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Good day. Just back from spending over an hour at ChiTown’s City Clerks office getting my 2013/2014 vehicle sticker. At least I was able to get my daily 3-mile walk out of it.

Weatherwise, Skillful Tom Skilling can say all he wants about “meteorological summer” but I had to turn the heat back on for MBH as it’s pretty cool in the house when she gets into the shower in the morning. So much for my favorite time of year, the “Utility-Fee-Zone”. Oh well.


Speaking of today, here’s some of what happened on his date in history in… partysucks

-1099, Members of the First Crusade witnessed an eclipse of the moon and interpreted that as a sign they will recapture Jerusalem. How propitious!

-1793, The Montgolfier brothers of France, make the first public balloon flight, thereby setting up a crazy Monty Python skit.
“I’ll think I’ll take a wash”.

-1872, The Republican National Convention commences. It is the first major political party to include blacks at its convention. Man, the more things change…the more they change.

Tomorrow, on June 6, 1944, D-Day, the invasion of France by the Allies began, which turned the tide of WWII, as the Nazis surrendered less than a year later.


Yes, I do bend left-center, politically. But that doesn’t mean the side I favor is right all the time. It’s just that on a national level, the DaGOPers seem to have the overabundance of knuckleheads or knuckleheadedness. For example, yesterday or the day before in a hearing regarding rape and sexual assaults on an alarming rise in the military, GOPer Sen. Saxby Chambliss opined, on the record, that with so many of the military being between the ages of 17 and 21, whose hormoes are raging, we shouldn’t be surprised by this, or words to that effect.

See what I mean?

Then, we have the Grand Obstructionist Party, where anything the Prez agrees with; they don’t or won’t…even if it’s something they originated. Yes, I know, DaDEMS did the same an administration ago. But folks, nowhere near this much. And, please see the headline, above.

Then we turn left to Ella Noise, our home. The great Land of Lincoln which ranks at the bottom of all states fiscally. Here’s the kicker. DaDEMS hold the Statehouse, the House and the State Senate but can’t get anything done!

But wait! There’s more!

Not only do they hold those but they hold supermajorities in both the House and Senate. In other words, even if DaGuvSter wanted to be “the adult in the room”, he can’t as the House and Senate are veto-proof. So, what’s the problem? Beats the schlitz outta me. Instead of we citizens, the BGA or CUB or anyone calling for restraint, no one can get them to get anything done! (No, I don’t consider the concealed carry as significant as they were under the gun ( pun intended) of a federal judge’s ruling.) We have a state pension system that goes $17,000,000.00 more in debt, EACH AND EVERY DAY! That’s even more than Mittsy makes! So, what have they done about it? Nothing! Zip! Zero! Nada! But here’s the catch…it’s ALL DEMOCRATS! And, just like in D.C., it’s all politics. Forget the fact that peoples’ lives and futures are being materially affected and I don’t mean positively!

Here’s the kicker, in a front page story in today’s S-T, DaGuvster tried calling House Speaker Madigan but got no answer. He wanted to have special meeting with Sen. leader, Cullerton, (whose bill was another to Madigan’s) and Madigan. Apparently, the Speaker of the House of the State of Ella Noise does not carry a cell phone! Da Guv had to, “…trade messages with Madigan’s wife…”.

This was an emergency meeting called after Ella Noise’s bond rating was downgraded after Ella’s inaction on pension reform. But hey, all MadAbpoutMaddy’s folks would say was he was, ahem, “unavailable”.

The cynics say this is because Madigan doesn’t want any good news to accrue on Quinn’s ledger as he wants his daughter, Lisa, current State Attorney General, to run for Governor against him. I like her. Any time I have called her office, they have been pro-active in their responses and extremely helpful. That said, what her daddy’s doing is bullschlitz.

My point? Yes, politics are part of politics. But politics should not trump policy and above all, the public good. That, my dear Nesters is what both parties are doing to us in D.C. and right here in the Land of Lincoln. Who, if he were alive, would weep at what we are witnessing.

Last entry on this. As it’s summer and even though Keith, Mick and the lads had told us, “…the time is right for fighting in the street, boy!”, I’m gonna try to leave these arseholes off my radar for now. I say that as Hollywood has known for years that serious stuff falls by the wayside during summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, and all we’re going to be hearing is a bunch of H.R. Puff’n'Stuffing from the boogeymen-hunting GOP and not much better from their counterparts. So, unless it’s really serious…funny or better, stoopid, the pols are getting flushed for the time being.

OK, here we are on the 5th day on meteorlogical summer, or the 82nd day of traditional Spring and I’m doing my first lawncare tip. That’s OK. Better late than never.

Before I begin, please know that anything I say here is based on my Growing Zone, which is 5B. This applies more to timing and/or perennial plants as the seasons vary around the country. Those who live in other zones will need to check for their specific needs. In order to determine this, go to Jackson & Perkins or Wayside Gardens websites. At the top of their home page you will see a button saying “My Growing Zone”. Click on it. You’ll be asked to enter your Zip Code and will obtain it from that.


Before we get started, application of fertilizer(s) should be done with a spreader. There are many manufacturers and styles, i.e.,
drop-spreaders or broadcast, and among those, sub-groups. Check the back of the bag of fertilizer, as it will tell you what setting to use and also give you tips on how and when to apply.
Folks, I know someone who had a little splotch of grass, who knew nothing about fertilizing and never bothered to read any knid of “owners manuals nor directions”; who took a 5000 s.f. bag of fertilizer and applied it to about 500 s.f. area of grass. Yep.
So, please read the directions.
OK, fertilizing can be a tad confusing as most are designed to work off soil temperatures, as that is what triggers plant growth. Here’s a simple tip.

We begin with a pre-emergent fertilizer, (fert), the best known would be Scott’s Turf Builder + Halts. The “Halts” is a herbicide
which makes a chemical film, preventing crabgrass from growing, (emerging, if you will), up through your lawn. Here’s the thing. You must get it down early in the Spring, before the crabgrass has a chance to emerge. How do you know when? Here are two, easy ways. 1.) If you have a forsythia bush nearby, (it has bright yellow foliage which shows in early Spring), as soon as you see them, make your application. Or, 2.) if you don’t have any forsythia, get it down by April 15th. Yes, tax day. Now, you may be busy if you’re a procrastinating tax-payer but that’s, generally, your latest date. If you’re late, you may be OK but don’ be upset if you aren’t. There are other remedies. Keep reading.

Plusses. As the season progresses and the soil warms, the Halts will prevent any crabgrass from poking it ugly growth up through your lawn. It usually can be seen once you get steady temps in the 80s and 90s.

Minuses. Once you apply, you’re done doing any over-seeding of grass seed. You can apply the new seed but it won’t germinate due to the Halts. If you scratch open a spot, you are also giving the crabgrass an opening in the film for it to emerge.

This may be applied to dry grass but then should be well-watered into it. Obviously, if you know…or can feel or smell…that it’s going to rain, do it just beforehand. Saves you watering it in.

Now, what if you miss the date? What to do? 1.) You’ll have to wait and see if/when you get any crabgrass. If you do, Bayer makes a crabgrass and specific weed-killer for lawns. It comes in a blue spray bottle. It works well but it ain’t cheap.

My “turf-pro”, BroTony had told me that as a homeowner, I won’t go wrong with Scott’s products. I use them, generally, though I haven’t been 100% satisfied with all their products. See above.

After applying your Halts, set your calendar ahead anywhere from 4-to-6 weeks, depending on rainfall for your next application. Now, while the crabgrass is being prevented from emerging, nothing’s been done to stop Dandelions. Again, it doesn’t take much to reach a Sir Mick stage of, “No more dandelions!”. For this, you’ll need a “weed and feed”, fert. I use Scott’s Turf-Builder + 2. This contains a contact herbicide and fertilizer. The emergence of the dandelions can be troublesome but be patient. Making too early of an application of more fert could cause more harm than good. Yes, you’ll kill the dandelions but you could burn out your lawn. If you do that, you’re screwed from reseeding it for 4-to-6 weeks, while leaving you with yellow-stains where your emerald-green lawn should be.

Plus-2 says to apply to wet grass; early morning is the best as the morning dew will suffice. Otherwise, water the grass, lightly, and then apply. The idea of wet grass is they want the herbicide to stick to the weeds, be they dandelions, clover or Gawd knows whatever else it kills, to kill them. Try not to apply it when rain’s expected. I put mine down as we only had a 30% to 40% chance of rain that day. Well, it turned out I was a 30% to 40%er…but not a 47%er. It worked as fert. My lawn’s beautiful, deep, dark, emerald green. BUT, after mowing, I saw that only some of the clover was affected and quite a few dandelions remained, which forced me to take some Plus-2 in a shaker container and apply to those dandelions which remained. They’re now gone and I’m pretty happy.

OK, that pretty much brings us up to date, lawn-wise. More next week.



-MAN GETS THROAT CANCER FROM ***********!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Recall the other day’s post in which we outlined the sexploits of Gerardo Perez and his affinity for the canine of his dreams?
Well, not so much “animal husbandry” in this but in the following item, really, Michael, (as in Douglas), you gotstabe kiddin’!

The following link details some of his ridiculous comments. On this, I have three questions:
1.) Is there really a link with throat cancer and that?
2.) Why would you even say anything like this?
3.) Who cares?

Here’s the link.



-DaHAWKS lose, 3 – 1 in LaLaLand.
Did my usual. Saw it was 1-0, LaLa in the 1st; then 2-0 LaLa in the 2nd, so decided to wait for this morning’s news for the final, 3-1 LaLas. Drat!

Remember when I mentioned Brian Hanley’s comment on DaFlubs that just when you get to think they just may not suck as much as you thought they did…they do?

Yes, they’ve had really good starting pitching, which has kept them in games, last night’s a good example. Feldman gives up two runs on 6 hits through 6; Russel tosses a no-no and it’s 3-2 going into the 8th. Then, with a man on 2nd; 1-out; and 1st base open, instead of walking the Anti-Cub, Albert PooHoles, they pitched to him and he prompltly deposited Carlos Villanueva’s pitch into the left-field bleachers for a 4-3 Angels win.

This is one to hang around TheSwami’s neck. Why pitch to this guy? No, there’s no guarantee the result would have changed to a Cubs win! But, fercrissakes, what is this guy, the #3, all-time home run hitter against the Cubs? And you pitch to him?Come on, guys! And I’m going to Wrigley next week. I promised NesterTom I’d work on some insults for Dusty’s guys. Looks like I’ll need to get some together for the home team as well.

I have a bet with my CheeseHeadLand brother Ant’ny, which I lost last year and still owe him, that whomever’s team finishes worse, Flubs or BeenyDaBrewBurps, owes the other a visit. Don’t have any with Sox fans but, our teams rank as follows:

White Sux, 24-32; .429 W/L; Flubs, 23-23, .411 W/L; BrewBurps, 22-35, .386 W/L. However, a Flubs win coupled with a Sux loss, tonight will bring them neck and neck at 24-33!

Jeez, Louise!

MLB is seeking to have 20 players suspended for use of banned of substances. Two familiar names are A-Rod and Prince of All that is Good, Ryan Braun, who continues to claim he is innocent. We’ll see. After all, his last suspension was dismissed on a technicality. Here’s a link:

OK, time to go. Hope you have a good day and remember, anytime we can look at a flower instead of up at its roots, it’s a good one.


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