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Number 1 World Leader = Pope Francis!

I didn’t used to, y’know. Though Mondays usedta mark the start of my work-week, now they just mark the start of another week and in this instance, maybe towards Spring, so now it’s another day that feels like Saturday. Yes, I know, yer all thinikn’, “Wat! Spring began last Thursday. Uh-huh. Funny, I still wore my non-billionaire-style Carhart, yesterday…AND…I was going to remove our rose-protectors but with a forecast high of 36, Phoebus’ chariot aloft or not, it’s still cold. How cold? OK, how’s this. Last week, we — finally — got most of our Christmas decs down. I say most instead of “all”, in that they, or their electrical cords, are –  either — frozen to the ground — or –are frozen under at least an inch of ice. And, Uncle Arthur-it is is lettin’ me know that it’s cold and damp. Yippee.


OK, lots to cover t’day, not the least of which is Broadway Joe’s return from Florida. Welcome back to Joe. We’ve had quite a few who’ve taken to warmer climes, this season with more to come…or go. That’s nice, huh?







The #1 world leader was not Barry; nor Mittsy; nor Vlad the Impaler. Uh-uh. It’s Pope Francis. As mentioned in these spaces so many times, this man embodies what a certain-polemicist was taught a Pope was supposed to be…a spiritual leader who leads by example.


And as Andy DuFresne told Red Redding, “Hope is a good thing”.



I refer to Wisconsin Congressman, Lyin’ Paul Ryan. Y’all remember him from the ’12 Prez-election. Remember when he addressed faculty at Georgetown U., and spoke of how his being Catholic influenced his actions? Funny thing was, Georgetown’s faculty was not exactly in agreement with him. Here’s a link with their response:


Yet another example of someone who has more than they’ll ever need telling those who do not, nor will not, that they need to give back more. Paulie, that’s no ticket to heaven. St. Peter’s gonna stick his finger in yer eye and kick yer Ayn-Rand-luvin’ ass down to Lucie…that’s Lucifer…the original fallen-angel.



He did a routine during the Ethiopian famine that instead of sending them $$$, we should send them U-Hauls so they could get their starvin’-asses outta a country bereft of food and a means to live a healthy, happy life. In its context, it was funny. In Ryan’s, it ain’t…AND…he’s at it again. Here’s a link to a website…yes, it’s slanted but true…about how his knowing the “value of work” is so much superior to the poor.



Michigan’s anti-gay marriage ban was struck down in Court.



There’s a case being heard, tomorrow, brought by a corporation, Hobby Lobby, that says the ACA infringes on its religious freedom, in that it requires it as an employer to provide birth-control coverage, which is against its religion. OK, hopefully y’all have caught on top the fact that despite Mittsy’s assertion that “…corporations are people, my friend…”, a corporation is an artificial entity created for the purpose of making money. So, how can it have a human religion? Hopefully, even Anton Scalia will see that the last time he attended Mass, no corporations were sitting alongside him in their pew.


If The Supremes agree with this, we’re screwed. No? Recall, the Westboro Baptist Church was considered a valid religious entity.




1775,   Patrick Henry’s famous words, “Give me liberty or give me death” were spoken while he addressed the House of Burgesses.


1912,   Nazi rocket-meister who became ours, Werner Von Braun, was born.


1920,   The Brits denounced the US for dragging its feet in joining the League of Nations.


1933,   The Reichstag gave Adolph Hitler the right to rule by decree. “What could possibly go wrong?”, they thought.


1982,   The Supremes agreed a law that made statutory rape a crime for men but not women was correct.




1663,   Charles II, of England, gives the lands known as Carolina in the colonies to eight members of the ruling class who assisted in his being restored to the throne. This, folks, is a good example of a plutocracy.


1664,   But wait! There’s more! Roger Williams was given a charter to colonize Rhode Island. Hey Mickey, where’s Plutoand his crats?


1944,   The Gestapo murdered 33 Italians in reprisal for a bombing which killed 33 Nazis. Move along! No, wait! Watch and see what we do when you challenge us!


1958,   Elvis reported for duty in he U.S. Army. Apparently, no one called him a hillbilly, so he went.


1989,   The Exxon Valdez ran aground in Alaska’s Prince William Sound causing 240,000-bbls of crude oil to wind up in the Sound.

That’s 7,560,000 gallons. Oh yeah, in 2009, “…a team from the University of North Carolina found the effects were lasting longer than expected…”. Keep moving, folks. Those little black balls are just whale-turds. Keep moving. Keep moving.



“Quinn TO Rauner: PAYBACK TIME”. The gloves have come off and TMQ’s comin’ out swingin’. Like him or no, he’s an incumbent who sat quietly on the side while the GOPers duked it out in their primary. One thing he’s brought up and will continue to is the Stu Levine connection…read that, Blago…with Rauner’s investment company, GTCR. TMQ’s making it clear that Brucie can’t say he ‘s an outsider when…at least…one of his companies received state-bidniss that only guys with connections get. His camp’s saying that this was before he bought GTCR, etc. TMQ says BR can’t have it both ways. He can’t say he didn’t know he had the ultimate-insider on his payroll, making $25,000.00/month without knowing who/what he was.


Both sides have their “side”. Moi’s take is this: even billionaires notice someone/something which costs them $300,000.00 a year, if for no other reason than to know if they/it are worth it.


It’s just getting started, folks.


“Immigration activist again staying at church”. Not a good idea. All Elvira Arellano is doing is playing into the hands of the xenophobic-Tea Partiers. It could blow up in her…and the millions of others who are seeking legalized immigrant-status…faces.

This is an incredibly, complex problem. One of which I have changed my feelings/opinions more than once. And, as long as Lou Dobbs, Tom Tancredo and Co., are around, actions like hers have the capacity to do as much…if not more…harm than good.


“KOSCHMAN MOM: ‘CAN’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS AGAIN’.” This is in reference to the CPD cover-up in the death of David Koschman, who was punched by the former-Mayor’s nephew. She’s now filed a federal lawsuit. Yes, she’d said she wasn’t going to. Here’s a link so you can read her story. As a tax-paying-ChiTowner, I’m not happy as we’ll hafta foot the bill but she deserves whatever she can get from those ass-clowns. No parent should have to 1) bury their own kid, nor, 2) then see him/her treated as if they were some meaningless pawn in a CYA-action. It’s – almost – as bad as the Pedo-Priest-protectors.


“E-Trade ‘retiring’ the baby.” MBH’s already torqued about this. That little-kiddle in the crib who sounds more Gordon Geckho-ish than a goo-gooer, is being retired. Too bad. Those ads were hilarious.


“Helmet-maker Riddell cleared in teen player’s injury”. Only mention this one as the defendant was an old customer of mine and it’s what seems to be a predicate for the future of football in general and the SFC in particular.


“Romney slams Obama”. Mittsy says Barry showed “faulty judgment” in dealing with Russia. Of course, had he won, not unlike his days when he was eligible for the draft, Mittsy would have taken off for a castle in the south of France; drawn loves notes in the sand for his beloved Ann, but those Ruckin’Fussians’d know NOT to screw with Mittsy, cuz he’d cash ‘em out.


“Average gas price up 5 cents”. It’s March. Get used to it.


But wait! There’s more!


“Oil spill cleanup impedes major ship channel”. Call me a conspiracy-theorist if you want…though I am not, but…every yuckin’ fear, when the “reformulation” of gas begins, something with a refinery; overseas conflict; oil-barge, happens.



The Blue Angels will return from their Sequester-induced absence to ChiTown’s Air and Water Show this August 16th and 17th. Am sure will get some grief from our USAF guys but as a former Navy Air guy, and having seen both…the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds shows…on the ground an in the air…I’ll take the Angels for those reasons and, well, they’re louder. :-)


Anyone remember the time when they buzzed Wrigley Field; causing the ump to nullify a strike called on Brad Ausmus, which pushed the flaky-overrated-overpaid, starter, Steve Trachsel over the edge? If it hadn’t wound up being a loss, it wouldabeen hilariouser.




Generally, by now, we in ChiTownland would be putting down our pre-emergent crabgrass preventing fertilizers. However, with the ground still frozen, the old “get it down by April 15th” may not apply. However, as this is all based off soil-temperature, if you have a forsythia bush…or live near someone who
does…check to see when it begins to bloom. It’s easy to spot. They have brighter-than-bright, yellow blossoms. If they’re visible, apply.


Of course, this assumes you’ve cleared any leaves which may have blown onto your lawn which were caught under the snow; aerified it, if necessary, and done your “Spring” clean-up,  etc.



Watched some DVR’d shows, namely, “Blue Bloods”, which was pretty compelling, though the writers left out the how/why Jamie called off his plan to catch the counterfeiter…and whether or not he’s going to revisit the PanamaHottie he turned in, who was workin’ with the bad guy.


Getting caught up with “Intelligence” and came to a conclusion as to my impending ennui with these Ludlumesque shows, i.e., “NCIS”; NCIS, LA”; The Blacklist”, “Believe”, etc. Films of this genre, generally, are not released in groups. I mean, even 007 takes a year or two off between films and there’s the rub. Every week, one, or all, of the aforementioned shows will have some “We gotta save the world”, plots. Some are quite good but after awhile, they lose their age…and…the plots, unwittingly, overlap each other, despite being on different networks. Oh well.


“John Leguizamo’s Ghetto Klown”. Man, am I glad I have HBO! No, not because I was able to watch this…but yes. So, HBO lists this as a comedy and we felt we needed a few laughs, so we tuned it in. OK, there were laughs. But I can tell you it was nowhere near as funny as what we’d just watched at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club in Vegas and Brad wasn’t even performing! What I’m getting at is this. A primo-performer’s tix begin at  better’n $100.00. So, double that; throw in drinks, etc. and yer lookin’ at some major mojo, dollarwise. Had we dropped that kind of dough to see this show in Vegas, I’d have been better off sitting down at a blackjack table wearing a blindfold and making my bets accordingly, until I reached the cost of that evening.


Like I said, there were a coupe laughs. At one point, he began speaking Spanish; stopped and said to a woman: “Lady, it’s Spanish. Learn it. Just call your bank and hit 2″. OK, that was funny. But we spent the better part of 90-minutes watching him relive his life. Honestly, it was pretty boring. Maybe to his lifelong-pal, “Ray-Ray” it was hilarious but those who could not indentify with his personal experiences, like us, were lost. Thanks, HBO.


“Chicagoland”. Have watched the first, two episodes of this CNN “documentary” and am wondering how/where/why they’ve taken the path they have. For non-ChiTowners, this is at best, only partially accurate. More on this as it progresses through its 8-episodes.

So far, the impressions I/we am/are getting are this:


If you are black: you are poor; live on the South Side and attend a struggling CPS school and your only hope is enrolling in one of Rahm’s charter schools…the CPS school has a principal who’s faced with $$$ being cut from her CPS school budget; which makes her cut positions; which Rahm says he understands…but does nothing to help.


If you are white: you live on the North Side; have Blackhawks season tix, or if not, the $$$ to hang out in Billy Dec’s trendy bar and pay $8.00 for a beer…nonetheless, you have $$$ and none of your kids attend CPS schools…neighborhood or otherwise.


If you are Hispanic: you are dissatisfied with your local CPS school and will protest its being closed. Oh yeah, you don’t speak English very well…and are poor, too.



Is “Duck Dynasty” in a mere ratings-decline or free fall? While Phil’s comments a while back stirred up a hornets nest of controversy, it seems the show may have run its course…at least according to its ratings. They dropped from their all-time high of 11.3 million viewers to 9.1 million last September, to 7.3 million, which got bumped after Phil’s comments raised interest to get 8.5 million viewers. Here’s the thing. These kinds of shows, unless they have a compelling back-story, e.g., “Deadliest Catch”, where the participants are less of the focus as opposed to spending winter months out on The Bering Sea with all those inherent dangers, will eventually fade out. Yes, Uncle Si’s funny. But the show’s written and presented on a 7th-grade level, at best, and the trouble with that’s like farting in church. The first time it’s funny; so’s the second but after the third, the laughs fade and all that’s left is the smell of the farts.Won’t be surprised to see it wind up on CMT from A & E.


TCM has the John Wayne/Monty Clift classic, “Red River”.


ME2 has Rocky and Bullwinkle.







-The S-T’s Gordon Wittenmyer has a nice item on Cubs pitching coach, Chris Bosio. As bad as they were, and as hard as I am digging/scratching/burrowing/through what seems to be another impending season-of-the-wretch, I was unaware that the ERA for their starting staff was a half-assed, respectable, 3.97, which ranked them 15th in MLB. Unfortunately, their .238 team B/A put them in 27th place, a mere 1-point better than the Mariners and Mets. Perhaps they need to find a hitting coach who’s — at least — as effective as Bosio, huh?


-Speaking of the Cubs, while listening to the radio the other day, one of the guys mentioned Dave Kingman, former Giant, (T-Bills’ NL team); Met, (T-Joe); Cub, moi and co.; Yanks, Pods, Angels and A’s, as having hit the longest home run he’d ever seen. Cubs fans will remember it. It landed 3-houses north of Waveland Avenue on Kenmore Avenue, which has been estimated at travelling 550-feet. But wait! There’s more! You may recall Jack Brickhouse’s call; talking about how the ball was, “…bouncing along Kenmore Avenue”, as it did. Yes, it landed about 100-feet north of Waveland; then like a Super Ball just kept bouncing as high as the trees. Too bad he was such a turd, as that dude could whack a baseball. Of course, he also was a K-Master.



Man, I really wish Harrelson would retire. I tried watching their game the other day and before I knew, he started on how, “…in all my years in baseball as a player and announcer; this is the best, fill-in-the-blank, I’ve ever seen”. (Funny how he doesn’t mention his stint as the Sox GM. Hmmm. Could it be that he was the guy who fired Tony LaRussa and Jim Leyland?) Anyway, just call the game, please. Go ahead and be a homer. This is Chicago. Our announcers are all homers. But lose the Curt Gowdy/Cosell, “…greatest whatever…”, crap.


NCAA Brackets.

So, the one guy who’d had a perfect-bracket, lost yesterday. Read somewhere that the odds of picking a perfect bracket were 9.2 quintillion to 1. That’s 18-zeroes. That said, the Buffalo Grove resident, “last man standing” said he’d done it in about 5-minutes as he’d forgotten earlier so did them just before he’d left for work.


Oh yeah, locally, the Big 10 still has Michigan and Michigan State involved.



-Joe’s Yets! signed F/A QB, Michael Vick. Word was that he’d been insisting that wherever he signed, he’d be he starter. Now, Mark Sanchez was no Joe Willy, but neither is Vick. I’ve always seen him as a fast, single-wing tailback who could throw. Note the verb was “throw”, not “pass”. Maybe he’s there to “mentor” Geno Smith. I don’t know. It’ll be interesting. Wonder what Joe’s thinking?


Here’s the kicker…supposably, DaBears and my Packehs may be interested in Sanchez as a back-up.


-MarkyMarc is quoted as having said: “It’s not tough at all (to lose McCown)”. Yes, it was in the context of being congratulatory to McCown…BUT…the article also mentions that Cutler has not…repeat, NOT…played a full season since 2009.

As one who had to watch my team flounder about for three weeks before they regained some composure and poise after losing A-Aron…AND…that without McCown, Zeus knows where the Bears would have wound up. Having a decent back-up QB, is supremely important if Cutty goes down and it’s going to be interesting to see just how, “…not tough at all”, it’s gonna be for DaBears.


OK, Bulls and Hawks continue but my heinie’s gettin’ sore so am gonna sign off noting that any day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots is a good one.






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