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Monday’s Child on a Short Leash…


-Y’know, when Rosty was a-cashin’ in his postage stamps which he received gratis from the USPS…some $35K worth…he went to ClubFed and lost his ass…I mean, seat…in ’95, folks wondered how he could have been so stupidand/or cheap. The guy’d been in Congress for 36-years!

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Fast-forward and we have another guy who thought he was too smart to get caught…to the tune of $750K. Didja see the stuff this goofball bought with his campaign funds but didn’t declare them…Bruce Lee stuff, $10K; MLK, Jr., $11K; Jacko stuff, $22K an Eddie Van Halen Jacko autographed guitar, $4K?

According to the S-T, it all began with a “suspicious activity report” which occurs when an FDIC regulated bank notices such. It’s now netted J-Cubed and his wifey. He’s facing 46 to 57 months at ClubFed. Man, EllaNoisePols are almost like rock stars choking on their own vomit.

But wait! There’s more!

His wifey,who was his campaign manager can’t play dumb on this. There’s speculation that because they have young kids, she won’t get any time. Too bad. She should.

So, what now?

Well, we have Michael Bloomberg’s PAC USA running attack ads against Debbie Halvorsen for her previous A-rating from the NRA, when she was the Rep in a more conservative district. Unless you only watch PBS, you’ve all seen them. On this, I am of two minds. Halvorson’s paying the price, much like Mittsy, for being a political chameleon and doing whatever sher thought it’d take to get re-elected. Unfortunately for her, her record, like Sr. Mary Elephant would say…her “Permanent Record”…is there for all to see in perpertuity. She is claiming that as the only white candidate the AfroAmericans are playing games. Sorry, Deb. They didn’t cast those votes…you did.

Sandi’s City Council seat’s been filled by  Rahm-pick, Natashia Holmes. That’s one-vote he knows he can always count on.


-During the presidential campaign, moi decried the SuperPacs which were spawned thanks to the Citizens United decision by the Supremes. Didn’t like it then; don’t now. Why? It goes against my grain when some billionaire decides he doesn’t like a cadidate, so he throws millions of dollars in attack ads against that candidate. Now, in a pres-election, there’s a lot more $$$ spent. But in a local race, liike this one, $2million’s a lotta dough. We saw it with Duckworth/Walsh and are seeing it now. In that, it was the Right; in this one, the Left. If Halkvoson survives, I’ll be surprised.

Last thing…I don’t like/want some NewYawkeh deciding who becomes a Rep from my town…


2/18/1885…Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” was published. Twain is one of moi’s fave writers. If me were contemporary to us, he’d be as well read now as he was then. That some have sought and succeeded in having Huck Finn banned, only shows their ignorance. Twain used language to show the evils of certain situations in society. Alas, too many know too little to stop them from acting out of emotionally-generated ignorance.

2/18/1962…Robert F. Kennedy said US troops woul remain in VietNam until the Commies were defeated. How’s that for an ironically, ironic, irony?


-NBC reran its SNL in the ’90s show last night. Sat through till the end just for “The Cowbell” sketch. It wasn’t shown in total but it was enough to record.

“I gotta fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell!”

Ain’t Christopher Walken great?



12-0-3! Jeepers!

Didn’t know they were on yesterday afternoon. This is getting more ‘n’ more curioser.

The law of averages says they’re gonna lose. AND, I’m here ta tellayuz that winning like this is nice…hell, it’s exhilirating. But, as moi’s Packehs showed in ’11, going 15-1 and losing in the playoffs ain’t no fun. Let’s hope when DaHawks’ ship comes to earth it’s like a butterfly wth sore feet.



-So, Garza’s got a sore-left-lat. Hmmm, maybe they shoulda traded him sooner, eh?

-Saw that Ian Stewart’s gonna make up for his egg-suckin’-dog act last year…that his wrist was – finally – properly diagnosed and corrected. So, we can expect 25 HRs and 80 RBI now? Hah!

-SwamiSveum got some ribbing from doing a Cheney with Robin Yount on a huniting trip last year.

Well, Yount was Cheney; Swami was the mis-aimed-target.

His team showed up in orange hunting-vests and caps.



-Charles Woodson was cut by the Packehs. He was the key in their D-backfield. It showed when he was out. After they lost Nick Collins at the beginning of the ’11 season, Woodson took over the positioning of the D-backs. Losing Collins to a neck-injury and now Woodson does nor bode well for them. This could be taken as good news for Bears fans. He will be 37 during the 2013 season. Still, Packehs’ fans will miss him. He plans to keep playing. I will, always respect him.

Woodson was a class act. He’s donated millions to the C.S. Mott Pediatrics hospital at the University of Michigan.

The Salary Cap may also force them to bid adieu to Greg Jennings. This is a toughie. When he’s on the field, he’s Rodgers’ security blanket…when he’s on the field. Trouble is, he’s injury-prone and it’s tough to keep paying a guy top$$$ while watching him standing on the sidelines. Trouble is, Part 2, the new CBA has a $$$-formula for how teams can apply the franchise-tag. It’s what made them let Matt Flynn go as under the rules, in order to have kept him, they’d'a hadta have paid him more than Rodgers. This could be more good news for DaBears, in that Jennings and  Marshall would very neatly complement each other…much to moi’s chagrin. Oh well.

OK,  gotstago. As Lewis Black tells us, no matter how schitty things may seem, at least we won’t get smallpox today.


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