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State of the Union & You Sank My Battleship!

Good morning.

Only have a short time before I hafta leave for my ophthamologist’s office but hadta make a few comments.


You Sank My Battleship!

You Sank My Battleship!

-I have decided not to watch the State of the Union tonight, as whatever Barry hasta say, DaGOPers will come back with whatever they hafta say. At one time in my life, I felt some of this was good or had merit. Now, it all seems as if it is some Pinteresque exercise in cheap street, kabuki. For example, Barry’s gonna trot out Hadiya Pendleton’s parents to underscore his position on gun control. (By the way, they, allegedly, caught the shooter. Then, speaking of trolls, TexGOPer, Rep. Steve Stockman has invited chickenhawk-extaordinairre, Ted Nugent as his guest to show HIS position on gun control. Here’s’s synopsis of War Hero Ted: “This twit pretends to be a tough guy, but in 1990 he confessed that to dodge the draft he crapped in his pants for a week before reporting for his physical. It’s understandable why — he’s a coward. What’s harder to understand is why the Army lets him entertain troops at Gitmo and Walter Reed.” Get the Pinter reference, now? No? How aboput Ionesco?


-Recall those words from LuziannaGuv, Bobby Jindal from a coupla weeks ago? Please see above and recall the old saw that: “Actions speak louder than words”.

But wait! There’s more. It seems The StupidParty’s state seat-holders are trying “nullification” as a means to their ends when it comes to DaFeds. Ok. I guess they have that right. But, as it is for DaRestOfUs, they can’t have it both ways. So, I suggest for every state which enacts a law which nullifies any FedStatute, Da Feds take more and more Fed Tax$$$ away from them.


The ironically, ironic, irony of these “nullifiers” is this. In the last election Lyin’PaulRyan loved to refer to the “makers and the takers”. Well, PaulieBoy, believe it or not, Red States are the bigger TAKERS, whilst the Blue States are the MAKERS, when it comes to FedTax$$$. Again, I suggest we allow them to live by their words. For example, when it comes to moving/closing military bases, we close them in Red States and move them to Blue States. After all, it’s “survival of the fittest”, right? We can’t have no welfare-queenlike-states sucking our FedTax$$ dry, just so they can piss and moan about it. I say, give them what they ask for.

No, this would never happen but sure as schit, it’d shut the peckerheads up.



-I am not a conspiracy-theorist, by and large. However, over the weekend, I watched an HBO Documentary called, “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God”, which was a report on a child molesting priest in Wisconsin who ran a school foir the deaf. I highly recommend you invest the two-hours and watch, as this one’ll really piss ya off. But it wasn’t just that. In the second half it goes on to explain how the pleas of the sexually-abused, though sent, repeatedly, to The Vatican, they appeared to fall on deaf ears, (pun intended) even when presented to The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This is what we now call the same posiion of The Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada, of The Spanish Inquisition. The Prefect at the time of the child-molestation scandal in the U.S. ordered each and every allegation of such to be sent to he and he alone, where they now sit in a secret, locked vault in the Vatican. The Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith at the time was Joesph Cradinal Ratzinger…or as we call him here…Benny 4X4…,or JoeyRatz.

I have been acquainted with a couple folks who were “subjects” of stories for newspapers, TV shows, etc. When this happens, they get a “heads-up” and request for any comment(s) they may have to what’s about to be made public. It seems just too, too, coincidental that a few days after this documentary hit the airwaves that all-of-a-sudden, Benny 4X4/Joey Ratz, no longer has the strength to do his job after 2/28/13.

What bugs me is the lack of coverage of this by the media. All we’re hearing – and will hear – about is the Papal selection process, etc. Yes, there are 1.2-billion CatLicks, of which I was once one. And, it is an interesting process. It also is a process devised by humans, so it is far from perfect, though The Vatican would like everyone to believe otherwise.



-Watched another board game turned movie over the weekend. For a board-game-turned-movie, it wasn’t that bad. Though I must say, Liam Neeson’s Admiral woulda been a bit more believable if he hadn’t had his Hollywood-length hair sticking out from under his hat. That it was about The Navy automatically caught moi’s attention. I won’t go in to too much detail as don’t want to spoil anything feryuz. Though, early-on, you’ll be able to pick out who’s who and what’s what and what’ll happen ‘fore it does. Please recall the source-material…the board game many of us played as kids and yes, SPOILER-ALERT(NOT)…it gets “played”  in the film.

Almost forgot…there’s a “stinger” way, way, way at the end of the credits.



-Hope Springs eternal as DaFlubs and Sox pitchers and catchers reported Sunday.

This isn’t FlubSox but…have ‘all noticed how the new MLB/MLBPA CBA is having an effect on free agency? Two guys, Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse, because their teams made, “qualifying offers” to them last year, now will get a compensatory-draft pick from whatever team signs either of them.


Sound familiar? If I mention the SocialistFootballCollective pre-free agency, does that ring a bell? This was struck down as being anti-competitive. All a team had to do was make the offer and then the player was “free” to go…if he could find someone who’d give up a pick. Marvin Miller has to be spinning in his grave.



-Unbelievable, eh!

I must confess to y’all that I do not understand the overtime rules. What is the sense of a shootout if the team that loses does not get tagged with a loss? Sorry but I’ve been away from the game for so long, I just don’t understand it. In other words, how could the Hawks lose two shootouts, yet remain undefeated? I mean, 10-0-2 reads 10-wins 0-losses and 2-ties. ???


That said, what a start! Eh!



-Another double-digit loss. Ouch! It’s been said that perhaps they might think about keeping Rose off the roster if this continues. Think about it. Other than we get to watch him play – though most likely not at his usual high-eye-popping-level – if it’s really not goinmg to matter in the playoffs, then why, indeed? Just a thought.

OK, gotta get ready to get moi’s pupils dilated. Remember, as Lewis Black tells us, no matter how schitty things may be, at least we won’t get smallpox today.






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