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Don’t bet on the NFL…

NFL-betting-Trends-300x193Here we are, 9-days from Christmas and only another 6 after that for the rest of the year. Hope this one’s been good for all y’all.

We’ve had a kinda thumbs-sideways one…OK… a bit crappy…OK…a bit crappy. All in all, it coulda been worse…it coulda been better but that’s a subject for two-weeks from now.

It seems most of us, with the exception of our left-coasters, are dealing with  some for-real winter. Over the weekend, we had a snowstorm which blew up from the southwest; tonight, we have one coming from the northwest…not a snowstorm, though…then more, tomorrow. THEN, by Thursday, 40-degrees, possibly!


That reminds me. I will be subbing W-T-F. No. Not Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! or even WTF. I mean Woden’s Day; Thor’s Day and FEEL-GOOD FRIDAY. I will be in the library, though as it’s finals week, the possibility exists that I may have computer-access and if I do, I’ll do a posting. If not, well….


Also, as next Tuesday is Christmas Eve, Monday, the 23rd, may be it from me until the 30th. And, after that, I’ll probably be shut down until after mid-January, as we’ll be on our second “trip of a lifetime”.


OK, let’s get started.





1653,   Oliver Cromwell took the title “Lord Protector”, while also assuming dictatorial powers. Funny how dictators like to think they’re protecting us from them, huh?


1773,   The Boston Tea Party was held, as young men threw their tea into Boston Harbor to protest new taxes imposed by The Crown. In a related note, here’s something on the modern rendition of The Tea Party:


1917,   Arthur C. Clarke, author of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, among others, was born.


1939,   The National Women’s Party urged Congress to act on equal rights…and the struggle is ongoing.


1944,   “The Battle of the Bulge” began. NO! Not my expanding waistline! This was Der Fuhrer’s last offensive gasp, as the war wound down to its conclusion some 5-months later.


1949,   Lead-guitarist of ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons was born…”Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man”.


1962,   Bears fans might like to know that Willam “The Refrigerator” Perry was born.


1978,   Cleveland became the first U.S. city to default since the Great Depression.


2003,   Dubya signed the CAN-SPAM Act, which established national standards regarding email. That Dub and anything to do with “Spam” has to be a delicious, ironically, ironic, irony. “I’m having scrambled eggs with Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam”!






AFFLUENZA? ARE YOU EFFIN’ KIDDIN’ ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

-Ok, so some psychiatrist says he made up the term to describe the misbehavior of affluent young people, as because of being coddled and with never being told, “No”, some dipstick 16-year-old walks after causing a car accident which killed 4 people last June. Again, because his parents set no limits for him?


I get it. I get the abstract, collegial thinking which would come up with this kind of thinking…even a defense attorney using it as a defense. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE IDIOT JUDGE WHO AGREED WITH IT?????


Civil lawsuits were filed as far back as September…before the criminal trial. But where’s the justice? Think of the precedent. Mom ‘n’ Dad say, “Well, we just wanted to be our kids’ friends, so, y’know, if they killed someone, blame us…don’t charge us, cuz we don’t wanna go to jail, neither…but go ahead, call us bad parents. Oh yeah, keep our kid(s) outta jail too, OK?”


We have a couple lawyers who are reading this. Perhaps they can help with this question: If the judge let the kid off because the parents did not do their jobs, could/should charges be brought against the parents Can we, legally, infer that because of their lack of discipline of their kid, which allowed him to walk, be turned against them with criminal charges being filed?


Yes. I know. The kid got 10-years of probation. That punishment somehow does not meet with his crime(s).



CHANGING GEARS says Louisiana has the country’s worst drivers. I’d bet folks in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois and New Yawk who are a-readin’ this might beg to differ.


-Santa and Jesus were white guys…just ask Megyn Kelly of FAUX News. Thought I’d pass that along in case anyone was worried that they weren’t. I report…you decide.



-Saturday afternoon, Navy beat Army, 34-7. I had mentioned how much recognition we owe those kids…those on the teams and their feloow-students attending the Service Academies…for what they’ve sworn to do: give their lives for us, if necessary. Two of you have kids who are involved with this or were. Our hats are tipped.


-In a contrast to that, ESPN hosted the Heisman Trophy HypeFestExtaordinary, wherein an accused rapist won…in a landslide.

While there is no “comparison” between these two events, there sure is a world’s worth of “contrast”.




-Didn’t re-watch “Jack the Giant Slayer”, Saturday but did record it for another viewing.


-Did watch the season-ender for “Homeland”. ***SPOILER ALERT***DON’T READ ANY HER IF YOU HAVE YET TO WATCH IT***

Like us, those who did, probably wondered where they’re going from here as Brody’s gone. Saul may be, too…or not. Somehow,

former Sen. Lockhart doesn’t seem to have the stones nor the grit to do what has to be done, if/when it happens. Carrie? You

tell us.


-”Blue Bloods”. This show seems to be CBS’ bow to the right, as we find Tom Selleck’s Francis Reagan spouting anti-lefty bromides just about every episode, lately. But that’s not it. It seems that he and/or any and/or every one of his family are the only persons who can make the necessary deduction(s) to solve a situation. It’s as if no one in the entire New York City Police Department; District Attorney’s offices or anything have that innate deductive reasoning other than Tom and Fam.


-TCM is showing the 1952 release of “O. Henry’s Full House”, which was a film consisting of 5 of his short stories, “The Ransom of Red Chief”; “The Gift of the Magi”, (one of moi’s faves); “The Clarion Call”; ”The Cop and the Anthem” and “The Last Leaf”. More than likely will DVR this as MBH has some friends coming over tonight.


-Don’t know when but will see “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”" sometime soon.




-That’s an old punch line; from an old joke; about an old Swede; hiding in a closet at Christmastime…maybe you get the drift.

Going in to yesterday’s games, my trifecta was a three-legged stool comprised of losses by the Bears, Cowboys and Lions. Highly doubtful, indeed.

However, there were times in Cleveland, yesterday, when it seemed like the first leg of my milking-stool would be set; only to be broken by some really stupid plays by the Browns and some exceptional play by Alshon Jeffery and a 40-year TD scamper by

Michael Bush.

Cutler seemed pretty rusty. Let’s put it that way, if the two-picks he had, one of which was a pick-6, were from poor-reads or throws, that would give ample-reason for reinstating Josh McCown. (More on him later.)

The weather didn’t help as the snow we’d had here on Saturday had made its way to Cleveland, along with the cold and wind, which didn’t exactly make for ideal conditions.

This was a “must” win for the Bears, as they “must” finish with a better record than Detroyit. Period, as Detroyit holds the tie-breaker over them. It’s also a “must”, as somehow my Packers are till in it.


Bears travel to Philly for next Sunday night’s game…then host my Packers 12/29.


-Makes you wanna go, HMMMMM.

This was on The SCORE earlier today. It seems when the Bears signed super-sub, Josh McCown, they did so with the standard players-services contract for $840,000.00. Not bad $$$, huh? Here’s the thing and I’m only going by what I heard on the radio but by doing the signing for that base-amount, the Bears have – possibly – aced themselves out of any leverage they may have had over McC, as if they’d paid him anything more than the base Amount, i.e., $840,001.00, at season’s end, they’d hold rights over him in free agency. Now, they do not. This is no rip on the Bears as being “cheap”, just that someone in the front-office might have helped had it been made known that this could occur. What I’m saying is, the Bears could be facing a similar salary situation as did the Packers with Matt Flynn a couple years ago…though far from the amount…but the question still remains: should a bidding situation occur, will they want to pay their back-up QB $3 or $4-million/year for a couple years?


-After the Bears won and the Vikings beat Philly in Minnehaha, I got ready for my guys in Dallas. As the FOX crew pointed out, there’s a whole lotta history between those two teams…nothing like with the Bears but a whole lotta, still.

That game was Dickensian as “It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.” I reversed the quote as they started out like the little engine that couldn’t. It was so bad, I turned it off BEFORE the half, I was so pissed. I thought to myself: “I know Rodgers is out but he doesn’t play defense”. Man! Were they awful or what? They made DeMarco Murray look like the second-coming of Jim Brown, fercrissakes! I think I recall Troy Aikman say that he was averaging 7+yards/carry, which he was.

But like driving past a car wreck, I couldn’t avoid taking a look but when I did, Dallas would do something good. So, I tuned in to WTMJ’s broadcast on my computer. It was then that I saw Dallas do their version of “talent without discipline”…AGAIN!

Again, former-Cowboy, Aikman asked, why did they stop running the ball? Me too. But they did and somehow, Green Bay’s defense played well enough to complement their offense by getting a couple turnovers which allowed them to wind up taking the lead 37-36, with 1:31 left. Many thanks to Tony Romo. Also, am I the only on who’s about had it with their spoiled-brat wideout, Dez Bryant? The Pack scored with 1:31 left but had to kick-off to Dallas. With 1:21 left, Mr. Pouty stalked off the field! That he left and shortly thereafter, the Pack’s Tramon Williams made his game-saving INT, without his being on the field, speaks volumes. My only regret, other than not watching more of the second half, was the FOX cameras did NOT pan up to Jerry Jones in his suite, as they usually do. I would LOVE to have seen the look on his mug.


That said, honestly, I don’t see them in the playoffs, as they must win-out over Pittsburgh at home and visiting DaBears on 12/29. And, even if they do, unless Detroyit happens to implode against Baltimore tonight and loses one of their final two games to the GnatBirnbaums or Vikings, they ain’t goin’ nowheres. Thing is, our division’s so bad that not nobody; not no how; is goin’ to the playoffs as anything else but the Division-winner. No “Wild Card” entrant from the NFC North.



-At the beginning of the Packers’ broadcast, former-Bulls announcer, Wayne Larivee commented on the Vikes YUGE win over the Iggles as reason why no one should bet on SFC games. Truly true, Wayne. Truly true.



-Denver loses; at home; at night; to San Diego?


-The Rams beat the Saints, 27-16?!?!?!!?!?


-The Vikes, sans A.P., beat the Iggles, 48-30?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


-The DollFins beat the Pats, 24-20?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


-The Stillers beat Cincy 30-20?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



-Watched the end of Friday’s game, where Dunleavy sank a 3-pointer for the win as the clock ran out! Nice.



-Yeah, boys!


OK, time to go. Hope all is well with all of you. remember, any day we can look down at a rosebush instead of up at its roots is a good one.





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