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OJ, TARP, Jagger, and Wolverine!

Good morning on this slate-grey day. A misty rain falls; not enough to call a ballgame but enough to stall off my lawn mowing…at least for a few hours. Things have been a tad crazy around here, lately but what else is new, right?


As I have much to do, let’s get started with a walk over to The Way Back Machine and what happened on this date in…


657, Mu’awiyan defeated Caliph Ali, (Muhammad’s older brother?), in the Battle of Siffin, as they were siffin’ on the dock of the bay…watchin’ the tide roll away. bearspackers


1529, former Milwaukee Braves and Chicago White Sox pitcher, Juan Pizarro’s older brother(?), Francisco, received a warrant to discover and conquer Peru. Well, hey! If yer gonna discover something, it follows you should conquer it. Right?


1920, the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing women the right to vote was ratified. I say nothing on this out of fear for my own safety.


1928, Stanley Kubrick, the director of “Spartacus”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “The Shining”, among others,  was born.


1943, Eva Ensley delivered to Basil Fanshawe an eventual Knight of the Realm, and lead singer for what became to be known as a fairly popular rock ‘n’ roll group, The Rolling Stones, Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger, who turns 70, today.


Alright, let’s see who, what, where or why it should be FEEL-GOOD kinda day.






-So, it seems the world’s biggest defense…and whatever else…contractor admitted it destroyed evidence regarding the explosion on the Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, which led to the worst environmental disaster to date.


How is that  a FEEL-GOOD, Wat? Well, they did a plea deal; got a slap on the wrist and a $200,000.00 fine. While $200K is a lotsa mozzarella fer you an’ me…t’aint fer them. They drop that in toilet paper by Noon any given day.


-Orenthal James had a parole hearing and said he was “Sorry”. No, not for getting away with murder. He was sorry he got caught tryin to, ahem, get back some of his sport memorabilia. That’s a FEEL-GOOD for him as I never liked the guy…not as a Trojan; Bill, Niner or MNF announcer.



Remember that acronym? No? It stands for “Troubled Asset Relief Program”. Now, do you? No? OK. Remember the implosion of the Stock Market in the Fall of ’08? Ah, now I gotcha. This was the program devised by Dub’s Treasury guys led by Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, (sounding familiar?), which “bailed out” US banks. Now I really have you.


Well, it seems that 100 of those banks which received whatever their share(s) of that $7,000,000,000.00, or so, have not paid us…and I mean, “us”…back.


Deadbeats. Gotta love ‘em…and, no, that wasn’t FEEL-GOOD.





-As I type these words, His Knightliness is tellin’ me how he “…can’t get no satisfaction”!

Here’s something for the older folks, courtesy of the younger folks. Not too long ago, a couple Watyettes were a tellin’ me how after listening to the words, realized that “Satisfaction” was a protest song. Funny, huh? I/we took for granted that this was a given. Interesting.


Just heard from Lynn Braemer on ‘XRT that “Satisfaction” was recorded at Chess Records at 2120 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicgao, IL 60616.


Speakin’ of ‘XRT, as y’all may know…or not…on Fridays, they have their “featured artist of the week”. So, in honor of Sir Mick’s 70th…I can’t believe I just typed that…birthday, they’re featuring he and his mates, The Stones, all day.



-”The Wolverine”.

Richard Roeper gives it 3-stars, stating that it only gets “really goofy” at the very end…and…if you go to the show to see it, yes, there is a “stinger”, so stay for the end of all the credits.


Neat, huh?



-Yestermorn, I flipped on Cartoon Network at 8AM in the morning, only to see Elmer (decked out in full hunting array), Daffy and Bugs; with Bugs asking Elmer if he had, “…a fwicaseein’ wabbit wicense”.


Some may recall Elmer plaintively asking Bugs…dressed as a game warden…what season it really is, with Bugs replying……………………..




-Brewski ‘n’ me go back many years. We share the affliction of being CubsCrackBabies, and although we do not agree on everything, we STILL would die from withdrawal, so we keep on watching them. That said, and this is one of those things we don’t necessarily agree on, ThatStiffInLeft (as he named him) is on his way to the Bronx to rejoin his original team, the New Yawk Yank Mes. The Flubs will pay most of his contract but he will be gone. This will give them a chance at seeing more of their phenom of 6,7 or 8-games, Junior Lake and not have to send him back to the minors with David Dejesus coming off the DL. Could Junior be the next Lou Brock?


As he is returning to the team which traded him for A-Fraud, the S-T published their comparative stats since the trade in 2004, which are kinda interesting. Here they are:


A-Fraud                 Sori

302                       291 Homers

960                       816 RBI

141                       159 Stolen Bases

1366                     1418 Hits

.292                      .268 B/A


Now, not to get into the fact that nobody; not no one; not no-how, deserves the kind of money these guys got on their respective contracts, A-Fraud’s better than doubles Sori’s. Those stats belie that, now, don’t they?



As much abuse as has been heaped upon he and former Cubs GM, Jim Hendry, t’ain’t their fault, folks. I have heard many a sports scribe say this one was all former Cubs and current Hawks Pres. John McDonough’s doing…well, not all of it. Crane Kenney, a holdover from DaTribYears, decided to “sweeten the deal”, after Johnny Mac got into a bidding war with himself and Kenny Crane added two years to Johnny Mac’s offer, the first of those two-extra years we are experiencing right now.


What does this mean? Hmmm. Let’s see. They traded their best starting pitcher and now their leading home run hitter with 17, leaving Rizzo with 14 and Schierholtz with 13. In other words, no right-handed power hitter. Thus. it would seem to follow that their lead over the Sox and BrewTurds will short-lived.


In other words, Bend Over Here It Comes Again, or BOHICA, Cubs fans as we will again be watching them as the BOHICUBS.


Sorry, not really FEEL-GOOD.



-I’m not going into too, too much on this yet, as things are just getting started.



Anyone taken a look at MarkyMarc and Johnny Galecki, (Leonard Hofstetter of “The Big Bang Theory”) and see MarkyMarc as Leonard’s older brother?


Anyone watching DaPackehs may think they traded/cut A.J. Hawk but they didn’t, though there was some “cutting”. A.J.’s gone to the local tonsorialist and had his long, flowing, blonde locks shorn to a rather GI-like, flat-top. We will have to wait and see if this shearing of locks will have any Samson-like effect on him.


-I’m going to leave this to you to cogitate on. DaBears published their roster of which 43-players are in the final years of their contracts.


There are two schools of thought on this.


1.) The positive says they should all play like the devil as they’ll want to have their contracts renewed…or to get a decent deal with another team. Not a bad thought.


2.) The Bears are leaving themselves in an extremely vulnerable position as many could just leave; leaving them high and dry.


You decide.


-Funny thing. As you may have read here fro quite some time, a certain typist had been saying Packehs’ coach Mike McCarthy needs to commit…repeat, COMMIT…to the run much more than he had previously. Went to their website and what does he say? He, the play-caller of the team, MUST commit to the run. Hmmm. Sometimes I amaze myself.


OK, for next week, I plan an item on why ChiTown is such a “Bears” town, and, what I see as my Packehs’ weaknesses. There are more than y’all may think.


Take care. Have a great weekend and remember, any day we can look down at a daisy instead of up at its roots is a good one.







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