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Obama Has 39% Approval Rating

Well, boy howdy 18%ers!


It’s quite a “day,  Twackers. While it’s bright ‘n’ sunny outside, it’s also pretty durn windy, what with 30 to 35 mph breezes. I guess that’s good in that my “naturalist-neighbors’” leaves are all over my front lawn. You know what I mean…nature put them there; nature will take them away. Uh-huh. Right across the street to me. Hopefully, this westward wind will continue as all theirs are on my lawn and maybe…just maybe…they’ll blow off. One can only hope. For those wondering, yes, my trees have all dropped their leaves and yes, I mulchified them with, my mower. Well, enough of that, so much to do and so little time.


For reasons unfathomable, I cannot raise, so no trip to the Wayback Machine for today. Sorry.


In that case, let’s get started as there’s quite a bit to cover, t’day.





-As most of you are aware, BarryCare’s not exactly off to a flying start. Rather bumpy, at best, I’d say. So bumpy that Willy said he should amend the law to allow that 5% of us who want cheap-non-coverage-of-everything to have it. Gotstasay, the Libertarian side of me agrees. Under our last administration, we had somewhat of a “paternalistic converatism”, which is defined, loosely, as the “upper classes having an obligation to the lower classes”, as if the so-called, lower classes don’t know what’s good for them. This smacks of Cheneyism. His, “Father Knows Best” attitude is one with which I was in disagreement at the time and am so, now.


As I have confessed previously, I do not have knowledge of the workings of the 1200 or 2100-page law. But I know this. No one likes having something jammed down their throats. Mandatory insurance is that, in a way. But, if it helps the rest, that’s not such a bad thing. As I had previously related, a few years ago, I shared a hospital room with a cab-driver who was seriously injured in a car accident. When he was being discharged, the nurse asked his friend what health insurance he had. His response was, “None.” What are you going to do?” And not smart-assedly. Just the guy didn’t have any. This was in February, just a few weeks after we’d been informed our premiums, co-pays and RXs were going up. Guess someone had to pay for this guy. Right?

So, Barry! Find a way to amend it. Two senators from your party are drafting legislation to allow this. If people don’t want good insurance, fine. Let them buy he “cheap stuff”. BUT, when they find their healthcare coverage is like the “Mr. Mayhem” Allstate commercials, they can’t come running to the rest of us asking for help. Allowing them to sign up afterwards for BarryCare would be fine. But as is with us Medicare-folks, if they don’t sign up right away, it’ll cost them more. So, yes, I believe there should be some form of regulation that folks carry health insurance.


Barry, oversold his plan. He said, repeatedly, “If you like your insurance; you can keep it”. Don’t go SlickWilliy and start with a “…what the definition of is, is…” thing, on us. Be a man of your word and as Willy said: “Fix It!”




-A long time ago in a Satire class not to far away, one of my fave profs gave the example of “art imitating life” as an artist holding up a mirror to society. However, he said, a satirist holds up a “funhouse mirror”, to distort reality in order to make his/her point(s).


Some…many(?)…of you may be fans of the HBO summer series, “The Newsroom”. Last season dealt with their showing a report on a fictitious report that U.S. Marines used sarin gas to aid in a rescue extraction of troops in Afghanistan. When they found out they had not…after they aired it…the fit hit the shan and they had to do a retraction.


At the end of last month, “60 Minutes”, possibly the most trusted/respected news-gathering organization, ever, ran a similar story. Theirs was about Benghazi…the cause celebre of the right. After it ran, FAUX News, suddenly, was effusively praising the report as, well, it fit their viewpoint. Even Caribou Barbie was singing their praises! Then, last week, they ran a retraction. Here’s The Daily Show’s take on it. Jon Stewart’s so much better’n me. Enjoy.


Wait. One more thing. Since the story’s been debunked, nothing from FAUX, Lyndsey Graham…Caribou Barbie not nobody, not no how. Hmmm. Enjoy.



-Barry’s down to a 39% approval rating. The lowest at any time of his administration. This is blamed mainly on the BarryCare rollout and rightfully so. Theyu’ve bungled this thing from the get go. By the way, there are some in his camp who wish he’d never embraced the pejorative “ObamaCare” as some kind of badge of honor, as it’s turned into quite the hair shirt for him.




-Not to be outdone, Congress’ approval rating is, ahem, 9%. Yes, you read that right. That is not a fat-finger, nor a typo. 9-finkin’-percent. That, my friends is the lowest it’s ever been since Gallup began polling for it 39-years ago. Or as MSNBC’s CXhuck Todd said, “That’s not ‘friends and family’. That’s just ‘family’.”



-So, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat announced that since New York’s One Trade Center will be topped by a spire, instead of TV-antennae as Willis is, so its overall 1776-feet will be considered the tallest building in the U.S. It will top Whatchoo-Talkin’Bout’s 1729, despite the buildings’ actual heights being 1451-ft for Willy and 1368 for Tradey.


When I saw the guy giving the explanation, in his blue shirt with white collar and cuffs, seeming oh-so importante, I was taken back to a Monty Python episode involving, ‘The Society for Putting Things On Top of Other Things”, if ya gets my drift.

I know, we’re in ChiTown…well most of us are…but so the pluck what? I mean really. Oh well.



-A federal jury convicted TV con man, Kevin Trudeau  on charges that he misrepresented his weight-loss books and defrauded

consumers. He could get as little as probation or as long as life in prison. Being that one of his weight-loss secrets was, “…multiple-colonic sessions…”, karmically speakin’, he should experience many a “colonic-session” while in prison; overseen by Mustafa and his bros. After all, he’s got such a pretty face, doesn’t he?



-”Airline merger will have minimal impact at O’Hare”. It also will make for one less airline to delay our flights.


-”Tax break for Wrigley Field”. Don’t get me started.


-”Death row inmate can’t donate organs to family”. There’s gotta be an explanation for that.


-”Docs urge wider use of cholesterol drugs”. Maybe…maybe not. A few years ago, yerztruly was put on “statins” as my then doc thought mine was too high. It was under 200 but not low enough for her. After about a year, I began to have all sorts of problems, which put me in the hospital. It was determined that I was one of that 1% or so, who developed symptoms of, well you name it. I was seen by cardiologists; neuro-surgeons; internists; tested like some kind of guinea pig only to find that it was the meds!

Since then, I changed docs. My cholesterol’s fine. He’s had me on red rice yeast. I may be a tad “gassier” than I…or others…may like but it beats the crappoutta walking around in constant pain.



-In the event any of you missed it, yesterday was 11-12-13.







-Here’s something ferya…ABBA, the Scandinavian pop-group is considering a “reunion”. Odin! Thor! Loki! Nooooooooooo!



T’day’s is a link provided by T-John. Enjoy.


-Haven’t had it but have had Redd’s Apple Ale. That schit should be illegal. It’s like drinking unsweetened apple juice…with a 5% alcohol content. That “Colt-45 Malt Liquor level, folks.

Sorry about the type-face change.


-As I am not a professional film critic, I went into this film with a  mindset that this is a comic book-based story; based, rather loosely on Norse Mythology. In other words, prepared to – mentally – use all the suspension bridges I could as the disbelief apparent in the story needed to be suspended by them all. Nevertheless….

The story opens with Malekith, super-nasty guy and his minions fighting Odin’s father, Bor and losing. He wants to possess the “Aether”, an ethereal, if I may, substance which is some kind of anti-matter. Rather than destroying the Aether, Bor tells a lieutenant to bury it in the deepest spot he can. Well, if he had, we have no picture, then, do we? And, we all know that in movies, nothing’s ever buried deep enough in a dark-enough place that it’ll never again see the light of day. Don’t worry. No “spoiler alert” needed. This is all part of the exposition of the story.

It is the emergence…or re-emergence, if you will…of the Aether which provides the vehicle to move the story along…which it does quite well.

The visuals were excellent…breathtaking in some cases. This is a film which should be seen in IMAX. Trouble is, at our theater, IMAX is almost always also in 3D. There was only one sequence where we felt a tad queasy due to the 3D and that was hardly at all, it was that brief.

Some may notice a “Stargate” type battle which switches from swords, axes and spears, to plasma firing weapons; Star Wars, again switching from swords, etc., to plasma pistols; then flying Viking ships armed with plasma firing ”Gatling guns”.

Still, the story held together for the most part. There’s the sibling rivalry between Thor, (Chris Hemsworth)  and Loki, (Tom Hiddleston) as well as consternation on the part of their parents, Odin, (Anthony Hopkins) and Frigga, (Rene Russo), who was rather fetching as she usually is. Yes, I AM partial to redheads, so kill me. Natalie Portman, who’s a cutie-patottie-and-a-half’s Jane Foster is convincing, as well. Zach Levi of TV’s “Chuck” fame was recognizable but not so that I knew who he was. Ray Stevenson did his usual ”sword-and sorcery” bit with aplomb. 

I found some irony in that the guy who was to become Malekith’s “dark lord” happened to be a black guy, Adewale-Akinnuoye Agbaji. He was menacing, which he was sposetabe.

I like Kat Jennings, (Two Broke Girls) but the film wouldn’t have lost much without her character. She’s perky, cute and all that. It’s just that, well, you’ll see.


There was a waste of talent with Stellen Skaarsgard as the film’s “Gyro-Gearloose-guy”, “Erik Selvig”.


This I a Marvel film and as such, there’s always a “stinger”. There were more than one, of which one was a tad more involved than usual, with more than one “sting”, if you will.

The -9/16ths has to do with some questions he had as we left. You may have them as well. That said, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

All in all, it was worth the time and the dinero, as we went to the early show which only had a $5.00 admission. Nice.


-Anyone see that Dodge Charger commercial which shows a YUGE cloud of dust, which we eventually see is being caused by a guy in a Dodge Charger doing “donuts” as the narrator says, “You think kids dream of doing this with a VW Passat?” Cool


                                                      AND NOW…SPORT


-The center of NCAA Roundball is in ChiTown this week. Last night, Michigan State beat John Calipari’s Kentucky squad 78-74.

As noted by the S-T’s Seth Gruen, “Good beat evil”.

Folks, this is as close to a Final Four that we’ll ever see here, inasmuch as our former Mayir, Richie, buckled to DaBears and instead of making Soldier Field with a retractable-roof, made it into a something resembling a spaceship’s toilet seat. Oh well.


-The good is that moi’s Pack finally got around to signing Matt Flynn as a back-up to A-Aron. Thing is, 3rd-stringer, Steve Tolzien’s still starting Sunday. But with their luck the past two weeks, we may see him after their first possession. I am still of the opinion that FOX will opt to show the Niners/Saints game, here.

-The bad news is, and I AM sorry for you guys, but Peanut Tillman’s done for the season. AND, after Sunday, it would seem Jay’s not coming back anytime soon. Dave Kaplan from Comcast Sports Talk thinks the “high-ankle-sprain” they say he suffered is more of a convenient way out for them to not play him as his groin is still hurting. Anyone who watched that game saw he was having trouble in the 2nd quarter…and it wasn’t his ankle he was reachin’ for. Looks like the “honeymoon” between MarkyMarc and the ChiTown sports scribes is getting close to being over. We’ll see. One thing is the second-guessing on that two-point conversion attempt at game’s end. Funny thing, 15-years ago was at the Packehs/Bears game. Was sitting at the 3-yard line at the north end zone, where this happened again, last Sunday. Some of you may recall this one. It was the “Wanny” game where he went for two when he didn’t need to. Thing is, as I watched them line up, all the Pack-defenders were pointing and yelling; like they knew what they were going to run…which they did…which is what MarkyMarc’s being faulted for…and they did…the Pack stopped them in ’98 and Detroyit did it Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see/hear what happens the next time he does something like that.

Both teams have tough games this weekend, with the Pack playing Joe’s most-hated-ones, the GnatBirnbaums in N’Yawk and DaBears hosting Joe Flacco and his buddies from Baltimore…AND both are without their starting QBs. OUCH, Babe!

-They’re already saying last week may have been Peanut’s last game as a Bear. Haftasay this. I saw it with Charles Woodson with the Pack and it’s happening to Peanut. He may be signed by another team but as a safety, probably, as his days as the feature-corner are pretty much over. Whatever, he’s a class guy. Always was; always will be.


-Why don’t DaBears tell Brandon Marshall to just shut his pie-hole?  I mean, he’s rippin’ Detroit a new one and saying about how dirty they are, etc., etc., etc. There’s no doubt that they “push” things beyond the norm. But, memo to BM…YOU FREAKIN’ LOST…BOTH TIMES YOU PLAYED THEM! And, with those orange-palmed gloves you wear, your “push-offs” are really getting more obvious. You’re not helping yourself or your team, as what generally happens is, the complainer and his team get watched a bit closer by the zebras. Not sayin’ just sayin’.


-DaHawks signed Center, Andrew Shaw to a two-year extension. Good for him and them. The guy’s a real agitator. I like that.


-Derrick Rose done got hisself a hammie. BUT they and he both say he’s playing Friday night. That’s a switch, huh?


Here? You finkin’ kiddin’ me? The only thing we’ll get is more about how the Flubs will milk Rahmbikins.

OK, time to go. Hope you all had a great day and remember, any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots is a good one.

By the way, we have a newbie Twacker. An old pal, Whitney, from Bahstehn. She‘s a Looney Tuner, so, you know, she’s “qualified”. ;-)

Have a great day.


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