survivor Where’s the Kaboom?

…and of course we have our historically significant events of March 23rd according to and, in…

1066,   Halley’s Comet made its 18th perihelion passage.

1630,   Gambling was declared illegal in Bahstehn.

1708,   James III, “pretender to the throne” landed at the Firth of Forth. Just did this as the “firth of forth” always made me giggle.

1743,   Handel’s “Messiah” premiered in London. Alleluiah!

1775,   Patrick Henry gave his “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech.

1790,   Thomas Jefferson became or first Secretary of State. Wonder if they’d checked his emails after he left office.

1794,   Ever the “Do as we say; not as we do”, Congress passed laws prohibiting slave trade with foreign countries

while slavery remained legal in the US. Yeah. I know.

1839,   The first recorded use of “OK”, (oll korrect) by the Boston Morning Post. OK? OK.

1889,   Oklahoma was opened for white colonization. Yes. You read that correctly. Any wonder how so man of their elected representatives are such bigots?

1903,   The Wright brothers obtained an airplane patent. Pfft. What’s anyone gonna do with that? If man were meant to fly, God woulda given him wings! Right?

1912,   The Dixie Cup was invented. Another one of those silly ideas.

1918,   I am trying to type this without laughing…I can’t. Here goes. Paris bombed “Thick Bertha’s Dike”.

1919,   The first weekly international airline flights between Paris and Brussels  began. Hmmm. Maybe those Wright guys were on to something.

1919,   Benito Mussolini formed his Facist Party. Don’t worry. Nothing’s gonna happen.

1921,   Germany said it would be unable to meet its war reparations debts. Finkin’ deadbeats.

1922,   The first airplane landed at Washington, D.C. Looks like those Wright boys had something, after all.

1923,   Marcel Marceau was born. Mom was speechless.

1925,   Tennessee became the first state to outlaw the teaching of evolution. And you thought this crap was recent, huh?

1933,   FDR signed a law allowing the sale of beer and wine, which began the undoing of The Volstead Act, aka, “Prohibition”.

1933,   Meanwhile back in Germany, The Reichstag enacted the “Enabling Act” which conferred dictatorial powers upon its Chancelor, Adolf Hitler. Pish! Posh! Nothing going on here. Nothing to worry about. Keep moving folks.

1935,  At the request of Reza Shah, Persia was renamed Iran.

1940,   “Truth or Consequences” made its radio debut.

1942,   Facing the consequences of the attack on Pearl Harbor, American citizens of Japanese descent were moved into detention camps.

1957,   The US Army sold its last homing pigeons. Yeah, me too.

1968,   LBJ named Gen. William Westmoreland as Army Chief of Staff. Two names which live in infamy of  Vietnam-era vets.

1972,   Proving the old saw, “Ya cain’t fix stupid”, Evel Knievel broke 93 bones when landing after leaping 35 cars while riding his motorcycle.

1981,   The Supremes upheld a law that only men could be charged with statutory rape. Interesting.

2005,   The US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to order the reinsertion of Teri Schiavo’s feeding tube. Only mention this as Jebediah Bush was deeply involved in this and it’s gonna come up.

2015,   A non-native born Canadian citizen, with a Cuban father announced he is running for president.


-Yeah, Teddy Boy Cruz sas he’s a-runnin’ fer Prezd’nt. Well goody-goody gumdrops! If for no other reason than to watch and listen to the contortions this is going to put many in his party, so-called Conservatives, a la Dummo Frump and Tea Party loyalists who’ve questioned the citizenship of the current President.

But wait! There’s more!

Recall Barry’s old pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the schittstorm his “sermons” stirred up among the aforementioneds? Well, have you seen or heard ToadyBoy’s old man?I’m waiting or DaDems to pull out some this guy’s prattlings. He’s a darling of the tea party. Oh yeah…he’s a staunch enemy of immigration reform. Of course, that’s after he bribed his way out of Cuba and was able to secure his American citizenship. I may actually watch some cable TV news.


-Last week, I said he took $1/mile on his mileage expense reimbursement. I was wrong. It was only 50 to 58-cents/mile. My bad. Still, 91,988 miles @ 50-cents/mile = $45,994.00. I’m no criminal attorney but that seems like it’d qualify him to be charged with grand theft, which if I’m not wrong, is a felony.


-Normally, I wouldn’t mention this but we are in the midst of a Mayiral election campaign. And, the incumbent, Rahmbo,

according to his TV ads, is the guy we need. Well, Rahmbo, most folks want their streets cleared so they can get to work tomorrow…even get home, tonight. We’ll see. Remember Mike Bilandic.


-It just stopped. I’m going to stop this and get outside. I’ll do “Duck Season” and Sports later or tomorrow, depending..



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