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Oz, an Exploding Bra and Dennis Rodman…

Good morning! How are we all on this beautiful Ares-morn? Phoebus’ chariot is a-rising in the sky, providing a warming trend in which we may bask, at least for today, with a forecast high in the low 40s.  I was able to get out for about a 3-mile walk, yesterday, and must say, it felt good. The iPod the Ratettes gave moi last year is a really nice companion. It only “says” what I want it too and if it doesn’t, I can stop it with no argument whatsoever. Nice.

IT’S SPRING FORWARD-WEEKEND! Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one-hour, Saturday night. Yes, we’ll have to get used to it, what with the sun rising a bit later in the morning but also setting later, as well though I must say, it’s not as difficult for moi now as a retiree.

OK, much FEELY-GOODY, stuff out there fer t’day, so let’s get to it.

She's Packin Heat!

She’s Packin Heat!


-So, it seems the meat-axe approach to the Sequester cuts has risen up and bitten a few GOPer-heinies, in that due to “overtyime” pay issues, tours of the White House have been cancelled. I was not aware of this but apparently, W.H. tours must get booked through the offices of Senators and Congressional reps. So, when constituents call their reps for tix, they now are told they are not available due to the sequester. With a favorable rating in the teens, if that, one can only imagine what those folks are hearing from their constituents. Needless to say, much like the DOD-non cuts, they don’t want to face this music, neither. Why? Could it be that it embarrasses the unembarrassable? Looks like it. Tough-knuckles.

To be fair, is this move by the W.H. petulant? Yes.

Political? Yes, again.

Petty? Youbetcherass it is.

- DENNIS RODMAN, aka, The Worm.

So, barely a few days after his stoopidity on the Land of the Flying Monkeys, his buddy, Kim Jung Un threatens a nuclear attack against the U.S.

The man’s nom de plume is too kind.


Here’s a link to Michael Sneed’s column in t’day’s S-T on Cardinal Mahony, one of the worst of the PedoProtectorate.

-Valerie Harper, aka Rhoda Morgenstern, announced she has terminal brain cancer and possibly only 3-months to live. I have always liked her.

-Alvin Lee, founder of Alvin Lee and Ten Years After, fame died the other day. He was 68. He gained much fame with his rendition of “I’m Going Home”, in the Woodstock film; weird-mooning-facial expressions and all. He was one, outstanding git-picker! Moi’s fave was his haunting, “I’d Love To Change the World”…though I don’t know what to do. So, I’ll leave it up to you”.

-Speaking of the past, here are a couple historical events you may find interesting which occurred on this date in history:

In 1948, the Supreme Court ruled that religious instruction in public schools is unconstitutional. Note the year, 1948…not 1968, ’78 ’88, 98, nor ’08!

In 1965, more than 4000 Marines landed in Da Nang in South Viet Nam and became the first U.S. troops in Viet Nam. Yeah. Not so FEELY-GOODY.


-Drew Peterson may lose his police pension. Really?

-3 Busted Clocks in one day?

1) I agree with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster over drones being used against Americans on domestic soil. Not with the what or the why but in the fact that we don’t know what another Prez might do. Think Dick Cheney. That said, after hearing what this man’s had to say over the years, I truly think he pours a half-cup of Jim Beam over his Cheerios every morning.

2) I also agree with Sen. John McCain’s castigation of Sen. Paul over this as some kind of grandstand play. Yeah. I know, doesn’t seem to make sense but it does to moi.

3) I also agree with S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s castigation of Sen. Paul in that he pointed out there were no such concerns aired by his party, nor DaDEMs during Dub’s administration.

I truly hope moi’s reasoning’s not too much like a bowl of spaghetti.



Yes. “Tis true. It seems Robert Rodriguez, he of “El Mariachi” and “Machete” fame, has cast the Colombian Bombshell as Madame Desdemona in his sequel to “Machete”. Those of you who recall “El Mariachi”, which starred Antonio Banderas as a character who carried a machine-gun-firing guitar case; who also had  a torrid…in the buff…love scene with co-star, Salma Hayek (hubba-hubba)…will not be surprised. In this film, Rodriguez equips Sophia with a cannon-firing halter top and you’ll never guess where the gun barrels are. It’s due for release in September. Those interested in cannon-firing brassieres worn by a ColombianHottie, mark your calendars.

*Anyone else see the promo clip for Hangover III, besides moi? I was snorting-out loud-laughing at the table whilst watching it this morning!

Not only is The Wolf Pack back but it also has an appearance by Melissa McCarthy. These guys make high-art out of “stoopid-funny”.

*Anyone see the Brooke Shields commercial for La-Z-Boy? It features a floral-patterned elephant. Yes. You read that right. It’s funny.

*I never watch American Idol but there is a local kid…from Portage Park, even…Devin Velez, who made its Top 10. He’s described as a “barista”. Really, is there a gayer word than “barista”? According to Lewis Black, it’d be “equestrian” but I submit “Barista” as its equivalent. When I hear it, I think of a Flamenco dancer but NOT the guy!

*”Oz the Great and Powerul” opens today. It gets 2-1/2 stars from Richard Roeper and not having seen it, (will probably see it as promised TCLR I would), it’s hard to make any real comments. One thing, though, is this. “The Wizard of Oz” is one of the most-liked films, EVER, in America. To do a remake…and as Roeper notes, “…steer clear of legal issues so as not to offend the trademarked facets of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, produced by MGM and now owned by Warner Brothers”, as this is a Disney production, is tough.

We did see the previews and will provide a more complete review once we view the film in its entirety.




-Since we last visited, they won…AGAIN…this time with shorthanded goal by Toews to tie it at 2-2 and the winner by Daniel “CarBomb” Carcillo, in the 3rd period!

They travel to the Avalanche in Colorado to complete their home-and-home with them and could..repeat, could…find the streak coming to an end as the “Avs” played rather well here in ChiTown. I hope not but it’s going to happen eventually.

The Not-So-FEEL-GOOD about this…this comes from the guy with the “NoFun15and1″ handle for BFW Football…is it doesn’t really matter how well a team plays during the regular season…yes, it’s fun…but if they don’t finish it out through the post-season, ‘t’ain’t no fun, McGhee.

One bad thing is, they lost Sharpie to an “upper-body” – read that, shoulder - injury” in the win and may be out 2-to-3-weeks. Ouch!


-Let’s face it, they’re more like steers with all their injuries. The hope is, they’ll heal and be able to make it into the playoffs; do well by themselves

 and make a decent showing, leaving us ready for , ahem, “next year”. No. I am not getting into the Rose-stuff.


-Saw new Sox GM, Rick Hahn after he extended Chris Sale’s contract, which could – possibly – keep him with the Sox for seven years. This is yet another departure from The Chairman’s (former) dictum of not signing any pitcher for longer than 3-years. It shows that they have realized that while standing on principle can be quite satisfying, when the competition is not, they need to bend to keep from breaking. Let’s face it, all the crappola in sports about hometown discounts and whatever other malarkey we hear, it’s all about the money. No? Check out what the Bears are doing with #54. More later.

What I meant about his being the anti-Kenny is this. He’s Kenny without the condescension AND his explanation of the reasoning behind the extension makes sense.


-In his column on DaFlubs in today’s S-T, Mark Potash says, “I Don’t Know is on third”, in reference to their top, two candidates for the position, Luis Valbuena and Ian Stewart, along with “phenom” Josh Vitters who finished 2012 with a smokin’ hot .121 B/A along with 2 homers in 99 A/Bs.

What Potash’ column did was remind moi of – possibly – moi’s fave comedy routine from Abbott and Costello, “Who’s On First”, which makes it a FEEL-GOOD entry. :-)


-Today’s S-T has an item about #54 and DaBEARS trying to get together on a new contract. As mentioned above, it’s all about the money, while in this instant, for DaBEARS. They as many others, have cap-comsiderations by which they must be guided. 54′s 34. He can’t run as he used to but who will they play there if he doesn’t?  He’s said he only wants to play for the Bears, so they agree on that point. Still, there’s no way he’s going to get anywhere near the $8 million he got last year. The S-T item says they could offer him a low base salary of$2.5 million, then use other options as incentives.

The difference I see with this and Moi’s Packehs letting Greg Jennings go is, DaPACK have Cobb, Nelson among others who picked up the slack while Jennings was a pine-brother. Nick Roach ain’t bad but the switch from Urlacher to him isn’t exactly seamless. DaBEARS should try to keep #54, as long as it benefits the team and isn’t disrepectful to him and what he’s meant to the team over his career. Believe me, you guys don’t want a “Favre” episode over this. Really, you don’t.


Sox beat the Cubs, 8-3, yesterday.

With that, I’m signing off for the weekend and wishing you all the best. Remember, as our leader Lewis Black tells us, no matter how schitty things may be, at least we won’t get smallpox.






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