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Pepper’s a Packer?

pepperpackerAnd a “Good morrow” to all of you on this fairly balmy, St. Patrick’s Day. We may rub up against a sunny-35-degrees, which will allow MBH and one of DaWatettes and yerztruly to be out and about this mornin’ with one stop at Ray Harrington’s for some of their signature corned beef sandwiches. But until we leave…then return…then I finish this exercise in flustration…I’ll get started.


Ah! We have returned from our quest. Though significantly smaller than they usedtabe, those Ray Harrington corned beef and Rueben sammiches are still delish! They usedtabe down in Logan Square which is about as Irish, now, as Little Village. They moved to da et’nic nort’wes’ side about 15-years ago and we’ve been going there since. Anyway, let’s get going With t’day’s St. Paddy’s Day edition of DaTwacks, shall we?





As much of an anal-probing-exercise all those political ads are, they’ll be over after tomorrow but just for awhile. That said, the GOPerGuber Primary is tomorrow, as well as DaDems but the MightyQuinnie’s running — just about — unopposed. Here’s the thing. I will not be pulling a Republiucan ballot as there’s some local stuff where there’s a power grab going on among DaDems, with which I disagree. So, I’ll hafta ask for a Dem ballot, as I do not want this certain person to be re-elected. She barely beat her challenger the last time, so maybe we’ll get rid of her this time.


-Of The Four Horsemen of the GOPacolypse, they all support concealed-carry and only one, Dillard, opposed an assault-style

weapons ban. Guess the overcompensators just about have these guys bought and paid for.

-Only one, Rauner, agrees that the government should not be involved in a women’s abortion decision.

-Only one, Rauner, favors ChiTown having its own casino.

-All favor some form of vouchers or other for schools, private as well as public, though in varying-degrees.

-All but one, Rutherford, say they’ll let the “temporary” income tax hike expire next year. But, none have made any clear

statement as to how they will replace the $1.5 to $2.2-billion that will be lost when it ends. Call Midland,Tx and ask Dub how to

use his “Fuzzy Math”?

-Only two, Brady and Dillard, oppose taxing retirement income.

-All oppose a graduated income tax.

-Only one, Rauner, did not oppose same-sex marriage in some way or other.


One of them will face off against Quinn in November and that’s gonna get really ugly. Our state faces many problems, most of which occurred with DaDEMs and three of these guys who had been in Springfield and a long time before then.


I do know this. I’ve had it with giving any politicians a “break” when they’ve screwed-the-pooch, repeatedly but when the bill comes due, they turn to you and me to pay for it. Uh-uh.


In other words, like it or not, in November we will have Lewis Black’s proverbial, two-bowls of schitt presented to us and all we’ll have to do is decide which one disgusts us less.


See why I waited till today instead of FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY?




We’ll start today with one form my fave-blog-guy, QT:

“Trickle-On Economics Update: Bonuses on Wall Street last year totaled more than all the pay to all the Americans making the minimum wage.”

FYI…there are 3.6 million Americans who are receiving the Fed-mandated minimum-wage or lower. 1.6 million of whom are “at level”, while 2-million are below. Wait! I got it! If the minimum-wage is raised then the 1%ers may not be able to amass enough $$$ to keep up with that new rate.


“Obama tells Putin: We’ll ‘never’ recognize vote”. This in respect to the — alleged — 95% “Yes” vote cast by Crimeans to rejoin Russia. The last time the Commies tried something like this was in Gdansk, Poland when Lech Walesa and his friends started the “Solidarnosc” movement. What did we do then? Well, our president did not launch military strikes as, well, it would not have made sense. And there wasn’t anything much he could do, so he condemned them through a conversation with Pope John Paul II, stating that they both knew the Ruckin’ Fussians were behind the crackdown and implementation of martial-law and other strong words but otherwise, there wasn’t much else done. That President was Ronald Reagan. He did sign a Presidential Proclamation condemning the acts, though.




First, the Bad:


“Ice-melting warning”. “The Greenland ice sheet is no longer stable” and “…sea levels will probably rise”.


“16 die in jobs stampede”. This occurred when, “…hundreds of thousands of applicants showed up for 5000 government jobs” in Nigeria. Nigerian GovSpokesmodel,  Abba Moro said the dea were responsible as the applicants, ahem, “…lost their lives through their impatience”. Ok, now ask yerself this, would you want to work for that ash-hole?



Now for the Good:


“Al-Qaida operatives blow themselves up”. Seems they were outfitting a car bomb when it blew them up. I assume this needs no explanation.


“Anti-gay protestor ailing”. Remember that hate-group of racist-white muthafujas who’d appear at funerals of GIs saying they died because we allow gays rights? Well their leader, the, ahem, “Rev.” Fred Phelps is dying. How to say this? Hmmm. For all the extra grief he caused the families of those GIs; and any LGBT folks…whatever…one can only hope that this end of his is as long and difficult as he and his idiot-family had made things for those folks.


ALMANACALLY SPEAKIN’…we’re gonna take a look at yesterday ‘n’ t’day as there’s stuff worth reviewin’. So, to the Wayback Machine and let’s see what happened yesterday according to in…


37AD,   The Emperor Tiberius died. So much for “his” being a god, huh?


1190,   The Crusades began a massacre of Jews in York, England. Maybe they mistook them for Saracens?


1850,   Much to the chagrin of holier-than-thou-Puritans, Nathaniel Hawthorne published “The Scarlet Letter”.


1935,   In violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Adolph Hitler ordered a rearmament program for Germany.


1939,   A mere 4-yeras later, Germany completed its occupation of Czechoslovakia. Nothing to see here…either year. Nothing going on. Keep movin’ folks. Keep movin’.


1968,   The Vietnamese village massacre by US troops at Mi Lai occurred. Maybe they thought they were ChiComs?


…and today in…


389,     St. Patrick was born to chase the snakes outta Ireland.


1914,   Russia increased its active-duty military to 1,700,000 from 460,000. Planning ahead for Crimea 100-years early?


1930,   Al Capone was released from jail a completely rehabilitated man. Uh-huh. Yessiree!


1942,   Nazis began deporting Jews to the “work” camp at Belsen. Again, nothing to see here. Keep moving. Keep moving.


1961,   Sensing a “need” for them, the US increased the military aid and technicians it was sending to Laos. What could possibly have gone wrong with that


1962,   The Ruckin’ Fusskies asked us to leave Vietnam. Like we asked them to leave Crimea.


1970,   The Army charged 14 officers with suppression of the facts in the Mi Lai massacre. That could NOT have happened, could it?


1972,   Nixon asked Congress to end busing to achieve desegregation.




-T-Scott and his longtime-partner, John, were married over this past weekend. Scott is an old and dear friend of T-John’s and mine. He’s a great guy and its about time he’s able to be happy for being, well, himself. We all met at NAS GlenZoo, as we called it some 40-odd years or so ago. Take care, guys and again, Congrats!



“True Detective”. Well, we finally watched the final episode and a certain someone had a pretty good guess as to whom the killer was. I am not going into much detail as I know of at least one of you who have said you now want to watch it.


A few words on the story. This was about as well-done as I’ve seen on the tube. For the novitiates who are about to embark into the eerie, strange, twisted, tormented world of “The Carcosa”, pay attention to everything. Everything comes together through what seems at first as some Daedelian-designed-labyrinth of a plot and sub-plots. This is and was excellent story-telling. It’s challenging while at the same time, riveting and in the end, rewarding. We get three-weeks off and then “Game of Thrones” returns on April 6th.


“Believe”. Began watching this before we left for Vegas. Immediately struck me as something put together by a Stephen King fan, as the little girl is Drew Barrymore in “Firestarter” and her dad, a bad-assed, Andy DuFresne from Shawshank, imprisoned on trumped up murder charges. Watched episode-2, last night and have to say, it’s already out over its skis…at least for me it is.


“Intelligence”. Remember when we were kids and it didn’t matter what channel you tuned in to, you’d see a western? We had “Johnny Your Mom was a Rebel”. That’s for a certain-T. ;-); “Wanted Dead or Alive”, Josh Randle; “The Texan” with Rory Calhoun; “Johnny Ringo”; “Gunsmoke”; ” Have Gun Will Travel”. You get it.

Well, now it seems that every week we have several shows where some nasty-assed bad-dudes are hell-for-leather to take over Amurca or do us some harm which will most assuredly occur unless Jethro Gibbs, Gabriel, the NCIS/LA crew; Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.”, Red & Co., from “TheBlacklist”, (which is quite good by the way), etc., etc., etc, don’t save the day. Trouble is, it’s getting so that the stories are beginning to blur. For example, last week, United States Cyber Command was over-run by Chinese cyber-criminals. They hacked into everything, yadda-yadda-yadda.


“Revolution”. We still have to watch last week’s as well as “Person of Interest”. More on these Wednesday.


THE BIG SCREEN. We will definitely be heading out next week sometime to see “Divergent” as MBH read all the books when she played Marian the Libarian for CPS and is dead set on seeing this. I’m cool with SciFi, so will be glad to go.



David Brenner. What a funny guy! My two faves of his were:

As a kid, he went to his Mom and asked her for a hammer as he wanted to hang a picture. She told him he should read his book and get smart. A short time later, she came to his room as she’d heard pounding on the wall. She opened the door and asked him what he was doing. He old her he was “using his book” to pound a nail into the wall so he could hang a picture.




He’s on a bus, sitting on a newspaper that’d been left there by another passenger. Another guy looks at him and asks, “You readin’ that paper?’ to which he replied, “Yeah”. Lifted his butt; flipped it over; sat back down and smiled.





-I may receive a brackets-invite from Yahoo!. If/when I do, I’ll present to any who may be interested. It will be for nothing but schitts ‘n’ giggles, as I pay little — to no — attention to college basketball. Still, it can be fun. Stay tuned.



-The biggest name that’s been bandied about in ChiTownland’s been that of their new Safety, from Green Bay, MD Jennings. His main claim to fame was the “Immaculate Reception” given to the SeaClucks by the SFC’s replacement-refs in September of 2012. In Green Bay, he’s known better for running “after” ball-carriers, be they running backs or receivers; arm-outstretched; trying in vain to catch up to them.


-The next is Bears former DE, Julius Peppers, known better in these parts as “Jelius Pupers”. Well, y’know how that goes. One guy’s garbage is another’s superstar. Packers fans can only hope that as he said, he has plenty left in his tank. There’s an old Irish joke about a guy who died and at his funeral services, no one would say anything nice about his dear-departed soul. It wasn’t until the priest threatened the congregation with making them sit in church until someone said something nice about the departed that someone piped-up and said, “His brother was worse”. In this instance, whoever the Pack had at RDE was worse, so….


-Whitney’s Pats got Darrell Reavis, he of “Island Boy” fame. Joe’s Yets! got Riley Cooper, who should help. Though he does need someone to throw him the ball…Bills Niners took S, Antoine Bethea and CB, Chris Cook.


-When itcomes to guys changing teams…I read an article by the late Jerome Holtzman, MLB’s former “historian”, who related a story once told to him by former baseball-lifer and front-office guy, Birdie Tebbetts. (The only reason I remember him is my Dad played for him while stationed at Lackland AAF base in Texas.) Anyway, Tebbetts said something like, “If every guy could see every other guy’s players everyday; there’d never be any trades”. That crosses over to all sports.


In Green Bay, PackerBackers are sayin’, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord Split ya”, to Jennings. Same as many Bears fans, here with Peppers. T-Dave was right this morning. With Melton, Urlacher, and just about anyone who was anyone down with injuries, he was about all they had. Guys, if we saw that, doncha think opposing OCs did, too? That and as I responded to T-Dave, the guy was getting ripped left and right in the meda for what seemed to be things over which he had little to no control. That said, I understand the Bears making the move as unlike Dub, ya cain’t use “fuzzy math” in the world of the SFC-Salary cap, of which DaBears had little wiggle-room. So, his $18.5-million after they’re giving Jay all his $$$ didn’t make it. That and his age. Green Bay on the other hand had — depending on what you read — $28 to 32-million under the cap to play with. They used the bulk of it to re-sign their guys whom they wanted, though they did lose C, Evan Dietrich-Smith, who left to join his other Smith-Brother, Luvee, in Tampa. They still need a safety and some LB-help. Perhaps they’ll look for that in the draft. With their D&D-philosophy, I’ll be surprised if they do any other major-signing.


-One big loss for Bears fans was Josh McCown, also heading south to play for “Luvee-The Offense-killer”. For those who shrug that off, I suggest you review the results of the Packers until they got Matt Flynn back…and even with him, ‘t’weren’t purty.


-One big gain for DaBears was Peanut Tillman re-signing with them. Was there ever a “commandment” admonishing not to covet another team’s cornerback? Hope not, as I was hoping to see him in Green and Gold opposite Sam Shields. That’d have been some CB-duet. Oh well.


There are sill many guys out there and it will be interesting to see where they end up.


DaHAWKS beat Detroyit 4-1, with Marian Hossa returning; scoring once and assisting on two-other goals.


DaBULLS host the Thunder, tonight.



-DaFlubs were on the tube this weekend. Had an opportunity to watch Joan Baez’ love-grandchild, Javy, bat. I think I know how/why he struck out 143 times in 135 games, last year. While he’s awaiting the pictch, he swirls the bat above his head like he was on Watette-Jill’s “Spirit Boosters” flag-twilring team. I mean, that bat’s doin’ more twistin’ than Chubby Checker on speed.


-Oh yeah. Citing “service time considerations”, the S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer says not to even think of hoping to see the #2-prospect in MLB, Kris Bryant, this year.


From what I’ve seen, if they win 70-games, we should be having toasts in their honor.



-Haven’t seen much of them but they seem to be right at — near — or just above, .500. In this town, that’s pretty good.


-Tough break/strain for Gordon Beckham who suffered a strained left-oblique injury.



-I write these words with some empathy as I know there are Illini-alumni reading this. Sorry folks but here we go. What does it say about a team’s basketball program when renovations for their arena are set for this time of year. True, they did not make the “Big Dance”. However, they did make the NIT but due t the previously-scheduled construction, they will play no home games. That kinda sucks like a nuked-up-Dyson, huh?


Ok it is almost dinner time and I’m getting tired of trying to be witty and wise, so, TTFN and remember, any day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots, is a good one.


Take care and I’ll see y’all Woden’s Day.







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