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“Prison officials: Inmate doesn’t need sex change”.

Hi and good morning to you! It has been an eventful week here in DaNest, what with plantings; paintings and what not; much racing the rain, which began around 2:00 AM, this morning, AND, Mom’s Day, Sunday. ( so far about 1.5″ of rain at DaNest.)


Our backyard thermometer hit 90, yesterday, while Midway Airport recorded a 91 and O’Hare hit 88. HOW HOT WAS IT? Well, MBH came around to the shade-side of DaNest where I was staining the stairs…with wood stain, not other “stuff”…telling me I was too hot on DaNest’s south side. This from the person who has to have the highest-running thermostat on De Oit. Once we were finished; showered and had some supper, we sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful late-afternoon/early-evening.

Oh yeah. Did some shopping yesterday morning and on our way home, stopped off at Superdawg Drive-in…literally around the corner from where I worked for 33-years…for a couple Dawgs and their signature “bunch-tamale”. There are many great hot dog joints in ChiTown…”Hot Doug’s is another but he’s closing October 1st…each of which has its devotees…all of which are purveyors of “The Chicago Dog”…each with their own “twist” to one ingredient or other, save two: The DOG. So, if it’s Fluky’s or Wolffy’s or Demon Dogs AND celery salt. Wherever, any of you non-ChiTowners who enjoy a “red hot”,  make certain you stop by one of these joints and enjoy a “Chicago Dog”, when in town.
OK, let’s get started with this edition of FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY and our trip down memory lane via and and what’s happened on this date in…
1386,   The oldest diplomatic alliance which is till in force, The Treaty of Windsor, between Portugal and England was signed. Perhaps the “wine and cheese” treaty…Port from Portugal and Cheddar from Jolly Old Englande.
1502,   Chris Columbus set sail on his third and final voyage to The New World. Why wouldn’t he want to return? Fundamentalist Christians?
1671,   Anglo-Irishman, Col. Thomas Blood attempted to steal The Crown Jewels from the Tower of London at which he failed but was ultimately pardoned by King Charles.
1754,   The first “editorial cartoon”, “Join or Die”, which featured a disjointed-snake, each part representing a state, was published.
1864,   Union General John Sedgwick was shot and killed by a Confederate sharpshooter, with his last words, suuposedly, being: “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist….”.
1899,   Just a few days before Mothers Day, the lawnmower was invented. No doubt to avert the ire for the invention had they intro’d it just a few days before Fathers Day.
1908,   Dirk Fock became the Governor of Suriname. “What the fock, Dirk??!?!?!?!?
1915,   The Germans and French fought at The Battle of Artois. “STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
1945,   UberNazi, Hermann Goerring was arrested by the U.S. Amy. Valorous as he was, he ate a cyanide capsule when he realized his, “I vas uhnly following orders”, defense went the way of a speck of dust in a hurricane.
1961,   FCC Chairman, Newton Minow descriobed TV as a “vast wasteland”.
1962,   The Beatles signed their first record contract with Brit-disc company, EMI.
1971,   The Friends of the Earth “returned” 1500, “non-returnable” bottles to Schweppes. Way to go, guys!
1974,   Congress began impeachment hearings on Trick M. Nixon.
1989,   Mr. “I think you meant, p-o-t-a-t-o-e”, V.P. J. Danforth Quayle, in a speech to the United Negro College Fund, said, “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind”, instead of the mottoe of the fund, which is: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Potato – potatoe.
As it is FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, POPPA-OO-MOW, MOW!, AND it is Mothers Day weekend, I’m going to stray a bit on our “Headlines” segment and just pop in a couple which may better fit the spirit of “Feelin’ Good…like we knew we should.”
“City: Cancel Cannabis Concert”. BUMMER! The city of Denver is not supporting a series of pot-themed fund-raisers, which are strictly BYOC…”bring your own cannabis”. Are we now to get into nerdiness on grass, hemp, ganja, weed, pot, Mary Jane, etc. and call it cannabis?
I have some titles for these concerts. “Purple Haze”; “Eight Miles High”. You?
“Syphilis rate up.” Not feel good but quite Herod-like, no?
“Prison officials: Inmate doesn’t need sex change”. Really?
“Tourists will line up to ‘Tilt!” atop Hancock”. It is one thing to take an elevator ride up 94-stories to gaze out from the observation deck at the Hancock Center; what with Lake Michigan; Indiana; Michigan; Wisconsin and parts west, all visible on a clear day. However, stepping to the edge of the deck, on to an outward-tilting deck, which “tilts” away from the building some 30-degrees; giving the participants the feel of hanging Nik Wallenda-like; out over ChiTown’s “Mag Mile” and “Gold Coast”…for about 30-seconds…for a mere $5.00…not bad.
44-years ago, MBH’s aunt was one of the first residents of the Hancock Center, with a southeast-facing apartment on the Center’s 67th floor. While visiting, I had a couple “interesting” experiences. Having the need to “relieve”, as I stood above it, I noticed the water in the toilet bowl sloshing about from side-to-side.  Hmmmm.
Later, as I watched a plane take off from the erstwhile, Meigs Airport, I was able to read its wing-numbers as they appeared on the ‘top” of its wings.
                                                                          DUCK SEASON
-Didja hear their’s gonna be an Atheist’s TV Network? Uh-huh. Probly gonna be a lotta godlessness in its programming. Oh, dear! What shall we do? Well, the same as those who don’t care for the “godly” films and TV shows…if it bothers ya…don’t watch. Wonder what “Focus On The Family” will have to say about this.
Have DVR’d most of our shows; many of which are “season-enders”, other than “NCIS”, ”CSI” and “Revolution”.
“NCIS”. Am beginning to be able to “cypher” the plots of this show way too easily. Will still watch it but the writers need to get less predictable for next season. Its season-finale is next Tuesday.
“CSI” In its season-finale, it seemed to drop back to its “Murder, She Wrote” shortcomings.  I know. It’s been on for like EVER. Still, a plotline is a plotline, which leaves us to the writers…again.
“Revolution”. So, what’s this? Miles got a conscience? OK. And, has A-Aron figured out “The Nano”? Not hardly…maybe. How long is the worst flip-flopper EVER, Tom Neville, going to remain pledged to his born-again-allegiance to Bass? Some will be answered next week; others, next season.
-Don’t Eat Low-Fat/No-Fat Foods without reading the labels. A Watette has been telling us this about many things. This was on the news the other day. Much like “Lite beers”, when one thing is removed; another is added to make it taste good.
Such is the case with many Low-fat/No-fat foods…not all but enough…that many will increase the carb or sugar or sodium content to offset the loss of flavor from removing the fat from foods. Unless one takes part in regular, strenuous, physical activity, a lotsa carbs are not a good thing, neither.
You have been caveated.
-Moms, you get to take it easy…as you should all the time. We all know that’s not gonna happen but this is your time. Take it.
This is a time for us all to remember our Moms; those who are here and those who are not. Moms are there when Dads aren’t. They’re the ones who put a “Band-aid” on our “owies”; let us know a tad more gently than Dad, that we’d better get it in gear or there’d be hell to pay; took care of us when we were sick; rejoiced with us in our successes and commiserated when we were not.
In January, 1965, I was in the hospital with a case of mononucleosis…yes, the “kissing disease”. At that time, the food that was served in hospitals made today’s seem like a seven-course dinner at a 5-star restaurant. I was a young man and craved some “real” food. On a Friday night, my Mom came to visit me. She brought along an old,  3#-peanut butter jar filled with spaghetti with meat sauce…AND…whatever the largest bag of Fritos was at the time. That may be why I’m where I am weight-wise but that was 50+-years ago and I still recall it fondly.
Take care of your Moms this weekend, folks. They deserve it.
                                                                 AND NOW…SPORT
“With the 14th pick in the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears have chosen CB, Kyle Fuller.”
What to make of this? So far, it seems here are more Bears fans calling the SCORE with negative reaction to the pick…not the kid…just that there were others many Bears fans wanted. One was Joe’s Yets! getting Safety, Calvin Prior at 18 and my Packehs then able to get Safety, HaHa Clinton Dix at 21. These were two guys who from my reading, were very highly valued across the Collective.
A few thoughts on Round-1…
-Phil and the Emery Boards and his “smartest-guy-in-the-room” better be right. Why? Well, when his pick makes Packehs fans happy, that should be enough. But, hearing his name being mentioned as a great special teams-guy
must give one pause. I mean, your 1st pick and you’re special teams coordinator’s raving about him? Maybe a 4th-rounder but 1st? Uh-uh. In case anyone has forgotten, It was the Bears’ safeties who were the weak links in their secondary, last year…e.g., “4th and 8; 48-seconds left”…Rodgers…Cobb…Touchdown”.
Joe’s Yets! seem to have shaken their lethargy from ’12…the jettisoning of Mark Sanchez as their starting QB, playing large…they seem more in-it-to-win-it than in previous seasons. Pryor should do nothing but bolster an already stout-defense.
Joe, your “Thank you” note should be sent to:
Phil Emery
Halas Hall
1920 Football Drive
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Bill’s Niners took strong safety, Jimmy Ward with the 30th pick. Yet another safety taken after Phil.
My Packehs have been not even been ordinary in their secondary and “D” since losing Nick Collins before the ’11-season. Having him AND Woodson in the same secondary put their “D” in the top-10 during their Super Bowl season of 2010. Since then, their “D” has seemed as more a “braking” effort against other offenses; far too reliant on their offense. Dix is another ‘Bama grad, who if he takes after his predecessor from last year’s draft, Eddie Lacy, there should be smiles on Packehs-fans’ faces.
-The thing about the draft is, every kid taken was every team’s fave-choice; who will help them, yadda-yadda-yadda. In other words, it’s the SFC’s version of “Hope springs eternal”.
They all have: great length; ball skills; fantastic hips; unbelievable hands…almost sounds like a casting call for guys for an adult film, doesn’t it?
-The ChiSox won the war; three-outta-four after losing to DaFlubs, last night in front of a “crowd” of 21,075…the lowest EVER for a Cubs/Sox game.
As it is FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY, POPPA,OO-MOW-MOW, that’s about it on this. The Sox are now 18-17 whilst DaFlubs ”raised” theirs to 11-21!
Oh, to be Bill in the Bay Area and have one team, the Giants, at 21-13 and another, the A’s, at 20-15!
1961,   Orioles’ 1st-baseman, Jim Gentile hit two grand slams in one game vs the Twinkies.
1973,   For the second time in his career, Johnny Bench hit 3-homers off the Phillies’ Steve Carlton.
1984,   “The first eight-hour major league game, which started last night before being suspended in the 17th inning because of a curfew, finally comes to an end when Harold Baines homers with one out in the 25th inning, giving the White Sox a 7-6 victory over the Brewers. Tom Seaver, who will also start and pitch 8 1/3 innings in the nightcap, gets the win pitching one inning of relief.”
-DaHawks have a YUGE game t’night. Yes, they’re up 2-1 but a win tonight, gives them a 3-1 edge as opposed to being even with the Wild.
Joe’s Rangers are down 3-1. He knows how tough that is. No rip; just an observation.
Rene’s Ducks/Kings have the Kings up, 2-1.
-The TPC is underway and so far, Sawgrass seems to be playing a bit more like a Cook County Forest Preserve course than the mean muthaaaaa it’s been, previously. Martin Kaymer leads after carding a 63, yesterday! Sixty-Effin’-Three! In the 32-year history of the tourney, no one has ever scored under-30 (29 for Kaymer) on either nine!
But wait!  There’s more!
Besides Kaymer’s unbelievable round, there were 28 others in the 60s!
So much for that “5th Major” stuff, huh? We’ll see. The weather can change and they may battle to score par…or not.
OK , that’s about it for t’day. Have some stuff ta get done before the raindrops start all over again.
Take care. Happy Mothers Day to our Moms! And remember, any day we can look down at our plants instead of up at their roots, is a good one.

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