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No Tigah in Da Mastahs?

Good day! It’s a beautiful day outside DaWat’sNest on Mango. Actually, it has been, despite Zeus CloudGatherer’s efforts tostave off the onset of Spring. The fertile aroma of warm, moist soil is there; snot doesn’t freeze-up in one’s nostrils; nor do one’s sinuses begin to feel as if one has a headband made of ice cubes, strapped ever-so-tightly around one’s forehead…or five-head… depending upon how far up one’s skull, one’s hairline has receded.


One thing…weather-folks have been dancing around the “S” word(s)…with 60 or nicer…and even a 70 on the horizon! Can it be?

Can we doff we now our gay apparel, switching from tasteful pumps and pants to cut-offs and T-shirts, soon?


Going to be a brief, today, in that MBH n me have a date with several T’s for lunch. Always better to see folks in the flesh…as opposed to seeing them in the bones…I guess.


Anyway, let’s get to it.




Ed. Note. While we begin with our usual trip down memory lane courtesy of and, I am limiting this to today’s events in that I said I’ll be brief So, let’s see what happened in this date in…


193,     Septimius Severus was declared their emperor by his army in the Balkans. And no, his Septimus wasn’t severed.


715,     Constantine ended his reign as Catholic Pope. It’s said they had a quite a retirement plan.


1682,   Famed explorer, Robert LaSalle, claimed the lower Mississippi and all lands that touched it, as belonging to France. So, we now know why ChiTown’s “financial district” is pretty much located on ChiTown’s LaSalle Street, huh?


1731,   The War of Jenkins Ear was begun after Brit Navy Captain Robert Jenkins lost his ear to a group of Spanish brigands. How brigandly of them!And we thought faked-out WMDs were a stooped reason to start a war.


1770,   Captain Cook discovered Botany Bay in Australia. Millennia later, Khan is vexed by James Tiberius Kirk as he and his people are left to die aboard their spacecraft, you guessed it, “The Botany Bay”.


1865,   Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, setting the stage for the end of The Civil War, a month later.


1912,   The HMS Titanic, set sail on its maiden…and only…voyage. It also provided numerous, mostly-sappy, plotlines for many Hollywood films.


1926,   Unbeknownst to adolescent-teen aged boys, but much beloved by them afterwards, Hugh Hefner was born.


1965,   Referred to as a 10-cent ballpark with a million-dollar scoreboard by then-Cubs manager, Leo Durocher, the Houston Astrodome opened with an exhibition  game between the New Yawk YankMes and the Houston As-stro-holes.


1965,   The Beatles’ “Ticket To Ride” was released.


1970,   Paul McCartney informed the world The Beatles took separate tickets to ride as he announced they had broken up. Thanks a lot, Yoko!







-Here’s something some may find interesting. Y’know how the Tea Baggers in “Red States” are always talking about how we need to cut taxes…cut taxes…cut taxes…CUT EFFIN’ TAXES, ALREADY? Take a gander at this…





-Not going into too much here and yes, these words come from a biased, slanted position. As many of you know, MBH is one of the scores of thousands of city/county/state employees whose lives are going to be affected…perhaps, deeply…by whatever the local pols come up with to fix what’s been called, “The Pension Mess”. There’s another bias that’s going into this and that’s the nearly-40-years I spent in the collections bidniss. Time after time after time, I’d call a debtor who had so F-ed up its finances with bad decisions; using funds meant for one responsibility for something else…possibly frivolous…with all the intentions in the world of, ahem, “takin’ care of bidniss” but never quite did. So, when his creditors’ hands are extended, saying, “Where’s my money?”, they come up wit Zeus knows what for ways to scramble out of it.


Why do I do this?


If one reads the news articles on this situations, the kindest thing which can be said about it is, the folks just in office didn’t do this. OK, but they also need to understand there is another side…the pensioners.


I am not speaking of the dirt-bags who have used any and every loophole in state law to wind up with high 5…or even, low-6…figure pensions. Or those which pay 80 to 85% of their highest pay rate. I’m talking about the worker-bees…the drones. Those who are responsible for keeping things running as smoothly as possible. The folks who — not only — show up on time or early but begin working when they arrive; work all day and leave when their work is done…i.e.,, not those who could figuratively

be considered “shovel-leaners”. These folks may only make anywhere between $1400.00 to $2100.00/month. Also, many of them do not get Social Security, as it was not withheld from their pay. (Why, I do not know. Doesn’t seem fair. But that’s another topic for another day.) Each and every pay-period, their pension-contribution was dutifully deducted from their pay, with the understanding that the city/county/state would hold up their end when they retired and pay-up. Uh-huh.


Back to the “collections” allusion. So, this makes the pensioners the “creditors” and the government agencies the “debtors”…or

more simply, ”The Ant and the Grasshopper”, with the “Ant being the pensioners and the payers, the grasshoppers.  The ants are saying, ‘Where’s my money?” The grasshoppers are fiddling around; saying things like, “er”..”uh”…”um”…”I dunno”. In other words, they now have taken to Rahmbi’s “never let a crisis go to waste”, by saying the various funds may go broke if the ants don’t, either, give things up or others, read that – those who do NOT receive a public-pension– must pay even more, causing non-public ants to ask why they should have to pay? Good question. The answer lies in the jelly-fish-spined-ash holes who’ve been running the state, ChiTown and everywhere in between like a bunch of, procrastinating debtors who when faced with having to “pay the pipers”, now look to pawn that off on others…you.


The latest plan now says ChiTown “may” increase property-taxes but ChiTown’s City Council must levy that.


Does the phrase, “throw the bums out” come to mind? From what I recall, this goes back to the ConCon from the late-60′s; with repeated administrations and elected-representatives after administrations and elected-representatives, from both parties doing next to nothing, other than giving ChiTown some “extensions” on their payments. What a mess.


Note, the title of this section was not Pension “Reform”. It just doesn’t pass the “smell” test…though it does stink to high heaven…the situation, that is.




-A long time ago during the “Slick_Willy-Witch-Hunt”, I once said that the high-and-mighty-holier-than-thou-Family-Values-crowd better not ever, never, ever, ever, doing anything like that. That, my Twackers, was nearly 20-years ago. Since then, there have been quite a few FV-types who’ve tripped/slipped on their cranks. However, the holy-rollers just keep on a-comin’…no pun  intended but a good one, no? Here’s a link to the latest Famly Values Congressman from Louisiana. Here’s the link…


My point is, really, those who feel the constant need to point out to everyone how devout they are to suit their own ends, usually wind up being less than who they say they are. Oh yeah, the husband of the woman Mr. FamVals was caught smoochin’ it up with says he’s divorcing his wife. Two marriages ruined with one smooch. The NRA might applaud that shot.




-If you are a subscriber to Comcast and/or Time Warner Cable, don’t worry, says Comcast, CEO, Brian Roberts. Nothing will change, despite the merger giving the two-firms one-third of the pay-tv market in the country. And we all know oligopolies always look out for their customers, first and foremost…right?




-Here’s one. Making the assumption most know of the various “frequent-flyer” programs used by the airlines, ostensibly to give their repeat-customers perks others do not. Nice idea. At least it was at American. Now, if you redeem your miles for a reduced-fare, you won’t also get a free checked bag. You’ll have to pay for the bag, now. The article doesn’t mention what level of redemption this falls under but if one has enough miles for both, why would the airline on which those miles were accrued now

say tough, you’re paying?


Interestingly, for our last trip, American had, either, higher fares or lousier departure times. Oh well.






“Chicagoland”. We have watched our final installment of this CNN show. Why? This is difficult to explain as I don’t want to seem insensitive to what they’re trying to do with the show but..let’s just say, titling the show “Chicagoland” is about as accurate as if they’d called it “Milwaukeeland”.


Some may recall previous comments regarding the seeming unending focus on the Englewood community…the area with ChiTown’s highest crime rate…and little to none on the rest of the city. That if an uninformed viewer were to tune in, said viewer would think “Chicagoland” has no whites, Hispanics nor Asians, Pacific Islanders nor any other ethnic groups. It turns out that the producer of the show is, taDA from Englewood who has an agenda. In the latest episode, there was a nanosecond’s worth of a shot of Lane Tech, one of Chicago’s top schools. (Yes, my kids are all alumni.) There was about a 2-minute shot of Rahmbi at Waters School, near Lincoln Square, a trendy northside neighborhood where several Ts ‘n’ me grew up. That was more of a photo-op…or should we call it a “filmo-op”. The producer’s quoted as saying he, “…wanted to show the class disparity”. Dude, here’s a news flash…not everyone on the northside is rich, nor privileged, nor have it easy. His representation, while driving home his points on the crime, education and financial problems in Englewood, is bereft of anything redeeming about anyone else but those in that one-area.


I get it. But don’t call the series “Chicagoland” as it is not. “Chicagoland” encompasses an area covering 10,856 square miles; which includes parts of the three states of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana; which contain 26 municipalities in which 9,729,825 people reside!


By the way. For those who have never seen Lane Tech, it is a place where if someone says, “You can’t miss it”…literally…you can’t miss it.


“SILICON VALLEY”. Watched the premiere episode of the newest HBO comedy which had enough of a hook that we’ll watch it again.

Though we’d probably have been better off having any of the Big Bang cast with us to translate the geek-speak-jokes,  there were enough we understood to give it a second look.


“GAME OF THRONES”. As we are HBO subs, the glitch on HBOGO meant zip to us. As most recurring series do, the season’s beginner was pretty much a catcher-upper. Good thing, in that as much as I’ve enjoyed it, I needed a bit of a memory-jog. Haftasay, if this one’s a foreshadower of things to come, look out Lannisters…(Though I do like Jamie, incestuous as he is)…your chickens are coming home to roost. And, wasn’t it nice to see little Arya’s fencing lessons reap a benefit? And, will the words, “They are dragons, Khaleesi. They can never be tamed”, be true?



Are going to see “Captain America”, tomorrow. Will provide a review on FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY. Was able to determine just who “The Winter Soldier” is, thanks to watching the original over the weekend and taking a look at notes on the namesake-film. I won’t let on other than suffice to say, we are dealing with a comic book as our source-material…a “Marvel” comic, for that matter. “Marvel” is in quotes for a reason. Those should be enough hints. OK, more on this Friday.





-The first of the Tour’s 4 Major Championships…though I consider the TPC at Sawgrass the 5th…begins tomorrow. If nothing else, it’s the most beautiful, what with the magnolias, azaleas, and Zeus knows what flowering shrubs, flowers, trees, etc., adorn this beautiful, former orchard Bobby Jones converted into Augusta National. Forget the .001%ers which comprise its membership. This is one, beautiful golf course which looks even better on a big screen, hi-def-TV.


-A few things.

1) No Tiger. So what? I for one will be happy to see the focus spread around to the 90-some entrants. Once we get to late on Saturday, then the focus should narrow to the leaders. But not to just one guy.

2) As many know, a bro of mine was a Golf Course Superintendent. He informed me they have a giant oast, where they bake the moisture out of the lake sand they use in their traps, so they get that fluffy, almost-sugar-like consistency.

Those flowering shrubs don’t just bloom as they do, on cue. If there’s a warmer than normal Spring, they pack the root-balls in bags of ice, so as to not allow them to bloom too early. Conversely, if it’s too cold; they apply heat.

How can they continue to play in a hard rain; or re-start play quickly if they had to call a halt? The course’s drainage-system, not only utilizes gravity. Uh-uh. It also is connected to a pump-system, which will draw the moisture out of the fairways, traps, greens, etc. Neat, huh?


3) As a Major, good shots are – often – rewarded…and bad or stupid shots are penalized…heavily. Masters fans know there are “eagle” holes on the course. However, they also are fraught with danger. “Going for it” can have YUGE risk/reward consequences.


-As I do with every Major, I want an American to win. However, unless whomever it is happens to be a turd-splatter, I tip my hat to the winner as whomever he may be; he beat the best in the world to do so.




Well, they started hitting the ball. Raul’s fave, Starlin hit two homers, last night but they still lost in extras, 7-6.


Saw an item where former Cub/former-current-Phillie, Larry Bowa said he didn’t think Castro has the mentality to play SS. Something you’ve read here, too. The kid’s got a stick, no doubt. This is his 5th season and he hits pitches others wouldn’t get near for solid…sometimes, dying-quail…base hits. He strikes me as one of those guys who as T-TomP says should be told this by his hitting coach: “See the ball. Hit the ball”. Screw that Sabermetric, BS about “seeing “pitches”. If it’s there, hit the plucker. No,

not every hitter can do this but it seems this kid can. He’ll drive me nuts when he swings at the first pitch after a walk’s been issued but when it gets through for a hit, all’s forgiven. What I’m saying is this. The kid has the knack. Some have it; many do not. Let him hit as he has. On defense, though, put him in left, where he may see a handful of balls a game. BUT, he won’t have to do all the things a middle-infielder must in order to be proficient at his position.



-Read an item and saw the writer, Gordon Wittenmyer on CSN-Live say that the dinero DaFlubs may generate, should they go the way of The Green Bay Pckers and sell some non-voting shares to outside investors, THAT $$$ is going into the ballpark…NOT TEAM SALARIES NOR PLAYER ACQUISTIONS…with those not being addressed until their new TV-deal kicks in…6-years from now.

Here’s a link…


Last Flubs thing. Think I’m gonna call Manager Ricky Renteria “Huggy Bear” or “HuggyCubby”, from now on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy hug more other guys…even in Boys Town…than he. No? Just watch.




Their Cubano-star, Jose Abreu, got his first, ML-homer. Good for him.



-Their regular seasons are winding down, with the playoffs in the wings. Stay tuned.



-Mr. Juicy-Juice, Rayn Braun smacked three-homers last night in Philly. Quick, test the basterd!


-UConn won the NCAA. Good for them! Mainly that they beat the Skiver-In-Chief, John Calipari’s crew of one-and-dones.


UConn’s wimmins also beat the Lady Domers for their NCAA-double-dip-chocolate-chip, win of all things roundball in the NCAA.




1913,   Ebbets Field opened in Brooklyn, New Yawk.


1947,   Dodgers…and future, Cubs…manager, Leo Durocher was suspended for a year for “an accumulation of incidents detrimental to baseball”.


1969,   Cubs LF, Billy Williams hit 4-consecutive doubles to lead his team to an 11-3 win over the Phillies.


1985,   ChiSoxer Tom Seaver made his 15th Opening Day start to break the record previously held by Christy Mathewson.


2006,   Colorado Rockies’ Cory Sullivan tied the MLB record by hitting two-triples in one-inning, in the Rockies win over the Padres.


OK, gottago. Go out and enjoy the day and while you are at it, remember that any day we can look down at our rosebushes, instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.


Take care, and remember, any day we can look down at our rosebushes instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.


Take care,










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