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Roger Ebert Dies… two thumbs down.

Howdy. Sorry. It’s been rather hectic, t’day and things have taken a tad longer than I had expected, so short ‘n’ sweet today.
Spent some time with moi’s old pals in collections while having moi’s car serviced. As nice as ’twas t’see ‘em, it’s just as nicer not to have to deal with the day-to-day BS they do. rogerebert
We seem to be on the cusp of warmer weather which is fine with moi. To those of you ChiTownLanders who do your own lawn-care, now is the time
to lay down your crabgrass preventer. Scott’s version is called “Turf-Builder + Halts”. Please note, if you had planned to do any kind of re-seeding, do not use this product. Moi’s turf-pro, (moi bro who grows it for a living on some outstanding golf courses), says to follow-up every 6-weeks. If it’s dry, you may need to do it every 4-weeks. Note, this is not rocket science. Fert + water + sun + good trimming = a beautiful lawn.
OK, let’s get to it.
-This is definiely not  a FEEL-GOOD item but necessary. As I’d mentioned more than once, recently, I truly admired him. To do what he did; on a regular basis; at such a high level is not easy. I recall once when NesterNick weighed in on one of the “lip-synch” controversies of some pop star, letting us all know how difficult singing while dancing is. I learned from those words. I can tell you that this little venture of moi’s t’ain’t easy, McGhee. It may only take y’all 20 – or so – minutes to read it, which is fine. But it can take me up to 3 to 4 hours to write/edit and post it. And, many times I’m not necessarily overjoyed with my work.
Ebert had a way of getting to his point creatively, sharply and directly without being condescending. In one of the tapes I saw last night, he said as a critic he feels he is a teacher, telling us why a film is good..or bad. He also said that as there is so much hype on TV and in the paper, folks focus on how well a film does at the box-office, instead of how well it is made and presented. This echoes something I was told in my freshman year of college…to be able to discern the difference between a “best-seller” and really, good literature/writing. All being a “best-seller” means is a wholelotta folks bought it. Or, just because Ford sells more Taurus than Mercedes does its 450 series doesn’t mean the Ford Taurus is a better car? No.
He’ll be missed.
-Tix for The Stones new tour go on sale Monday AM. That’s the FEEL-GOOD. Tthe “OR NOT SO?”, they range in price from $85.00 to $600.00.
Think I’ll get the CD as having seen them when they were babes in the bidniss as well as in their dodderingness just a few years ago, I’ll take a pass.
-”The Big Bang”. I don’t know how these writers get away with what they do but they do, from race to religion to sexism to whatever-ism. And, they do it in such a way that we are laughing all the way through.
-”Person of Interest”. Again, this show stretches credulity, though last night’s wasn’t quite so.   The addition of Sarah Shahi as “Shaw”, a petite-femme-version of John Reese could be a welcome improvement.
-”Hannibal”. Whoa, Nellie! I’ve always liked Mads Mikkelson and that hasn’t changed. While watching this TV-prequel to “The Silence of the Lambs”,
I never thought of Sir Anthony Hopkins, which is no mean feat. That is not meant to diminish Hugh Dancy’s Agsbergerite, FBI-Profiler, Will Clancy. Nor Laurence Fishburne’s FBI-agent, Jack Crawford. It took me a little while to pick up on Will’s “gift” which they deftly explained through Dr. Lecter. It was well-written; performed; paced and directed. The cast is first-rate, especially Mikkelson. The non-creepy-creepiness of his Dr. Lecter is scarrrry, keeds. I mean, rrrrrealllllyyy, scarrrrry.
This has replaced “Elementary” as 1st-time watching material, knocking Sherlock and Joan to DVR-status.
-Jurassic Park 3-D. It opens today at selected theaters. Have decided to see it next Tuesday, the good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise.
                                                                                         AND NOW…SPORT
-Yes, folks, at 2-1 our teams are each tied for the leads of their divisions. That’s the FEEL-GOOD. However, we are also seeing  B.O.H.I.C.A-CUBS.
For those of y’all unfamilar with the above-captioned acronym, it stands for: “Bend Over, Here It Comes Again”, BOHICA:. I refer to LaddyMarmolbad. Permit me to ‘splain. I tuned in yesterday’s game right at the time that Schierholtz launched his 2-run dinger in the top fo the 9th to give them a 3-0 lead. Opie and J.D. both said how much better it is to go into the bottom of the 9th 3-0, than 1-0. Uh-huh. Especially when they announced that Marmol was coming in to close. Here’s the abreviated version: Hit; walk; hit, 1-run scores, 3-1; hit; 1-run scored, 3-2; K; 4-6-3-DP, Cubs win.Really, let’s go with FuhciKuchi; keep Marmolbad for mop-up duty and move forward. No, I don’t think they’ll achieve the Quest for Mediocrity we have set for them. That’s just a way to have some fun. However, when they’ve gotten three decently tossed games from their starters, those guys deserve to have as good of an effort to bring it home as they’d given to have gotten the game to where they had. I just don’t see it with CarmelMarmol.
That said, going into Atlanta, they’re +1 on their Quest.
-Wouldn’tcha just know it.
A day after I praised Fidel for NOT rushing on D, what does he go and do on a 1st & 3rd situation-grounder but rush it; boot-it and off went the Bucs to a win. Tuesday evening, Todd Hollandsworth said he was 95% of the way to being an elite SS but it’s that 5% that’s keeping him from it.
-Judging by some of the “D” I’ve seen from the Sox, their fans don’t have much to hang their hats on after Beckham. I saw two outfileders treat balls hit to them as if they’d get an STD by touching them.
Pitching ain’t been bad, though.
OK, got some stuff ta get done, so will wish y’all well. Today will be moi’s last invocation of Lewis Black and his thought that no matter how schitty things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox. I’ve read some things regarding blogs and usages of quotes, even when cited, which may involve copyrights and/or trademarks. Accordgingly, from now on, it’ll be the old, “HaGooDay!”. That’s moine.
Have a great and glorious weekend, Nesters!

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