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Petraeus was dippin’ his wicky where ’twas hot ‘n’ sticky!

Good morrow on this first of several days/nights of luniness, in that we are experiencing a full moon. Again, our weatherfolk seem to have it wrong as it’s hardly “sunny”…more of a battleship grey, I’d say. At least we’re in the 40s this week; heading towards the 50s, which are the norm at this time of year. Heard SkillfulTom Skilling remark, yesterday, that March is 8-odd degress colder than this past December. Talk about vicey-versey! That said,  today the  sun rose at 6:42, with sunset not till 7:42. Our days are creeping evermore towards daylight, which is fine with moi.

OK, let’s get to it..

Bend Over America

Bend Over America



1512, Ponce De Leon discovered Florida.

1884, the first long distance call was made.

1899, the first internationalk radio transmission occurred.





-OK, fine. He apologized for dippin’ his wicky where ’twas hot ‘n’ sticky, whilst in Afghanistan. Why? Is he eyeing a run for pubic…oops, I meant public…office in the near future? Before his candlemaking escapade, he was the DAHLING of the RIGHT. He was their F-100 SuperSavior! So, if he decides to run, will he be viewed by his former supporters with the vile enmity they had for SlickWilly? After all, here he was an extremely powerful man. So powerful, as he DCIA, he had the power of life and death. That’s purty-dang-powerful. But while he was in the midst of the Afghan War in the Afghan War zone, he was a-gettin’ it on, dude! Not unlike a cretain former-Prez. So, the other question – and perhaps more telling – is this. Will the RightyTighties ignore this sordid episode of his life and pull a Palm Sunday-like parade, shouting hosannahs to the skies as he rides back into town on his ass;while welcoming his return? Just askin’.



-There’s an item in t-day’s Yahoo! with the following: “WASHINGTON (AP) — A new study finds that insurance companies will have to pay out an average of 32 percent more for medical claims under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. What does that mean for you? It could increase premiums for at least some Americans. If you are uninsured, or you buy your policy directly from an insurance company, you should pay attention. But if you have an employer plan, like most workers and their families, odds are you don’t have much to worry about. The estimates from the Society of Actuaries could turn into a political headache for the Obama administration at a time when much of the country remains skeptical of the Affordable Care Act.The administration is questioning the study, saying it doesn’t give a full picture — and costs will go down.”


There’s more. You can look it up.


Moi’s question is this. Had there been a modicum of cooperation in bringing this matter to law, would there even be such concerns? Really. If they all…repeay, all…had put their heads together instead of making this such a pitched battle…could it be better?


By the way, we the people of the United States of America have the most expensive medical system in the world. A one-day stay in a hospital avreages out to $2400.00/day, ehere. The next closest is New Zealns, where it is $1500.00/day…it drops, precipittouisly from there, folks. Ike warned us abouit the “:miliraty/.industrial complex”. Maybe he shoulda mentioned the “medical/industrial complex”, too.




-I watched the MSNBC special, “Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War”, last week. It ripped a few scabs off some still-healing wounds. What really irked me was not the behavior of Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, et al, war heroes all? (see this link: Oh, that did. Their lie-upon-lie-upon-misrepresentation will always be there. No, what really pissed me off was the 4th estate. The- alleged – free press. They fell for the lie-upon-lie-upon-misrepresentation, hook, line and sinker. Some of you may recall moi’s questioning as to why just about everything written which cast doubt or outrightly debunked what they said was relegated to, oh, page 13, while the headline/front page items were all warm and fuzzy about the run-up to the war…10-years ago.


The press is supposed to be “free”, so they don’t fall for the bile-infused-BS which spews forth from the mouths of politicans. They’re supposed to be the skeptical ones. Ask yourself this. How many times did any of you hear something like this: “But Mr. President…”. Or, after a non-responsive-response, where were the hard, follow-up questions? I’ve heard more posed to Barry on any number of things than I did with Stub. I say that with conviction as, honestly, I cannot recall any…repeat, any…being asked of Stub.


4400+ dead Americans; 100,000+ dead Iraqis; 32,000+ wounded Americans, amongst which over 600 are amputees. Oh yeah, a TRILLION FRACKIN’ DOLLARS! in cost. Well, hey, we haD Cheney’s promise of our being greeted and treated as “liberators” and Wolfy’s assurance that we’d be paid back that $1,000,000,000,000.00 by the Iraqis in oil. Uh-huh. Oh yeah, CUZ when they had the chance, they – the Iraqis – told us ta get the helloutta Dodge and not toi let the door hit us where the good lord splitus. Oh yeah. This was the Right thing to do.


There is one other thing. Many of those who voted for this exercise in futility, Dems and Gopers, alike, are still in office. On DaDemside, the most recent and current SecStates. On DaGopers, their most recent, Veep-candiate, who is also an alleged “deficit-hawk” who was rather dovish in that while voting for funding this. Almost forgot that his running mate still referred to it as the “liberation” of Iraq, last week at the CPAC…and received applause. Go figure



-As I was at the movies and was watching previews of heroically-themed films…especially Superman. I had the thought that this may be why I am so goddam cynical. As a kid, I grew up with “The Adventures of Superman”…”faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; able mo leap buildings in a single bound”, all the while standing for, “…truth, justice and the American way”. Even the anti-heroes of the films of the late 50s and 60s, were imbued with a sense of righteousness…if one were stronger; that one should help the weaker against others who’d take unfair advantage of them. Not unlike Jesus…risking/giving their lives so others not suffer. Perhaps not Jesus but more as not being the aggressors but if/when provoked, brought retribution on those who deserved it.


Unfortunately, such is not always the case in the real-world. Those who’d been put in such positions had often abdicated their responsibilities, some actually becoming the wrongdoers, i.e., some Catholic priests; politicians more concerned with re-election than doing the right thing(s); spouses/lovers/parents acting less than spouses/lovers/parents. You get the meaning.


I believe this is why I get so amped with “hero” films as they depict those while occasionally being flawed, when the chips are down, do the right thing. Or, as Albert Lee was said, “I’d love to change the world but I don’t know what to do. So I’ll leave it up to you.”




-So far; so good. Monday’s return-episode mustabeen written with moi’s concerns in mind as – finally – the story has begun. Yes, there’s still some exposition but the plot(s) have begun. It did stretch credulity a bit. I was ‘splainin’ ta TCLR that any Huey armed with dual, mini-guns vs M16s, wins. That’s sans the M60s  and rocket launchers they also carried. I’ll assign that to the “good guy never runs out of bullets” mystique.


Rachel’s beginning to grate on moi’s nerves. Yes, Miles is a basterd but so is she. After all, the whole problem began with she and her cadre of do-gooders who decided that shutting off all the power in the world was the right thing to do; that sending us back to the 18th or 19th-century was where we belonged. Her self-righteousness kinda galls moi. Why? Well, her husband and son were gunned down by The Militia. Why? Who caused all of that? Well, she was one of ‘em who caused the Miles and Bash Militia to even be thought of.


Anyway, it’s back and so far; so good.



-Saw this one with TCLR, yesterday, as I promised I’d her I’d do it. Saw it in IMAX 3-D, which was helpful, as, well, it’s a Disney film. Sorry, but moi’s experience with Disney is, generally, long on sizzle; short on steak. The CGI captivatingly, beautiful. While watching, moi thought they’d be even more so while UI, as in DUI, i.e. some extra-special ‘shrooms. James Franco’s “Oz”, is OK, but a far cry from Frank Morgan’s in the original. Yes, MGM owns those rights, so Diz haddabe careful of copyright infingement. Will say this, the witches as portrayed by Mila Kunis, Rachel Wiesz and Michelle Williams helped to hold the males in the audience’s interest…until, well, you know, a couple go all “withchey-poo”.


I don’t see where waiting for it to hit the DVD market or Premium Cable would be worthwhile, inasmuch as the story’s well, thin, at best and it’s the visuals that make the film.


-Earlier in the day, tuned in to Antenna TV, aka Channel 9.2, which is WGN’s digital, free oldies channel, which had a Matt Helm fest going. Matt Helm was a James Bond-themed American secret agent-soof of 007; portrayed by Dean Martin in the late-60s. In “The Wrecking Crew”, Matt had to deal with Tina Louise, Elke Sommer and Sharon Tate. How’s that fer a trifecta, boys? Add them to Mila, Michelle and Rachel and not too shabby of a day, eye-restingwise, eh guys? (I first heard term that in Boot Camp. There was a country-boy in Company 164 who experessed his disdain for the cold, barren, ugliness of Great Lakes Naval Training Center  as having, “…nothing to rest his eyes against…”.


I mentioned, again, to TCLR how much I like wimmins fashuns, etc., from the ’60s. She responded that I “…like the make-up…”. OK. Not arguing. I then mentioned that she had it…that ’60s look…that got moi a smile.


-Later, we took in “Body of Proof”, starring Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan (7 of 9, from Star Trek Voyager). Not to go dirty-old-man but that’s a pretty nice pair to end any guy’s viewing day. By the way, 7 of 9, was shown in her skivvies. Guys, there are 20-somethings who wish they looked as good as she at 45.



-When I saw the first ad for this, I thought, “Oh yeah. Like I’m gonna pay to see something I’ve seen, I don’t know, 20 times?” Well, yesterday, I saw the Coming Attraction for it…in 3-D…in IMAX…of the T-Rex Paddock scene where Rex first gets out. TOTALLY! PHUCQUIN’! COOL!

I am certain I will see this all by moi’s self as TCLR has no interest in seeing it at all. Less than I had in seeing “OZ”. They chose the right scene as it’s the best of the film. Moi made the mistake of not seeing it on the big-screen the first time. Gotstasay, YESTERDAY, my seat vibrated when Rex roared at the kids stuck in their Ford Escape. (That’s pretty good, huh? “Stuck” in a Ford “Escape”?). Opening soon at selected theaters near you in April.


But wait! There’s more!

In May, “Ironman 3″ and in June, “Man of Steel”. Must be seen, at the least, in IMAX. 3-D won’t hurt, neither…though not a necessity. It’s the BIG screen and sound of IMAX that makes it.


Go to Costco and buy the discounted tix; then add $5.50/ticket for IMAX & 3-D at AMC theaters and yer in bidness. Enjoy!



-You may recall Monday’s references to this “burger-joint” which opened last weekend in Portage Park. We went there yesterday and must say, it’s outstanding. Again, I am NOT a yuppie/foodie, nor is my better half. That said, there are cerain things a hambuger has to be in order to pass moi’s test. As many places do nowadays, they’re themed, and their theme is blues legend, Leadbelly. There are pix on the walls of rock ‘n’ roll legends with a flat-screen showing live-performances of various rockers. (Van Morrison was playing while we were there.) But, it’s the burgers. They’re outstanding! Homemade rolls; fresh cut fries; unbelievable condiments, (moi had the “Black Betty”, blue cheese; onion straws, etc., while TCLR had the “Leadbelly” , which is a basic cheeseburger). Y’all gotsaknow that TCLR doesn’t like burgers. Well, she’ll eat those which I make but won’t order them anywhere unless there is no alternative. She loved hers! They’re not cheap. $6.95 for the Leadbelly; $8.95 for Black Betty, with some higher. I’ve paid that much and more for a burger. Theirs are as good – or better - as any I have had at other locations.  Fries do not come with the sammiches, so you’ll hafta order them as side @ $1.95. They are worth it.


They also serve “adult milk shakes”, which are, well, milk shakes laced with various types of booze. They serve “craft” beers and sodas and they also give everyone a butter cookie with each sammich. They are deelish!


For those who don’t live a mere two-block stroll from them, it’s a bit off the beaten path at 5739 W. Irving Park, (two-doors west of Mango), but if you’re in the ‘hood, it’s worth a stop. One drawback is, they don’t open till 5PM, except on Sundays when they open at 11:00 and are closed Mondays. Their website, has a menu and all you’ll need to know.


Last thing, they have some cojones in that their location is 2 blocks from a Dairy Queen and a block-and-a-half from a McDonald’s.





-Hawks won, snapping a two-game losing skid.


-Flubs ‘n’ Sox are getting ready for Monday’s season openers.


-A mock draft shows DaBears (20th) taking Guard, Chance Warmack, from Alabama; moi’s Packehs (26th ) taking Guard, Johnathan Cooper, NC and Bill’s Niners (31st) taking Safety, Johnthan Cyprien.


NO! I did NOT misspell Jonathan/Jonathon! Those are as they appeared in the report and if spelled correctly (!?!?!?!?!?!?), that’s how their mommies named ‘em.


OK, gonna go now. My paper is late today…sing it Phil Collins!… so not a wholelotta “daily” stuff, t’day.


As it’s touch ‘n’ go for Friday as it is Good Friday. Yes, I do take the time to reflect on that day, as, well, it is a day of serious reflection. So, it all depends on what may happen in the news. If I’m not here, Happy Easter with all of its blessings to all of you.


Also, remember Lewis Balck’s Pollyanna-ish observation that no matter how bad things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox!





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