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Good morning on this frezzin’azz 1-degree Feberwary 1st! Ya gotsa admit, when those comments about ChiTown’s weather not staying the same very long, there’s reasons for em. It was 63, Tuesday…it’s fuggin’ 1!, today! And while I know some don’t put much stock into “wind chill factors”, the difference from no wind to walking in to it, as I did this AM is, well, screw whoever says it isn’t!

OK, lets see what we can see, though anyone who’s watched the news lately will tellya, not a whole lotta “FEEL-GOOD” out there. dafuqread

Today’s S-T has a headline which reads: “Mayor: Find inefficiencies before socking taxpayers”. One might ask what he’s been doing the past two years. I still see City trucks with drivers sitting in them with 1, 2 or 3 workers along with him. Just think of how much THAT inefficiency of having someone warming his heinie in the truck cab instead of being part of the crew amounts to!

It’s a major major FEEL-GOOD for Steven Robbins, convicted murderer who was serving a 60-year sentence in Indiana but was mistakenly released from Cook County jail yesterday. According to the news article, this occurred as, “…there was no paperwork indicating he should be held. And there was no indication jail staff helped him.” It goes on to say, “He walked out of Gate 5 (of the jail) and hasn’t been seen since”.

He was in ChiTown from Indiana, (where he was serving his sentence), as he had to appear here on an Illinois charge.

This will not go down as one of Cook County’s finest hours. Steven Robbins, on the other hand, is free as a bird. Too bad for him, it’s the coldest weather we’ve had for a long time. Oh well.


Saw this yesterday and while not really FEELY-GOODY, will forget if I don’t mention it. It had to do with Barry & Co., keeping the immigration anf gun control issues alive in oredr to beat DaGOPers in the ’14 House and Senate elections. Please note, I am not saying they would; nor should do this. It comes down to their slow-playing DaGOPers on the issue. Yes, Barry says this is his utmost, important goal. Uh-huh. He also is the de facto head of his party and if he wants to keep it from going the way of the ClintonEra Dems, he needsta do sumpin’.

So, here’s the idea. DaDEMS slow-play it. By that I mean they take a page for DaGOPers by standing and holding their ground; being highly principled in their stance on “comprehensive, immigration reform” and “realistic gun control”. Folks, that’s gonna take a long, long, time. But all they need is for it to go till next January, when the primaries begin. Why might it work? Well, so far, there have been many GOPers who have made really snotty remarks about Latinos and their fellow undocumenteds; quite a few in writing, no less. All DaDEMS need do is stand fast and say they will not cave to those who would do less. They come out seeming good-hearted and helpful; their counterparts, hard-hearted and nasty. As far as gun controol is concerned, showing how many GOPers are in the NRA’s pocket, alongside Newtown? Think about that. Running the testimony of the Senate hearing from the other day? It could be devastating. It’s already happening over J-Cubed’s seat with Debbie Halvorsen and the NRA. And she’s a Democrat!

Would they/Should they? That’s a point to debate. Could they? Yes, they could. T’ain’t nice but still. Also, would this give them the net-15 seats they’d need to take over the House? Probably not but it lays the groundwork for that in ’16. In the Senate, they could, substantially, increase their lead, too.

If this happens, you read it here.


Felt a tad under the weather last night and went to bed early. Sorry, nothing on what was on the Tube last night.


There’s a new film out starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, “:Stand Up Guys”. When I saw the pic in t’day’s S-T, I said to DQN, “Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin and Al Pacino? What else do you need to know?” Here’s the the second sentence of Ebert’s review: “The notice of a screening came around, I read the names Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, and it didn’t matter in a way what the movie was about – although it didn’t hurt that it was a crime movie.” ‘Nuff said.

Oh yeah, he gave it 3-1/2 stars.


You know when an actor has “jumped the shark” when he repeatedly repeats himself in role after role after role. Such has become of Sylvester Stallone, not exactly a poor man’s Marlon Brando, tjhough I think he may think he is. Yes, “Rocky” was very good, as was “First Blood”, inasmuch as he, mostly, was silent in “First Blood” and it was an action flick. Otherwise, well, never mind.


I liked it but didn’t watch as much as I (probably) should have. It was inventive, quirky, well-written, witty, silly. So, why didn’t I? Can’t answer you other than I just didn’t. I’ll prbably do the rerun route.



Unlike the quirky Bill Murray flick, we don’t get “do-overs” until we get it right. That said, we are in February where we experience – the zenith, then nadir, then zenith again of………………………………………….AND NOW…SPORT


This sporting event has become more of a sideshow than Championship game. I recall once being told by a woman in her late 70-s how she was looking forward to the Super Bowl. When I said I had no idea she was a football fan, she said she wasn’t. She meant the “parties”. This week, I’ve seen IDon’tKnowHowManyWimmins on TV showing how they made sammiches out of dark rye bread to look like footballs, etc., etc., etc. Now I am not rippin’ on wimmins; just these as it was more tha obvious they didn’t the difference between a 1st-down and the coin toss.

Oh yeah, to top last year, we get Beyonce instead of Madonna. I know guys, this is what you set 5-hours of time aside for. Beyonce.

On the positive side, this should be the last of the adoration of Ray Lewis, who is pretty good but, sorry, while in the pic…maybe near the frame…he’s far from the best MLB ever.

DQN has the Ravens with 1 and the Niners with 8 in her squares-pool. Good numbers though better suited for the second half.

Lewis notwithstanding, am going with the Ravens’s Flacco’s experience over Kaepernick’s all of 9-games and the “read-option” which I guarantee will go the way of the dodo bird once SFC DCs get their “read” on it and decide to soundly thwack QBs who run it a few times a game. There are many reasons SFC teams don’t run those college-”option” plays. They are linebackers, safeties, among others. Oh yesajh, don’t forget the millions and millions of dollars SFC QBs get paid.

-THE NADIR: FEBRUARY. Has to be the worst month for sports, Hawks and Bulls, notwithstanding. By the way, tuned in to each game the other night. There’s a reason I don’t watch the Hawks…most times I do; they lose. Bulls are looking better and better. Never thought I’d'a said that a year ago. There may be something to the parise being given to Thibs.


Yes, folks. We get baseball again. As bad as I think DaFlubs’ll be, baseball is baseball. It’s the onset of Spring; followed by the warmth of Summer; followed by the beauty of September. Not too hot on October as Cubs fans don’t have many good memories of it.

The S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer has a nice article on Jim Hendry. That the Theocrats are running things is fine. However, he pointed out that their #1 prospect, Javier Baez, was a Hendry-draftee, as were Starlin Castro and Jeff Samardzjia. Also, a point is made that Brewski fave, “ThatStiffInLeft’s” contract was not – repeat, NOT – Hendry’s doing and I quote: “Business president Crane Kenney boasted privately about closing that deal at the time…”. That it was Trib execs being those who were responsible for, “…directly adding adding years and money to Alfonso Soriano’s eventual $136 million deal”; read that John McDonnough. The ensuing Zell regime then reversed course and the rest, as they say, is history. This is in no way meant as a paean on Hendry’s behalf, just as an explanation.


Bulls visit Brooklyn and the Hawks Vancouver, tonight. Would be nice to get a couple wins, t’night. Let’s hope so.

OK, time to go. Remember, no matter how schitty things may seem as Lewis Black tells us, “At least we won’t get smallpox today”.


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