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Never tasted piss, but sure it tastes better than Budweiser

Just finished clearing the “wintry-mix” which was left on my walks after I’d cleared most of the snow, last night and I’m a-tired. Short and Sweet, t’day.


True of False

True of False


Heard this from Chris Mathews on Hardball the other day. This is something like a family going for a ride in the family car. The kids in back are screaming, “He looked at me!” He looked at me!” and the dad’s all telling them to behave. The “kids in the back” are the House Republicans and the driver is Barry. Trouble is, it’s his car and he ain’t doing no driving.


Memo to SpeakerNoBonerBoener…the next time you decide to tell the Senate to “get off its ass” and do something, please recall that according to our Constitution, the House is responsible for all appropriations bills.


Memo to Barry. Quit driving like Danica and start driving like Jimmy Johnson. Just like her, you ain’t as sexy as you think in a skimpy outfit.


-J-CUBED’s successor’s been chosen. Yes, I know, it was a primary. But do you really think a Republican’s going to win in that gerrymandered District?


Here’s my problem and bear with moi as it’s a tad complex.

While I agree with Michael Bloomberg’s positions on gun control just about 100% and wish they’d be enacted into law across the country, I still don’t like that some out-of-town billionaire pretty much bought Robin Kelly’s primary victory. Also, I have no animus towards her. Again, I hope she can help get serious, honest and realistic gun-control measures enacted into law. Get it? I agree with both of them…even though I’m not in her District. However, I feel we are getting into an situation where all a candidate needs to do is find some “sugar-daddy/mommy”, a la Newtie with Casino-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who’ll contribute millions of dollars to their campaign, local or national, and by doing so win an election more because of the number of ads they’re able to run as opposed to real discussion(s) of real issues. Yes, gun-control and the NRA are “real issues”…..

This time, I’m glad she won. However, this just as easily could have happened with an idiot like Joe Walsh…and don’t think it won’t.



Sounds good, right? I mean, why wouldn’t we want that? I Everything he said about educating kids so they’re better able to learn once they start 1st-grade is right. So, what’s wrong with this picture, then?


Well, at the local school down the street, which has a student-population in excess of 1100, there are 4-half-day Kindergartens…not to mention the pre-K classes as well. The school had to have an addition built a few years ago to accommodate all these kids. If they have to do this, that means they’ll need 2 more classrooms and two more teachers. He says he has the money from an moutsdie source. Fine. But, what do they do? Expand again? Nope. Can’t. So, where are they going to put those two extra Kindergartens? See?


Now, I don’t want to say someone’s trying to curry favor with the voters but ya gotsta admit, any parents with KinderKids will love this. Possibly less $$$ in child care; less having to have someone available to take and pick them up at odd times. It’s a win-win for them. Oh yeah…don’t think there won’t be a mention of this in the next mayoral-election.



Yes, I ended my subscription with them awhile back but haftasay, it wasn’t because of the paper itself. That said, there is a possibility that Rupey Murdoch, read that FAUX-News’ owner, is rumored to be among the suitors. So is Wrapports, LLC, the owners of the Sun-Times, though they’re more interested in their printing plant. We’ll see.



The S-T reports that State Sen. Ira Silverstein has intro’d a bill which would allow DaCity to  clamp a DenverBoot on any car of any person who owes DaCity $$$…for anything. The Senator said this idea was given to him by a lobbyist for collection firms. It says a judgment would have to be entered with a 30 day notice to vacate sent to the defendant prior to booting. If not, the debtor’s car may be booted.

As a retired crusty old collector, I think this would be a real, solid tool which should get the scofflaws’ attention. Think about it. The “Hell, they won’t do anything to me for that $188.00 I owe on my water bill”, tune would change if the character’s car got booted.

They already attach State Income Tax refunds to pay outstanding tickets, among other things.

I’m leaning towards “busted-clock” on this one.



Former Republican Senator, and decorated VietNam War veteran,  Chuck Hagel’s appointment as SecDef was confirmed by a 58-41 vote in the Senate, yesterday.

However, there were some GOPer Sens. who had their panties in a knot because he had opposed Dub and much about the Iraq War. They also tried to conflate what happend in Benghazi with his appointment. Funny, as he wasn’t even IN government at the time and even if he were, the SecDef wasn’t the one making those calls, it was the SecState. I only bring this up as the old adage, “…what goes around, comes around…”, applies. I said it after the Monica/SlickWilly deal and I’m saying this again, when it’s their “turn in the barrel”, those ass-clowns better remnember what they did, who they did it to and why, because as we all know, “Payback’s a bitch”.





So, who’s going to protect the pedos?



A class-action suit has been filed agaisnt Anheuser-Busch Brewing, brewers of Budweiser, Michelob and others, claiming they’ve added water to it, thereby cutting its alcohol content.

Moi wouldn’t know nor care, inasmuch that while I have never tasted piss, I am sure it tastes better than Budweiser




Was recording these to watch with TCLR when we happened upon one with this ass-clown, a teacher at Fenwick H.S., in Oak Park. I respected his knowledge but about 10-minutes in, told TCLR that I hoped he’d lose as I didn’t think I’d ever seen such an asshole on that show…ever…and I’ve been watching it as long as I can remember. “Thank you, friends! Thank you, Don Pardo”. So, that’s about that on that.



CBS-newbie police-procedural debuted last night. We did not watch it. Honestly, when a show has to hype itself with more than one sexy beefcake/cheesecake scene, it leaves one to think the storylines might just be a tad on the thin side.


Rather, we watched a Big Banfg rerun, then some recorded stuff.



This is a cable channel which is not available on DISH, which I discovered on ATT U-Verse. It’s pretty good. For example, last weekend, they showed “The Magnificent Sven” on Saturday night, then followed it with “Spartacus” Sunday afternoon. Right now, “The Birds” is on. It’s as good – maybe better than – TCM. And, it beats the crappola outta AMC with its adding of – seemingly – equal time of commercials to the films’ running times.



Have you seen the two latest commercials for ATT 4G phones with little girls doing the talking when asked if fast is better than slow or if more is better than less? If not, pay attention when you see them. In one, a little girl in purple talks about werewolves and the other, well,  her explanation of why more is better than less should bring a grin to your face.



It’s Woden’s Day, so our co-fave-sitcom, Modern Family is on, tonight. Also, Criminal Minds and CSI are on CBS while NBC has Law & Order SUV and Chicago Fire; never mind Nasville on ABC. Or if those aren’t your brand of vodka, SPIKE has the forgettable, “The Expendables”, too.





They’re 4-8 this month. See what I mean about February?

Don’t worry, they have even more injuries.



They won in overtime the other day, which is keeping them without a loss in regulation. Yes, I know they’ve lost shootouts but if the NHL isn’t counting them as losses, why should we? Right? Hell, 16-0-3′s pretty damm good in any sport.



Anyone recall moi’s mention of Dontrelle Willis getting a look-see at Cubs camp? It lasted 7-pitches.


The S-T had an interesting item involving Sandy Koufax and his wonderment at the new, surgical procedures which were not around when he had to retire due to the wear and tear on his arm.


For you youngin’s out there who weren’t around to see this man pitch, please go to and type in his name. I tried to copy them for you but it’s just not working. When you do, please pay close attention to the years from 1962 through 1966.


It truly is nice to see the Spring Training games’ schedules, as well as reading the reports. I do hope DaFLUBS don’t quite Flub-up as last year. That said, bad-wrist-Ian Stewart and semi-wind machine Josh Vitters are both nursing quads. I believe games will begin to be telecast sometime in early March. That’d be nice.



Well, neither of our teams are saying much about any of the potential draftees. I tuned it in to see what I could see and I gotstsay, as much as I loves my football, this was about as boring as boring could be. Then add Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock to the mix and you have as sleep-inducing of a cocktail as could ever be invented.


Did see a report that moi’s Packehs are interested in recently-released,former GnatBirnbaum, free agent DE, Chris Canty. They need help with their D-Line, fersher, fersher. Also, saw an item that says McCarthy may move Brian Bulaga to LT, (his position in college), as when he was drafted, they still had Marc Tauscher at LT and leave Donny Barclay, his replacment while he was injured at RT. Again, anolther area where they need to improve.

Bear down, Bears fans. J’Marcus Webb was arrested in downstate, Illinois on drug charges.

NinersFanNesterBill should be happy. They’ve traded Alex Smith to KC for their (the Niners) 2nd round pick in 2013 and a conditional pick in 2014.

Last but not least, it’s being reported that the Y-E-T-S, Yets! yets! Yets! were “actively shopping” Darryl “ReavisIsland” at the Combine.

OK, that’s about that fer t’day.

HaGooDay and remember what our Pastor Lewis Black says, no matter how schitty thiungs may be today, at least we won’t get smallpox.


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