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Monday Monday!

unnamedIt’s the last nice day before – possibly – another polar-vortex – parks up north and chills our heinies for us for awhile…not that we missed Chiberia or anything.


As I was busy with football over the weekend, and really didn’t watch much tube, will do our “Day/Date/Headlines” and then go into what befell a certain Chicago team, last night…and I don’t mean the Hawks.





Today, November 10th, is…


“National Forget-Me-Not Day”…don’t forget.



“National Vanilla Cupcake Day”. You can have yer “Bittersweet Chocolate and Almonds” day. I’ll take this with about 2-inches of buttercream frosting, please.


Also, according to, on this date in history in…


1483,   The Catholic priest who posted his “Ninety-five Theses”, which began the “Protestant Reformation”, Martin Luther, was born.


1647,   By the terms of the Treaty of Westminster, all Dutch territories were returned to the English, which changed “New Amsterdam” to “New York”. This caused me to look up a word closely associated with N’Yawk, and that is: knickerbocker. It turns out it was a surname for one, Diedrich, which was a pseudonym used by  Washington Irving when he wrote his satire, “A History of New York”. But, it was also used as a term for Manhattan’s aristocracy. (See Wiki).


1775,   The United States Marines were founded. Once and always, a proud “Branch” of the United States Navy. By the way, were you aware that, “Marine”, can be an acronym for “My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment”?


1782,   The last battle of The Revolutionary War was fought in Chillicothe, Ohio.


1871,   Newspaperman, Henry Stanley met “Dr. Livingstone”, I presume, near Unyanyembe, in Africa. “Unyanyembe, ya want me! That’s the way I will be-eee-eee-ee-!”


1925,   Welsh actor and two of the many hubbies of Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, was born.


1938,   Italian Fascists enacted anti-Semitic laws. Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Laws are intricate things, folks. Nothing to worry about.


1962,   “Eleanor Roosevelt was buried. She had died three days earlier.” Other than changing “is” to “was”, that’s verbatim. Why? Well, one would certainly have hoped she had died before she’d been buried, no?


1986,   For some unknown, crazy reason, Prez. Ronnie refused to reveal any details of the Iran arms deal…which some might call, ahem, “…negotiating with terrorists…”, but hey, not THESE guys. Uh-uh. No way! No! No! Never! Never! Uh-uh-uh! Uh-huh.


1989,   With the help of Prez Ronnie’s Cold War victory over the ruckin’-Fusskies, Germans began tearing down the Berlin Wall.



“UAL cancels flights ot Atlantic City”. Wow! “Boardwalk Empire” ends and so does the city?


“Iraqis say Islamic State chief wounded”. Guess a $10,000,000.00 bounty can be more persuasive than obeisance to Allah.


“Demand or oil rigs falling”. What? That goddam, Obama! What? No? You mean it’s “The Market” being an “FM-MF”…Free Market MoFo…and with oil prices dropping; more oil rigs are unnecessary? Oh. OK.


“Sales, profits outlook reduced”…at General Foods. Guess we’re seein’ another FM-MF, as their sales are dropping due to America’s changing eating habits.



-Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day. To all my fellow T-vets, I salute you. Whether active/reserve/drafted or enlisted, we served in our own ways, which is more than many pols can say. Our dads/uncles/brothers/cousins/sons/daughters who were “in” or are about to be, deserve to be remembered, too. They all sacrificed…some ultimately…and deserve all of our respect, even if we are diametrically-opposed to war. Hate the war; love the warriors. They don’t ask for it; they just show up when called upon.






-After making their biggest free agent-signing of Joe Maddon, free agency  has begun. DaCubs with all those

prosp-ects are now ready to see if they can “fill the gaps” with some veteran studlies. They have been rumored to be interested in…just about…everyone. We’ll see.


-DaSox have dinero to spend on F/As, too. It will be interesting to see what happens with – not only – them but around MLB.



-Didn’t watch them for a couple reasons.

1. When I watch, they lose. Sorry. That’s what happens more often than not. So, I didn’t.


2. The reason I didn’t was, well, there was another sports event on National TV, last night, which had more of my attention. It was The Chicago Bears at the Green Bay Packers…what follows may tick off some Bears fans. It should not, as if you are not already, you should be. You have been caveated. OK, here goes…



-Won’t lie to you. That this happened made me happy…just as it would have for Bears fans, had the score been reversed.


Also, won’t lie to you that this total-domination, big can o’ whupass, was not what I envisioned, at all. In BFW Football, one of our tie-breakers is picking the scores of the Sunday and Monday Night games. My pick?  Packers 27, Bears 22.

Yeah, I figured after getting their asses kicked in New England…and…then a Bye…and…having lost their last 2-games, embarrassingly (more on that later)…and…going in to a “must game” with a 3-5 record…and…playing their “arch-rivals” the Green Bay Packers, the Bears would come out with purpose…with grit…with dedication to victory…with some kind of semblance of individual pride or shame…none of which were on display on the Packers home field.

If I were a Bears fan, I’d be so effin’ pissed off, I’d go blind! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth more…….6′ 3″, 255-lb, Clay Matthews, Jr.; stopping 5′ 7″, 175-lb, Chris Williams on a failed “end-around”. Watch if you like/can/whatever…this is the “more on that later”.


Clay Matthews puts huge hit on Chris Williams (Video) | Larry Brown Sports

I don’t think it is that the Pack is that good, as it is with the Bears playing like they are in an inner-tube; without a paddle; trying to negotiate their way through white-water rapids…oh yeah…having never done it before.




In their last 4-games, DaBears have been outscored 97-20 in the first half. In their past, 3-games, they were outscored 133-51


So, what to do?


Fire Trestman and his coaching staff? Aim higher.


Fire Emery? HIGHer!


Fire Phillips? HIGHERER!


Fire the McClustkeys? Now yer talkin’.  I’m going to wrap up DaBears-stuff with some links…


PressReader – Connecting People Through NewsBears are not welcome in Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhoodRead/watch if you like.



-Rodgers hammie seems to have healed, huh? How important is he? Did you see that Nawlins game’s 2nd-half when he was hurt? Talk about a “franchise”! That’s a two-edged sword.


-Dom Capers FINALLY “dialed up”, as they say, a change in his “D”, moving Matthews in from the outside to the middle-linebacker slot. See video.


-Who wouldn’t want to be Randall Cobb? The Dude’s a free agent after this year! Talk about TIMING!


-Ya think Julius Peppers didn’t get a “chubbie” after his “Sack-Strip-Recovery” of Cutler in the 2nd-quarter? Remember, he was let go by DaBears due to “cap reasons”, which involved Cutler’s contract and their new “rush-end”, Jared Allen…at the behest of Phil Emery.


-Not a positive but these guys must keep playing at this level, as they host the Iggles next week; travel to the Vikes in Minnehaha, who may have Purple Jesus back and then host the Pats, the week after. I’m a Bears fan through the rest of the season as if they can win any of the Minnehaha, (2); Detroyit (2); Nawlins and Cowboys, games, I’ll be eternally grateful.


-Man, what’d the Pack be like if they had really good receivers like DaBears? Sorry. Couldn’t resist.



-If there was ever a game which shows how misleading judging players strictly by their stats, this was it. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth made mention of this last night. They pointed out how Cutler’s numbers were pretty good; around 67% completion percentage, which was the same as Rodgers’. Thing was there’s another number those stats didn’t reflect…the score…at the time, it was 45-0.



Joe’s semi-happy with his Yets! beating the Stillers, at home. Cost me 13-points. I was unaware that they were missing 4-starters on “D”. My bad.


Bill’s Niners came back and won in OT over Nawlins. Too bad DaPack couldn’t have when they were there. Too much gumbo, maybe.


Rene’s Iggles host the Panties. Come ON, Panties! Sorry, Rene.


Whitney’s and Emmanuel’s Pats had their Bye.


OK, the Trestman press conference is on in a half-hour and I need to have some lunch, so will sign off. But there’s this. Just heard a clip of DaPcks’ announcer, Wayne Larivee reporting that after the game, he walked past a room which had 4 guards outside. He thought they were there for WiscGuvWalker. They weren’t. When he asked, they told him the room’s occupants were “Bears brass” holding a meeting. Will heads roll? They should, guys. They should.


Guys, you truly deserve more and better from your football team. Really, you do.


OK, TTFN. Remember, any day we awaken and we are NOT looking up at daisy-roots, it’s a good one.




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