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Smoking age to 21, and Burger King Delivers!?

Good morning on this fair and foul day. Here we are, 115 days in to the year of Zeus, 2013 and we are still dealing with temps in the 30s. The good news is, I haven’t had to mow the lawn yet. Scratch that. I do but after the rains we’ve had, it’s either been too chilly or too wet. It looks as if this year’s inaugural-mow will be Friday. Hell, May’s a week from t’day.


Speaking of rain, here’s hoping those of you who may have had to have dealt with basement-flooding are experiencing as minimal damage as possible.

Burger King Delivers!

Burger King Delivers!


As I was otherwise occupied as a super-sub, yesterday and there hasn’t been much more in the news than the aftermath of basterd#1, (dead) and basterd #2, alive, awaiting trial with, hopefully, a slow and painful death-sentence, this’ll be short ‘n’ sweet.





This, I believe, began in New Yawk with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he of the “No Big Gulp” rule, which is now being considered by a ChiTown alderman. OK, here we go.


As many of you know, I am a “reformed-smoker”. Not just any “reformed-smoker” but one who despises it; wishes I’d never started and that no one else would. That said, this idea is wrong. Yes, I know. With all the information out there about how smoking kills, kids still do it. When we were kids, we’d hear that we’d “…lose our wind…”. In other words, become short of breath. But there was nowhere near as much documented evidence of what smoking, nicotine, or anything else does to our bodies. My mom died of peripheral arterial disease six-years ago, caused by smoking. Her femoral arteries we completely blocked. No, not her lungs. That was reserved for my dad.

Still, if an 18-year-old is old enough to vote; die for his/her country; he/she is old enough to decide to start smoking…or not. After all, it was OUR generation…the Viet Nam era-folks…who let Washington know if we were old enough to be drafted; sent to Nam and quite possibly die for something in which we had no belief, then we were old enough to vote on the S.O.B.s who were sending us there. Therefore, in this narrow instance, I agree this is a civil liberties issue. As long as they do not cause problems for others; observe the No Smoking ordinances and are willing to pay higher health-insurance rates, they should feel free to embark on their slow and painful suicide attempt.


Just an aside on Bloomies’ ban on SuperSized drinks. As soon as I heard it I asked myself what would prevent someone from buying two of whatever the next-largest size was available? Oh well.



Let me see…Guv. “Oops”…aka Rick “Dummass” Perry,  TX., came to ChiTown touting how great his state is and how bidnisses in EllaNoise should “Come on down, ya hear”. Was quite happy to hear Rahmses mention that he hoped when GuvDummass comes to ChiTown, “…he remembers the all three of his reasons…” for doing so. Oops!


Springfield’s rudderless meander towards financial ruin is still there and really needs to be fixed.



“Hold the pickles! Hold the lettuce! Special orders don’t upset us and if it’s more than $10, we’ll deliver it your way!”

Yep. Burger King is starting delivery service at two ChiTown area locations: 2828 W. Belmont and 1829 Dempster in Evanston.

Am I the only one wondering why a drive-in…repeat, a drive-in…fast-food joint will now deliver? My guess is they’re losing sales. Saw an item not too long ago that MickeyDees is most concerned with Subway as its biggest competitor…not BK. Interesting.



On this date, April 24, 1800, The Library of Congress was established with an allocation of $5,000.00.


With a cost of $500,000,00 cost, The George W. Bush Presidential Library will be dedicated tomorrow, April 25, 2013.

$500,000,000.00 to house “My Pet Goat”?






Based on the promos for local news outlets and the primetime shows, themselves, the May “Sweeps” begin tomorrow night, which leaves tonight to a bunch of reruns. Can’t wait for a Janet Davies’ special on high-gloss lipsticks! Actually, there are some which may have some merit, though their promos often overstate what they actually report.


“Revolution” was OK, Monday. We are now in the “Georgia” Republic with Miles, Charlie and Nora, where Miles is, well, quite the dude; trying to stop a nucular detonation, while Rachel, quite the dudette, who accompanied by Aaron on her quest to “The Tower”; trying to “turn on the power”. Hmmm, sounding a bit Tolkeinish to you?. “Bash”, (Prez Monroe of the Monroe Republic) seems to be becoming quite the psycho. We’ll see.


“Deadliest Catch”. This year’s starting out a tad slow and it is seeming that the producers are hamming things up a bit to fill-in

the gaps. The “Junior/Keith” situation looked straight out of a grade-C movie. The Hanson’s “confrontation” with another boat, “poaching” their area turned out to be nothing. Not a nice thing to say but I can’t wait for the weather to get bad and the “action” be “action” over contrived “activity”.





Hey! They came back and played how they should have, Saturday. As was pointed out on Comcast’s SportsTalk Live, this seems to be their M.O. They’ll beat the Heat and whomever, then lose to Charlotte. Hopefully, This’ll get them to play with that intensity the rest of the series.


I LOVE Noah. Sorry, even though he’s playing well, Boozer’s too soft for moi. He plays the 4. That’s a physical; explosive position…about as far removed from “finesse” as a middle linebacker from a wideout. He has a beautiful fade away jumper but

attacks the basket with the intensity of a baby kitten that just lost her mitten.



Hope they haven’t lulled themselves to sleep what with The President’s Trophy a near-lock. Winning the regular season’s great. Fine! Neat! But it’s not worth a pile of three-day-old dog-poop if they don’t win the playoffs.


-DaBEARS. Tomorrow is the draft. Actually, it continues through the weekend. Each of our teams need help. It will be very interesting to see who they take and why. Both have needs. My guys follow the Best Player Available (BPA)- philosophy. Yours? Not sure, as it’s only EmeryBoard’s second draft and he seems to have taken up the Jerry Krause’ “Secret Agent X-9″ cloak and dagger.

There is one certainty. No matter who they wind up with…either team…hell, all the teams…will say that they “got their guys”. I’m wondering if mine’ll get Barkevious Mingo. Man, is that a handle or what? Could be a lotsa fun typing that name.



Well, boy howdy! They actually won a road game; in Cincy, no less; despite another blown opportunity by LaddyMarmolBad.


Well, he inherited a runner on second and allowed a ground-single to right by Joey Votto. So, technically, he did his job by getting Votto to hit the ball on the ground. Trouble was, it drove in the tying run, which led to the 10th; Barney’s homer and another succeeding run, giving them a 4-2 lead which Eric Gregg…yes THAT Eric Gregg…to get the save. Oh well.


So, our beloved BOHICUBS are now up to a blistering .314 W/L pace! You’re probably asking, “But Rats, what does that mean?” Patience my Nesters. Patience. At their super-nova-level of play, they are on pace to win…wait for it…51-games! Uh-huh. That means with 5-months and less-than-a-week left in the season, we need to brace ourselves for…again…wait for it…10-wins/month! With anywhere from 27 to 30 games scheduled each month, that means we’re in line to see – maybe – 2-1/2-wins/week!  And we thought they stunk when we were kids!


Here’s the thing. The reason my patience’s gone out the window isn’t just he losses but how they’ve lost. Many of us have played; coached or just watched sports. What we learn from that is, sometimes you win; sometimes you lose…good time Charlie’s got the blues. And, the better teams generally beat the lesser teams. But those lesser teams have to have enough grit, guts, cojones, whatever to force those better teams beat them…not beat themselves. It is the – seeming – constant misplays: a balk with a man on 3rd in the bottom of the 9th; not hitting behind the runner when he’s on 2nd after leading off an inning; taking the mound and tossing B/P; not making the play on routine grounders, fly balls, etc., etc., etc. They have played all of 19-games and have made enough boneheaded plays for two teams for a whole effin-season! Oh well.


DaSOX. Well, they do retain their tallest midget in the circus title with their mucho-robusto W/L % of .368, which translates to an awe-inspiring 59-wins in the same time-frame as the BOHICUBS. That’s not quite 11-games/month. I think I’m having a case of the vapors with this wealth of baseball excellence available to we ChiTowners!


Any wonder why ChiTown sports fans have more of an eye on the upcoming SFC-Draft; the Bulls and Hawks on this, the 24th of April?


OK, HaGooDay! and remember, as long as you can pick a flower instead of staring up at its roots, it’s a good day.



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