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-Is The NFL Becoming the NCAA?

‘Tis a beautifully, crisp, Autumn morning on this last Monday of the month and 301st of the year. As DaBears nor Packehs were on the tube this weekend, we took a tour of The Morton Arboretum on another beautiful day. Funny, with all the trees there, few had gone to their autumnal hues. Interestingly, our tour guide informed us that those “fall colors” are the natural colors of the leaves, which are masked when the trees begin making chlorophyll, turning them green. Learn something new everyday. Hope you all had as nice of a weekend as moi.


OK, to bidniss. As we normally do, let’s go to The Wayback Machine and see what we can see, shall we? Sherman! What happened on this date in…

312,    Well, besides 312 being ChiTown’s original Area Code, Constantine defeated Marcus Aurelius at the Mulvian Bridge. Seinfeld fans should get a kick out of that.

1636,   Harvard University was founded.


1768,   In a glowing example of “real politik; ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ “, Germans, Acadians and French Creoles united to revolt against the Spanish government in New Orleans.

1793,   Eli Whitney applied for a patent for the cotton gin.

1886,   The Statue of Liberty was dedicated.

1904,   The use of fingerprints as a method of investigation was begun in St. Louis.

1914,   The color-photo process was invented by George Eastman.

1919,    Over-riding a Presidential veto, Congress passed the Volsted Act, more commonly known as “Prohibition”, which we all know was such a success that legislating morality…or attempts to…continue till this day.

1927,   Pan American Airways launched the first international flight. No word on how long the delays were.

1962,   USSR Premier Krushchev ordered his missiles removed from Cuba, which allowed American schoolchildren to climb out from under their wooden desks, where they had been told to take cover from a – possible -nuclear fireball. Ah! Safety!

2005,   A dark-dark day for Five-Deferment-Dick Cheney, as his Chief-of-Staff, Scooter Libby, resigned after being indicted for “outing” CIA agent, Valerie Plame. This caused a rift between the then-resident war-hero of the White House, Dub, and the man who said so, so eloquently about his lack of military service during Vietnam, that he had, ahem, “…more important things to do…”. Yep…like none of us did.





-So, I’ve been saying my frame of reference on B/C had been my own and the ridiculousness of politicians, neither party of which will give a straight answer. Please see the following link to Carol Marin’s column from Yesterday’s S-T, which is about a former Dem-Congressman’s staffer who ran up against B/C, with not a  whole lot of nice things to say.


Will say this. I’ve heard that it’s broken into several ranges, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum; depending on what is offered. It may be that she had a platinum policy, which is more expensive. I don’t know nor does it say in the article.



“Maggie Daley Park halfway done”. No word what the “cost-overruns” were or may be. After all, it’s only “halfway done”.


“Cheney: ‘Our friends no longer count on us’.” Nope. Not like they could when he was boss, they can’t.


“Term limits not needed”. I cheated. This was the title over a letter to the editor. In it, the writer, simply and eloquently points out that we already have term limitations built into our Constitution. They are called, “elections”. Also, that generally, those calling for term limits, usually want them for other folks’ representatives, which does not happen in a democracy.




Didn’t do much “tubing” this weekend, in that TCM had a monster-movie-marathon for MBH and NBC had moi’s Packehs on Sunday night.


We are planning on seeing “Capt. Philips” – possibly – tomorrow and I’m going to get caught up with DVR’d stuff from the weekend this evening.


Speaking of Moi’s Packehs………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….





-Bill Buckner or Leon Durham?

How’d ya like to be Kolten Wong? His team’s up 2-1 in the Series but down 4-2 in the bottom of the 9th in Game 4, with Wong on first and one of the hottest-post-season hitters, ever, Carlos Beltran at the plate. As has been seen so far this post-season, anything can…and in this instance, did…happen. He got picked-off 1st for the game-ending out; ending the game and tying the Series  2-2.


Granted, Billy Buck’s flub as a Red Sox, which led to Joe’s Mets winning the ’86 Series and Durham’s in ’83, which gave the pennant to the Pods, so ‘t’ain’t quite the same. However, Fred “Bonehead” Merkle never lived down a base-running mistake he made against the Cubs when he was only 19, despite the fact that he played MLB ball until he was 37.


Still, that it was a RedTurd…on national TV…during the World Series…was enough for moi.


Can you imagine growing up with the name, “Kolten Wong”? I mean, really, “Molten-Kolten Wong”!



-Am just going to rip that Band-Aid off Joe’s Yets and get the pain over with in a hurry for him. If it means anything, Joe, Cincy also beat the Bears and Packehs.


-Moi’s Packehs.

Was quite pleased with their “O” last night, inasmuch as DaQueenies’ “D” is sposetabe decent, still. That they stuck with the run, despite being stuffed – repeatedly – in their initial efforts, they wound up with a total of 182-rushing yards, which included 31-yards by Rodgers. The “D” was decent, though with Christian Ponder under center for the Queenines, well. That said, there were three, stooped penalties. Make that two, with a third on a stoop[id call by a ref who may have had Minnehaha and the points.


This was nice as a run-up to next Monday Night’s game at Lambeau when/where they host DaBears. Still, one can only wonder what the Queens would be if they had a QB to offset teams loading up on Purple Jesus. I mean, Christian Ponder?!?!?

And, they’re waiting for Josh Freeman, a head-case, to take his place? Jeepers. Too bad many watchers had no idea what Chris Collingsworth was talking about when he mentioned: Joe Kapp, Tommy Kramer or Fran Tarkenton.


Some questions I had were…


What was Rodgers doing on the field in the 4th quarter?


Was I the only one who noticed Singletary’s grim-visage over Les Frazier’s right shoulder during a couple sideline shots?


Was I the only one happy NOT to hear that stupid horn bellow?


Is it a sign that a team truly sucks when its own fans are outnumbered by their opponent’s fans…at home?


When will DaPack’s #19, Myles White start playing like he belongs on an SFC team and not as the CEO of Abbott Laboratories?


Man, he collapses like a cheap lawn chair when a tackler gets near him.



If that wasn’t the most-majorest, WHISKEY! TANGO! FOXTROT! of a game I’d seen this year, I don’t know what was!

It was bad enough when the teams just seemed to be trading scores but when Dallas had the ball; at the end of the game and #77 got called for holding, WOWZERS! Now folks, holding happens all the time in the SFC. But this guy had some kind of Sumo-wrestler lock on his man and then threw him to the ground…right in front of an official. There was no way in Hell or on Zeus’ green earth that he wasn’t throwing that flag. That stopped the clock and gave the Lions more time for the next, WTF moment, Dallas leaving Megatron with single-coverage! Stafford saw it; hit him and he damn near scored the winning TD but getting stopped at the half-yeard line with seconds left.

But wait! There’s more! As Stafford’s motioning that he’s going to spike the ball to stop the clock, somehow the entire Dallas defense went to sleep. It was as if every “tomahawk-chop” Stafford made, signaling the spike was some kind of hypnotic move which just mesmerized Dallas into thinking nothing was going to happen. Stafford got them set at the 1/2-yard line; took the snap and reached over the goal line with the ball; scoring what became the game-winning TD with 12-seconds left.


Why would I care? After all, I had Detroyit in my pool. Yes. But a Dallas win woulda made Detroyit 4-4 and I’d trade that reality in for whatever points I got (1) in BFW Football…especially after moi’s Packehs won! Oh well.


I am quite sure DaBears fans were just as pee-peed as moi. Despite the fact that we did get to see Dallas lose.


-Is The SFC  Becoming the NCAA?


Bengals scored 49; Broncos, 45; Packehs 44; Niners, 42; Saints, 35; Lions and Cowboys get into a 31-30-relay-race.


It’s starting to remind me of my old days playing “parlay cards”, where some college games were like -35!


But wait! There’s morer!


If after 8-games of a 16-game schedule, I told you that your team…your 2-6-team…was still “in it”, you’d say I was nuts, wouldn’t you? However, Joe’s faves-to-hate, the GnatBirnbaum’s, thanks to the ButtlessChapBoys’ losing, have a shot… remote, yes, but a shot nonetheless…to win their division, as they are only 2-games behind those buttless Chap-wearers, with 8-games to go! Un-tuckin’-believable!


OK, it’s gettin’ late and I’m gettin’ a sore-heinie, so will bid all y’all TTFN with the reminder that any day we can look down at a rose instead of up at its roots, is a good one.







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