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Good day. I’m back and a bit more rested, though not completely. Oh, to be young again! MBH ‘n’ me are in a trough of a week as, well, the wedding’s over, so we get to catch our breath from that, however, there will be no Twacks next week as, well, we’re leavin’ on a jet plane for the bright lights in the desert, Las Vegas, next Monday. It’s a three-fold visit. One for some R & R; two for a chance – no matter how slight - at winning a few $$$ and three if not winning, then contributing to the economy of the desert-southwest. A win-win-win, situation, no?




-According to an item on the S-T’s “Nation/World” page, today, it seems DaGOPers’ head guy, Reince Priebus, (Yes. That’s his name. No “country club-set” connotations with that, right?),  charged, “…that NBC and CNN are promoting a potential presidential candidacy by Hillary Rodham Clinton, threatening to blackball then from future GOP primary debates if they air upcoming programs on the former secretary of state…”. He may have a point and if it were being made by another person or persons/party who/which do/did not favor the 1st-amendment rights of corporations as persons, (See, “Citizens United”), it may make more sense. However, this sure seems to be pre-judgment, which would be censorship. It’ll be interesting to see what CNN ‘n’ NBC do.


That said, I sure hope CNN ‘n’ NBC don’t show them. Otherwise, how else will we be able to watch another group of the likes of: Rick Perry; Herman Cain; Michelle Bachmann; Rick Santorum; Newtie; Mittsy; Ayn Rand Paul’s daddy, Ron and John  Huntsman, among others!



-Rahmses is out and about, touting his “all day kindergarten”, which he says is new. What? Da Watette whose wedding we just attended, had all-day kindergarten 25-years ago.





-Watched our recorded episodes of “The Newsroom” and “Ray Donovan”, last night.

-Jeff Daniels’ “Will McAvoy” of  “The Newsroom”, deserved that Emmy nomination. He makes a smugly, arrogant, know-it-all, likeable. How he does it, I do not know…he just does. Also, there were fewer soliloquys by the characters, an Aaron Sorkin staple, which make it far less of an exercise in pontification and better storytelling.


-”Ray Donovan”. Jeepers! This is getting weirder and weirder. I don’t know if I’m watching Showtime or SinnyMax. Still, it’s held my interest and now I want to see what/how they go about taking care of business.





-Waddya gonna do? DaBOHICUBS just completed a 1-7 homestand and DaSUX won, yesterday, 8-1 over the Yank Mes, to end a 10-game losing streak. So, why have all of MLB’s reporters here? Well, if MLB’s “Cheater-in-Chief” is coming off the DL and appealing his 211-game suspension, why not?


I’m not going to waste much space on this drip-off-an-anal-drip other than this. Anyone who calls a press conference only to deflect; dodge; defer; delay any response to the direct question, “Did you or didn’t you use PEDs?”, the pucker’s guilty.


-In a connected story, there were 12 others suspended for 50-games, besides the aforementioned anal-drop and Ryan Braun. They are:

Antonio Bastardo; Everth Cabrera; Neslon Cruz; Fautino De Los Santos; Sergio Escalona; Fernando Martinez; Jesus Montero; Jordan Nornerto; Jhonny Peralta, (anyone who spells Johnny, J-h-o-n-n-y, deserves to be suspended); Cesar Puello and Jordany Valdespin.



-That’s all I have t say on that. But more once we get further along in the SFC pre/regular season(s).




What seemed to have been a stroke of genius…the flip-flopping of the O-Line by my Packehs, putting their best pass-protectors on the left-side…became nothing. Their (now)  left tackle, Bryan Bulaga tore his ACL and is out for the season…yet again. Looks like A-aron better keep his “track” shoes ready for another season’s worth of out-running pass-rushers from his left. Watch for a ton of “Sprint-right-option” plays.


All is not lost, though. In the event A-aron does get hurt, they’ve signed Vince Young as a back-up. Thank Zeus for that! Maybe they can have him play LT.


-The S-T has an interesting article on DaBears new coaching staff regarding player-development. Even the most dyed-in-the-wool Bears fan would be constrained to agree this has long been a sore spot with them, be it under Wanny, Jauron or LuveeKravezit. For some unknown reason, those guys just did not – or were unable to – take their young, draftees and develop them. Their O-line picks would seem to be a glaring example, where their current #1-pick, Kyle Long plays. Should be interesting. Trouble is, the NFL is a “no-quarter” league. Week in and week out; they play for keepsies.


OK, running out of stuff for today and MBH needs the computer, so will sign off for now. I will follow this with some jokes I’ve received from Twackers for your merriment.


Remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.









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