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Political Chickens Home to Roost

Good morrow on this pretty dang nice October morn. We had some showers of which we are/were in dire need. Hopefully, my grass will dry enough for me to cut it, though there’s a 50% chance of more precip. Oh well.


There’s quite a bit in the news, not all of which is FEEL-GOOD, and, being that there’ll be no Twacks on Monday as that is MBH’s natal day…a day on which her Medicare card becomes official…for which she has taken a personal day off school, thus will be home. Accordingly, we have plans, so…wait till next year…er, Tuesday for the nexy posting.


Let’s do some dumpster-diving into history and see whathappened yesterday ‘n’ today, shall we? SHERMAN! To the Wayback Machine!


Yesterday in…


1776,   To halt the depreciation of paper money, Congress borrowed $5,000.000.00, setting the stage for the first “debt-ceiling” fight looming in Congress, which eneded as quickly as it starte. Right?


1920,   The Decatur Staleys played their first football game, leading to Sta-Puf laundry additives and The Chicago Bears. You decide which.

1938,   ’50s rocker and composer of “Summertime Blues”, Eddie Cochrane, was born. Funny, but just about any and every version of that tune from original to cover(s) is good.


1941,   Chubby Checker was born. “Come on, Baby! Let’s do the Twist”.


1941,   Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet and, Mary Astor appeared in “The Maltese Falcon”, in which we first heard about, “…the stuff dreams are made of…” for the first time.


1954,   LeftyLoosieLunaticFringie, Al Sharpton was born.


1955,   The Mickey Mouse Club and Captain Kangaroo made their debuts. Sure do miss Mr. Green Jeans. You?


1995,   Just a few days after Johnny Cochrane’s birthday, the jury in the Orenthal James Simpson murder trial concluded the “…gloves did not fit”, so they did acquit.


2008,   T.A.R.P.  was enacted into law to stave off the looming financial crisis.


…and Today in…


1905,   Orville Wright makes the first flight which lasts longer than 30-minutes…leading to today’s “waiting at the gate” for hours. Thanks, Orville.


1940,   Hitler and Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass. Nothing going on here. Keep moving, folks.





Editorial Note…was not going to do this, today. Sorry.



-This may not be really all that FELL-GOODY, but it’s going on and by Tuesday, may be as relevant as “Yesterday’s Papers”, which Sir Mick and the Lads have told us are wanted by, “…nobody in the world…”.


Permit me to stipulate that I openly admit that I have a 10 to 15-degree list to port. Wait…as a former member of the U.S. Naval Air Reserve, let’s use 9-degrees, as that’s the angle of the flight deck on aircraft carriers. Using a clock face, think of 11:00 o’clock, which angularly-speaking is a far cry from 9:00 o’clock.

In my world, an idiot is an idiot and an asshole is an asshole. It doesn’t matter who they are…they are what they are. However, over the past 20-odd years, or so, there has been one group of politicians, who by their idiotic histrionics; jumpin’ up and down; spittin’ wooden nickels, screaming, “Look at us!” Look at us!”, have put themselves in a box from which they are finding little to no escape, finally. They allowed themselves to be overrun by righty-tighty extremists, religious-zealots; holier-than-thou idiots, which worked for awhile. But as they say, all good things come to an end. No, this is not good in the eyes of around 75% of the country, who are now quoting Fleetwod Mac’s “Oh well”, “Don’t ask me what I think of you. I might not give the answer you want me to”. Thing is, in their world, seriously afflicted with their brand of political-myopathy, they lost the ability to see the forest for the trees, or worse, the ability to sit down and have an open, honest discussion of their differences with their political-opposites. Sadly, they also seem to have become toadies for those who have become multi-millionaires by fomenting these so-called “crises”. I speak of Junkie-In-Chief, Lush Windbag, along with many, not all, of his peers on FAUX News.


OK, enough history. All y’all know this. It IS harvest time and they are now reaping what they sowed. Their “crusade” against BarryCare has foundered. Their leader, NoBallsNoBonerBoener, has said he won’t allow the country to default on the debt-ceiling, which comes up in less than 2-weeks. That’s like playing 7-card stud; having 4-5-6-7 showing; then showing his hole cards are a King; a 9 and a deuce, before making the final bet. Game over. You lose.


How bad is it? In Lynnn Sweet’s column in today’s S-T, former Speaker of the House, Illinoisan Dennis Hastert is quoted as having said, yesterday, that, “…’the Hastert Rule’ ‘never really existed’ and it was spawned during an offhand remark at a 2006 press conference where he was ‘speaking generally and philosophically’.”


That’s how bad it is! “The Hastert Rule” has been cited for YEARS! Yet, our esteemed, former Congressman/Speaker never said a peep about it. As we know, silence is acceptance. So, why would he now attempt to disavow/distance/disassociate/disentangle himself with something that’s known…possibly…worldwide? People don’t do that if they’re being associated with something that’s good. Moi’s guess is, as long as it seemed to do well for his party, he’d quietly accept the accolades for establishing this. But now that the GOP has stepped in shit with nowhere to wipe it but themselves, uh-uh…no way…that’s not his doing. Maybe. But what do they do? They cry, “The President must negotiate with us!” To which the reply should be…”After you clean the shit off your shoes; clothes and faces”. Why? Because there has never been enough to satisfy these wing-nuts. It’s easy to say these things in the abstract as my bacon’s not in the fire. (It was a year ago during the CTU strike. I know.) But for the sake of discussion, enough has to be enough. Dealing with these ass-clowns is like dealing with a bunch of bratty kids, who just push and push and push things to the breaking point. It seems we are there. These are the two, final paragraphs of today’s editorial in the S-T:

“GOP extremists fail to accept that much of their political leverage vanished long ago, starting with the passage of ObamaCare, its affirmation by the Supreme Court and the re-election of President Obama”.

“No one can fairly accuse Obama of trying to run the country by fiat. The same cannot be said about the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.”


This is no paean to DaDEMS. Not at all. That said, as their leader did in last year’s Presidential debates, saying, “Please proceed, Governor”; have adroitly pulled a Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner-like move; stepping aside from the edge of a cliff, allowing Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote to gleefully run off it.





Look, BarryCare’s far from perfect. Union leaders have said there’s stuff in it that needs tweaking to keep employers from using it to their employees’ detriment. OK! But sit down and work it out. These are called, ahem, amendments. Please don’t give me that “Barry won’t call me”, stuff. Fine, When he’s tried to do it, what’s it got him? Zip. Zero. Nada.


Medicare needs tweaking. Yes.


So does corporate-welfare.


Both sides need to sit down and be prepared to emerge without EVERYTHING their bases want!


-Toad Crude may have so many self-inflicted warts; his time may have come and gone in 9-months. Yes, Virgina, there just may be a Santy Claus.



-We have a Guber election coming in 13-months. Our incumbent has been about as effectively-ineffective as can be. Also, DaDems have The House and State Senate. Yet, just about nothing of any consequence has gotten done. Using moi’s criterion that if a party abdicates its position of leadership; it does not deserve to retain it, they do not deserve to remain.


I like GOPer, Dan Rutherford. He’s been our Treasurer and Zeus knows, we need someone who understands that. He’s from Logan Square, which would seem to say he knows what differentiates Illinois from Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin…ChiTown!

Trouble is, if I vote for him, can I trust him NOT to “snap-to” when the NatGOPers, i.e., Ayn Rand Paul and Co., come around? It’s said that Dems get married; GOPers get in line. See what I mean? Locally, Joe Walsh became a Congressman?!?!?!?!?!?

In other words, would he become a Tea Party Toady?


Please also recall this. When DaGOPers held all the cards under Lyin’George Ryan, they spent like drunken sailors to the extent that the state’s “rainy day fund” was depleted to $100,000.00. That’s like a Dad blowing his paycheck on booze and bets but says to his wife, “Don’t worry, honey. I still got $10.00.”



-”Catholic enrollment growth amid CPS turmoil”. What? You’re surprised?


-”Not even BYOB in ‘dry’ precincts?” If not, just what does “dry” mean, then?


-”Rahm: Work-rule changes snared Indy convention”. The ensuing article states how ChiTown surpassed Vegas as the 2nd-ranking convention site. “We’re #2!” We’re #2!” Feel free to make whatever double-entendre-connection.


-”Beanie Babies billionaire: ‘I am guilty’”…of crimes against Cubs fans who suffered the ignominy of their being used to promote attendance at Cubs games.


-”IT SHOULDN’T TAKE A BRIBE TO SELL ADM ON CHICAGO’S WINNING WAYS”. Wait a minute…they ARE from Decatur, y’know.





-”The Millers”. We may have a winner here.

All y’all have read in these spaces how moi wished they wouldn’t show the jokes in previews as in doing so, they lose some of their sting. Not this one. We damn near LOFAO! It stars Will Arnett as a recently-divorced TV “features reporter”, who after he breaks the news of said divorce…no spoiler alert needed; it’s been in the previews…his mother, played by Margo Martindale who’s a hoot-and-a-half; moves in with him after his dad, played by Beau Bridges, decides after being married to her for 43-years, in his words, it’s time for him to have some fun…so he moves in with Will’s sister, her husband and young daughter.


I won’t spoil the jokes for you. Unlike the other fam-sitcom on CBS, “Mom”, this one is funny.


-”Modern Family”.

Were watching this week’s and within seconds of my asking MBH if she thought we shouldn’t record it as it wasn’t “that” funny, we damn near pissed our pants laughing. It had subtlety and slapstick; each of which worked. T’ain’t easy ta do that, McGhee.


-”The Big Bang”

Were hoping Raj ‘n’ Lucy’d get back together but it doesn’t seem so…at least not yet. Last night featured some couples-swapping…nothing dirty…with some hilarious results.


-”The Crazy Ones”. Here’s the problem. It stars Robin Williams but is a David Kelley production, which doesn’t quite seem to know where it’s going. Comedy? Tragedy? Seriosity?

That said, it’s about the greatest commercial for ChiTown…EVER! Our town looks fan-effin’-tastic on camera. If the show lasts, I would not be surprised  to see tourism will increase.



As we are both fans of Sherlock, we like this show. MBH has gotten over “Joan” Watson over “John” Watson. Minds above your belt-buckles, boys.




Richard Roeper gives this Clooney/Bullock vehicle 3-1/2 stars. ‘GN’s Dean Ricahrds says it’s the best film he’s seen this year.

The Trib gives it 3-1/2 stars. This appears to be one of those films which – at the least – needs to be seen in the IMAX format.

We’ll be seeing it soon. You can count on a review.





-From now on, I’m just using this acronym instead of BOHICUBS as that might be confusing.

Let’s get this over with as it IS FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY. It’s now being reported that the YankMes have not given Joe Girardi permission to talk to the Cubs until his contract ends on Halloween. OK. Problem is, that’s given the local sports scribes time to do what they do best…play, “What if?”, as in “What if Girardi isn’t available…for whatever reason?


Fear not. Names such as Sandy Alomar, Jr. and AJ Hinch are being mentioned. Yep. Me, too. If this isn’t a win-win-win situation, I don’t know what is. By the way, as an MLB manager, Hinch was 89-123. Fear not…Sabermetricians probably have some kind of stats to show us why a .419  W/L% is not really bad. Obviously, it IS better than Swami’s .407.



-Bears will have their hands full with the Saints coming to town. It’s not a “must” game as my Packehs have but it’s important, nonetheless. If the Pack wins; they’re 2-2. DaBears are 3-1; add a win and it’s 4-1; lose and they’re 3-2. Same goes for DaLoins, who visit Green Bay.


Also, they need to shake off last week’s game, as many local scribes had been waiting for that shoe to fall. Now that it has; they’ll be held to much tighter scrutiny if the other drops.


As mentioned the other day, I took N.O. It’s no slap at DaBears. They’re 4-0 and none of their wins were questionable. They have one of the best QBs in the SFC in Brees, who has one of the best TEs in Graham; who will need to be covered by DaBears secondary. Speaking of which, Peanut’s still hurt. Folks, I watched my Pack rely on Charles Woodson even when he was past his prime. He was still better than many but he was NOT what he had once been. Age and injuries took their toll. If they had a lock-down CB, maybe sliding Peanut to safety would strengthen them, while prolonging his career.


Some very nice items about MarkyMarc’s connections to Sean Payton and the Saints. Well worth the read(s).


-My Packehs are coming off their BYE. They’re at home; rested and – hopefully – have done a retrofit where needed, i.e., returning kicks/punts and their secondary.


They seem to have re-instilled into their O-Line how to run block, effectively. I say “re-instill”, as these guys had to do it in college. They’re -7 faves. I hope so. THIS is a MUST game. See above. They lose; they’re 1-3 to Detroyit’s 4-1 and if DaBears win, their 4-1. In a 16-game season, that’s almost assured failure to reach the playoffs.


Bill’s Niners host the Texicans. It’ll be interesting to see how Matt Schaub plays after giving last week’s game to the SheHawks. Not a MUST for Texicans but need to win to keep pace with 3-1 Indy and Tuxedoes.


Joe’s Yets! visit the FalCoons, Monday night. This is a MUST” game for MattyPuddles, as a loss leaves he and his guys at 1-4!



-Host Tampa Bay, tomorrow night.



-RedTurds took the wind out o the Bucs’ sails after they’d won their play-in game, 9-1 in St. Lousy.


-Rene’s Doyers lit up Los Bravos, 6-1.


-Red Sox host Tampa. Hope Bosox win. Why? Hopefully that will make ChiTown’s sports-media keep the pressure on Theo

if his old team wins…without him and his “formula” to succeed.


-A’s @ Tigers. Moneyball vs money team. I’ll take the latter.



-Yep. Uh-huh. The Northwestern Wildcats (16) host The Ohio State University Buckeyes (4), tomorrow night @ 7PM, Central. It’ll be on CH 7, locally. Consult your local listings, elsewhere.



-”The Return of the Poodle” is right around the corner. More on he and they, next week.



-THE PRESIDENT’S CUP…aka…The USA against the World in golf is underway at Jack Niklaus’ Muirfield Village course in Dublin, Ohio.

U. S.A.!






OK, times about up.


Have some stuff to get done and it’s clouded up since I began, so hafta get going.


Have  great weekend!


Feel free to weigh-in on anything here.


Any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.



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