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Night Moves…

…to continue, “…how far off I sat…(well, laid in bed)…and wondered?”

Yes, April showers are a-comin’ down and since we all know that April showers bring May flowers…what do May flowers bring? Furniture…or Pilgrims…depending on your age-demographic.

Decided to include this link so y’all can listen to some “Night Moves”, on yer own…and if memory serves…at least one of you really liked this tune. Enjoy…

Let’s get to it, as there’s a wholelottashakin’ been goin on.




It’s time to check The Wayback Machine to see what we can see that happened on this date; according to, in…

629,    Kavadh sued for peace with the Byzantines. Don’t know who Kavadh was? He was the son of Khosrau II, silly.



1559,   Phillip II, (one of those Spaniards who were “lucky to be king”), signed the peace of Cateau-Cambresis with Henry II of France. No idea if Henry was “lucky”, but have seen Phil’s portraits and that dude couldn’t get laid in a woman’s prison with a stack of pardons in his hand…at least if he weren’t the King and all that.


1860,   The Pony Express began its 1-1/2-year run between St. Lousy and Sacramento, Ca. Have been to both towns. Haftasay, Sacramento has it all over St. Lousy.


1924,   His momma made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and Marlon Brando was born. He coulda been a contender! STELLA!


1944,   SCOTUS ruled that black citizens were eligible to vote in all elections, primaries included. With this as their precedent(?), 69-years, 11-months and 30-days later, they also decided that — not only — are corporations, people, my friend…billionaires’ rights to speak with their wallets should be unabridged. Can’t wait till they decide if corporations are Christians, too.






First, yesterday…

“Rahm’s pension deal won’t be an easy sell”. This is in reference to his dire warnings that the City’s “Municipal Employees and Laborers” pension board, under which a certain party, near and dear to my heart’s pension is paid, may run out of money. He’s looking for a $250,000,000.00 property-tax levy on ChiTowners. Oh yeah, that’s soooo, good, Rahmbi. Hit us again!


“ALLEGED CHOP SHOP GOT CITY PROPERTY TAX BREAK”. This falls under the insult-to-injury-to insult-to injury, in that, well, see above. And yes, Rahmbikins thought it was a good idea at the time.


“60 percent interest…Judge: Vrdolyak son OK to refer client for high-interest loan”. Guys, Tony Soprano woulda thought 60% was high. Just a Cook County Judge, ruling on charges against the son of  one of ChiTown’s biggest political-shakers ‘n’ movers? Uh-uh.


“Ryan unveils House GOP budget”. IT’S BUSTED-CLOCK TIME, but y’all’ll never guess whose clock’s busted this time? Sarah Palin’s! Paulie-I’m-Cuttin’-Yer-Social-Security-N-Medicre, who got where he was after his old man died and he took advantage of the SSA bennies allowed to him, again is cutting everything but the DOD. Hmmmm. Wonder why not DOD, too?


“Exxon ‘highly unlikely” to abandon fossil fuels”. See, now THAT’s a “man bites dog” headline!


“The GOP’s ‘Man of Steele” returns” This is in reference to their former RNCC, Michael Steele. I like him. He’s the kind of Republican we usedta see years…decades, even(?)…ago. He actually speaks in complete sentences; does not rely on “bumper-stickerism” politics; is thoughtful and does not kow-tow to the oligarchs and right-wing nut jobs.



Second, today…


“Mayor’s pension plan stalls in state House”. Hmmmm. Seems some GOPers downstate said Rahmbikins’ pension plan that he said would raise Property taxes for ChiTowners $250,000,000.00, would actually raise them $750,000,000.00  and that his running it down there, expecting a vote on it as he does in our esteemed City Council, with little to no review, just wasn’t happenin’. Yay, GOPers!


“FEDS: UKRANIAN EYED SELLING TITANIUM TO AEROSPACE GIANT”. As is noted in the story…a link follows…this reads like a James Bond film…actually a tad like “Quantum of Solace”.


“Owner of raided salvage yard charged in stolen vehicle-case”. This in follow-up to the company Rahmbikins thought should get a property-tax break.


“No appeal for Sandusky”. This is in reference to the convicted child-molester and former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky. Every once in a while, there is justice.


Am closing this sectin with a link to the S-T’s editorial on the preservation efforts of some of ChiTown’s “endangered landmarks”, one of which is the old Uptown Theater. Many a north-sider spent may hours there watching the hit films of the day at this old movie-palace. It’s façade belied its massive interior, which could be seen from the back-view of this massive structure, say from Lawrence Avenue and Clark Streets. It dominates the area to this day. Unfortunately, it stands idle and has since 1981. Here’s some Chicagocana:



-On the northwest-side, specifically, the 4100 block of North Central Avenue; which makes the western edge of Portage Park, a RahmbiCam has been installed to catch speeders. While it’s difficult to drive at 20-mph heading southbound, due to 4×4 holes left in the pavement by the gas company; northbound drivers have no such problem…and we saw two get their pics taken as we sat at the traffic signal at Central and Berteau. You have been caveated.


-Oh yeah, Barry came to town. Expressways and local traffic were bucked-up, especially in Lincoln Park around DePaul and near a certain Twacker; where B.O. had a fund-raiser.




*Key & Peele were given a Peabody Award for their “Key & Peele” show on Comedy Central. In the event some may have wondered where in the hell I came up with “A-Aron” for #12 of my Green bay Packehs, you’ll soon see in the following link. Enjoy.



-”Revolution”. Well, I sure as feces had THAT one wrong, huh? Young Jason’s done bought the farm! Was right as far as the eye-candy-factor was concerned with Charlie, Rachel, Bass and Connor were concerned, though. Two weeks till the next episode. Looks like now that the Revolutionaries know what the Patriots have in the “cadets” there’s gonna be a bloodbath. And, Rachel may be forced to — finally –pull her head out of her culo.


“Intelligence”. This two-parter had an interesting premise; along the lines of for-real, Ruckin’ Fussian-moles but this time, Iranians using disaffected Americans at a young age. It smacked a bit of “Homeland” but was nowhere near as good. Also and unfortunately, with each episode being a ”The sky is falling” event,  the viewer becomes a bit inured to yet another.


“NCIS”. Speaking of two-parters, DaWat’s Wule on Da bad guy was in full flower with Chelcie Ross, possibly best known as the greaseball-throwing, over-the-hill, pitcher from Major League, as the bad guy. Had it about 15-minutes into Part Deux.


-Newbies for “The Big Bang Theory”, where Sheldon gives Amy yet another smoochie! “Elementary” returns as CBS and  the NCAA are winding down to The Final Four, beginning Saturday and finishing, Monday, next.


Local PBS outlet, Ch-11 has a show on the Sahara desert, narrated by former Monty Python-member, Michael Palin. He does quite a bit of this but gotstasay, can’t watch these without expecting him to blurt out, “He ain’t dead. He’s just pinin’ for the fjords”.


Those who continue to view ABC’s “Wonderland” its season-ender is tonight.


AND, TCM has a Doris Day marathon, beginning with “The Thrill of it All” and “Move Over Darling” with James Garner.


And, finally, SyFy has one of the worst films I have ever watched. Yes, I watched it as it co-starred Robert DiNiro, “Machete”. It won Jessica Alba a Razzie as the “Worst Supporing Actress”.


Which will bring us to….





Since we have some pretty big MLB fans out there, thought I’d start with this one I heard whilst taking a glance…yes, a glance, only…at last night’s FlubsFlub. Here it is…The Pirates, Andrew McCutcheon became — only — the 4th center fielder to have consecutive seasons in which he had a .300 B/A; a .400 On Base % and a .500 slugging percentage.


Who were the other three? One hint, another current-center fielder missed by only 1-%-point in 1-category.


What this says about these guys is this, just about anybody and everybody’d want them on their team…even Sabermetricians.



-Please don’t get the idea that I’m not into the normal ball-busting fans do. Quite to the contrary. My point from Tuesday was to the gratuitous swipes made by those who equate 3 World Series championships in 112-years to some kind of dynasty. That’s all.


Yes, I freely admit that at the end of last season, they have won two more pennants in the 65-years I’d  been on the Earth , than the Cubs. Again, 65-years…2 pennants. Also and lest we forget, “last year” produced 99-losses at the corner of 35th Street and Bill Veeck Drive.


Again, Arnold, Bill, Dave and Nick are excepted.


-Speakin’ of DaSox, they won again, 7-6 in 11, on a walk-off wild pitch. They’re 2-0, tied with Detroyit and their mega-millionaire,

Miguel Cabrera…the guy who in one, plate-appearance, gets paid more than the average-American does in a year.



-Even with my expectations lowered to below whale-turds in the Marianna’s Trench, the best thing to be said about last night’s game was that they scored 3-runs and took the home team to 16-innings. Yes, I know, “it’s early”. Still, they again went 1-16 with men in scoring position; 1-for-26 in 26-innings. That’s not ugly. That’s bum’s-bare-butt-ugly! Yes, Rizzo hit a homer to give them a 1-run lead. That was nice and woulda been nice to see. But once again, we got it’s BOHICA time and looks as if, while the names have been changed with the manager and his coaches, to protect the innocent, the story’s still the same.


-Recall a mention that Darwin Barney may be on his way outta town? If that isn’t his ultimate destiny, why is his Gold Glove being platooned with Emilio Bonifacio? Yes, I’m always bitchin’ and moanin’ that they can’t hit water fallin’ out of a boat and Boney’s

leading MLB with his .800 B/A. But why bench the one guy on the team who actually is not a Micahel Jackson-one-glove-wearin’-clone?



I refer to several year back, when ChiSox, alleged, fans stayed away from their ballpark in droves. Why? Because the team consistently put a sub-standard team on the field.


No? Well, it did get…in some of their minds…their dynastic-rule of baseball for one year, with winning the Series in ’05. Now, take a gander 8.875-miles directly to their north. Would you believe the value of DaFlubs MLB franchise has actually…are you sitting down…risen 20% to $1,200,000,000.00.


But wait! There’s more! The ChiSox, dynastic, one World Series just 9-seasons ago were valued by Forbes Magazine at, ahem $675,000,000.00. That’s barely more than half of DaFlubs!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Here’s a link to the S-T’s Rick Telander’s column, today. Un-Buckin’-believable!


DaFlubs finish up their stay in Pitt, today, at 11:30. The Sox host DaTwinkies at 1:00.


Cubs Home Opener’s tomorrow.



-Am I the only one a-wonderin’ why the papers…at least the ChiTown Sun-Times, lists the “Leaders” in B/A; homers; doubles, etc, after only two games? Yes, Boney’s leading MLB. I already said that.


Also, by the way, would someone who has pull with TV sports directors/news-writers, please tell them there’s a YUGE difference between “Opening Day” and a team’s “Home Opener”? Sorry.



1966, by the luck of the draw and much to T-Joe’s delight,  the New York Mets won the right to sign future HOF-USC-pitcher, Tom Seaver, who also spent some time in Cincy; back with the Mets; the ChiSox and BoSox. Dude could pitch.



-Much has been said about DaHawks lack of retaliation after the Penguins Brooks Orpik took Taser out for the season. One sports-talking-head pointed out that this had been done to him before; getting him, Orpik, hospitalized and it hasn’t changed him. OK, fine. However, had a Hawk taken Sid the Kid’s spleen out for walk, you don’t think that’d ease Orpik back some? It’s not the guy who did it; it’s giving the star of the other team the same treatment…with a hard, clean hit; just like the one the refs felt Orpik put on Taser.


OK, time to go. The rain’s stopped but Winnie the Pooh’s blustery day is in full throat. Seeya t’morra with our FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY entry.

In the meantime, remember that any day we can look down at our rosebushes instead of up at their roots, it’s a good one.





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