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Vodka Blamed For Russian Deaths. Ya Think?

Well, boy howdy if this ain’t a-somethin’! Right now, we’re ending the third, snowiest January in ChiTown…just 6.9-inches behind 1979′s 42.5, which helped to drive T-Bill out of ChiTown and off to the Bay Area. T-DaveK sent me an email so’s I could warn Bessie that she’d be a-workin’ this weekend. She knows. I already let ‘er know. All’s she asked was that I not bust anymore of her

shear-pins on her. I’ll try. russiandeaths


Here’s a FEEL-GOOD. The sun rose at 7:05 this morning and won’t set till 5:05 this evening. The days are beginning to get longer.


Thought I’d start things off with our cartoon, which some may think a rerun, which it is. But it’s a fave and besides, my nom-de-plume is in it. :-)  Enjoy.


Bugs Bunny – The unruly hare Cartoon 2013 




-So, it seems that northerners aren’t the only ones to visit their wrath on politicians when stuck in snow, as noted by recent news items about T-Buck’s state, Georgia. OK, they only got 2.6-inches of snow but they don’t get much snow there, so cut ‘em some slack. Haven’t heard if any Tea Party members were stuck and if so, if they thought any differently than anyone else. After all, according to them, guv’ment is what’s at fault…and only gawd can alter the climate.



-Sorry. I know…not FEEL-GOOD but I gotstasay this. The ChiTown Archdiocese has agreed to pay another man $3,500,000.00 to settle a sex-abuse claim based on Fr. Daniel McCormack. Here’s why this is being included. “The victim sued the archdiocese and Cardinal Francis George in 2010 alleging they failed to remove McCormack from access to children although they had knowledge that he had sexually abused minors.” Read that as Frankie not being able to say anything about this not happening on his watch, because it did.  Here’s a question. Anyone besides me wondering if these multi-million-dollar settlements have anything to do with that paucity of funds the Arch says it doesn’t have to keep struggling schools open? As I typted this, I did have a thought that these actions/non-actions, may have…and not the money. In either effect, it’s something to think about.


When’s Pope Francis gonna ixnay this ass-clown?




-”Congressman sorry for threatening a reporter”. OK, so this N’Yawk congressman tells a reporter, “”I’ll throw you of this effin’ balcony.” “I’ll break you like a little boy.” What’s there to apologize for? Oh! I get it. Cameras and tape were rolling. OK. Got it.


-”Police object to very few concealed carry applications”. Oh, frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!


-”Meatless at McDonald’s?” Yeah! Why? It seems some vegetarians are all hissy-fitted up that a chain of hamburger restaurants isn’t serving more veggie-meals. Yeah!  Here’s an idea for those 85,000-pettion-signing veggie-folks. Don’t go to McDonald’s.


-”Amanda Knox’s murder conviction upheld”. OK, am not getting into whether she was or wasn’t guilty. But if this isn’t an exemplar of why we have the double-jeopardy clause in our Constitution, I don’t know what is.


-”Air Force nuclear test cheating scandal expands”. Now 92 officers - up from an initial 34 – are implicated in cheating on their proficiency tests. OK, I used Cliff Notes but only to get through a literature exam or seven. But not on something like this.


-”Egypt arrests 11 for Facebook activity”. I’ll just leave that one there.


-”Vodka blamed for high death risk in Russian men”. Ya think?


-”Death penalty sought in Boston bombing”. I disagree. They should keep this basterd alive; subjecting him to the various wounds and pains those who lived through the bombing have to deal with each and every day. Death is too good for this little prick. Make him suffer the way he’s made other, truly-innocent, suufer.



-Much has been made of Barry’s statements that if Congress won’t act, he will. OK, there’s plenty of room on both sides of this but there’s one-facet of this worth noting. In all the hysteria on the Right about how he won’t “negotiate”. – By the way, their definition of negotiating is along the lines of, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?” there isn’t much any President can do with a recalcitrant Congress. Thus, Barry’s issued 168, so far; 147 in his first-term and 21 so far in his second.


Saw something in the paper the other day and decided to do some research. With all due respect to St. Ronnie, he the Man of the People; the greatest president since, well, EVER, issued…are you ready? 381; 213 during his first term and another 168 in his second! Does that 168 sound familiar? It should as that’s as many as Barry’s issued so far.


My point is this. People who live in glass-houses shouldn’t throw stones.


Ronnie was faced with an unfriendly Congress but nothing less than…nor maybe even comparable to…Barry’s.


By the way, you can look this up.


-Let’s see what we can see that’s happened on this date from, among other sources, in…


1606,   Guy Fawkes was drawn and quartered for attempting to blow up Parliament. The Deuce, he did! The only blowing up of anything in Parliament is reserved for Lords and MPs.


1620,   Virginia’s colonial leaders wrote to the Virginia Company in England asking for more orphans to work in their businesses. See? Apple and Nike are just following good old-fashioned  Yankee traditions, except they use Orientals or Pacific Isanders, not young English kids.


1911,   The German Reichstag exempted royal families from having to pay taxes. (They were their 1%-ers.)


1931,   Wearing #14 on his back but #1 in Cubs fans’ hearts, “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks was born.


1966,   U.S. warplanes resumed bombing North Vietnam after not having done so for 37-days.


1968,   The Tet Offensive began. Any connection?


1976,   Jacqueline Michelle Rzadzki was born.


2012,   DaBigFatWat retired from active-duty collections. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.






-”Revolution”. Wow! This show’s going into stuff I never saw coming. First, the pseudo-”patriots” but now even the “God Squad” is a target. Wonder how long this’ll last. I’m fine with it but hey, that’s me.


-”The Big Bang Theory”. Had several LOLs, especially with special guest star, James Earl Jones, camping it up along with a cameo by Carrie Fiascher. Sorry, guys, she’s in a robe, no bronze-bikini.


-Fluky scheduling? SyFy is showing “Hot Tub Time Machine” at 7-Central, while TCM has “The Time Machine” at 9, Central. Two real classics?


-Tuned into the 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame show on HBO for a few minutes and saw the induction of Albert Lee. Many may not know of him and may even confuse him with B.B. King. Nope. Different guys; different guitars; totally different styles. Perhaps if I quote a line or two from one of his tunes, you’ll recognize him.


“Born under a bad sign.

I been down since I began to crawl.


If it wasn’t for bad luck,

I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”


Bad luck and trouble.

Been my only friends.


I been down since I was ten.






-OK, it’s Sunday and I really don’t care. Let’s face it, the boys at the Socialist Football Collective really hafta be chewin’ their fingernails. I mean, Denver/Seattle? Who cares? There’s little to no interest in either team outside of their home environs, despite what all the TV-stations are trying to hype it up to.


I’d wager a dime that if it were not in Joisey, across the river from New Yawk, making it susceptible to the cold and crazy weather we’ve been experiencing around the country, few if any folks would care, as again, neither team has any kind of “national” following.


That said, I took Denver. Inasmuch as three of you are also in BFW Football, that’s all you’re gettin’ outta me.


My reasoning is simple. To me, it’s not Manning against the SchitBirds defense. Uh-uh. It’s Russell Wilson against Denver’s defense. But nice kid that he is; he’s not much more than a “game-manager” and in the Super Bowl, ya gotta be better ‘n that.

I say Denver, in a close one.



-Now here’s a major, FEEL-GOOD, for Bulls fans…me among them. I say this as during his first year, I thought they’d wasted a pick on him. To the contrary, he’s the hardest working guy on the floor. The Poodle and his handlers need to take a look and see what a real pro is. He’s gained this recognition despite the losses of Rose (The Poodle) due to injury and Luol Deng, to a trade.

He’s a keeper. Any dismantling they may need to do to make room for any A-level F/As has to exclude him. Get a decent 2 or 3 to run with The Poodle; amnesty Boozer and move Taj to 4 and they’ll be OK.


OK, my arse’s gettin’ sore, so will bid all y’all a fond farewell for January. We are now entering the nadir of Winter whence cabin fever runs amok, Feberwary.


Oh yeah. Have a Doc FeelGood appointment Monday, so my post’ll’s gonna be a tad later than the norm. (Didja get the play on “goin postal”?)


So, as much as we can’t see much of any plant life, let’s pretend we can look down at any of it and be glad that on any given day, if we’re not looking up at their roots, it’s a good one.


Have  great weekend. Hope your bet wins.








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